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Jazz Music Library
Thousands of tracks from well-known jazz music labels.
Jewish Exponent (1887 - 1990)

Offers full page and article images with searchable full text back to the first issue of this important Philadelphia publication. The collection includes digital reproductions providing access to every page from every available issue.

Jewish Life in America, c1654-1954
Original manuscript collections from the American Jewish Historical Society, including 6 organizational collections, 24 personal collections, as well as rare printed books and pamphlets.
Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory
The John Hopkins Guide is a full-text searchable database of articles on individual critics and theorists, critical and theoretical schools and movements, and the critical and theoretical innovations of specific countries and historical periods. It also treats related persons and fields that have been shaped by or have themselves shaped literary theory and criticism. Each entry includes a selective primary and secondary bibliography. Subjects covered include literature, humanities, literary criticism, and philosophy. Each entry includes an essay and a selective primary and secondary bibliography. There is extensive cross-referencing both within and at the conclusion of each entry. The indexes are designed to allow readers to locate substantive discussions of people and topics wherever they occur in the Guide.
Journal Citation Reports (JCR)

Provides statistical data about the impact factor of science and social science journals in a given fields. The Science edition covers about 5,700 international science journals from the ISI database; the Social Sciences Edition covers about 1,700 leading international social sciences journals from the ISI database. Note: JCR data is updated annually in the summer following the year of coverage (e.g. 2006 data becomes available in the summer of 2007).

Online journal service offering of hundreds of scientific, technical, and medical journals from over 50 publishers and societies. NOTE: Requires OVID registration. (Updated daily)

Arts & Sciences Collections IX, X, and XI just added!
Like JSTOR? You might want to also try Periodicals Archive Online.

JSTOR, originally funded by the Mellon Foundation, began as an effort to ease the increasing space problems faced by libraries by converting back issues of paper journals into electronic formats that would allow savings in space, improved access to journal content and offer a possible solution to preservation problems associated with storing paper volumes.

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Justis is the full-text, online library of UK, Irish and EU case law and legislation dating back to 1163. Documentation is available for both caselaw and legislation (pdf). Justis includes acts of Parliament (UK) from 1707 onward, acts of Parliament (Scotland) from 1999, acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly from 2000, and acts of Parliament (England) from 1235 to 1706. The latter are derived from Ruffhead's edition of the Statutes at Large up to 1866, thereafter from HMSO. The collection also includes Statutory Instruments from 1949 and Statutory Orders from 1671. Finally, Justis UK also includes Church Assembly and General Synod Measures from 1920.
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