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I.              Photographic Files (Boxes 1-13)

Photographic prints, negatives, and slides primarily of science fiction and fantasy conventions: events, professional guest speakers, conventioneers.  Initially reboxed into 13 archival Hollinger cases.

II.            Convention Booklets, Progress Reports (“Con” files) (Box 14)

-Archon 19.  Collinsville. 23-25 June 1995.  Program book.
-Ditto 14.  Bloomington, IND October 2001. Progress fanzine.
-Kubla Khan 22 (aka Kubla Khatch 22). Tennessee. 13-15 May 1994. (Lavender was Fan Guest of Honor).
-Minicon 39. Minneapolis, MN April 2004. Five issues of Bozo Bus Tribune (the official organ of Minicon) and con schedule and booklet.
-Scancon 79. Oslo. 10-12 August 1979.  Two program booklets.
-Soonercon 11.  Oklahoma City, OK [1995]. [Not present, but Lavender was Guest Fan of Honor at Soonercon 12, 1996.]
-World Science Fiction Convention: 45th. Brighton, U.K., August - Sept. 1, 1987. (“Conspiracy ’87” Con). Souvenir Book (Frontier Crossings) and
-World Science Fiction Convention: 46th. New Orleans, LA (Nolacon II). September 1-5, 1988.
-World Science Fiction Convention: 54th. Los Angeles/Anaheim, CA. August 29-Sept. 2, 1996.  (L.A. Con III Progress Report)
-World Science Fiction Convention: 57th. Melbourne, Australia. 2nd-6th September 1999.

III.           Fanzines. (Boxes 15-16)

-Dal’s Journal. (Dalvan M. Coger, Memphis, TN) (1 issue) No. 4 (n.d.)
-ERG. (Terry Jeeves, Scarborough, UK) (28 issues) Nos. 130-134, 137-141, 144, 146-151, 153-156, 158-164. (July 1995-January 2004)
-File-770 (Mike Glyer, Monrovia, CA) (10 issues)  Nos. 99, 110, 117, 127, 133, 135, 136, 143, 144 (1993?-2005).
-First Fandom. (Membership Rosters, 1998-2000, 2002)  (4 rosters)
-Frozen Frog, The. (Benoit Girard, Quebec, Canada). (5 issues)  Nos. 5-9. (January 1993-May 1994).
-Gegenschein. (Eric Lindsay, Australia). (10 issues) Nos. 67-70, 72, 80, 82, 84-86. (March 1993-Sept. 1999)
-Grue. (Dean Grennell, Covina, CA) (2 issues) Nos. 31, 33.  (August 1969 and n.d.)
-Horseshit. The Offensive Review. (Thomas and Robert Dunker, Hermosa Beach, CA) (1 issue) No. 2. (1967).
-Janthology. (Janice Gelb, Los Altos, CA)  (1 issue) [no. 1? ca. 1998]
-Mimosa. (Nicki & Rich Lynch, Gaithersburg, MD)  (7 issues) Nos. 20, 24-25, 27-30.  (1997-2003).
-Moffatt House Newsletter. (Len & June Moffatt, Downey, CA)(7 issues) Nos. 6-11, 13.  (December 1984 –December 1991)
-Moonshine. (Len & June Moffatt, Downey, CA)  (1 issue) No. 53.  (May 1985).
-Notes from Bob Peterson. (Bob Peterson, Colorado)  (1 issue) No. 78. (June 2000). With: “History of SF Fandom in Denver and Colorado.”
-Scavenger’s Newsletter. (Janet Fox, Orange City, KS)  (1 issue) No. 104.  (October 1992).
-Scientifiction (First Fandom Report).  (various Presidents and places). (16 issues): 1998/1999 (3 issues); 2000 (3 issues); 2001 (1 issue); 2002 (3 
  issues); 2003 (2 issues); 2004 (1 issue); 2005 (1 issue); 2006 (2 issues).
-STET. (Dick & Leah Smith, Prospect Heights, IL)  (1 issue) No. 9. (The Old Fan’s Almanac … 2000).  (1999).
-Vojo de Vivo. (Michael J. Lowrey, Milwaukee, WI)  (1 issue) No. 1.  (n.d.)
-Wholly Berry.  (John Berry, South Hatfield, Herts., UK)  (1 issue) No number.  May 2000.
-Wondering & Wandering.  (Don Fitch, Covina, CA)  (1 issue) No. 5.  (September 1994).
Zugzwang. (Kim Huett, Australia)  (1 issue) No. 1.  (June 1993).

IV.          General Files (Correspondence, ephemera).  (Boxes 17-18)

-Austin, Bill
-Barnes, Creighton
-Beam, Ray
-Bowers, Bill
-Budrys, Algis
-Cantor, Marty & Robbie
-Chike, Keith & Rebecca
-Clareson, Tom
-Clarke, A. Vincent
-Coger, Dal & Greta
-Cowden, Joan (Megan) & Charles E. Richardson
-Cox, Arthur Jean
-Daugherty, Walt & Mary Ellen Robogliatti
-Engle, Ted & Jean
-Finder, Jan Howard
-Fitz, Don
-Fox, Janet
-Freas, Kelly
-Girard, Benoit
-Glyer,  Mike
-Gonzer, Wally
-Grennell, Dean A.
-Hensley, Joe
-Hubbard, Carrie
-Jeeves, Terry
-Jensen, Chas.
-Johnson, Robin
-Larsen, Soren
-Legman, Gershon
-Lindsay, Eric
-Moffatt, Len & June
-Moore, Ken
-MWC Zero (MidwestCon)
-Niven, Larry & Fuzzy
-Orange County SF Club
-Petard Society
-Raney, Nancy
-Schulzinger, Mark
-Shibano, Takumi
-Shirvin, Stan
-Smith, Dick & Leah
-Stone, Merlin
-Uhlmeyer, Virginia
-Wadey, Bob & Kate
-Wayne, Taral            
and   Miscellaneous file.

V.           Art and Realia and Lavender.  (Box 19)

Correspondence file with artist George Barr concerning commission for design of a Lavender holiday card. Included is a negative sheet of the
artwork. Collection of approximately 40 identification badges for [Carlos] Roy Lavender at conventions, with miscellaneous other pins.

And: file on Carlos Roy Lavender: Typescript of his speech as Fan Guest of Honor at the October 5, 1996 Soonercon (Oklahoma City, OK), copy of his published biographical remarks at Kubla Kahn 22, May 1994, and other biographical information.

VI.          Scrapbook of Harlan Ellison.  (Box 20)

-Ellison, Harlan: “The Glass Teat. A column of Opinion about Television”.  Scrapbook of clippings of the column from 1968 to 1971/
                          1972 from the Los Angeles Free Press, with additional Ellison book reviews and appearances in Los Angeles
                          newspapers. Oblong folio. With an inscription to Roy and Dee Dee Lavender by Ellison in 1970
                          [family reports that it was the Lavenders that took Ellison to his first science fiction convention during his teens]. 
                          Accompanied by a copy of the “Special Harlan Ellison” issue of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, v. 53,
                          no. 1, July 1977.

VII.         Books and publications received to be catalogued for the printed books section of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Collection:
“Atom” Publications. Publications of the art work of Arthur M. Thomson (1927-1990).

1. Atom. A Tribute. Edited and published by A. Vincent Clarke. Kent UK, April 1990.  Copy no. 72 of 100
2. Atom 2000.  West Midlands, England, Shoestring Publication, Ken Cheslin, January 2000.  Copy no. 16 of 30.
3. The Millennium Atom.  West Midlands, England, Shoestring, Ken Cheslin [n.d., 2000? 2001?].  Copy no. 76 of 80.

Berry, John

1.    Each Charter’d Course. [being v. 4 of Fables of Irish Fandom]. West Midlands, UK,Shoestring/Ken Cheslin, 1999.
2.    Robbery with Violets. West Midlands, UK, Shoestring/Ken Cheslin, 2000.

Bradbury, Ray 
October.  Los Angeles, CA, Shottlebop Press, Privately Printed October 1983 by Walt Daugherty and Mary Ellen Rabogliatti.

Cheslin, Ken

1.    Adventures of Hemlock Soames (and Flotsam). West Midlands, UK, Shoestring/Cheslin, no. date.  Vols. 1-2.
2.    Olaf 3.  West Midlands, UK, Shoestdring/Cheslin, July 1999.

Eidolon. The Journal of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy.  North Perth, West Australia.  Issue no. 16, Summer 1995.

Fandom Directory.  Langley AFB, VA, Harry Hopkins, Fandom Computer Services, v. 1, no. 3, March 1981. Maxey-Uhlmeyer, Virginia. 

Sunbird Singing. A Book of Verses.  Long Beach, CA, the author, 1990-1991.   2 vols.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Engagement Calendar 1987. Compiled by Aleister Halley.  Pittstown, NJ, Main Street Press [1986].

Taral art publications: work of Taral Wayne, artist:
1.    Crittics. An index, and critical review of the furry comic Critters.
      Toronto, Canada, Taral Wayne/Kiddelidivee Book, March 1993. 2nd printing.
2.    Interview with Rocky. Toronto, Canada, Taral Wayne/Kiddeli- divee Book, March 1993.  4th printing.
3.    nfs: a coloring book.  Willowdale, Ontario, Canada, Taral Wayne, July 1980.
4.    Sexy Skunk.  N.p., Kiddelidivee Books, June 1993. 4th printing.
5.    Trans Fur “Isobel”.  N.p., Kiddelidivee Books, 1992.
6.    Go Fur It! A Collection of Taral Art from 1990 to 1992. Toronto, Canada, Kiddelidivee Books, November 1992.
7.    Tronn’aToons. A Collection of Toronto Furry Artists.  Toronto, Canada, Kiddelidivee Books, no date.

Wadey, Katherine V.C.
Centaurs. (Art portfolio, copy no. 86).  N.p., no date [1977/1978?].

Note: Rights to commercial use of the C. R. Lavender Photographic collection are reserved to the Carlos Roy Lavender Trust.

23 November 2007