Beck Engraving Company Collection

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Record Group 93.0017, 92.0044


Beck Engraving Company Collection

Photoengraving firm founded in Philadelphia, later establishing an arm in New York City.  The archival materials listed herein were offered for public sale in Philadelphia at the auction house of Samuel T. Freeman, sale on December 17, 1992.  The bulk of the holdings were acquired directly at the sale, a portion was added in May 1993 from the Book Mark bookstore.  Some selective additions were acquired by gift from Frieda Cooper in December 2003.



SECTION A:  Historical Artifacts, Photographs, Histories, etc. (Hollinger Box)

            6 Mounted Engravings:

            1 Copper halftone, mounted on block, portrait of bearded man (scratched).

            3 Line etchings.  Photo-engravings.  Mounted on blocks.  All depict an eagle; one

               is labeled “I.N.A.” and “1795.”

            1 Copper engraving, mounted on a block, of Beck crest (an engraver’s tool).

            1 Stamp, mounted, of name “George D. Beck.”

            2 Samples of Printed Work:

            1 Mezzotint.  “The first mezzotint to be produced in the United States.  Made in

               1892 by Charles W. Beck.”  Picture of farm scene with cows, horses, chickens,

               farmers, barns.  Print mounted on board.

            1 Issue of National Geographic Magazine.  Vol. XIX, No. 1, January 1908.  “One

               of the early issues of the National Geographic Magazine in which Beck

               Engravings were used.

            2 Plastic envelopes of correspondence (some framed in glass and some

               loose) about a portrait of George W. Childs made in 1894:

               A letter from Charles W. Beck (Feb. 28, 1894) describes the portrait as “a new

               discovery in the reproduction of color work, this being one first result.”  Other

               correspondence, to Beck, thanks him for the sample portrait and/or

               congratulates him on the process.

            10 Photographs of Beck employees, Plant:

            1 Framed photograph, labeled, “the employees of Beck Engraving Company in

               1896.  Charles W. Beck, the found, is seventh from the left in back row.  His

               son, Charles W. beck, Jr., is eighth from left in same row.”

            1 Print including individual photographs of Beck employees, labeled with prints of

               their signatures.  Titled, “The Beck Engraving Company-Gallery, April 1956.”

            3 Photographs of the Plant:

            1 Labeled “Proofing Department as it appeared in 1918.

            1 Labeled “The gallery as it appeared in 1918.”

            1 Unlabeled, depicting men working at various machines.

            4 Photographs of numerous prints mounted on walls.  An Exhibit?

            1 Photograph of two men holding straw hats.  Becks?

            5 Materials written about The Beck Engraving Co.:

               “The Economy of Excellence: The Argument of the Beck Engraving Company.”

                           An advertising pamphlet for the company. 1922.  (Photocopy, probably


              Beck Highlights.  Volume 1, No. 3. Spring, 1953.  Pamphlet about the

                          experience of the workers at Beck Engraving Co. (printer’s copy).

               “The Beck Story.”  (“A reprint of an editorial article published in the Graphic

                          Arts Review, June 1948.”)  History of the Company. (2 copies).

               “Fiftieth Anniversary of the House of Beck: 1864-1914.”  History of the

                           Company with some biography of the founder, Charles W. Beck.

               The Girard Letter.  Vol. X, No. 2, February 1930.  Includes article, on pages

                           6-10, titled “Industrial Philadelphia: The Beck Engraving Company.”  The article

                            covers the history of photo-engraving in Philadelphia and deals some with the

                            Beck Company.

            1 Miscellaneous Material:

               A list of employees and wages on 2 sheets, in a plastic envelope.


               A Primer of Engraving and Printing…  By Harry A. Groesbeck, Jr.  Philadelphia,

               New York, Boston, Published by The Beck Engraving Company [c1950].  With

               the insert: “Harry Appleton Groesbeck, Jr., 1877-1950.”  4pp. Biography by W.

               Arthur Cole, Wraps.  (separate gift Dec. 2003, Frieda Cooper).


(All remaining materials original accession no. 92.0044)


Sections B-D: (document boxes)

The following folders contain materials from envelopes, folders, or otherwise collected together, as received.  These materials were not sorted further, and each folder was processed only by transferring material into new folders and labeling according to the nature of the materials.

Folders arranged by Date of Material:

1917: Bank Deposit Book

1922: Inventories

1923: Inventories

1923: Tax Reports, Stock Reports

1924: Inventories

1924: Government and State Reports prepared by Wolf and Co., Accountants

1924: Tax Reports

1925: Inventories

1925: Tax Returns, Audits, Stock Reports, Profit and Loss Reports

1926: Inventories

1926: Stock Reports, Tax Returns, Accountant’s Reports

1927: Inventories

1927: Stock Reports, Shareholders Reports, Audit, Taxes

1928: Inventories

1928: Tax Report, Stock Report

1929: Inventories

1929: Taxes, Audit, Census Report

1930: Inventories, Taxes

1931: Inventories, Tax Reports, Audits, Profit and Loss Statements

1932: Audits, Tax Reports, Wage Reports, Other Financial Reports

1933: Audits, Tax Reports, Wage Reports, Profit and Loss Reports

1923, 1930, 1932: Profit and Loss Reports, Operating Cost Reports

Files of Personnel:

Finlay.  Receipts and Miscellaneous

Sayles, S.B.  Commissions, Projects

Section E: (Hollinger Box)

The following 8 folders contain material sorted by type and by date.  Unlike the previously listed folders, the material in these was in no order when received, but in a pile.  This is why the organization of these folders are different.

Folders arranged Alphabetically:

Contracts, Titles, Deeds. 1941-1955

Finances and Dealings with Banks. 1920-1923

Labor, Wage Reports. 1920-1950

Profit and Loss Statements. 1923-1926

Profit and Loss Statements. 1927-1930

Stock Reports, Corporate Loans. 1911-1922

Tax Reports, Census of Manufacturers, Other Government Reports. 1910-1926

War Industries Board Reports. 1918


Ledgers and Books, Sections F-M

Section F: 7 Appraisals arranged by Date:     

            Appraisal (May 14, 1923) of the plant at 7th and Sansom, Philadelphia (for
            buildings, equipment, and land).

            Blueprints (6) of Beck Philadelphia Sansom Street Building by Fidelity Appraisal
            Co., May 1923.

            Appraisal (May 14, 1923) of the plant at 461 8th Ave., NYC (for the machinery
            and equipment on the third and fourth floors.

            Appraisal (June 3, 1927) of the plant at 7th and Sansom, Philadelphia (for
            equipment only).

            Appraisal (June 3, 1927) of the plant at 461 8th Ave., NYC (for equipment and

            Appraisal (July 6, 1936) of the engraving plant at 305 E. 45 St., NYC (for
            equipment and depreciation).

            Appraisal (July 8, 1936) of the plant at 7th and Sansom, Philadelphia (for
            buildings, equipment, and depreciation).  Blueprint of plant enclosed. (2 copies).


Section G:

            1 Guest Book.  1947-1989.  Place not named          

            January 1922-December 1923.  Cash Book and Journal.

            1923-1934. Ledger with alphabetical tabs, then tabs with the following labels:
                           Liabilities, materials, Productive Labor, Operating, Selling, Administrative,
                           Expenses, Income.


Section H: 3 Insurance Records Ledgers:

            1922-1926. Fire, Liability, Casualty, etc.  Place not named.

            2 1924-1933. Building, Casualty.  New York, Philadelphia.

            1955. General and Subsidiary Ledger.  With: Various Contracts and Leases
            (esp. Flu-orographic Dropout Process) and birth notices of George Heiser and
            Theodore Braun.

            General Accounting Ledgers. Arranged by type of binding, then by date.


Section I: 5 Canvas Bound Ledgers. (unboxed)

            1902-1910. “Books of Account of Julia L. Beck trading as The Beck Engraving
            Co.”  Headings include: sales, materials, expense, discounts and interest, New
            York Office, (Charles W. Beck. (on spine: No. 3).

            1911-1915. Headings include: machinery and fixtures, materials, merchandise,
            expense, Market St. National bank, Charles Beck Sr., New York Office, Moore
            Art Department, printing, etching.

            1915-1919. Headings include: machinery and fixtures, merchandise, expense,
            discounts and interest, taxes, investments, New York Plant, Charles W. Beck, Jr.,
            Charles W. Beck. (on spine: No. 5).

            1916-1919. Cash Ledger only.  Various accounts received and paid.

            1920-1921. Various Accounts.


Section J: 7 Ledgers Bound with Red Leather and Black Cloth.

            February 1-May 31, 1919.  Various Accounts.

            June 2, 1919-September 30, 1919.  Various Accounts.

            October 30, 1919-December 31, 1919.  Various Accounts.

            January 1, 1920-April 30, 1920.  Various Accounts.

            May 1, 1920-September 30, 1920.  Various Accounts.

            October 1, 1920-February 28, 1921.  Various Accounts.

            January 31, 1949-December 31, 1957.  Expense Ledger for various Accounts.


Section K: 2 Ledgers Bound with Steel, Leather and Corduroy.

            1919-1923. Indexed with tabs labeled: Liabilities, Sales, Operating, Materials,
            Productive Labor, Shop Expenses, General, Selling, Administration, Financial,
            Expenses, Income, Closed Accounts.

            1953. Indexed with tabs: Assets, Liabilities, Printing (Sales, Materials, Productive
            Labor, Non-Productive, Overhead, Selling, Administration), Photo Engraving
            (same headings as for printing above), NY Plant, Other Incomes, Other


Section L: 3 Ledgers Bound Otherwise.

            1923-1930. Indexed with tabs: Assets, Liabilities, Sales, Operating Expense,
            Materials, Productive Labor, Non-Productive Labor, Factory Overhead, Selling
            Expense, Administrative Expense, Other Incomes, Other Expense.

            1927-1931. Indexed with tabs: Assets, Liabilities, Printing (Sales, Materials,
            Productive Labor, Non-Productive Labor, Overhead, Selling, Administration),
            Photo engraving (same headings as for printing above), New York Plant, Other
            Incomes, Other Expenses.

            1939-1958. Credits, Debits for Various Accounts.

Section M: Not Used.


Section N: Finished Print Work (Commissions and Samples). Alphabetical by

Title or Group:

            5 Art Prints.

            Madonna and Child. Antonello da Messina.

            Madonna and Child. Fra Angelico.

            Portrait of a Young Man. Velasquez.

            Rest during Flight into Egypt. David.

            “Contemporary French Woodcuts: Forty Plates.”  Published by H.C. Perleberg.
            Philadelphia [no date]. (plates loose, numbered 1-39 with a title page; missing
            page 40). (Pencil note on envelope reads, “Pages from Harpers French Wood-

            Crow Hill Prints.  5 Prints in an envelope labeled, “Crow Hill Prints,
            Incorporated.  Lansdale, PA.”  All 5 prints read, “Original Switchprint
            Copyright 1962.” And “adjusted by John Falter.”  Listed by title, with other
            note as read from print.

            “A Midnight Race on the Housassippi.”  [from?] H.D. Manning of the Natchez.

            “Central-Park, Winter: The Skating Pond.”  Currier and Ives, Lith. N.Y. (2 copies)

            “Full Cry.”  Painted by J.F. Henning Sr.

            “Woodcock Shooting?”  From nature and on Stone by F.F. Palmer

            “Five Centuries of the Printed Bible.”  Exhibit announcement.  Exhibit of January
            through March, 1957. [site, Chicago ].  Given by the Lakeside Press.  R.R.
            Donnelley and Sons Company.

            “Greek Myths and Other Symbols; From a Group of Paintings by John Hemming
            Fry.”  Designed, Engraved and Printed by the Beck Engraving Company.  1927
            [no place]. (envelope reads, “Pages from Frey Book.”) (loose signatures without
            illustrative plates.  Text and typographical work without actual prints of the artist’s

            “Original Block Prints.”  Carlos Sierra Franco (artist).  “Series no. 1: Amatitlan
            Fisherman: Life in Life.”  (Designed envelope with artist’s biographical
            information, containing 16 untitled prints of different sizes and different materials,
            1 of which is signed in pencil by the artist).

            Portrait of Lyndon B. Johnson.  Painting by Elizabeth Thoumatoff in 1974.
            (5 copies).

            “Twelve Pictures in Color.” By Jules Guerin.  (Twelve loose prints in a printed
            envelope). (2 copies).  Listed by title, in the order in which they were found:

                        1.    “Old Swedes’ Church, Wilmington, Delaware.”

                        2.    “Kings Chapel, Boston.”

3.    “St. Pauls Chapel, New York.”

4.    “Old St. Peter’s Church, Philadelphia.”

5.    “Noel, Noel: Christmas Waits at Old Christ Church, Philadelphia.”

6.    “The Mission of San Carlos, California.”

7.    “The Alamo Mission, San Antonio, Texas.”

8.    “Christ Church at Alexandria, Virginia.”

9.    “The Old Dutch Church at Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, New York.”

10.  “Mission San Jose de Aguayo, near San Antonio, Texas.”

11.  “The Mission San Luis Rey de Francia.”

12.  “First Congregational Church at Old Lyme, Connecticut.”


            William Penn.  (Various prints concerning William Penn’s story and
            accomplishments, presented with religious historical context.  Not all are
            identified, but they all seem to be by the same artist; one print reads, “copyright
            1917 by Violet Oakley.”

            2 Bound books of samples of color prints.  One, bound in black leather, reads,
            “The Book of Beck Standards of Engraving.”  The other, bound in canvas and
            board, is untitled.  [no date, no author, no page numbers].


Section O: Unfinished Work.  (Prints, Negatives, etc.):

            Albert Durer.  2 prints and 2 transparencies of engraving, “Adam and Eve.”

            “The Alphabet.”  (Work for a book?)  All material in a flat box:

a.    Notes, drafts of copy. (in white envelope).

b.    Non-mounted print work. (in white envelope).

c.    Mounted print work.  (Loose in box). 34 items.

            Print work includes printing of copy and layouts of pages, but mostly printed
            examples of letters from various alphabets.

            American Wildlife Institute (work for a calendar featuring birds and the work
            of Louis Agassiz Fuentes.

a.    Prints of pictures of birds. (13 prints).

b.    Prints of copy along with a calendar month. (10 sheets (January-October,

   folded over).

c.    Printing of copy, with introduction. (1 page, folded 3 times)/

d.    Draft of copy. (2 typed pages).


            America’s Wonderlands: the National Parks.  (Prepared by the National
            Geographic Book Service.  Washington, DC: The National Geographic Society,
            1959).  Published copy of book with markings for a revised edition.

            Bird Prints. (Color and black & white).  Art work by Allan Brooks. [no date]. 
            Envelope (clipping in folder) reads, “Letterpress Print Progressive Proofs.”

            Calendars and Almanacks. (Materials are in 5 folders a-e.  All materials were
            probably at one time in a large envelope headed, “Calendar and Almanack
            Illustrations,” with a list of contents). (See clipping in folder 3).

a)    14 Prints of farming scenes.  Individual envelope (clipping in this folder) reads, “1 set of proofs of Almanack Cal. 1919.  Line cuts to be put with Beck samples.  #2. MM1.”  Large envelope (in folder e) reads, “Beck Calendar-1919 (Penfield).”

b)    15 Prints of country/farming scenes.  Individual envelope (clipping in this folder) reads, “Proofs of Line cuts (electros) taken from Beck Cal. 1920? To be put with Beck Samples.  #3. MM1.”  Large envelope (in folder e) reads “Beck Calendar 1920 (Penfield).

c)    12 Prints of boys, labeled 1-A to 1-L.  Individual envelope (clipping in this folder) reads, “1 set of Proofs of 2 color line cuts taken from Beck Cal. 1926 to be put with Beck samples.  #1-A to L. MM1.”  Large envelope (in folder e) reads, “Beck Calendar 1926 (BFC) Zodiac.”    

d)    35 Prints from a late 18th century or early 19th century book. (from calendar or almanac?  Found with other material).

e)    7 Prints from pages of unknown calendars or almanacks.

3 Mounting boards with 4 prints each mounted on them.  Prints are from a French Calendar or Almanack.

Clipping from large envelope.

            Fish.  1 Print, mounted on board. (from notes written on board: “Red fire fish.” 
            “Deep etch on copper.”

            George Washington.  Prints of line drawing of profile of George Washington. 
            5 unmounted, 2 mounted on board. (envelope reads, “George Washington
            Portfolio cover drawing.  Beck Art.”) (clipping in folder).

            Independence Hall and Liberty Bell.  7 Prints (1 mounted) of drawings and
            photographs of Independence Hall.  8 Prints of drawings and photographs of the
            Liberty Bell.  1 mounted drawing combines the images.  Also included is a
            pamphlet titled “Independence,” printed for the National Historical Park Service,
            that features Independence Hall and other buildings.  None of the images in the
            pamphlet are the same as the other prints of the Hall and the Bell.

            Parthenon.  5 prints of the same image, 1 mounted.  The unmounted prints are
            cropped slightly smaller.

-       Note on one of the unmounted prints reads, “Procession of mounted youths – north wall of Parthenon.”

-       Note on the mounted print reads, “Deep etch on copper.”

            Poor Richard’s Almanack.  2 transparencies and 6 prints of line drawings by
            Thurman French.  Envelope containing the transparencies reads, “4/15/55
            Almanac.  Thurman French line drawings.”  5 of 6 prints are printed on board. 
            The other is title page reading, “Poor Richard’s Almanack.  Official publication of
            the Poor Richard Club.  May 1955.”  Large envelope containing all materials
            (clipping in folder) read, “Thurman French cartoons.”

            Skeleton.  4 Prints, 1 mounted, of scientific diagram of a human skeleton.

            U.S. Capitol Building.  24 prints, all from the same negative, of various types and
            materials.  Enclosed in folder marked, “A souvenir of your visit with The Beck
            Engraving Company.”


            Box of Negatives:

a.    Loose negatives in folder.

b.    Folders in envelopes (but not in Kodak box), listed in order found, by label on envelope.

1.    “Beck Eng. Lincoln penny. 56.”
2.    “Macmillan Audubon drawings. Birds. 5-23-56.”
3.    “Beck Advertising. 6-24-54.”
4.    “U.S. Steel—Black Horse Inn Yard. Americana. 6-24-52.”
5.    “Beneficial Saving fund. Extra Neg.”
6.    “Westnaco. 1-16-58.”
7.    “West [Wing?] Paper Co.”
8.    “Westnaco. Animal.”
9.    “Westnaco.”
10. “Parkway.”
11. “House.”
12. “Christ Church.”
13. “4x5 graphic shots of Independence Hall.”
14. “Macmillan [fire?] Marks & old Phila scene. 7th & Market St. Americana.”
15. “Old Philadelphia Prints. Americana. [Bernard?] White. 6-19-52.”
16. “Docks. City of Philadelphia.”
17. “Betsy Ross.”
18. “Independence Hall.”
19. “Gettysburg Telegraph Press. Americana.”
20. “1st Nat Bank Phila. Americana.” (print included).
21. “Atwater Kent Museum—good neg. Robert Riggs [Painting] Parade.”
22. “1st Nat Bank.”
23. “Austin W. Wood’s place of business.”
24. “Beneficial Savings fund.  Good line neg & Pan neg.”
25. “[Bernard?] White Cal. 1959.”
26. “MacMillan Co. ‘Fire.’”
27. “Beck Ad August. 7-12-54 [52?]”

c.    Negatives in flat yellow “Kodak” box.

                  3 Envelopes read, “Fleischer Memorial Art School.”

                  10 Envelopes read, “Print neg.”

                 26 Envelopes are unlabled.


Section P: Beck Advertisements. (Self-Advertisements).  Listed alphabetically
by title or by what is featured. (Flat Materials).

            Andrey Avinoff’s Work.  (plant specimens).  Folder prepared for independent
            distribution, with title, “Monument to an Artist.”  Enclosed are prints of plant
            specimens.  (4 copies, all in unmarked envelopes.  4 copies of one print, 1 copy
            of another print).

            “Brush Up Your Packaging.”  Ad features work done for toothbrush manufacturer
           Py-co-pay.  Included: mounted and unmounted prints, negatives, and a
            toothbrush in packaging.

            Colonial Entranceway.  Brochure prepared for independent distribution, titled
            “Three-Color Beck Gravure.” (2 copies).

            “Does she … or doesn’t she?.... go to Beck for Photoengraving?”  Ad features
            ads done for Clairol and Old Taylor Bourbon.  Included: multiple copies of the
            finished ad, and parts of the ad in various stages of completion.

            Fragonard’s “A Young Girl Reading.”  Print of an Ad.  Besides Beck, ad also
            promotes the book, “Treasures from the National Gallery of Art.”
            [no bibliographical information provided].

            Harry Goff cartoon and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Cartoon depicts a busy
            scene at a Beck plant.  Artwork from the Met presents Beck’s work, advertising

            “New 1-2 Punch Licks 2 Old Gravure Problems… see Beck.”  Ad prepared for
            appearance in “Gravure Magazine” March 1965 (according to envelope: see
            clipping).  Includes: work at many stages of ad’s production.

            “Nine of the Top Ten Agencies Go to Beck…  There Must Be a Reason.”  Ad
            prepared for appearance in “Advertising age,” November 13, 1964 (according to
            note).  Includes: work at many ages of ad’s production.

            “Still Better Service for Our Clients in and around Pittsburgh…”  Ad prepared for
            appearance in “Typo Graphic,” August 1965.  Ad announces direct phone line
            from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.  Includes: work at many stages of ad’s

            “Record of Achievement.”  Includes: work at many stages of ad’s production.

            “Some things naturally go together… like cigarettes and cordials.  Like Beck and
            the printed page.”  Ad prepared for appearance in multiple publications,
            February-May 1965.  Ad features ad work done for Phillip Morris and Hiram
            Walker.  Includes: work at many stages of ad’s production.

            “There’s Appetite Appeal in Photoengraving.”  Ad features ad work done for Jell-
            O and Mrs. Filbert’s Margarine.  Includes: work at many stages of ad’s

            U.S. Capitol.  Brochure prepared for independent distribution, titled “Monotone
            Beck Gravure.”  Featured are various prints of the U.S. Capitol building.

            “We Think It’s Better in Print.”  Ad booklet prepared for independent distribution. 
            Featured are numerous examples of ad work done by Beck.  Spiral bound.
            (2 copies).

            “What’s a Photoengraver Like Beck doing in the Food Packaging Business?  Ad
            features ad work done for Seabrook Creamed Spinach and Mrs. Smith’s Pies. 
            Includes: work at many stages of ad’s production.

            “If You Are Thinking of Installing…”  Ad prepared as “Giveaway sheet for Printing
            Industries of America show.”  Included: work at many stages of ad’s production.

            Wrist Watches.  Brochure prepared for independent distributions titled,
            “Monocolor Beck Gravure” and featuring ad work done for Hamilton Watches.

            “3 Steps Toward Package Perfection.”  Ad features ad work done for Muriel
            Coronella Cigars and Action Bleach.  Includes: work at many stages of ad’s

            Materials prepared for the Gravure Technical Association Convention, Atlanta,
            GA, April 29, 1980.  Materials completed and in production.

            Various “ad inserts.”  Includes: work at many stages of production.

Section Q: Beck Print Work for Own Purposes. (Letterhead, Certificates, etc.)
(Flat Material).

            “An Open Letter to the Membership of the Philadelphia Lithographers and
            Photoengravers International Union Local No. 7-P.”  Includes: work at many
            stages of print job’s production.

            Beck Emblem.  Numerous prints of Beck emblem (engraver’s tool and crest) of a
            different styles and sizes.  Some mounted, some loose.

            Beck Letterhead and Stationary.  Numerous prints and samples of Beck
            letterhead and stationary at various stages of production.

            Beck 25 Year Club.  Work at many stages for award certificate.  Envelope bears
            date, 1966.

            “Memorandum of Appreciation.”  17 retirement certificates Awarded to:

                        Benjamin F. Collins

                        Willard S. Davenport

                        George E. Donahue

                        Joseph D. Gutherman

                        Harry W. Hess

                        Marie A. Hood

                        Howard J. Kelly

                        William P. Peter

                        Harry E. Robinson

                        Terence J. Rodgers

                        Adolph F. Schwaiger

                        Penrose Sherman

                        Thomas R. Smith, Sr.

                        Henry O. Sountag [or Sonntag?]

                        William F. Steele

                        John E. Sullivan

                        William T. Wrightson

                        Richard Ziegelbauer


Section R: Photographs of Plants with Employees at Work.


I.              Labeled Photographs.  Listed according to order found in.

1.    Negatives and Prints together.

a.    4x5’s

1.    “Step and Repeat.”

2.    “Lanston Camera.  48” Screen in Darkroom

3.    “Processes.”

4.    “Exterior Bldg. (top floor)

5.    “Dot Etches.”

6.    “Strapping (Stripping?] Tables.  From Rear Right View.”

7.    “Lou Seacroft.” (2 envelopes).

8.    “Stripping Tables.”

b.    5x7’s.                      

                        1 “Bill Frampton Portrait. 6-55.”

c.    8x10’s

1.    “10” in 7”.” (other labeling illegible).

2.    “Beck Ad.  Ralph Wendry’s Depth Master.”

3.    “John.  Letterpress.

4.    “Beck Eng.  9-13-51. L-M Press.”

2.    Negatives Only.

a.    4x5’s  

1.    “4 Sept. 1959”

2.    “3/13/64”

3.    “Gravure Book”

4.    “Joe Laydon”

5.    “Beck. Frampton.”

6.    “Pointing Paper.  Pointing neg.”

7.    “Tom Allison (Mr. Hunter). 5-10-60.”

8.    “6-7/2/61” (2 envelopes)

9.    “15-16 October 1959.”

10. “4 Sept. 1959.”

11. “Chroming Plates.” (other notes illegible).

12. “30-9-59. Mr. Hunter.”

13. “2 5/8 to 12. Both negs.”

14. “New York Graphic Shots.”

b.    8x10’s

1.    “Beck Presses.  Bijur Oiler on Press. 6-7-51.”

2.    “Beck Advertising.  Cylinder ad – 1956. New Setup 1st floor.”

3.    “Beck Photometer.” (other labeling illegible).

4.    “Gravure Plates. Showroom Harry Holdell.  Dept. Beck Plant Shots.”

5.    “Gravure Plates.”

6.    “Geo Winships Dept. Gravure.”

7.    “Ott & English Camera.”

8.    “Beck Cylinder Booklet.”

9.    “Dodge Botl…” (other labeling illegible)

10. “Beck Advertising.  Clayborne Press.”

11. “Beck Eng. Lighting. Letterpress Dept.”

12. “Beck-Cottrell Press.”

13. “Dodge Sides 35.” (other labeling illegible).

14. “Geo. Winships Dept. Gravure.”

15. “George Winship Dept.  Beck Photometer. Gravure.”

16. “Contact.” (2 envelopes).

17. “Ott.”

18. “Beck Ad.”

19. “Gravure Dept. Gravure negs.”

20. “Beck Eng.  4 color… 3/16/56.” (other labeling illegible).

21. “Beck Eng.  Pic of New Grinder in … Dept. Howard.” (partly illegible).

22. “Checking Densities of Negs. Gallery-Step.”

23. “2-19-52.”

3.    Prints Only.

2 4x5 Prints labeled, “Colorcraft.”

II.            Unlabled Photographs.

1.    2 Boxes of Prints.

a.    23 Mounted prints.

b.    About 50 unmounted prints, sized around 13 ½”x10 ½”.

c.    About 150 unmounted prints, sized 8”x10”.

d.    About 25 unmounted prints, sized 4”x5”.

e.    About 50 unmounted prints, in a white folder, sized about 12”x15”.

2.    1 Box of Negatives.

a.    About 50 negatives in sleeves, sized 8”x10”.

b.    About 50 negatives in sleeves, sized 4”x5”.

c.    About 50 negatives not in sleeves, sized 4”x5”.

3.    1 large unlabeled Print of Plant and Employees.


Section S: Photographs of Beck Executives, Portraits of Employees.

A.   Portraits and Group shots (labeled) Listed in Order Found.   

a.    4x5’s.

1.    “Conference Table Shot – Going over Proofs.”

2.    “25 Year Club. X-mas Party.”

3.    “Jay Taylor, Lou Seacroft.  At Desks and from Terminal.”

4.    “Paul Wilson.  Portrait Sitting.”

b.    8x10’s.

1.    “Gus Perbeck.  Beck Highlights.”

2.    “Beck Press Men. 12-57.”

3.    “Ralph Winship. 5/24/55.”

4.    “Jim Hatly Portrait. 5/24/55.”

5.    “Beck Eng. (Werner).”

6.    “Community Fund Drive Committee.”

7.    “Beck Eng. Community Fund Drive Committee. 10/24/56.”

8.    “Henry Hobdell. 3-1-52.”

9.    “Mr. Hunter.”

10. “Jim  Hatly. 3-1-52.”

11. “Harry Hess. Not using.”

12. “Gilcrest.”

13. “Mr. Allison, Tom 6-55.”

14. “Ralph Winship. 3-1-52.”

15. “Gus Perbeck. 3-1-52.”

16. “Andy Belange.”

17. “Mr. Winston. 6-55.”

18. “Lou Seacroft.”

19. “Bob B… tis” (partly illegible).

20. “Maintenance shop. Beck Eng. 6-15-31.”

21. “Mr. Hess.”

22. “Lou Seacroft.”

23. “Gravure Publication.”

24. “Eddie…” (partly illegible).

25. “Mr. Gardner.”

26. “Fred…” (partly illegible).

27. “Beck Advertising. Ed Se…croft.” (partly illegible).

28. “Bill Gallagher Portrait. 5/18/55.”

29. “Hamburger.”

30. “Beck Engraving Banquet Group. Christmas Party 52.”


B.   5 Photographs from an Exhibition (“New York, Advertising in Action”?) (The Biltmore Exhibit). People Labeled are:                            

1.    Charlie Barber

2.    Ray Bober

3.    Norman Cosby

4.    Cecile Johnson

5.    Norm Lochten

6.    Dick Poplaski


C.   About 20 Negatives (4 wallet-sized portraits per negative) in a sleeve reading, “Beck Highlights.”


D.   Unlabled Photograph Prints.

a.    About 50, sized 4”x5”.

E.   Unlabled Negatives.

a.    About 5 sized 8”x10”.

b.    About 20 sized 4”x5”


F.    Five Folders of Negatives and Photoprints of C.W. Beck, George Beck, Wes. Beck, Bill Beck et al.


Section T: Other.

1.    “Printing Production Plan for A.O. H-R-R Pseudoisochromatic Plates.  A.O. Stock #13396 H-R-R.  On basis of final specifications after changes.  February 1955.”  (Diagrams in folder).

2.    Chart of a Sailboat Cruise.  George D. Beck listed among crew.

3.    Metal Plates and Print of unknown purpose.

4.    Magazine Clippings.


Section U: Printing Plates.


I.              16 Plates featuring Naval Battle Scenes.  Etched copper plates, type high mounted, intaglio.  17”x14.”  16 plates include 4 scenes, with 4 slightly different plates for each scene.  For 2 of the scenes, there is a print; for one of those 2, a label identifies the scene.  Also included: 4 printing blocks of labels of the scenes; 1 of those can be matched with a scene, the other 3 cannot.  Artist: E.L. Bloomster. c1935 Beck.  The 4 scenes are list according to the amount of information/material present:

1.    “Constitution vs. Levant and Cyane.”  Scene features 3 ships.  Label gives a history of the battle and statistics about the ships and the losses. (Print Present).

2.    Battle scene featuring 4 ships.  (Print Present).

3.    Battle scene featuring 2 ships, with 6 ships in the background on the right side.

4.    Battle scene featuring 2 ships.

5.    The 3 Printing Blocks of Captions in alphabetical order for above Plates.

a.    “Battle of Lake Champlain.”

b.    “Constitution and Java.”  (Scene 4 above seems to feature the Constitution).

c.    “Wasp and Frolie.”


II.            2 Plates featuring the same N.C. Wyeth image.  Electrograph half-tone color plates, 1 for black ink, 1 for blue ink.  Unmounted.  Back of both bears the number: “P-1400.” 9”x12.”


III.           8 Plates for Ads for Planters Peanuts.  (2 ads, 4 plates per ad).  Etched copper plates, intaglio.  Unmounted 19”x13” (entire plate), 17 ¼”x11 ¼” (printed part).  [Red/Blue/Yellow/Black >2 prints 2 sets 4 color< (all wrapped).

1.    Ad features a Catalogue of Planters Products.  First word of title: “Nuts.”

2.    Ad features a Grocery Store Display.  Title: “Planters is the Word for Good Peanuts: Planters Full-Line Nut Department: Boosts Sales and Profits.”


IV.          11 Small Engraved Copper Plates featuring the Names of Company Officials. (Listed alphabetically by last name).


1.    Charles P. Barber.

2.    C. Weston Beck.

3.    George D. Beck. Chairman.

4.    George D. Beck. President.

5.    Larry Cavanaugh.

6.     Thomas L. Cooper. President.

7.    Rae Craft. Vice President.

8.    Donald B. Hancock.

9.    Frank C. Johnson.

10. Michael E. Ventola.

11. Robert B. Veroni.

V.           9 Engraved Copper Plates for Printing Emblem, Stationary.

VI.          2 Circular Copper Plates featuring Beck Emblem.  For printing or for mounting?  Background painted blue.  8” in diameter.  Engraver/etching symbol.