American Cancer Society, Philadelphia Division Records

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United States Department of Labor (Now- Discrimination Wage Policies)
Affirmative Action Packet
Affirmative Action Packet G. Blanehard
Ambler Dump
ACS Cancer Control Newsletters
Legis Analysis: National (ACS NYC)
Crusade Volunteer Recruitment Programmed Instruction by De Anne Rosenberg
Cancer Education Program Materials for Schools
Annual Report 1975-1976
PUB AFF's Harrisburg Legislative
Cigarette Tax Plan PA Department of Health
American Cancer Society Interorganization Memorandum
Pennsylvania Cancer Program
Pennsylvania Cancer Program
PA Cancer Coordinating Committee
National Cancer Program
NCI Studies on Employment
Government Program N.C.F. 1975-1976
Misericordia Hospital
Giving In America by Commission on Private Philanthropy and Public Needs
Chairman's Handbook for Special Events and Supplementary methods
Dealing with Controversy by Frances A. Koestler
The American Cancer Society - 1976
Making the Most of Radio - TV - by Roy E. Johnson


American Cancer Society Philadelphia Division, Inc.
Crusade Recruitment (Districts)
Out-American Cancer Society Philadelphia Division, Inc. Inter-organization Memorandum
Lower Perkiomin Miscellaneous
Upper Perkiomin Miscellaneous
District VII - Miscellaneous
American Cancer Society Philadelphia Division, Inc.
American Cancer Society Philadelphia Division, Inc.
American Cancer Society Philadelphia Division, Inc.
District I Miscellaneous
Wacester - Whitpain
Public Information Projects - 1975-1976
Correspondence Abington Unit
Out-American Cancer Society Philadelphia Divison Inc. Inter - organization Memorandum Reports
Public Information Projects - 1975-1976
Programs Public Education
District II Miscellaneous
One-Time Gift Contributors
Program Activities Report
Status of Recruitment Report
Special Gifts Volunteers
Legacy Committee
Independent Business
Letter - Individuals
Independent Business Guidebook
Handbook for Crusade Chairman
Field Representatives
Kick Off
Bike-A-Thon Correspondence and Material
Field Reps. Volunteer Lists


Public Education, 1973-1977
Professional Education Circular Letters, 1965-1968
Professional Education Circular Letters, 1968-1970
Professional Education Circular Letters, 1971-1973


Crusade Ledgers, 1971-1972
Beauty-corset Shop
Mailing List Veteran Groups
Men's and Women's Org. Lists
Mailing List Catholic Directory
Men's Clubs
Schools Philadelphia
Mailing Lists Churches Convents
Mailing List Drug Stores
Mailing Lists Government Agencies
Insurance Companies
Jewish Directory
Mailing Lists Montgomery County Council of Parent-Teacher Associations
Out-Patient Clinics Public Education
Mailing List School Nurses
Mailing List Unions


American Cancer Society, Inc. Circular Letter, 1973-1974
Staff Meeting - upcoming
Data for Future Field Meeting, 1971
Staff Meeting, 1973-1974
Volunteer Thank You
Montgomery County Education
Montgomery County Service
Eastern Area Office
Correspondence - District Representative
Correspondence - Assistant Director of Crusade
Correspondence - Montgomery County Volunteer Coordinator
Correspondence - Field Services Department
Correspondence - Chairman of Field Services Committee
Correspondence - Field Representative
Correspondence - President of Board of Directors
Correspondence Assistant Crusade Director
Staff Planning Conference
Staff Meetings, 1971-1972
1972 Staff Conference
New Staff Orientation St. Louis, June 1979
Board of Directors Manual, 1971
1973 Honors Applications
Volunteer Application Forms
Action Memo
Conference Evaluations
Circular Letters - Public Education Budget, 1970-1972
Correspondence Field Representative
Correspondence - Director Crusades and Field Services
Board of Directors Meetings
Objectives and Job Descriptions


Crusade Meeting Minutes, 1971-1973
Community Cancer Committee-Meeting Minutes, 1971-1973
Community Cancer Committee Roster Forms
Ambler-Upper Dublin Community Cancer Committee Crusade Controls
Final Reports - Cancer Crusade
Crusade Reports, 1973-1974
National Crusade
Crusade Material Requests
1971 Crusade Clinic
1972 Cancer Crusade
Crusade History, 1970-1973
Crusade Analysis, 1968
R.S.V.P. - Director of Field Services
Correspondence - Director of Field Services
Field Services Committee Meeting, 1973
Field Service Committee, December 14, 1972
Field Services Committee
Field Services Committee Information
General Field Services, 1971-1972
Field Service Committee Meetings, 1971
Correspondence - Field Rep. Montgomery County
Field Reports - January 1974 - September 1974 Art Show
Bike Hike, 1972
Special Events, 1971-1972
Apartment Solicitation, 1975
District III Elimination
Fact Sheet for Honors Citation Applications August 1975
Description of Crusade Categories
Staff Development
District II - Germantown
Interorganization Memorandum, 1975-1976
D.E. Memos


Status of Recruitment Report, 1973
Circular Letter January 1975- August 1975
Correspondence - Director of Field Services and Crusade
Correspondence - Executive Vice President
Communication Concepts Res. Mailing
Communication Concepts
Board of Directors
Crusade - (Philadelphia) Organization and Calendar and Reports
Correspondence and Memos
Crusade 1973
Division Meetings
Facts and Figures
Correspondence - Chairman of the Board
Order of the Red Sword
Speakers Handbook
Trades and Industries
Volunteer Request
American Cancer Society Grants Philadelphia Divison
American Cancer Society National Division Material
American Cancer Society Research Program
173 A.C.S. Facts and Figures and Annual Report (Philadelphia)
Cancer Crusade Reports
Philadelphia Division Material
Crusade Guidebook Reports and Reporting
Handbook for Unit Vice-President
Chairman's Handbook for Residential Crusade
Initial Notification
Pending File
Board of Directors
Crusade Guidebook - Independent Business and Office Solicitation
Organizational Chart
Crusade Newsletter
Incoming Reports
Directory - Philadelphia School District
American Cancer Society Management Courses - St. Petersburg, Florida
Manager of Distribution
Weekly Reports - Torresdale, North 1974
Weekly Reports - Horsham - Upper Dublin 1974
Weekly Reports - Philadelphia 1974
Weekly Reports - Lower Merion 1974
Crusade Reports
Cancer Fact Sheets
Field Reps. Goals and Areas
Inter-Office Memos
Crusade Committee
Newsletters 1973
Northeast #1 - Crusade Data
Time Cards and Schedules
Copies of Letters
Research Grants
University of Pennsylvania
General Foundations
Report on the Solicitation of D.O.'s, M.D.'s, D.D.S.'s


Company Reports
Rose Neill
Cancer Crusade Report June 1974
National Field Notices 1969-1970
Conquer Cancer Now Crusade 1972
Computer Coding Information
Rose Neill's Notes
Trades and Industry Enrollments 1974
Crusader List 1973
List of Names


Supervision Series I Work Kits
New Staff Member Orientation
Orientation Conference Agenda Evaluation
Audio-Visual Aids for Staff Development
A Guide to a Comprehensive Orientation
Orientation Conference Certificates - Staff
New Staff Orientation Conference March 1974
The American Cancer Society Programs of Staff Development Meeting Planning Information
Glossary of Terms Used in Reference to Cancer
American Cancer Society Benfit Program
Material Regularly Distribuition from National American Cancer Society to Divisions
Information About American Cancer Society (and Where to Find this Information)
Orientation: 3-Fold Programs of American Cancer Society Job Description Updates 1975-1976
Management Materials
Orientation - New Board Members 1975
New (1975-1976) Board Members Orientation Conference
New Board Member Orientation Project 1974
Montgomery County Field Service Secretary's Check Off List
Reasons for Involving Volunteers
Units - Concept and System
Gynecologic Cancer -Statistical and Epidemiological Information by Edwin Silverberg, B.S.
American Cancer Society Annual Report 1973
Cancer News Volume 28, Number 2 - Winter 1974-1975
Cancer Facts and Figures 1974
Cancer Facts and Figures 1975
Meeting Planning and other National American Cancer Society Information
Printing Expenses
Training and Development Journal by Joel Bradtke
Organization of Planning and Operations Department 1975-1976
Staff Planning Conference Expenses
Personnel Policies of the American Cancer Society
Personnel Job Descriptions
Philadelphia Inernational Program
Weekly Attendance Report
Annual Report 1973-1974
Script for Organization Slides
American Cancer Society Philadelphia Division Leadership Conference September 1974, Wildwood Crest, N.J.
AAP Diabetes Assignment
Philadelphia CETA Equal Employment Opportunity Staff 1975
Affirmative Action Plan Forms
Equal Employment Opportunity Planning Papers and Information
Equal Employment Opportunity Laws: A Summary
Annual Report Philadelphia Division
American Cancer Society Circular Letter
Awards Assembly
Uterine Cancer Task Force
Breast Cancer Task Force Meeting June 1975
Proposed American Cancer Society Budget 1975-1976
Professional Education Committee
Operating Expenditures with Budget Comparison May 1975
Membership List - District Coordinating Committees
Executive Committee
Development Committee
VII Disease Control Information
American Cancer Society Cancer Control
Cancer Therapy Abstracts 1974
Carcinogensis Abstracts May 1973
Cancer Facts and Figures 1974
Eastern Area Staff Conference November 18 & 19, 1975
Affirmative Action Plan
Draft-Philadelphia Division Affirmative Action Plan
Affirmative Action Plan
Affirmative Action Plan Guidebooks
United States Equal Employment Opportunity

BOX 10

Cancer: Reportable Disease
The Cancer Letter January - March 1976
At Home Rehabilitation Programs (Request For Proposal)
Association of Cancer Centers
Comprehensive Health Planning Office
Lobbying Guidelines
Public Affairs Committee House Bill 1816
Public Affairs - Health Care Facilities
Public Affairs Committee
Public Affairs Committee Correspondence
Public Affairs Committee Meeting #3 January, 14, 1976
Public Affairs Committee Tayor in Letter
Public Affairs Committee Members
Pennsylvania Lung Association
Public Affairs Committee Meeting #2 December 22, 1975
Background of Division of Comprehensive Health Planning
Public Affairs Committee Meeting #2 December 10, 1975
Public Affairs Committee Meeting #1 November 11, 1975
Public Affairs Committee - Role of
Pennsylvania Division Public Affairs Committee
Health Systems Agencies
Pennsylvania Health Council
Philadelphia Health Management Corporation
Volunteer Contact File
Chestnut Hill College District III
District IV Abington Correspondence
Abington Finished Business
Abington Correspondence 1975-1976
Abington Reorganization 1976
Field Services
District Director Correspondence (Beth Andrews)
Spread Sheets 1974
Read and Returns
Correspondence - Chairman of the Board - Mr. Bemis
Oral Screening
District VI - Cheltenham
District III - Abington
Memos 1975-1976
Cheltenham Correspondence 1975-1976
Springfield Northwest Unit
Springfield Northwest Correspondence 1975-1976
District IV Goals and Facts Sheets
Memos - Outgoing

BOX 11

Golden Slipper Club 1973-1974 -Directory
Fox Croft County Club 1972-1973 - Directory
Artist's Biographies
Biographies Expo 1971
Artist Biographies 1971
Art Show 1970
Art Show 1971
Art Show General 1970
Rober Henri (Artist)
Cancer Information
Cancer Memos
Federal Service Campaign
American Cancer Society Circular Letter
Tickets for Celebrity Party
Correspondence - General
Education Material
Correspondence - Jay J. Dugan
Roster of Crusaders Souderton, PA
Roster of Crusaders Marlboro Township
Complaint Letters
Roster of Crusaders Upper Merion
Time Study
Board of Directors
Purchase Orders
Letters for Investment Broker Crusaders
Residential Crusade Material
Staff Training Material
M.D. Lists for Philadelphia and Montgomery County
Name Lists
Kits (Professional)
Professional (Education Material Foundations)
Foundations 1973-1974
Foundations Committee
Foundation - Correspondence
Public Information Material
Public Education Materials (Films, Filmstrips)
Trade and Industries Volunteers
Circular Letters 1974

BOX 12

Minutes of All Committees 1971-1972
Public Education Circular Letters 1975
Professional Education Circular Letters 1975
Public Education Circular Letters 1969-1970
Public Education Circular Letters 1974

BOX 13

Lobbying Guidelines
Hospital PAP Test Legislation
Governor's Task Force on Cancer Control
Governor's Conference for Charities October 8, 1975
Government Programs Committee - Meeting #1 December 23, 1975
Government Program
Government Programs Committee
Government Programs Meeting 1975-1976
Federal Cervical Screening Program
Federal Project Review Committee 1975-1976
Federal Programs Progress Report 1974
Federal Program Committee
Federal Program Committee - Membership List
Federal Program Review Committee Meeting November 7, 1975 New York
Federal Program Committee Meeting March 11, 1975
Federal Program Committee Meeting April 29, 1975
Federal Program Committee Meeting July 16, 1975
Federal Program Committee Meeting June 23, 1975
Federal Program Review Committee: National Cancer Institute Background
Eastern Area Meeting: Fox Chase
Miscellaneous Committee's - Federal Program Committee
Federal Program Review Committee - Correspondence
Crime Prevention Association
Crusade Progress Report: District II - Public Education
Crusade Correspondence: District II, Northeast Unit
Miscellaneous Correspondence: District II
Public Information: District II
Northeast Unit Correspondence
Northeast Unit - Old Files
Public Education Correspondence: District II
Community Work Study Project: District II
Service: District II
Crusade: District II
Division Executive File
Delaware County Office
Pennsylvania Division
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia - East Area Meeting September 4, 1973
Public Education Committee Meetings 1973
Nurses Education Committee Meetings 1973
Staff Minutes
Medical and Scientific Committee Meetings 1973
Inner City Committee
Notice of Change Date Order

BOX 14

District VI - Miscellaneous
Trade and Industry
Public Information
January 1975, 1976 Correspondence
Correspondence: Director of Special Solicitation
Minutes: Board Meetings 1974-1975
Correspondence December, 1975
Correspondence February, 1976
Correspondence March 1976, 1977
Correspondence April, 1976
Correspondence May, 1976
Correspondence June, 1976
Correspondence July, 1976
Correspondence September, 1976
Correspondence October, 1976
Correspondence August, 1976
Correspondence December, 1976
Special Events
Recruitment Reports 1976
Sequential #s Code - Lists (An Unit Crusade Areas) (All Kits)
Original Copies - Various Forms
Status of Recruitment
Correspondence 1975 - Crusade Associate
Special Gifts October, 1976
Residential Special Gifts 1975-1976
Residential Special Events August, 1976
Special Events October, 1976
Residential Special Events September, 1975
Residential Special Events September, 1976
Special Gifts October 1976
Residential: Philadelphia
Budget Conferences
Inter Organization Memorandum 1975-1976
District Directors 9/1975
Past Company Invoices
Reports-Associate Director Crusade
Correspondence: Crusade Associate Director
Andrews, Beta
Maryanne Libulton, Assistant Director
Field Service and Crusade
Crusade Committee
Special Project Foundation
Correspondence: Executive Vice President
Memorials Correspondence
Personal Information

BOX 15

Planning and Operations
Executive Vice-President
Yolanda Fletcher - Win Incentive Program
Get Your Community Down on Paper
Oral Cancer Screening Week 1976
Bonus Gifts Project
Correspondence - Director of Field Service and Crusade 1974
AD HOC Crusade Communications Committee
Residential Recruitment Reports
Patient Services
HQ Crusade 1975-1976 (Headquarters)
HQ Crusade 1975-1976 Total (Headquarters)
HQ Crusade 1975-1976 (Headquarters)
Minutes of Several Division Committees 1975-1977
Women Against Breast Cancer
Headquarters Crusade 1975-1976, D. Liberi
Philadelphia 1971-1976

BOX 16

Executive Secretary
City Hall - 1974
1970 Chestnut Hill - Whitemarsh Valley - Solicitation Letters and Sponsors
Christmas Cards 1974
Boten, Leonard - Sample letterheads
Budget 1974-1975
Budget 1973-1974
Board 1974-1975
Morris Brownell 1974-1975
Vice-President, Anderson - Replies to Budget Letter
Trade and Industry Replies to follow up
Special Purpose Projects in Philadelphia
Board Members
University of Pennsylvania 1969
Special - Special Gifts
Order of the Red Sword 1962-1965
Joseph Haines, Jr. (Honorary Life Member) 1970
Past General Chairmen
J. Permar Richards (President of J.P. Richards Associates)
1968-1969 - Chestnut Hill - Whitemarsh Valley - Solicitation Letters and Sponsors
Correspondence - City Solicitation Letter 1970
Chairmen's Letters (Solicitation) and Advisory Committee Letter
1970 - Board Members
1970 William E. Zabel, Jr. (Crusade Chairmen)
Special Gift Correspondence File
Correspondence - Special Gifts August, 1970
Supplementary Methods
Suggested Special Gifts Prospects 1970
Suggested Special Gifts Crusaders
1970 Crusade
1970 Solicitation List and Follow-up
September 1970 Monthly Folder
1970 T.W. N. (Director of Field Services and Crusade) Correspondence
October, 1970 Monthly Folder
Mrs. Gilbert P. High (Contributor to Society) Special Gifts 1971
1966-1967 Cancer Crusade Chestnut Hill - Whitmarsh Valley
Morris R. Brownell, Jr.
Mrs. Walter F. Fancourt III (Contributor) 1971
Mrs. Ethyl Wynn Special Gift 1971
Mrs. John Klopp Special Gifts
Special Gift Thank You Letters 1971
1971- Chestnut Hill Whitmarsh Valley solicitation letters and sponsors
Foundation List and Correspondence
Board 1971
1971 - Fall Solicitations Lists and Follow Up Special Gifts Correspondence File
1962 Cancer Crusade - Morris R. Brownell, Jr.
Mrs. Klopp, Crusader 1973 Contribution Cards
1964-1965 Work Schedule by Month
Reports - T.W.N. - Directors of Field Services and Crusade
University of Pennsylvania 1969
Mrs. Jeanne L. Swen, Cashier

BOX 17

1973 City Parks Association
Medical Doctors Solicitation
Inter-Office Memos Outgoing
D.O.'s (Doctors of Osteopathics)
Professions Form Letters
Advertising Agencies
Funeral Directors
Architect and Engineers
Professionals Crusade (General)
Professionals, 1973
1971 City Parks Association Data
Hospitals Employees
List of Hospitals to be Solicited
Hospitals Solicitation
1972-1973 Program Planning Guide
1970-1971 Crusade Timetable
C.P.A. (City Parks Association)
1972 - Investment Brokers
C.P.A. (City Parks Association)
Field Totals (M.B.O.) Management by Objective 1975-1976
Correspondence - Bill Beakhart District Director
Vick: Harrison District Director
Beth Andrews
Contributor Research File
Crusade Expenses
Field Services Expenses
Correspondence - Jim Hughes, District Director
Dominic Liberi, Director Field Services and Crusade, Memos
D.S.L. (Dominic S. Liberi) Correspondence

BOX 18

Volunteer Awards (Illustrations)
Public Education
Professional Education Nominations Services
Public Information Nominations
Field Services - Crusade Nominations
What does the American Cancer Society?
Awards Dinner Seatings
Nan Duskin
Crusade Guidebook - Special Events
"Buck Cancer with Bucks" 1963-1967
Volunteer - Staff Relationships
Nan Duskin - Accounting
Special Events - Poor Richard, General Personnel
Public Education
Neighborhood Events
Wanamaker - Jenkintown Mask and Wig Show
Cancer Prevention Study 1971
Cancer League
Cancer Prevention Study 1972
Uterine Cancer Task Force 1972
C.C.C. (Community Cancer Committee Service Workshop, 1973)
Patient Service Volunteer Workshop October 11, 1972
Trade and Industry 1970-1971
Master Planning Committee
National Information Bureau Incorporated
Cancer Coordinator's Committee United Fund 1971-1973
Crusade information System
National Health Agencies
Division Public Education - Dr. Barkis
Public Information
Health and Welfare Council
Foundation 1971
Eastern Star
Melanoma Foundation
National Office
1972-1973 Calendar
Trades and Industries
Pennsylvania Cancer Coordinating Committee Reports 1972
Enrollment Lists
Hotels, Restaurants Banquet Facilities, Menus
Montgomery County Office 1972
Montgomery County Office, (Woody)
Community Health Service
Metro East Meeting
Community Cancer Committees 1971

BOX 19

Mr. Roberts
Special Gift Letters
Objectives and Goals I
Objectives and Goals II
Special Gifts
Cancer Statistics 1977
Special Events Women's Board
T.W.W. (Director of Field Services and Crusade)
100 and Special Gifts and Trades and Industry
Trade and Industry
Trade and Industry Reports
Correspondence - Janet Terry (President Women's Board)
Fashion Show
American Legion
Correspondence - Roseweill, Associate
Director of Crusade
Trade and Industry Kick-off February 26, 1974

BOX 20

Special Events 1976-1977
Proposed Special Events
Special Events Report 1977
Art Auction 1977
Special Events Guidelines
S. Romanowsky - Special Events Income National
Richard Johnson
Samuel, Fred
Special Events Conference March 10, 1978 I and II
M.B.O. (Management by Objectives)
Correspondence - Mrs. Janet Terry & President Women's Board)
Women's Board Meeting, 1977 I & II
Special Events, 1977 I & II
Women's Board Minutes 1976
Correspondence - President of Board of Directors
Staff Meeting October 14, 1977
Staff Conference June 1977
Crusaders Ball 1977
Miscellaneous II
Kick Off Luncheon 1971
1973 Golf Tournament
Special Events 1974
Rose Neill - Associate Director of Crusade
Fashion Show 1974
Christmas Cards 1974
Budget 1979
Special Events 1974
Golf Tournament 1974
Miscellaneous III
"The Golfer" Volume 50 #1
Golf Tournament 1974 II
Golf Tournament 1974 III
Christmas Card Program
Business and Kain Moses
Women's Board 1977

BOX 21

Service Handbook
1971 Crusade, Trades And Industry
Conquer Cancer - Now Crusade 1972
Board Members 1970-1971
Trades and Industry 1973 A to L
Trades and Industry 1973 M to Z

BOX 22

Field Services 1971-1973
Finance Committee 1972-1974
Legacy Committee 1973
Medical and Scientific Committee 1972-1974
Nominating Committee 1973-1974
Nurses Education Committee Membership 1972-1973
Patient Service Committee 1971-1973
Public Information Committee
Robert D. Harwick, President of Board of Directors 1972-1974
Executive Committee September, 1973
Executive Committee February 14, 1974
Executive Committee May 9, 1974
Executive Committee Meeting September 12, 1974
Executive Committee Meeting November 20, 1974
Executive Committee February 13, 1975
Executive Committee May 8, 1975
Executive Committee Meetings 1972-1973
Administration Committee 1972-1973
AD HOC Awards Committee 1973
Breast 1973-1974
Development Committee 1971-1974

BOX 23

Public Education Action Programs
Oral Cancer Society 1973-1974
The Bulletin of the Philadelphia County Dental Society, May-June, 1974
News Releases 1974

BOX 24

Films Mailing Records
Budget 1972-1973
Medical Affairs October 1970 - August 1972
Board Directors
Community Cancer Committee Volunteer Handbook

BOX 25

Crusaders Ball Form 1975, 1979
Mimeo Tracing Pages
Special Events 1975
American Contract Bridge League Foundation (A.C.B.L.)
Soft Ball Marathon 1972
Bike-A-Thon 1972
Merion Bridge
Horse Racing
Order of the Red Sword
Report Forms Trades and Industry and Special Gifts
Awards Banquet 1976
Armour for Photos - Vine Street George Cataro
Chairman's Handbook for Special Events and Supplementary Methods
Chairman's Handbook for, Independent Business and Office Solicitation
Monte Carlo Night 1974
American Legion
Order of Red Sword I & II
Order of Red Sword Meeting December 12, 1974
Special Events Plans 1972-1973
Bridge and Fashion Show 1974
Christmas Cards
Special Events Guidebook 1975
Invitations and Programs
Job Descriptions

BOX 26

Trades and Industry
Service Handbook
Radio T.V. Scripts
Telephone Calls
Krassnoff Art
Name Lists
The Art of Robert M. Krasnoff
Cancer and You
Staff Directory 1972-1973

BOX 27

Interorganizational Memos
Employee Solicitation 1974
Employee and Executive Gift Information
Business and Industry classifications
Trades and Industry Montgomery County 1970
Trades and Industry - Forms Past Years
T.W.N. (Director of Field Service and Crusade, File)
Kick-Off March 2, 1970
Trades and Industry Meeting February 3, 1970
Trades and Industry Committee Meeting January 6, 1969
Training Meeting December 19, 1969
Trades and Industry Meeting December 8, 1969
Sector Meeting November 18, 1969
Sector Program 1969
P.F. Public Information, Releases 1972
Presentations 1970
Presentations 1970
Memorials - Form Letter
Architects I & II
Unit Board
Mr. Unum Financial Reports
Trade and Industry Crusade 1974 I & II
Trades and Industry Acknowledgements 1972-1973
Trades and Industry Critique 1973
New Captains Orientation 1974
Trades and Industry Pending 1974
Notes for 1975 Trades and Industry Crusade
Trades and Industry Critique October 8, 1974
Monte Carlo Night May 17, 1974
Golf Tournament 1974
Basketball Game Pi Lambda Phi 1974
Flea Market 1974
A.C.B.L. (American Contract Bridge League) 1974
Special Gifts Luncheon and Top Leadership 1973
Letters 1970-1973
Crusader's Ball 1973-1974
Material Price List 1973-1974
Meetings 1974
Memos R.A. Neill, Associate Director of Crusades, 1973-1974

BOX 28

Program Planning Guide 1972-1973
Crusade Guidebook Trades and Industry Solicitation
Special Events Manual
Crusade Guidebook Special Events
Co-operation: That's What Takes, 1973 telethon
Fashion Show, Caldwell's Prospective Lists
Pat Mosley Fashion Show 1973
Monte Carlo Night 1972 I & II
Special Events 1973
Basketball Tournament 1972
Tennis Tournament 1973
Correspondence: Director of Fund Raising
Special Events: Harper's Baazar 1972
Bike-A-Thon, 1973
Mrs. Klopp - Crusader's Ball 1973 I & II
The Carpenters Contribution
Special Gifts 1971
Trade and Industry 1971-1972
Duplicate Lists
Jamie Vollmer
Mary DeWald, CETA
Scott McCalla
Ruth Gainer,, Vice-President of Ways and Means
Joe Rubin - Correspondence
Correspondence - Frank Kennedy (Crusade Associate)
Joseph Henry, District Director
Polly Allen Contacts
Employee Solicitation
Computer Program
Lawyers and Their Firms
Board 1969-1970
Morris R. Brownell, Jr.
Clubs and Organizations
Correspondence September 1974 - August 1975
Financial Reports 1974-1975
Form Letters 1974
Correspondence - Mrs. Klopp, Chairman of Special Gifts
Mrs. Kloff, Chairmen of Special Gifts Notes
Pending File 1974
Memo Inter-Office 1975
Record of Receipts September 1974 - August 1975
Rose Hawthorn
Reports to Rose September 1974 - August 1975
Special Gifts - Special Listings
Stock Information Letters, etc. 1973-1975
Special Listings Order of Red Sword
Special Gifts - Record of Meetings, etc. 1974
Raitt-Kardon Concert 1975
Crusader's Ball 1975
Special Gifts - Miscellaneous
Special Gift Listing 1973-1974
Special Gifts Correspondence 1974-1975
Special Gifts Committee
Special Gifts Thank You Letters
Correspondence - Miscellaneous 1973-1974
Correspondence - Special Gifts 1973-1974
Foundation Information
Reports and Receipts to Ros Neill
Correspondence - Mrs. Cattie
Jay J. Dugan 1974 Crusade Chairmen
Mrs. Hight 1973-1974
Mrs. Klopp, Chairman of Special Gifts 1973-1974
Receipts - Miscellaneous 1973-1974
Rose Hawthorne 1973-1974
Form Letters 1973
Social Register Listings
Special Gifts 1973
Mrs. Klopp 1973
Mrs. Hoffman 1973
Mrs. Gilbert High - Special Gifts
Correspondence and Notes - Joseph Haines, Jr.
Information Regarding Mrs. Catties cards 1973
Correspondence - Mrs. Black
Interorganization Memo's
Reports to Mr. Unum
Correspondence - Mrs. Plummer
Correspondence - Mrs. White
Rose Hawthorne - Notes 1973
Special Gifts Prospective Lists 1973
Volunteer Rosters
Rose Hawthorne 1972
Clubs and Organizations I, II
Stock Information
Record of Contributions March 1973 - June 1973
Name Lists
Inter-Office Notices 1970

BOX 29

Bills - Crusade Ball 1974
Fox Croft - Al Merion
Notes - Rose Neill, Associate Director of Crusade
American Contract Bridge League (A.C.B.L.)
Bridge Tournament 1974
Fox Croft
Garage Sale September 1974
Monte Carlo Night 1972
Correspondence - Rose Neill Associate Director of Crusade
Tyson and Partners
Crusaders' Ball 1974 - Expenses
Crusaders Ball 1974
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Trades and Industry December 1974
Christmas Cards
Clubs and Organization
Crusade Meetings
Christmas Donations
Headquarters Crusade 1975-1976 - R. Neill
Apartments 1971
Rose Neill, Associate Director of Crusade - Notes
Rose Neill - Copy
Objectives and Goals - Rose Neill
Objectives and Goals 1976
Reports - Rose Neill
Objectives and Goals 1975 - 1976
Training Reports

BOX 30

Service Handbook I & II
Goals I & II
M.B.O. (Management by Objective) 1977
Rose Neill, Associate Director of Crusade - Reports
Reports - Financial 1974-1975
Crusade Volunteer Recruitment Programmed Instruction
Crusaders Ball 1974