Arthur H. Lewis Papers

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Record Group MSS LT 153
1955 – 1980
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          The Arthur H. Lewis Papers at Temple University comprise the working files for Mr. Lewis’ published books.  The research material includes newspaper and magazine clippings and photocopies of articles, correspondence, photographs, notes of interviews and, in some cases, cassette tapes of interviews.  There are typescripts for each book (some copy edited and some with several drafts) as well as promotional materials, reviews and galley proofs for several of the books.  One box of reports and correspondence concerning the African Trade Fair, New York, 1957-61, a package of five scrapbooks of clippings of the Kelly family, and two framed collections of autograph letters are also included in the collection.

            Gift of Mr. Lewis to Temple in 1977 with Additions following in successive years.  The bulk of the papers were transferred from the Free Library of Philadelphia in 1977.

1906               Born September 27, in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania

1924               Attended Franklin and Marshall College

1925-26         Attended Columbia University

1927-38         Reporter, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

1930               Married Juliet Blum

1939-52         Press representative, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

1950               Journalism instructor, University of Pittsburgh

1952-              Free-lance writer

1956               THE AARONSBURG STORY (The history of an inter-faith, inter-race program in a small Pennsylvania town)

1960               THE WORLDS OF CHIPPY PATTERSON (Biography of a Philadelphia lawyer)


1963               THE DAY THEY SHOOK THE PLUM TREE (The Story of Hetty Green, the richest and one of the most despised women in America)

1964               LAMENT FOR THE MOLLY MAGUIRES (The reign of Terror by a group of Irish coal miners in Pennsylvania and how they were brought to          

1967               LA BELLE OTERO (The biography of a courtesan)

1969               HEX (Witchcraft in Pennsylvania Cutch Country, including a murder motivated by powwowing)

1970               CARNIVAL (Life on the carnival circuit)

1971               COPPER BEECHES (Fiction, mystery story involving The Philadelphia Sherlock Holmes Society, Sons of The Copper Beeches)

1972               CHILDREN’S PARTY (Fiction)

1973               IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED (Hollywood at its zenith)

1975               MURDER BY CONTRACT (The story of The Yablonski murder)

1977               THOSE PHILADELPHIA KELLYS (Biography of a family)

1995               Died January 25, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


CONTEMPORARY AUTHORS, Volumes 1-4, First Revision, p.589.



Box 1              Folder 1         (Aaronsburg Story).  “To the Humane, Charitable, well-dispos’d People.” Historical Series No. 1, Congregation Mikveh    
                                             Israel, November 16, 1958. [facsimile of Jewish historical document]; program of dinner given by Governor and Mrs. George  
                                             Leader, December 10, 1955.

                       Folder 2          (Aaronsburg Story).  Research material, including brochures, newspaper clippings and correspondence relating to the
                                             Aaronsburg Story, Aaronsburg Assembly and The Aaronsburg Story; 8” x 10” black and white photograph of Rabbi C.S.
                                             Bernstein, Rochester, N.Y.; 8” x 10” black and white photograph of Cornell Wilde; two 4” x 5” snapshots of an outdoor 
                                             pageant [The Aaronsburg Story?].

                       Folder 3         (Aaronsburg Story).  Research material as above; three 8” x 10” black and white photographs of men planning and
                                             building stage for Aaronsburg pageant.


Box 2                                     (Aaronsburg Story).  Typescript, copy edited


Box 3                                      (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Typescript (draft, carbon copy), pp.18-445.

Box 4                                      (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Typescript (another draft, carbon copy), pp.1-387 and approximately 20 non-
                                               consecutive pages.

Box 5                                      (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Typescript, continuation of above, pp.388-680 and approximately 200 non-consecutive

Box 6              Folder 1         (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Typescript (another draft, carbon copy) chapters 1-3, pp.1-57.

Box 6              Folder 2         (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Typescript, revised, chapters 1-4, pp.1-24.

                       Folder 3         (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Typescript (another draft) revised, pp. 1-487.

Box 7                                    (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Typescript, (another draft) copy edited, p.1-510; manslaughter indictment,
                                             Commonwealth vs. Brookatee Matthews, June 2, 1959, 2 copies; “In Memoriam” newspaper notice for C. Stuart Patterson,
                                              Jr., pasted to small slip of paper with holograph caption: “Epilogue.”

Box 8                                    (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Typescript (first draft). p.1-510.

Box 9-11                               (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Research material.

Box 12            Folder 1         (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Correspondence. Includes letter from Gene Fowler to Arthur Lewis, n.d. (1951?),
                                             holograph; letter from Ruth Draper to Arthur Lewis, 1951 February 14 holograph; letter from Ronald Reagan 1951, April 10,  

                      Folder 2         (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Correspondence.

Box 13                                 (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Reviews.

Box 14                                 (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Research notes.

Box 15            Folders 1-3   (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Research notes.

                       Folder 4        (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Newspaper Clippings (“not about the book”)

                       Folder 5        (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  7” x 9” black and white photographs of a photograph of Patterson.

Box 16                                 (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Research notes.

Box 17                                 (The Worlds of Chippy Patterson).  Notes of trials for which Patterson worked as counsel.


Box 18                                    The Day They Shook The Plum Tree.  Research notes.

Box 19            Folder 1         (The Day They Shook The Plum Tree).  Paged galley.

                       Folder 2         (The Day They Shook The Plum Tree).  Galley proofs, yellow page copy edited.   

                       Folder 3         (The Day They Shook The Plum Tree).  Galley proofs.

Box 20                                  (The Day They Shook The Plum Tree).  Typescript (carbon copy).

Box 21            Folder 1         (The Day They Shook The Plum Tree). Correspondence.

                       Folder 2         (The Day They Shook The Plum Tree).  Research notes.

                       Folder 3         (The Day They Shook The Plum Tree).  Typescript (carbon copy).

                       Folder 4         (The Day They Shook The Plum Tree).  Research notes.

Box 22                                  (The Day They Shook The Plum Tree).  Clippings of reviews.

Box 23                                  (The Day They Shook The Plum Tree).  Typescript, copy edited.

Box 24                                  (The Day They Shook The Plum Tree).  Research notes and correspondence.

Box 25                                  (The Day They Shook The Plum Tree).  Research notes.


Box 26-29                              Lament for the Molly Maguires.  Research notes.

                        Folder 2         14 8” x 10” black and white photographs of members of The Molly Maguires and The Mauch Chunk,
                                              Pa jail and courthouse.

Box 30                                    (Lament for the Molly Maguires).  Typescripts (drafts).

Box 31             Folder 1         (Lament for the Molly Maguires).  Research notes.

                        Folder 2         (Lament for the Molly Maguires).  Typescripts (draft, carbon copy).

                        Folder 3         (Lament for the Molly Maguires).  Typescript (draft).

                        Folder 4         (Lament for the Molly Maguires).  Typescript (draft, carbon copy).

Box 32                                    (Lament for the Molly Maguires).  Research notes and clippings.

Box 33                                    (Lament for the Molly Maguires).  Typescripts (drafts).

Box 34                                    (Lament for the Molly Maguires).  Typescript (carbon copy).

Box 35                                    (Lament for the Molly Maguires).  Typescript, copy-edited.

Box 36             Folder 1          (Lament for the Molly Maguires).  Galley proofs.

                        Folders 2-3     (Lament for the Molly Maguires).  Paged galley.


Box 37-38                              La Belle Otero.  Research notes.

Box 39             Folder 1         (La Belle Otero).  Research notes.

                        Folder 2         (La Belle Otero).  Correspondence.

Box 39             Folder 3         (La Belle Otero).  Extra copies of publicity.

                        Folder 4         (La Belle Otero).  Correspondence, July 1966-June 1967.

                        Folder 5         (La Belle Otero).  Contacts.  Includes letters from Cornelia Otis-Skinner.

Box 40                                   (La Belle Otero).  Typescript (draft).

Box 41             Folder 1         (La Belle Otero).  Typescript, copy-edited.

                        Folder 2         (La Belle Otero).  Typescript (carbon copy).

Box 42             Folder 1         (La Belle Otero).  Typescript (rough draft with research notes).

                        Folder 2         (La Belle Otero).  Typescript (carbon copy).

Box 43             Folder 1         (La Belle Otero).  Galley proof (“Master copy,” edited).

                        Folder 2         (La Belle Otero).  Galley proof.

                        Folder 3         (La Belle Otero).  Paged galley (edited).

Box 44             Folder 1         (La Belle Otero).  “…Unrevised, Uncorrected advance proofs… photographically
                                              reproduced…bound for reader’s convenience.”

                        Folder 2         (La Belle Otero).  Typescript, copy edited.

Box 45             Folder 1         (La Belle Otero).  Extra publicity clippings.

                        Folder 2         (La Belle Otero).  Otero – Obituaries.


Box 46            Folders 1-3    (Hex).  Research Notes.

                       Folder 4         (Hex).  Promotional material.

                       Folder 5         (Hex).  Research notes – duplicate material.

                       Folder 6         (Hex).  Extra clippings of Hex reviews.

                       Folder 7         (Hex).  Pennsylvania Folklife, Summer 1971.

Box 47                                  (Hex).  Research notes.

Box 48            Folder 1         (Hex).  Précis’

                       Folder 2         (Hex).  Maps.  (Pennsylvania official Highway Map, 1966; Historic York County Tourist Map;
                                             York area map; York County Map).

                       Folder 3         (Hex).  Correspondence.

                       Folders 4-5    (Hex).  Typescripts (rough drafts).

Box 49            Folder 1         (Hex).  Typescript.

                       Folder 2         (Hex).  Typescript (carbon copy, pp.223-4 missing).

Box 50                                  (Hex).  Typescript (rough draft).

(N.Y., POCKET BOOKS, 1971).

Box 51            Folder 1         Carnival.  Typescript (rough draft).

                       Folder 2         (Carnival).  Amusement Business, June 26, 1971; Book of the Month Club News, April 1970 (review of Carnival, p.10).

                       Folder 3         (Carnival).  Research notes.

                       Folder 4         (Carnival).  Clippings (extra copies).

Box 52            Folder 1         (Carnival).  Typescript (rough draft – chapters 2-13).

                       Folder 2         (Carnival).  Typescript (rough draft – chapters 22-26).

Box 53            Folder 1         (Carnival).  Typescript, copy-edited, chapters 1-21.

                       Folder 2         (Carnival).  Typescript, copy-edited, chapters 22-36.

Box 54            Folder 1         (Carnival).  Tape recordings.  Two 7” reels (interviews?).           

Box 54            Folder 2         (Carnival).  Two 7” x 9 ½“ black and white photographs of man hawking or auctioning merchandise.  Brochure for “The
                                             James E. Strates Shows.”

                       Folder 3         (Carnival).  Correspondence, 1970, and press release.

                       Folder 4         (Carnival).  “Modus operandi – mine.”

                       Folders 5-6    (Carnival).  Typescripts.

Box 55            Folders 1-3    (Carnival).  Research notes and correspondence.

                       Folder 4         (Carnival).  Affidavit of Arthur H. Lewis, February 7, 1973 in suit brought by Robert M. Noell against Trident Press, a sub-
                                             division of Simon and Schuster, Inc., Simon and Schuster, Inc. and Arthur H. Lewis.

                       Folder 5         (Carnival).  Two 8” x 10” black and white, photograph of “Little Irvy, the 20 ton shale” and 1 8” x 10” color print of the
                                             truck used to display him; 8” x 10” black and white photograph of costumed couple inscribed, “To: Arthur Lewis – whose
                                             warmth and personality sparkles – as does his writing!  Sincerely, Morrison and Reeve”; group of miscellaneous snapshots 
                                             pertaining to carnival; 8” x 10” black and white photograph “Olgo the headless girl”; Three 8” x 10” black and white
                                             photographs of cycling act; 8” x 10” black and white photograph of Janet Lee; 4 3” x 5” black and white photographs of
                                             pagan Jones.  One 9 ½ “x 7 ½” black and white photograph of oil portraits of the Vivonas (John and his wife?); 1 4 ½” x 3
                                             ½” black and white photograph of John and Dom Vivona; 1 7” x 4” black and white photograph of “Amusement of America”
                                             staff; 1 4 ½” x 3” color photograph of “Babe” Vivona; 1 2” x 3” black and white photograph of Morris Vivona; 1 2” x 3”
                                             black and white photograph of Phil vivona; 1 2” x 3” black and white photograph of Mrs. Catherine (Mom) Vivona; 1 7” x 5”
                                             black and white photograph of Vivona family.

                       Folder 6         (Carnival).  Tape recordings.  Two 7” reels of Bedford Country Fair.


Box 56            Folder 1         Copper Beeches.  Clippings, correspondence and publicity.

                       Folder 2         (Copper Beeches).  Typescript (rough draft).

                       Folder 3         (Copper Beeches).  Typescript, p.50-75 (carbon copy).

                       Folder 4         (Copper Beeches).  Typescript, p.1-83.

                       Folder 5         (Copper Beeches).  Typescript, copy-edited (p.125 missing).

Box 57            Folder 1         (Copper Beeches).  Typescript, copy-edited (Xerox copy).

                       Folder 2         (Copper Beeches).  Paged galley (author’s set).

Box 58            Folder 1         (Copper Beeches).  Typescript, chapters 2-16.

                       Folder 2         (Copper Beeches).  Typescript, copy-edited.

                       Folder 3         (Copper Beeches).  Correspondence, research notes and several pages of typescript.


Box 59            Folder 1         Children’s Party.  Press release and correspondence.

                       Folder 2         (Children’s Party).  Typescript, copy-edited. (carbon copy).


Box 60                                   It Was Fun While It Lasted.  Research notes, A-H 8” x 10”, black and white photograph of Joan Blondell (Folder 7); two
                                              letters, Joan Crawford to Arthur Lewis, 1964, October 8 and 1970, August 20, signed.  1p., (Folder 19); two letters,  
                                              Geraldine Fitzgerald to Arthur Lewis, 1970, March 9, holograph, 2 pages.  (Folder 25); Cassette tape recording of
                                              interview with Herb Golden (Folder 37).

Box 61                                   (It Was Fun While It Lasted).  Research notes, J-T.  Eleven 8” x 10” black and white photographs of auction items at MGM
                                              (Folder 11); Letter, Barbara Stanwyck to Arthur Lewis, 1970, March 9, holograph.

Box 62            Folders 1-10   (It Was Fun While It Lasted).  Research notes, U-Z.

                       Folder 11        (It Was Fun While It Lasted).  Research notes, miscellaneous.

                       Folder 12        (It Was Fun While It Lasted).  Typescript (rough draft).


Box 63                                    Murder by Contract.  Research notes, Cassette tapes (11) of interviews and recollections of interviews; index card file of
                                               proper names with research notes.

Box 64                                    (Murder by Contract).  Research notes.

Box 65                                    (Murder by Contract).  Research notes.  Poster, 24” x 19”, “Let’s Make the UNWA Great Again” vote Miller-Trbovick-Patrick
                                               (Folder 2) Photograph, 8” x 10”, black and white, of unidentified man speaking at U.M.W. of A. rally and picnic, 1972, July
                                               23 (Folder 2).

Box 66-67                               (Murder by Contract).  Research notes.

Box 68-83                               (Murder by Contract).  Xerox copies of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania printings of trials, including Commonwealth of
                                               Pennsylvania vs. Aubran Wayne Martin, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. William Jackson Prater and Commonwealth of 
                                               Pennsylvania vs. W.A. “Tony” Boyle.

Box 84                                    (Murder by Contract).  Typescript, copy edited (Xerox copy).

Box 85                                    (Murder by Contract).  Typescript, as Box 84, with further editing.

Box 86                                    (Murder by Contract).  Typescript, as Box 85, with additional editing.

Box 87                                    (Murder by Contract).  Proofs from galley, copy edited.



Box 88              Folders 1-7    Those Philadelphia Kellys.  Research notes.

Box 89                                    (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Research notes; includes play The Knockout (mimeographed copy by John B. Kelly) (Folder 1);
                                               will of Jack Kelly (Folder 3).

Box 90                                    (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Research notes, publicity and photographs.

Box 91                                    (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Research notes and correspondence.

Box 92                                    (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  40 cassette tapes of interviews.

Box 93                                    (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Card file index to research notes.

                        Folders 1-3     (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Typescript, original and two Xerox copies.  pp.1, 1A, 4-50.

                        Folder 4          (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Typescript (draft).

Box 94             Folders 1-2     (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Research notes.

Box 94             Folders 3-5     (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Transcripts of interviews (duplicates).

Box 95             Folder 1          (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Typescript, copy edited, pp.1-243.

                        Folder 2          (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Typescript, copy edited, pp.244-548.

                        Folder 3          (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Typescript, photocopy, p.1-406.

                        Folder 4          (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Miscellaneous pages of typescript, photocopies and 5 pages of research notes.

Box 96             Folder 1          (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Galley proof (reader’s set with corrections).

                        Folder 2          (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Galley proof (author’s set with corrections).

                        Folder 3          (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Page galley.

Box 97             Folder 1          (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Drafts of preliminary pages, index, etc.

                        Folder 2          (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Typescript, copy edited.

                        Folder 3          (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Paste-up – photographs.

                        Folder 4          (Those Philadelphia Kellys).  Paged galley.

                        (See also boxes 100-101 and scrapbooks for Kelly material)

Box 98            Folder 1         “African Trade Fair.”  Reports; correspondence, background materials, 1957-1958.

                       Folder 2         “African Trade Fair.”  Report, correspondence, conference at N.Y.U., 1959-61.      

Box 99            Folder 1         Miscellany.  Correspondence, 1949 to 1961, mostly dealing with Harrisburg matters; includes letters from Ralph J. Bunche,
                                             Spyros P. Skouras, Elsa Maxwell, George Meany, Henry R. Luce; 8” x 10” black and white photograph of General Donovan;
                                             8” x 10” black and white photograph of Felix Frankfurter, 8” x 10” black and white photograph of Governor Duff; 8” x 10” 
                                             black and white photograph of Channing H. Tobias; 3 ½” x 4 ½” black and white photograph of ? Sachar; 6 ½” x 4 ½”
                                             black and white photograph of Ralph Bunche.

                       Folder 2         Miscellany.  Correspondence 1961-1963, mostly concerning promotional appearances.

                       Folder 3         Miscellany.  Typescript, “Family Circus” (short story) 2 copies.

                       Folder 4         Miscellany.  Typescripts (carbon copies) of radio programs “Adventures of Research” by Doctor Phillips Thomas; Pitt Evening   
                                             News, six copies 1948-49; correspondence with Prof. Robert Graham, University of Pittsburgh concerning Journalism
                                             course being taught by Lewis, 1950, September.

                       Folder 5         Miscellany.  Miscellaneous newspaper clippings; certificate form for completion of courses at Deshon General Hospital
                                             U.S.A., Butler, Pa.; 6” x 4” black and white photograph of Capt. J.W. Allen, (MC) U.S.N.; 7” x 9” black and white photograph
                                             of unidentified football stadium; two 7” x 9” black and white photographs of Arthur Lewis with three U.S. Navy officers; 7”
                                             x 9” black and white photograph of group of unidentified service men and women.

                       Folder 6         Miscellany.  3” x 5” black and white photograph of Jacob Sweitzer; three 7 ½” x 9 ½” black and white photographs of
                                             “Zorita” in various poses; 7 ½” x 9 ½” black and white photograph of four women from the Frank Casino Show; 7 ½” x 9
                                             ½” black and white photograph of Liza Marc with Zorita Show on World of Mirth; 7 ½” x 9 ½” black and white photograph
                                            of Liza Marc and Sal Tarracina with Zorita Show on world of Mirth; 7 ½” x 9 ½” black and white photograph of Ted 
                                            Megaaden’s Zorita Show with World of Mirth.

Box 99           Folder 7         Miscellany.  Correspondence, 1969-1972, newspaper clippings and press releases; folder of 3” x 5” color prints of Lewis on
                                           TV program.

Box 100                               Those Philadelphia Kellys.  Photo composition proofs in galley lengths.

Box 101                               Those Philadelphia Kellys.  16 photographs, all (Photos: 77-1) approximately 8” x 10”, black and white: Oleg Cassini 
                                           walking in Center City, 1967; Princess Grace and Prince Rainier in Monaco, 1963; John b. Kelly, Jr. in Hawaii with Beverly
                                           Rivera, Royal Hawaiian Olympic Hostess, 1956; John B. Kelly in shell, n.d., n.p.; Harlow, 1973; John B. Kelly with Miss North
                                           America competition finalists for Miss United Nations pageant 1963; Harlow, 1972; Count Jean de Pierre de Polignac.  Father
                                           of Prince Rainier, 1956; Palace ofMonaco exterior view at night, March 12, 1956; Walter C. Kelly in 1935; Mr. and Mrs. John
                                           B. Kelly, Jr. at Penn vs. Dartmouth rowing competition, n.d.; Lizanne Kelly?  Preparing to dive into swimming pool; Princess
                                           Grace, Prince Rainier, Mary Kelly, Mrs. John B. Kelly, Sr. and infant daughter of Mary and John B. Kelly, on way to the child’s
                                           baptism, n.d.; The Kelly Clan: standing, sons Charles, George, John B. and P.H. seated, Father John H. and Son Walter C., 
                                           Democratic City Committee Chairman John B. Kelly and Mrs. Kelly.  Printing plate for circus poster or flyer, plus negative and
                                           paper frame. Walter C. Kelly’s humorous monologue, “The Virginian Judge.”  Photo disc. Victor 10”, 78 rpm.

Printed Books

                        La Belle Otero.  New York, Trident Press, 1967

                        Children’s Party.  New York, Trident Press, 1972

                        Murder by Contract.  New York, Macmillan Publishing Co., 1975

                        Those Philadelphia Kellys.  New York, William Morrow & Co., 1977

                        It Was Fun While It Lasted.  New York, Trident Press, 1973

Package of 5 scrapbooks of clippings of Grace Kelly and her family.

Framed letters: Albert Einstein (TLS to Hon. John S. fine, March 6, 1952); Douglas Southall Freeman (TLS to Lewis, February 9, 1952); Justice Felix Frankfurter (TLS to Lewis, February 4, 1952); W.C. “Tom” Sawyer (TLS to Lewis, May 6, 1954); Fr. John La Farge (ALD to Lewis, June 9, 1953).


Received from Arthur H. Lewis April 15, 1982, 1 envelope of miscellaneous materials relating to Copper Beeches.  Added to Box 58 (Folder 4).

NOTE: See files for 1993 addition, unprocessed.


of taped interviews by Arthur Lewis
for Those Philadelphia Kellys
(Lewis Papers, Temple, Box 94, Folders 3-5)

Bennetts, Leslie (2/10/76)  6p.

Bennetss, Leslie (2/23/76)  6p.

Beyer, Elaine (4/13/76)  11p.

Beyer, Elaine (6/10/76)  13p.

Blodget, Kathryn (3/23/76)  1p.

Blondell, Joan (6/14/76)  1p.

Blono, Francis (5/19/76)  3p.

Bregman, Lil (4/16/76)  2[i.e.3]p.

Bronson, Aleen (3/23/76)  4p.

Conlan, Peggy Kelly (Margaret) (4/26/76)

Daly, Mary, Mrs. (3/24/76)  10p.

Dever, Paul E. (5/26/76)  4p.

Edwards, Gwen & Herbert (6/13/76)  12p.

Ferguson, Kathryn (5/26/76)  5p.

Fish, Charles R. (6/2/76)  6p.

Foglietta, Tom (3/16/76)  7p.

Fox, Tom (3/6/76)  4p.

Frommeyer, Grace (3/17/76)  13p.

Gam, Rita (5/12/76)  2p.

Gang interview, Marly Daly, Elaine Cruice Beyer, Marion Cruice Smith, Charles Kelly, Catherine Daly, Brian Daly and Moira Daly.  (4/3/76)  23p. 

Gowen, Francis (2/27/66)  2p.

Grant, Taylor (4/24/76)  6p.

Green, Stanley (3/3/76)  21p.

Greenleaf, Ralph, Mrs. (5/21/76)  9p.

Hallman, Harry (4/2/76)  4p.

Hawkins, William (5/20/76)  1p.

Hawkins, William (6/4/76)  4p.

Hegner, William (12/10/76)  7p.

Katz, Harry J. (2/28/76)  19p.

Kelly, Anne (4/29/76)  11p.

Kelly, Charles (2/17/76)  28p.

Kelly, Charles (3/16/76) 11p.

Kelly, Charles (5/4/76)  4p.

Kelly, Charles (5/5/76)  3p.

Kelly, Charles (5/13/76)  2p.

Kelly, Charles (5/24/76)  3p.

Kelly, Charles (6/8/76)  17p.

Kelly, Charles (7/22/76)  4p.

Kelly, Dan (4/9/76)  6p.

Kelly, Mary Freeman (5/17/76)  2p.

Kelly, Mary Freeman (5/27/76)  9p.

Kelly, Mildred, and Mrs. Babs Janson (4/27/76)  12p.

Klein, Phil (2/23/76)  2p.

Knecht, Wayne (5/3/76)  11p.

Lavin, Jule (3/11/76)  16p.

Legado, Dom (3/11/76)  4p.

LeVine, Lizanne (Kelly) (5/27/76)  7p.

Lewis, Betty, and Tommy LaBrum (4/26/76)  3p.

Longo, Phil (3/22/76)  12p.

Marshall, Phoebe (4/19/76)  1p.

McCormick, Dan J., and John Cain (4/21/76)  11p.

McKenna, Kathy (3/25/76)  14p.

McKenna, Kathy (4/19/76)  1p.

McKenna, Kathy (5/21/76)  10p.

Mosconi, Willie (5/25/76)  8p.

Mueller, Mary Carol Anderson, Mrs. (5/28/76)  6p.

Myers, Freddie (3/2/76)  10p.

Olsen, Kiki (2/26/76)  11p.

Peters, Frances (3/12/76)  14p.

Regan, Joe (4/29/76)  16p.

Reichard, D.L., Mrs. (5/26/76)  2p.

Reiter, Bill (4/19/76)  2p.

Rivkin, Joe (6/14/76)  1p.

Roth, Louis & Brother (4/6/76)  6p.

Rowland, George (3/23/76)  7p.

Schary, Dore (9/29/76)  4p.

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Sims, Patsy (4/7/76)  8p.

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