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Safari Tech Books Online

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Note: Due to the high cost of maintaining access to older, less-used content, titles published prior to 2012 will no longer be available in Safari Tech Books as of January 2014.

Full-text library of over 4,000 information technology books from publishers including O'Reilly, Que, New Riders, Addison-Wesley, and Sams.

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Sage Journals Online
Online access to over 400 journals in the social sciences, humanities, medicine, engineering, and physical and life sciences from Sage Publications.
Sage Knowledge

Full-text of major reference works published by Sage Publications.

SAGE Research Methods Datasets (SRM-D) New

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SRM-D is a collection of teaching datasets that can be used to support the instruction and independent learning of quantitative and qualitative analytical methods used in the social sciences. These are datasets taken from larger national and international data sources, then cleaned and reduced in size and complexity for teaching and self-study purposes, which make them perfect for researchers learning a new method or brushing up on a familiar one. Each dataset is accompanied by a how-to guide that gives an overview of the data and the method, step-by-step instructions on applying the method, tips on presenting the analysis in your research, and a link to the full dataset.

Sage Research Methods Online
Provides advanced search and discovery tools to support researchers and students as they explore relevant research methods content across the social and behavioral sciences. Covers quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods and includes the entire "Little Green Book" and "Little Blue Book" series.
SAGE Stats New

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SAGE Stats brings together over 50,000 datasets about U.S. geographies from over 190 authoritative sources harmonized into consistently formatted statistical data series. SAGE Stats contains over 6,500 data series—or single data measures over time about U.S. geographies—across 17 high-interest research areas. The data series span as far back as 1980, and are updated on a timely basis in accordance with the collection and publication schedules of original sources. Detailed source information, with links where applicable, are provided for every data series.

Salem History
Online versions of reference titles from Salem Press.
Salem Literature
Includes Masterplots / Magill's Literary Annuals
Salem Literature provides online versions of literary criticism reference works from Salem Press. Temple's access includes Masterplots (4th ed.) and Magill's Literary Annuals (1977 - current).
Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970
Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970 provides digital access to more than 660,000 large-scale maps of more than 12,000 American towns and cities.

Sanborn maps are valuable historical tools for urban specialists, social historians, architects, geographers, genealogists, local historians, planners, environmentalists and anyone who wants to learn about the history, growth, and development of American cities, towns, and neighborhoods. They are large-scale plans containing data that can be used to estimate the potential risk for urban structures. This includes information such as the outline of each building, the size, shape and construction materials, heights, and function of structures, location of windows and doors. The maps also give street names, street and sidewalk widths, property boundaries, building use, and house and block numbers.

Textual information on construction details (for example, steel beams or reinforced walls) is often given on the plans while shading indicates different building materials. Extensive information on building use is given, ranging from symbols for generic terms such as stable, garage, and warehouse to names of owners of factories and details on what was manufactured in them. In the case of large factories or commercial buildings, even individual rooms and the uses to which they were put are recorded on the maps. Other features shown include pipelines, railroads, wells, dumps, and heavy machinery. Click here to access a key provided by the Sanborn Map Company.
SBRnet is focused on the sporting goods and sports marketing industry. It provides a continuously updated resource featuring market research and industry news covering all facets of the industry -- sports equipment sales, sports participation, sports broadcasting, sports sponsorship and sports marketing. Some full-text articles are included. (Updated daily)
Science Citation Index
The Science Citation Index is a multidisciplinary database, with searchable author abstracts, covering the journal literature of the sciences. It indexes more than 5,700 major journals across 164 scientific disciplines, covering approximately 2,100 more journals than its SCI print and CD-ROM counterparts, with all cited references captured. SCI Expanded: Provides access to current information and retrospective data from 1900 forward. Averages 17,750 new articles per week. Includes approximately 362,000 new cited references per week. Includes approximately 775 new cited references to patents per week. Contains a current total of over 17 million articles. Contains searchable, full-length, English-language author abstracts for approximately 70 of the articles in the database. (Updated daily)
Science of Synthesis

Note: Please see technical requirements

Provides online access to one of the most in-depth authoritative information sources available on synthetic methodology. Information is available on 18,000 generally applicable experimental procedures, including 180,000 reactions and 800,000 structures. Also included is the searchable full-text of the various editions of the higley esteemed, almost 200 year-old Houben-Weyl.

Science Online
Online access to the prestigious journal Science from the American Association for the Advancement of Science from 1996 to the present. Also includes Science Express - electronic publication of selected Science papers in advance of print and ScienceNOW - daily science news from Science journalists.
A gateway to science information resources of the U.S. government. Users can search both government web sites and government databases. Full-text available.

Hundreds of scientific, technical, social science, and medical journals and thousands of ebooks published by Elsevier.


SciFinder offers a one-stop shop experience with flexible search and discover options based on user input and workflow. You can search for substances, reactions, and patent and journal references anytime, anywhere.
*Get substances – access the world’s most trusted resource for substance information including chemical structures, chemical names, CAS Registry Numbers®, properties, commercial availability and regulatory information.
*Get reactions – find dependable and current chemical reaction information from our extensive databases including reaction schemes, experimental procedures, conditions, yields, solvents, catalysts, as well as commercial availability of substances with direct links to leading producer and supplier sites.
*Get references – get the information you need when you need it with our unrivaled collection of the world’s most up-to-date chemistry and related science information found in journals, patents, dissertations and more. SciFinder is the only source that brings you information from early discovery through clinical trials with the combined coverage of CAplusSM and MEDLINE®. 

SciTech Connect

Your connection to science, technology, and engineering research information from the U.S. Department of Energy.  Now you can visit one site for all the great science information previously searchable in the Energy Citations Database (ECD) and the Information Bridge (IB).   SciTech Connect provides access to all the information available via ECD and IB.  The basic search at SciTech Connect employs an innovative semantic search capability to help you retrieve more relevant information.  You can sign up for an account at SciTech and take advantage of extensive customization features.


Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, features smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research. Scopus delivers the most comprehensive overview of the world’s research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences and Arts & Humanities.
Updated daily, Scopus includes: 21,000 titles from more than 5,000 international publishers, 5.5 million conference papers, and “Articles-in-Press” from more than 3,850 journals and publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, Springer, Wiley-Blackwell, Nature Publishing Group and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Scopus’ 50 million records consist of: 29 million records, including references, going back to 1995 (84% include abstracts), 21 million pre-1996 records going back as far as 1823.
Scopus also cross-searches 25.2 million patents from five patent offices (US Patent & Trademark Office, European Patent Office, Japan Patent Office, World Intellectual Property Organization and the UK Intellectual Property Office).

Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period
Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period includes 60 volumes of poetry by 47 authors. Accompanying the texts are extensive bio-critical essays, specially written for the database by leading scholars in the field, as well as selected criticism from the critical bibliography compiled by the editors.
Senate Executive Journals, 1789-1980
The digital Senate Executive Journals feature the deliberations of American Senators on a wide variety of events, organizations and people, with a strong focus on nominations across military, judicial and executive branches and on international treaties.
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Burney Collection Newspapers
Part of the British Library Newspapers collection, 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers is a full-text, fully searchable digital archive of nearly 1,270 newspapers and news pamphlets from the United Kingdom. Collected by the Reverend Charles Burney (1757-1817), a notable scholar, this unique collection represents the largest single archive of 17th and 18th century news media available from the British Library.
Silent Film Online

Silent Film Online contains more than 1,000 streaming online titles and growing. Together, these films represent the foundation of modern cinematic technique and film theory. Carefully curated by Alexander Street’s editors and Video Advisory Board, the collection covers silent feature films, serials, and shorts from the 1890s to the 1930s. It includes the most complete, authoritative versions of the highest quality from leading distributors.


Concurrent user limit: 10
Note: Now includes SimmonLOCAL Data Module!

SimplyMap is a web-based mapping application with a user-friendly interface that permits users to quickly and easily create professional-quality thematic maps and reports using thousands of demographic, business, and marketing variables. Maps can be exported as high-resolution images to word processing or presentation software; data can be selected, sorted, and compared across multiple locations to build custom reports that can be exported to a spreadsheet. Available data include:
Demographic Variables: population, age, race, income, ancestry, marital status, housing, employment, transportation, families, and more
Business Variables: detailed consumer expenditure, business & employee counts by industry (by NAICS Code), Consumer Price Index, quality of life & consumer profiles, and market segments. Simplymap also utilizes current Mediamark Research (MRI) estimates of usage and consumption (propensity) for thousands of specific consumer products, including brand data, details of frequency of usage, and more.
Census data back to the year 1980 is available along with current year estimates and 5 year projections. Data is available by census block-groups, census tracts, ZIP codes, cities, counties, states, and the entire United States.

Experian SimmonsLOCAL is a powerful targeting and profiling system that provides insights into consumer behavior for all of America's 210 media markets on a local level with 60,000+ data variables, including over 450 categories and 8,000 specific brands.  From the products we buy, to the brands we prefer, our attitudes and lifestyles, SimmonsLOCAL reports on the unique nuances of every market.  Enjoy the ability to analyze data by County, City/Place, ZIP code, Census Tracts, Block Groups, or even custom area. 
Concurrent user limit: 10

Sixties: Primary Documents and Personal Narratives 1960-1974

The Sixties: Primary Documents and Personal Narratives 1960?1974 brings the 1960s alive through diaries, letters, autobiographies and other memoirs, written and oral histories, manifestos, government documents, memorabilia, and scholarly commentary.

The Sixties is centered on key themes that provide insight into the issues that shaped America and that still resonate in today?s debates: Arts, Music, and Leisure; Civil Rights; Counter-Culture; Environmental Movement; Gay and Lesbian Rights; Law and Government; Mass Media; New Left and Emerging Neo-Conservative Movement; Science and Technology; Student Activism; Vietnam War; and Women?s Movement.

When complete, the collection will contain over 150,000 pages of fully searchable text and associated audio and video material. These materials are frequently rare and hard to find; they include diaries, letters, and oral and written histories from both newsmakers and ordinary citizens caught up in the times; government documents, hearings, and other official papers; and papers and histories from radical and other organizations and groups; plus songs, photographs, ephemera, and more. To supplement the primary material and to facilitate the teaching of research using primary sources at the university level, The Sixties at completion also includes a collection of critical documentary essays. Compiled by leading scholars in the field and assembled around a major theme or research question, each critical documentary essay consists of annotated primary-source documents, linked by an original interpretive essay that provides historical context and insight into the sources.

Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, 1490-2007
This resource is designed as an important portal for slavery and abolition studies, bringing together documents and collections covering an extensive time period 1490-2007, from libraries and archives across the Atlantic world. Close attention is being given to the varieties of slavery, the legacy of slavery, the social justice perspective and the continued existence of slavery today. (Description via Publisher)
Smithsonian Global Sound
Includes the published recordings owned by the non-profit Smithsonian Folkways Recordings label and the archival audio collections of Folkways Records, Cook, Dyer-Bennet, Fast Folk, Monitor, Paredon and other labels. It also includes music recorded around the African continent by Dr. Hugh Tracey for the International Library of African Music (ILAM) at Rhodes University as well as material collected by recordists on the South Asian subcontinent from the Archive Research Centre for Ethnomusicology (ARCE), sponsored by the American Institute for Indian Studies.

Recordings can be streamed (requires Macromedia Flash Player and Windows Media Player [PC] or Macromedia Flash Player [Mac]) at either 22kbps (default) or 64kbps. Users can create their own playlists after free registration.
Social Science Research Network
Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is a world wide collaborative of leading scholars that is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research. It is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences. Each of SSRN's networks encourages the early distribution of research results by reviewing and publishing submitted abstracts and by soliciting abstracts of top quality research papers around the world. The Networks encourage readers to communicate directly with other subscribers concerning their own and other's research. Through our email abstracting journals we currently reach over 35,000 people in approximately 70 different countries.

SSRN's email abstracting journals cover 100 different subject areas. The Abstract Database contains information on over 76,100 scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers. The Electronic Paper collection currently contains over 52,000 downloadable electronic documents in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.
Social Sciences Citation Index
The Social Sciences Citation Index is a multidisciplinary database, with searchable author abstracts, covering the journal literature of the social sciences. It indexes more than 1,725 journals spanning 50 disciplines, as well as covering individually selected, relevant items from over 3,300 of the world's leading scientific and technical journals. SSCI: Provides access to current information and retrospective data from 1956 forward. Averages 2,700 new articles per week. Includes approximately 50,500 new cited references per week. Includes approximately 138 new cited references to patents each year. Contains a current total of over 3.15 million articles. Contains searchable, full-length, English-language author abstracts for approximately 60of the articles in the database. (Updated daily)
Social Services Abstracts

Provides bibliographic coverage of current research focused on social work, human services, and related areas, including social welfare, social policy, and community development. The database abstracts and indexes over 1,406 serials publications and includes abstracts of journal articles and dissertations, and citations to book reviews. (Updated monthly)

Social Work Abstracts
Concurrent user limit: 8
Social Work Abstracts offers extensive coverage of more than 450 social work and human services journals dating back to 1977. Produced by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), the database provides citations and abstracts dealing with all aspects of the social work field, including theory and practice, areas of service and social issues and problems.

Concurrent user limit: 8
Society of Exploration Geophysicists Ebooks
Includes more than 100 SEG titles from the 1950s to the present
Sociological Abstracts

Provides comprehensive coverage of the world's literature on sociology and applied aspects of sociology. Over 1,800 journals are indexed along with relevant dissertations. Citation andabstract included for each record. (Updated quarterly)

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics brings together data about all aspects of criminal justice in the United States presented in over 600 tables from more than 100 sources. (Updated yearly)
SourceOECD (OECD iLibrary)
From the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Covers Agriculture & Food, Development, Education, Energy, Environment, Finance and Investment, Social Issues, Transport and more. OECD iLibrary comprises three sections: Studies (books and reports) by Theme, Periodicals and Statistics. Studies by Theme is where you will find the OECD's monographs and annual reports. There are 19 Themes; you'll find the list in the left hand column of the homepage. All printed periodicals are moving online to this channel. The Statistics channel delivers access to the OECD's statistical databases allowing users real-time access to the latest data. (Updated daily)
South and Southeast Asian Literature
South and Southeast Asian Literature is a searchable collection of fiction and poetry written in English by authors from South and Southeast Asia and their Diasporas. Focusing on works composed during the late-colonial and postcolonial eras, the collection will also feature author interviews and manuscript materials that will shed additional light on the rich literary heritage and emerging traditions of this region. New content is uploaded on a biweekly basis, giving users immediate access to a steadily growing treasury of classic, rare, and contemporary literature. The database currently has over 68,545 pages.
SPORTDiscus with Full Text
Concurrent user limit: 8
The only international sports database. Covers the fields of exercise, medicine, biomechanics, coaching and sports medicine. Includes approximately 350 full text journals. (Updated quarterly)

Concurrent user limit: 8

Note: New interface 11/26/12.

SpringerLink provides online access to hundreds of journals and books across many disciplines, with a focus on the sciences. Note that Temple does not have access to all content.

SRDS: Standard Rate & Data Service
Note: Full functionality requires Internet Explorer
SRDS provides media rates and data for more than 100,000 U.S and international media properties, including both traditional and alternative marketing media. Advertising rates, personnel contact information, as well as circulation figures for radio, TV, cable, business publications, consumer magazines, and newspapers are included. Demographic information is also provided.
Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage
Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage is a comprehensive source of business and investment information, offering on-line access to popular Standard & Poor's research products including:

--Bond Reports
--Company Profiles
--Compustat Excel Analytics and Compustat International Fundamental Reports with five (5) years of extensive data and charts that can be downloaded directly into Excel
--Corporation Records
--Fund Reports (more than 14,000 mutual funds are included)
--Industry Surveys (back to 1998) with Trends and Projections (back to April 1999)
--Global Industry Surveys (back to 2004)
--The Outlook (back to 1996)
--Register - Executives and Directors
--Register - Private Companies
--Register - Public Companies
--Security Dealers of North America
--Stock Reports
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A dynamic reference work on philosophy maintained by Stanford University. Each encyclopedia entry is authored and updated by an expert or group of experts in their field.
STAT!Ref online is a cross-searchable resource that integrates 100 core healthcare reference titles with evidence-based resources and innovative tools in one site.
State Papers Online

This collection now includes Parts 3 and 4 (The Stuarts and Commonwealth, James I - Anne I, 1603-1714: State Papers Domestic, and State Papers Foreign, Ireland and Registers of the Privy Council.)

Reproduces the original historical manuscripts in facsimile (both foreign & domestic) linking each manuscript to its corresponding fully-searchable Calendar entry. Temple currently has access to Part I, The Tudors: Domestic, 1509-1603, Part II, The Tudors: Foreign, 1509-1603, Part III, The Stuarts and Commonwealth, James I - Anne I, 1603-1714: State Papers Domestic, and Part IV: The Stuarts and Commonwealth, James I - Anne I, 1603-1714: State Papers Foreign, Ireland and Registers of the Privy Council.

Statistical Abstract of the United States

As the National Data Book it contains a collection of statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States. Selected international data are also included. The Abstract is also your guide to sources of other data from the Census Bureau, other Federal agencies, and private organizations.  Earlier additions (1878- 1 year ago) are available free online from the U.S. Census Bureau.  The current year is hosted by ProQuest.  

Summon is a powerful, yet simple search tool that allows you to discover the breadth of Temple Libraries' collections. Whether you need to find books, scholarly articles, films, music, dissertations, archival material or other library sources, Summon has you covered.

Learn more about Summon...
Sustainability Science Abstracts

Covers the management of human use and conservation of the natural resource base. Abstracts of relevant papers, reports, books and reviews from standard peer-reviewed scientific journals are included. To ensure comprehensive coverage, material from conference proceedings and hard-to-find gray literature has also been summarized.

Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science
The Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science consists of 50 to 100-page electronic books that synthesize important research or development topics.
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