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e-EROS: Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis

e-EROS is the online version of the core reference work Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis. It contains systematic and exhaustive coverage of reagents used in organic synthesis. The database contains around 70,000 reactions and around 4000 of the most frequently consulted reagents and is fully searchable by structure and substructure, reagent, reaction type, experimental conditions.

Early American Fiction 1789-1850
Provides both images and text for a well-defined and comprehensive collection of early American fiction. Presently includes 440 titles by 80 authors, including first printings of works by James Fenimore Cooper, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Montgomery Bird, Washington Irving, Catharine Sedgwick, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Published jointly with the University of Virginia Library. When complete, Early American Fiction 1789-1875 will incorporate the full text of more than 250 additional titles and over 60 new authors, including Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Herman Melville and Thomas Bailey Aldrich, as well as a host of minor writers of the period. Early American Fiction 1789-1875 will include more than 750 works of fiction by more than 130 authors.
Early American Fiction 1789-1875
Provides both images and text for a well-defined and comprehensive collection of early American fiction. Presently includes 440 titles by 80 authors, including first printings of works by James Fenimore Cooper, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Montgomery Bird, Washington Irving, Catharine Sedgwick, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Published jointly with the University of Virginia Library. When complete, Early American Fiction 1789-1875 will incorporate the full text of more than 250 additional titles and over 60 new authors, including Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Herman Melville and Thomas Bailey Aldrich, as well as a host of minor writers of the period. Early American Fiction 1789-1875 will include more than 750 works of fiction by more than 130 authors.
Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans (1639-1800)
Based on the renowned American Bibliography by Charles Evans. The definitive resource for every aspect of life in 17th- and 18th-century America, from agriculture and auctions through foreign affairs, diplomacy, literature, music, religion, the Revolutionary War, temperance, witchcraft, and just about any other topic imaginable. Upon completion, Evans Digital will consist of more than 36,000 works and 2,400,000 images.
Early American Imprints, Series II: Shaw-Shoemaker (1801-1819)
Covering every aspect of American life during the early decades of the United States, Early American Imprints, Series II (1801-1819) provides full-text access to the 36,000 American books, pamphlets and broadsides published in the first nineteen years of the nineteenth century. A continuation of Readex's Early American Imprints: Series I, this rich primary source database, based on the authoritative bibliography by Ralph R. Shaw and Richard H. Shoemaker, allows students and scholars to explore the development of the American nation as never before. Designed for researchers of varying skill levels, the intuitive interface of this long-awaited digital edition offers both simple and advanced searching as well as in-depth browsing within sixteen carefully indexed subject categories.
Early Encounters in North America
Assembled from hundreds of primary sources, this database documents the relationships among peoples and with the environment in North America from 1534 to 1850. (Updated quarterly)
Early English Books Online
From the first book published in English through the age of Spenser and Shakespeare, this collection contains over 96,000 titles listed in Pollard & Redgrave's Short-Title Catalogue (1475 - 1640) and Wing's Short-Title Catalogue (1641-1700) and Thomason Tracts and their revised edition. Designed for graduate scholars in the areas of English literature, history, philosophy, linguistics, and the fine arts.
Early English Prose Fiction (1500-1700)
Over 200 complete works in fictional prose from the period 1500-1700.
Early Republic
The Early Republic currently includes 17 volumes of digitized primary material documenting the actions, debates, and thoughts of the First Federal Congress and its members as collected by the First Federal Congress Project (FFCP) and published by the Johns Hopkins University Press. These volumes of the Documentary History of the First Federal Congress are used by Congress, historians, political scientists, and jurists to understand the most important and productive Congress in United States history.
EbscoHost eBook Collection (formerly Netlibrary)
The EbscoHost eBook Collection (formerly Netlibrary) provides online access to electronic versions of books from across all disciplines. Temple's collection is comprised of approximately 17,000 titles.
Ecology Abstracts

Covers current ecology research across a range of disciplines, focusing on how organisms of all kinds interact with their environments and with other organisms. Includes relevant papers on evolutionary biology, economics, and systems analysis as they relate to ecosystems or the environment. (Updated monthly)


Econlit, compiled by the American Economic Assn. from the Journal of Economic Literature and the Index of Economic Articles, is a comprehensive, indexed bibliography with selected abstracts of the worldwide literature on economics from over 300 major economic journals, books, and collective volumes. (Updated monthly)

The Securities and Exchange Commission database of electronic filings, self-described as follows: "EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, performs automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Its primary purpose is to increase the efficiency and fairness of the securities market for the benefit of investors, corporations, and the economy by accelerating the receipt, acceptance, dissemination, and analysis of time-sensitive corporate information filed with the agency." Searchable by company name. (Updated daily)
Education Journals (Proquest)

Full text journals in education and related fields.

Education Source

Incorporates Education Research Complete and Education Full Text with Retrospective Index

Education Source provides full-text and indexing for thousands of education-related periodicals, monographs, yearbooks, and more. It combines H.W. Wilson education databases and Ebsco Publishing education databases into a single, massive research tool. Further information is available from Ebsco.
Note: Requires free registration provides daily email notification of all new grant announcements and offers direct links to the grant summary and funding source, saving health professionals and researchers valuable time. Once you've registered and set up your own individual account, you can sign up for email notification of new grant opportunities as they are posted, and in your own interest areas. (Courtesy of the Office of the Vice President for Research)
eHRAF World Cultures
HRAF is an acronym for Human Relations Area Files, a non-profit institution founded in 1949 at Yale University. HRAF is a consortium of educational, research, and cultural organizations, and government agencies; its mission is to encourage and facilitate the study of human culture, society, and behavior. This mission is accomplished mainly through the compilation, indexing, and distribution of a collection of ethnographic and other texts that are indexed by culture and subject. Today, HRAF has over 400 member institutions located in over 30 nations. In its early years the collection was distributed on paper slips. In 1958, HRAF began to reproduce the paper slips on microfiche. Microfiche reproduction ended in 1991, and all new material as well as retrospective conversion and updating of existing material began with the release of eHRAF on CD-ROM in April 1995. (eHRAF stands for the electronic collections of HRAF.) Currently HRAF has collections of ethnography, available on both CD-ROM and WWW. In 1998 HRAF began distributing a collection of archaeology in both formats. While all material currently on microfiche remains available on the fiche format, no new microfiche installments are being produced and all material added after 1991 is available only in electronic form. (Updated yearly)
Eighteenth Century Collections Online

Eighteenth Century Collections Online is a collection of English and foreign language books, directories, pamphlets, bibles, sheet music, sermons, advertisements and other ephemera published in the U.K. and the Americas between 1701 and 1800. Content is presented as full text page images which can be viewed online or downloaded as PDF documents. The collection is an ongoing project based on The English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC), a machine-readable union list of the holdings of the British Library, as well as those from more than 1,500 university, private, and public libraries worldwide. With full-text search capabilities across 180,000 titles (33 million pages), this collection provides multidisciplinary research opportunities not possible until now.

Eighteenth Century Journals Portal

Now includes the 18th Century Journals V collection

The Eighteenth Century Journals Portal provides full text access to rare newspapers and periodicals from the 18th century. Temple subscribes to collections I-V. Futher information about each collection is availabe via the publisher's website.

Eighteenth-Century Fiction (1700-1780)
96 complete works in English prose from the period 1700-1780, by writers from the British Isles. Includes a scanned version of Sterne's Tristram Shandy, and two different editions of Richardson's Clarissa and Pamela and of Swift's Gulliver's Travels.
EIS: Digests of Environmental Impact Statements

Provides access to detailed abstracts from all the environmental impact statements the federal government issues. EIS extracts the key issues from government-released environmental impact statements into concise, readable abstracts. Each entry includes a clear description of the project, sections on positive impact and negative consequences, and legal mandates. (Updated bi-monthly)

Electronic Research Archive for Mathematics
Complete electronic catalogue of the mathematical publications between 1868 - 1942 (Jahrbuch uber die Fortschritte der Mathematik database). At the moment the database contains:

Volumes 1-46 (1868-1916): bibliographical data and abstracts (enhanced)
Volume 48, 49 (1922-23): bibliographical data and abstracts
Volume 51, 52, 53 (1925-27): bibliographical data and abstracts
Volume 55, 56 (1930-31): bibliographical data and abstracts
Volumes 47, 50, 54: bibliographical data

EMBASE is a major biomedical and pharmacological database containing citations, abstracts, and indexing derived from biomedical articles in peer reviewed international journals.

Embase is comprised of content merged from three databases:
 - Embase, the Excerpta Medica database from Elsevier – 1974 to present
 - Embase Classic (Excerpta Medica Abstract Journals backfile) – 1947-1973
 - Medline, from the U.S. National Library of Medicine
        Includes current Medline (1966 onward) plus OldMedline (back to 1950)

Emerald Journals
Note: Access to Journal backfiles as far back as 1898 added June, 2012
Fulltext journals published by Emerald.
Empire Online

See publisher's description

Encyclopaedia Britannica

This online edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica is a fully searchable and browsable collection of over 73,000 authoritative reference articles. Several bonus features are included in this reference tool: Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus; thousands of photographs, illustrations, and sound files; hundreds of relevant videos; hot links from Encyclopedia Britannica articles to related magazine and journal articles from EBSCO and ProQuest online databases; World Data containing information and customizable charts and tables about nations of the world; Notable Quotations from historical and contemporary important men and women; and Gateway to the Classics, hundreds of works by significant writers of the Western world.

Encyclopaedia of Islam
The Encyclopaedia of Islam covers the many-sided nature of Islam and the Muslim world, with articles on art, history, law, philosophy, politics, religion, and more. The user can browse the alphabetical entries, or select from the Subjects index or the Names index. Searching options include using English or transliterated terms to query Full Text, Headwords (article entries), Keywords, bibliographies, or Contributors.
Encyclopedia of American Studies
The Encyclopedia of American Studies brings together a wide range of disciplines related to the history and cultures of the United States, from pre-colonial days to the present. It features broad, synthetic articles covering areas such as history, literature, art, photography, film, architecture, urban studies, ethnicity, race, gender, economics, politics, wars, consumer culture, and global America.

Interdisciplinary in its coverage of the American experience, this comprehensive reference has been written by hundreds of internationally renowned scholars who present their topics in clear and lively prose.

With over 660 online, searchable articles and bibliographies, the Encyclopedia of American Studies provides an integrated approach to problems, themes, and issues that cut across disciplinary lines. The breadth and depth of disciplines, topics, and issues featured in this resource support research and study in a wide range of courses and assignments at all levels.

The Encyclopedia's editor in chief is Temple's own Miles Orvell.
Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World

The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World covers an area of Jewish history, religion and culture which until now lacked its own cohesive/discrete reference work. The Encyclopedia fills the gap in academic reference literature on the Jews of Muslim lands particularly in the late medieval, early modern and modern periods.

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (ELS) includes articles, essays, and news in the biological and life sciences. More than 6,000 illustrations are provided. Core coverage: biochemistry, biodiversity, cell biology, clinical medicine, developmental biology, ecology, evolution, genetics history, philosophy of science, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience, plant science, structural biology, and virology.Contains peer-reviewed articles commissioned from 5,000 world-renown scientists. All articles have a list of reference, some of which provide links to external Web sources. Appendix and glossary components provide descriptions of biochemical and taxonomical data, acronyms and abbreviations, synonyms, units, and other technical data. "Special Essays" were commissioned to address 50 "hot topics." By creating an account on My Profile, users may save searching histories as well as articles for later review.

Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception

Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (EBR) offers a comprehensive and in-depth rendering of the current state of knowledge on the origins and development of the Bible according to its different canonic forms in Judaism and Christianity. At the same time, EBR also documents the history of the Bible?s reception in the Christian churches and the Jewish Diaspora; in literature, art, music, and film; in Islam, as well as in other religious traditions and current religious movements, Western and non-Western alike.

Energy Citations Database

Note: Energy Citations Database has been consolidated into SciTech Connect.

Designed and developed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) the Energy Citations provides access to the Department's scientific and technical information. Contains bibliographic records for energy and energy-related scientific and technical information from the Department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessor agencies, the Energy Research & Development Administration (ERDA) and the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). The Database provides access to DOE publicly available citations from 1948 through the present, with continued growth through regular updates. Covers literature in disciplines of interest to DOE such as chemistry, physics, materials, environmental science, geology, engineering, mathematics, climatology, oceanography, computer science and related disciplines. It includes citations to report literature, conference papers, journal articles, books, dissertations, and patents.

English Drama (1280-1915)
A combination of Chadwyck-Healey's English Verse Drama and English Prose Drama full-text databases. 4,000 plays by 1,200 authors from the late thirteenth century to the early twentieth century.
English Poetry (600-1900)
Essentially the complete English poetic canon from the 8th century to the early 20th. Over 160,000 poems by more than 1,250 poets drawn from nearly 4,500 printed sources.
English Poetry, 2nd Edition
English Poetry, Second Edition redefines the English poetic canon for the 21st century, building on the achievement of its ground-breaking predecessor with enhanced functionality and the addition of more than 20,000 poems from several new categories. Containing more than 183,000 poems by over 2,700 poets, the most comprehensive archive of English verse from the 8th century to the early 20th now offers incomparable representation both of the literary heritages of Commonwealth and ex-colonial countries and of the poetic legacies of English writers who have only been brought back to scholarly attention during the last thirty years.
English Short Title Catalog
Describes English-language letterpress materials printed in Great Britain or its colonies from 1473 to 1800, as well as material printed in English anywhere in the world during that period. The database sources are ESTC/North America and The British Library and represents holdings of over 1600 libraries worldwide. (Updated daily)
(browse titles in Diamond Catalog)
The complete text of over 1,000 engineering titles from CRC Press. Each chapter is a pdf file and is full-text searchable. Handbooks are in the fields of aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, engineering (general), engineering management, environmental engineering, industrial Engineering & manufacturing, industrial engineering management, lasers & optics, material science, mechanical engineering, nanoscience/nanotechnology, operations research, packaging, systems engineering.
(browse titles in Diamond Catalog) / Concurrent user limit: 2
The complete text of over 500 handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and treatises from Taylor & Francis imprints. Each chapter is a pdf file and is full-text searchable. Content covers earth science, ecological economics, ecology, environmental modeling & systems analysis, envrionmental & ecological risk assessment, environmental & occupational health/safety, environmental chemistry & toxicology, environmental engineering, environmental law, management, & compliance, geology, GIS & mapping, landscape ecology, remote sensing & photogrammetry, resource management & sustainability, turfgrass science & engineering, and water science, technology, & engineering.

Concurrent user limit: 2
Environment Abstracts

Environment Abstracts encompasses all aspects of the impact of people and technology on the environment and the effectiveness of remedial policies and technologies. As of 1994, the database also provides expanded coverage of energy-related issues.

Environment Abstracts provides access to more than 950 journals published in the U.S. and abroad, from 1975 to the present. The database also covers conference papers and proceedings, special reports from international agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, associations and private corporations. Other materials selectively indexed include significant monographs, government studies and newsletters.

Environmental Engineering Abstracts

Covers the world literature pertaining to technological and engineering aspects of air and water quality, environmental safety, and energy production. Offers indexing and abstracting of more than 700 primary journals. Over 2,500 additional sources, including monographs and conference proceedings, are also monitored for relevant articles.

Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management

Covers relevant fields across the environmental sciences and the primary sources for 11 abstracting journals. Date coverage varies. (Updated monthly)

eRA@TU (Electronic Research Administration)

eRA@TU is Temple University's online research administration system, encompassing both pre- and post-award processes that involve the administrative and regulatory aspects of grants, contracts and clinical trials. Further information is available at the Temple Research Administration website.

ERIC [via EBSCOhost]

Note: PDF downloads of ERIC documents are temporarily unavailable per notice from ERIC.

The ERIC database contains bibliographic records of research reports, conference papers, teaching guides, books, and journal articles relating to the practice of education. ERIC Digests are included. Covers the period 1966-present. Includes full-text links to Education Research Complete. (Updated monthly)

ERIC [via Proquest]

Note: PDF downloads of ERIC documents are temporarily unavailable per notice from ERIC.

The ERIC database contains bibliographic records of research reports, conference papers, teaching guides, books, and journal articles relating to the practice of education. ERIC Digests are included. Covers the period 1966-present.

ERIC [via U.S. Department of Education]

Note: PDF downloads of ERIC documents are temporarily unavailable per notice from ERIC.

The ERIC database contains bibliographic records of research reports, conference papers, teaching guides, books, and journal articles relating to the practice of education. ERIC Digests are included. Covers the period 1966-present. This is a free version, with no full text. (Updated monthly)


European Patent Office

Full-text of European (EP), World (WO) and other patents back to the 1970's. Also links to individual European country patent databases.

Essay and General Literature Index [via EbscoHost]

Note: Due to extremely low usage, Essay and General Literature Index will no longer be available as of January 2014.

Cites records contained in collections of essays and miscellaneous works published in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada. More than 320 single and multi-authored volumes are indexed annually with more than 20 selected annuals and serial publications. Essay & General Literature Index provides access to nearly 65,000 essays found in over 5,300 printed anthologies and collections, with coverage dating as far back as 1985. Subjects covered in the database include archaeology, architecture, art, children's literature, classical studies, drama, economics, fiction, film, folklore, history, linguistics, music, poetry, political science, psychology, religion, women's studies and more, covering the entire range of the humanities and social sciences.

Essential Science Indicators

This unique and comprehensive compilation of science performance statistics and science trends data is based on journal article publication counts and citation data from Thomson Scientific databases. It is an ideal analytical resource for policymakers, administrators, analysts and information specialists in government agencies, universities, corporations, private laboratories, publishing companies and foundations, as well as members of the scientific press and recruiters.

Ethnic Newswatch

Concurrent user limit: 12

Ethnic NewsWatch is a full-text collection of the newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press. A rich collection of articles, editorials, columns, reviews, etc. provide a broad diversity of perspectives and viewpoints -- the other sides of the stories. (Updated monthly)

Concurrent user limit: 12

Ethnographic Video Online

Now includes Volume II!

In today’s learning and research environment, it’s an ongoing struggle for anthropologists to gain insight into many remote and lesser-documented cultures of the world. Materials about these groups—especially visual media—are rare and, when extant, often scattered across multiple archives and formats, making them difficult to access. Ethnographic Video Online addresses this challenge by bringing together (when complete) 1,750 hours of documentaries, primary-source footage, and select feature films for the visual study of human culture and behavior, all in one user-friendly online interface.


Europa World
Concurrent user limit: 4
Europa World is the online version of the Europa World Year Book, a well respected source of information on world-wide affairs. First published in 1926, the year book is renowned as one of the world's leading reference works, covering political and economic information in over 250 countries and territories, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
European Views of the Americas: 1493-1750
Contains more than 32,000 entries and is a comprehensive guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750. It covers the history of European exploration as well as portrayals of native American peoples. A wide range of subject areas are covered; from natural disasters to disease outbreaks and slavery. The original bibliography was co-developed by John Alden and Dennis Landis, Curator of European Books at The John Carter Brown Library.
Everyday Life & Women in America, c1800-1920

Everyday Life is a dynamic resource that provides a strong basis for teaching and research in areas such as American home life, 1800-1920, the history of women, and the history of childhood. There are rare books, periodicals, pamphlets, tracts, and broadsides relating to:

Political and Social Issues
Popular Fiction & Sensational Literature
Children's Prescriptive Literature
Fashion & Beauty

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