Samuel L. Paley Library Floor Plans

Paley's general collection is located in open shelving on the second and third floors. A variety of other collections reside in locations throughout the library. Items with Call Numbers beginning with A through H will be found on the second floor; those beginning with J through Z will be found on the third floor. Consult the individual floor plans to determine the location of specific collections or call numbers.

How to get from the 1st floor of Paley to the book stacks on the 2nd and 3rd floor

Library Floor Plans


Ground Floor

Ground floor map of Paley Library

First Floor

First floor map of Paley Library


Mezzanine level map of Paley Library

Second Floor

Second floor amp of Paley Library

Third Floor

Third floor map of Paley Library

If you require help with navigation please call 215-204-0744.