Citizen's Council of Delaware County (Pa.) Records

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URB 15
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A county-wide citizens organization (financed in part by the United Fund) that is concerned with studying and making suggestions for solving the physical problems caused by the growth of the county. Its aim is to arouse citizens and government interest in the Council's programs for industrial development, highways, and transportation, and sanitation and conservation of water supply and natural resources.

The CCDC was created in 1957 by the merger of the Citizens' Housing and Planning Association of Delaware County (CHPA) and the Citizens' Creek Valley Association of Delaware County (CCVA). The CHPA was organized in 1954 as a citizens group to study county-wide problems relevant to housing and planning. The CCVA was a private group that was organized in 1956 with more limited aims than the CHPA. The CCVA was not concerned with county.wide projects, but exclusively with those relevant to the creek valley areas of the county, mainly water pollution and conservation of parks and woodlands.


The collection consists of the minutes of the CCDC's executive committee, membership, financial matters and specific projects.


Deposited by the organization through Margot B. Hunt, President, 1970. Accession no. 75.


Personal Names

Carlson, Walter M. 
Kennedy, Lilian Tarbell 
Corporate Names
Penjerdel (Corporation)
Philadelphia International Airport
Conservation of natural resources.
Express highways--Pennsylvania--Environmental aspects.
Housing--Pennsylvania--Delaware County
Land use--Pennsylvania--Delaware County
Regional planning--Pennsylvania--Delaware County 
Water resources development.
Geographic Places
Delaware County (Pa.)


Box 1
URB 15/1 Board of Directors 1954-1956
URB 15/2 Board of Directors January 1957
URB 15/3 Board of Directors February-April l957
URB 15/4 Board of Directors Mar-November 1957
URB 15/5 Board of Directors January-March 1958
URB 15/6 Board of Directors April-November 1958
URB 15/7 Board of Directors January-March 1959
URB 15/8 Board of Directors April-November 1959
URB 15/9 Board of Directors January-April 1960
URB 15/10 Board of Directors May-December 1960
URB 15/11 Board of Directors January-February 1961
URB 15/12 Board of Directors March 1961
URB 15/13 Board of Directors April-June 1961
URB 15/14 Board of Directors June-November 1961
URB 15/15 Board of Directors November-December 1961
URB 15/16 Board of Directors December 1961
URB 15/17 Board of Directors January 1962
URB 15/18 Board of Directors January-December 1962
URB 15/19 Board of Directors March 1962
URB 15/20 Board of Directors April-May 1962
URB 15/21 Board of Directors June-October 1962
URB 15/22 Board of Directors November-December 1962

Box 2
URB 15/23 Board of Directors January-April 1963
URB 15/24 Board of Directors May-June 1963
URB 15/25 Board of Directors June-December 1963
URB 15/26 Speeches
URB 15/27 Reports
URB 15/28 President's Letter 1958
URB 15/29 Citizens' Creek Valley Association of Delaware County 1957
URB 15/30 Membership Committee 1958-62
URB 15/31 Membership Committee 1963-69
URB 15/32 Membership Committee--miscellaneous
URB 15/33 Membership Drive--miscellaneous
URB 15/34 Committee Organization
URB 15/35 Committee Organization
URB 15/36 Airport Project
URB 15/37 Miscellaneous Projects
URB 15/38 Birmingham, Pennsylvania--Newsletter 1968-69
URB 15/39 Miscellaneous Materials Printed by Other Counties
URB 15/40 Membership Lists
URB 15/41 Membership Lists
URB 15/42 Citizens' Council of Delaware County Bulletin 1954-1956
URB 15/43 Citizens' Council of Delaware County Bulletin 1960-1962
URB 15/44 Citizens' Council of Delaware County Bulletin 1968-1969
URB 15/45 Correspondence 1959-1962
URB 15/46 Correspondence 1962-1963
URB 15/47 Newsletters and Mimeo Notices 1972-1975