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Dr. Walton Clark, 1856-1934, was Consulting Engineer and a former Vice-President of the United Gas Improvement Company. He was active in a variety of Philadelphia organizations and served as the President of the Franklin Institute from 1907-1924. He received the first Walton Clark Medal, endowed by U.G.I., from the Franklin Institute in 1926 in recognition of his contributing to the gas industry. He also served as President of the American Gas Light Association and later the American Gas Institute.



Purchased on November 29, 1993, by Thomas Whitehead from Tamerlane Books with funds from the Paley Endowment Fund.



1. "A Century of Light", an address delivered by Dr. Walton Clark before the New Century Club of Philadelphia, November 1915 Clark Financial Statements Dated February 10,1926 Real Estate Holdings and Life Insurance Policies.

2. "Esprit de Corps: Honor is the Subject of My Story, " by "Gas Convention Bulletin " Vol. 1, No. 1, October 16,1895 and Vol. 2, No. 2, October 17, 1895.

3. "The Gas House Terrier, " Poem by Walton Clark, one copy contains manuscript note and signature "Illustrated and Descriptive Souvenir History and Reference Letter to Clark from the American GasLight Association", undated Letter to Clark from Theobald Forstall, President, Chicago Gas "P.G.W. News", May 1939 and December 1954.

4. Portrait of Dr. Clark Installed at Franklin Institute (Lamplighter) Station.

5. A " Report No. 2862, Investigating Work of Doctor Walton Clark of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the Gas Industry, " Franklin Institute, 1926.

6. Two Letters to Clark from Alexander C. Humphreys, General Superintendent of U.G.I. , dealing with Clark Appointments as Assistant General Superintendent, June 29 and July 3, 1888.

7. Two Telegrams to Clark from Alexander C. Humphreys dealing with Clarks Appointment as Assistant General Superintendent, July 3 and 9, 1888.

8. "Walton Clark Medal and the Presentation to Dr. Clark as its First Recipient, " Journal of the Franklin Institute, March 1927.

9. Written Biography, Philadelphia Times, December 11, 1898 With Corrections to October 1, 1910.

10. "A Manual of Gas Distribution, " Edited By Walton Forstall, Philadelphia: U.G.I. Contracting Company, 1920. Includes Manuscript Note Addressed to Clark by Forstall " Minute Adopted at a Meeting of the Board of Managers of the Franklin Institute Held October 17,1934," Upon the Death of Dr. Clark, Bound in Presentation Case.

11. "Sons of Rest Scraps," Hand Published, One of Twelve Copies, Deals with Group from U.G.I. , including Walton Clark, William Sherril, Albertus Beadle, George Roberts, Carter Page William Gantley, and Lewis Lillie. Bound Volume Includes Photographs, Drawings and Signatures and Twelve Lantern Slides ca. 1915; Dealing with Illumination in Family Homes and Costs.