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Fair Housing Council of Delaware Valley Records



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Fair Housing Council of Delaware Valley


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Historical Note

The Fair Housing Council of Delaware Valley (FHCDV) was a Pennsylvania non-profit organization, formed in 1962 and incorporated on December 2, 1962. The FHCDV merged with the Housing Association of Delaware Valley (HADV) in 1968.

The FHCDV monitored government programs and legislation, conducted research into the practices of suburban Philadelphia realtors, and supported minority group families as they located housing and moved into suburban neighborhoods. The mission of the FHCDV was to support and encourage freedom of residence in the Delaware Valley, with a special emphasis on the Philadelphia suburbs, so that all persons, regardless of race, religion or national original, could secure desirable and affordable housing. To that end, seven program points were adopted: (1) assist "friendly neighbors" to support the right of individuals to buy or rent affordable housing, (2) encourage non-discriminatory practices among realtors, (3) establish a speakers bureau on the issue of race and housing, (4) help families interpret the Pennsylvania fair housing law, (5) assist local groups to organize human relations councils, (6) counsel minority group families before and after they move to the suburbs and counsel neighbors upset by the move, and (7) cooperate with existing human relations groups in the area of race and housing.

The FHCDV grew out of a program of the housing sub-committee of the Committee on Race Relations, one of the committees of the Religious Society of Friends. The Race Relations Committee felt a need for the creation of a separate organization to carry on a community relations program. With financial support from the Chace Foundation, representatives of many groups joined in the formation of the FHCDV. An Organizing Committee of thirty-two persons was formed, and the Committee allocated responsibilities to three levels of organization: (1) a Board, which would meet monthly, having no more that forty members, and governed by four officers, a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, and treasurer; (2) a General Membership, which would meet annually; and, (3) if desired by the Board, an Advisory Committee, which would meet biannually. It was intended that the Board would be representative of the seven counties of the Delaware Valley: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery in Pennsylvania, and Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester in New Jersey. The members of the Organizing Committee became the first members of the Board, and the Rev. Robert L. James, Temple University chaplain, served as the first chairman of the Board.

The first executive director was Richard K. Taylor. Mr. Taylor was succeeded in 1967 by William Cameron, Jr., who had served previously as assistant director. Also in 1967, William Mimms became the Associate Director and first African American executive of the organization, and Lee Wagner was hired as Director of Housing Information. Julia Robinson became Executive Director of the FHCDV in 1968. The staff members were assisted by interns from Crozier Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Financial support of the FHCDV was based upon contributions from individuals and organizations, individual and organizational membership dues, grants from foundations, and other fund-raising projects as the Board decided to pursue.

Programs and initiatives of FHCDV included Project Free (For Real Estate Equality), a campaign to open up the Main Line housing market and end housing discrimination in real estate offices. Another project of the FHCDV was the Housing Information Center (HIC), that aintained a list of available area housing and assisted minority homeseekers in locating and moving to new housing.

The FHCDV came under contract with the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority in 1967 to assist families being displaced by urban redevelopment in the University of Pennsylvania area. Under this contract the Authority paid the FHCDV to assist families who were financially able to move from West Philadelphia into the suburbs. The FHCDV’s role was to let the families know about available housing and to work with them as they looked for new housing. The FHCDV published a newsletter entitled 'Fair Housing News' as well as pamphlets and flyers for use in neighborhood housing work.

The FHCDV was involved in cooperative relationships with a number of local organizations and local chapters of national organizations. These relationships were part of an organizing plan to utilize the existing network of sympathetic individuals and groups to accomplish the goal of fair housing in the Delaware Valley.

Description of Collection

The papers of the Fair Housing Council of the Delaware Valley, 1963-1969, document the involvement of this organization in the movement to integrate suburban housing in the Delaware Valley. A particular strength of this collection is its role as an aggregator of material; it contains a considerable amount of materials from parallel fair housing organizations and offshoots with which it collaborated. The material is arranged by organizational function and includes administration, financial dealings, publications internal and external and a hefty section concerning the nature and role of partner institutions.

The administrative series includes a detailed report concerning the organization’s background and the details of its founding, including the original incorporation paperwork and bylaws. It includes a section of monthly reports of council activity organized by type of form. Reports detail the activity of local and regional branches; problems encountered, action taken, and resolution (if any). Correspondence is found throughout the series. Although there is no documentation of personnel of the organization, a file containing biographical sketches of applicants from Crozier Theological Seminary for an internship at FHCDV gives some insight into the type of person likely to be employed by the organization.

The financial series contains all bank statements, stock reports, budgets and resource allocation. The folder Tax Exemption details the organization’s struggle to be recognized as a non-profit organization with tax-exempt status.

Though brief, the series concerning committees is not without interest. This series contains seven folders, with three of them dealing with the Industry Committee; the others are the Financial Committee, the Nominating Committee and the Real Estate Committee. Letters from Arlen Specter and Hubert Humphrey are included in the Industry Committee Correspondence folder.

The series containing publications includes both internal publications generated by FHCDV and also publications produced externally. Of particular interest is the slant or spin incorporated in these publications to sway their intended audiences. Internal publications include a pamphlet dealing with how to sell a home on a non-discriminatory basis aimed mainly at realtors and white homeowners. External publications include guidelines for fair housing counselors and several published reports such as the report on the experience of black veterans in the housing market aimed at the minority home-seeking community. "Changing Neighborhoods" includes public relations documents such as flyers and pamphlets aimed at anxious white homeowners concerned with property values.

The Projects and Initiatives series contains vital information regarding the everyday experiences of minorities seeking new housing opportunities. Much of this information is confidential and restricted, but could be used by a researcher in an aggregate form. Of particular interest is the folder of hate mail and literature received by a black family that moved into an all-white suburb of Philadelphia.

Organization and Arrangement

Series 1. Administration

Series 2. Financial

Series 3. Committees

Series 4. Publications

Series 5. Projects and Initiatives

Series 6. Realtors

Series 7. Legislation

Series 8. Other Organizations

Series 9. Clippings

Series 1. Administration. This series is comprised of background material on the organization, including the original incorporation paperwork and bylaws. It includes a section of monthly reports of council activity organized by type of form. As there is no formal series concerning correspondence, this series includes two folders concerning that subject. A file containing biographical sketches of applicants for an internship gives insight into the organization’s personnel. The dates of this series range from 1963-1969.

Series 2. Financial. This series is broken up into two subsections; General and Supporters. In the subseries General are filed all bank statements, stock reports, budgets and resource allocation. The folder Tax Exemption details the organization’s struggle to be recognized as a non-profit organization with tax-exempt status. In the Supporters subseries are filed all the major organizations who provided funding in the form of grants. An entire folder is dedicated to rejection letters for an $80,000 grant for a professionally staffed housing information center. Copies of fund-raising letters, plans, entreaties and strategies are included in an extensive section on fund-raising. Fund raising is also included in this subseries. Dates for this series range from 1963-1969.

Series 3. Committees. This series contains seven folders, with three of them dealing with the Industry Committee; the others are Financial Committee, Nominating Committee, Real Estate Committee, and Executive Committee. Letters from Arlen Specter and Hubert Humphrey are included in the Industry Committee Correspondence folder. The dates of this series range from 1967-1969.

Series 4. Publications. This series is divided into two subseries; Internal and External. Internal publications include a pamphlet dealing with how to sell a home on a non-discriminatory basis. External publications include guidelines for fair housing counselors and several published reports such as the report on the experience of black veterans in the housing market. Materials in this series are mainly undated.

Series 5. Projects and Initiatives. This series is divided into four subseries; Project FREE, Horace Baker, Housing Information Center, and Other. The Project Free subseries contains 23 housing surveys conducted in 1966 as part of a campaign "aimed at breaking discriminatory practices of the Main Line Board of Realtors. These surveys are RESTRICTED and AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST FROM THE ARCHIVIST. The Horace Baker subseries contains hate mail and literature sent to the Baker family upon moving to a white neighborhood. Literature from the National States Rights Party and American Nazi Party is included. This material is RESTRICTED and AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST FROM THE ARCHIVIST. The Housing Information Center subseries contains 107 case reports of individuals who utilized the HIC for assistance in obtaining housing. Within the Other subseries is information on the Non-Violent Group, a group of ministers and other individuals who volunteered to be on-call in case of violence related to racial discrimination in housing.

Series 6. Realtors. This series concerns the relationship between the organization and realtors in the Philadelphia area, both positive and negative. Not all regions are represented. A folder is dedicated to the Pennsylvania Realtors Association who lobbied against Title IV and fair housing laws. Materials include minutes from meetings, correspondence, and a roster of sympathetic area realtors. Dates for this series cannot be determined.

Series 7. Legislation. This series contains information and correspondence relating to state and federal fair housing legislation. There is a quantity of information regarding the Federal Civil Rights Acts, both pro and con from legislators, as well as examples of the Main Line Board of Realtors campaign against the bill. Also included are copies of court decisions from around the United States with decisions relating to fair housing laws. The Natalie Pearlman file contains records of FHCDVs involvement with the law suit filed against Natalie Pearlman for participating in a picketing campaign in front of an apartment complex accused of discrimination.

Series 8. Other Organizations. This series is divided into three subseries: Non-Religious, Religious and Affiliated. The series holds a variety of materials including correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, newsletters, flyers, membership lists, press releases and news articles. Reports of test visits to suburban realtors are RESTRICTED and AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST FROM THE ARCHIVIST. The years predominantly covered by the material is 1960-1968, with one item from 1959, and two files which extend to 1971.

Series 9. Clippings. This series contains newspaper and magazine clippings arranged alphabetically by subject. The clippings relate to both Philadelphia-area and national fair housing issues. Of particular interest are clippings related to the Horace Baker Family, a black family who faced discrimination after moving to a white suburb of Philadelphia.


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African Americans



Philadelphia (Pa.)

Material Types:

Administrative records.

Bylaws (administrative records).




Financial records.





1 Background Information, 1967

2 Incorporation

3 Bylaws

4 Board of Directors, 1967-1969

5 Board of Directors (Housing Association of DV), 1968-1969

6 NUL Monthly Reports, 1968

7 Report 1A

8 Fair Housing City-Wide Coordinating Committee Form C

9 Form 1C

10 Progress Reports

11 Public Statements

12 Correspondence – General, 1968-1969

13 Correspondence – State Police, 1963-1966

14 221(d)(3)

15 Public Outreach

16 Staff Report

17 Crozier Theological Seminary

18 Leo Kramer Inc.

19 Miscellaneous





20 Pilot Investments

21 Mutual Real Estate Investment Trust

22 1st Pennsylvania Banking and Trust Co.

23 Tax Exemption

24 United Fund

25 Financial-FHCDV

26 Financial Statements

27 Contribution of Stock

28 Equal Emp. IRS


29 Chace Foundation

30 Quakers Financial Report

31 Foundation Grant Proposals

32 Metropolitan Mission

33 Copies of Fund Raising Letters

34 Fund Raising Mailings

35 Fund Raising

36 Special Gifts

37 Taconic [Foundation]

38 Foundations - Requests Denied

39 Redevelopment Authority, 1962-1967

40 Redevelopment Authority: Contract Background, 1964-1966

41 Redevelopment Authority Fair Housing Contract, 1966

42 Redevelopment Authority (RKT file), 1965-1967

43 Redevelopment Authority: Reports, 1967

44 Redevelopment Authority. University III, 1966-1967

45 Redevelopment Authority. Contract Records, 1966-1968

46 Redevelopment Authority. Report "The Negro Housing Problem: A Program for Philadelphia" by Charles Abrams, Consultant 1966




47 Finance Committee

48 Industry Committee

49 Industry Committee Correspondence

50 Industry

51 Real Estate Committee Minutes

52 Nominating Committee Report

53 Executive Committee





1 Fair Housing News

2 A survey of the housing experiences of Negro Employees

3 Tension Control

4 How to sell your home on a non-discriminatory basis

5 FHCDV Newsletter


6 FHCs General

7 Negro Military Servicemen and Housing Discrimination

8 Guidelines for Fair Housing Counselors

9 Changing Neighborhoods

10 Stabilization: A Manual for Fair Housing Workers

11 Stabilization

12 Housing Aid Handbook

13 Escort Testing, Direct Action

14 Public Housing in the 21st Ward

15 Vista Proposal

16 Report of Housing Council of Delaware Valley




Project Free

17 Housing Surveys (I), 1966 RESTRICTED

18 Housing Surveys (II), 1966 RESTRICTED

19 Member Lists and Correspondence

20 Minutes

21 Miscellaneous

Horace Baker

22 Horace Baker

23 Hate Mail and Literature RESTRICTED

Housing Information Center

24 Miscellaneous

25 Improvements

26 Forms

27 FHCDV + HIC Program


28 Operation Equality Proposal

29 Operation Equality Progress Reports

30 Non-Violent Group




31 Realtors

32 Realtors: Bucks County

33 Pennsylvania Realtors’ Association

34 Realtors: Eastern Montgomery County

35 Realtors: West Philadelphia




36 Fair Housing Law

37 Testimony Before Pennsylvania Republican Platform Committee

38 Natalie Pearlman

39 NAACP Legal Defense Fund

40 Fair Housing Court Actions

41 Legislation – 1968

42 Philadelphia Legislation

43 State Legislators' Addresses

44 Fair Housing Court Decisions

45 Legislation – Federal

46 Legislation, State – 1965

46 Legislation, State –1966

47 Legislation, State – 1967

48 Tenants Rights Opinion – Washington, DC





1 American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), 1964-1968

2 Americans for Democratic Action in Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1967

3 Cheltenham High School, 1968

4 Cincinnati Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME), 1968

5 Citizens Fair Housing Campaign Committee, 1967

6 Council for Equal Housing (CEHO) of the Fellowship Commission

7 Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), 1962-1963

8 Educational Institutions, 1965

9 Fellowship House and Farm, 1966

10 Jaycees, 1967

11 Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, 1967

12 Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, 1968

13 Legal Services Program of Delaware County , 1967

14 League of Women Voters, 1965

15 League of Women Voters of Upper Providence/Middletown, Pennsylvania

16 Medical Committee for Human Rights

17 Metro Washington Housing Program, 1964-1966

18 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

19 NAACP - Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1968

20 NAACP - Chester, Pennsylvania

21 The National Committee for a Confrontation with Congress, 1968

22 National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials (NAIRO), 1967-68

23 National Committee on Tithing in Investment (NCTI), 1965-67

24 National Fair Housing Association, 1968

25 Negro Community, 1960-1965

26 New Jersey Committee Against Discrimination in Housing, 1967-1968

27 North City Congress, 1964

28 Opportunity Housing: Lancaster

29 Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, 1966-1967

30 PHRC Guidelines - Tension, etc., 1967

31 People for Human Rights, 1968

32 Philadelphia Anti-Poverty Action Committee (PAAC), 1967-1968

33 Philadelphia Committee on City Policy

34 Philadelphia Council for Community Advancement (PCAA), 1965-1968

35 Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT), 1968

36 Philadelphia Housing Association, Finance Committee, 1967

37 Philadelphia Housing Association, Regional Planning Committee, 1967

38 Philadelphians for Equal Justice

39 Planners for Equal Opportunity, 1966

40 Police, 1956, 1964-1968

41 Police Power, 1968

42 Retail Clerks

43 San Francisco, 1967-1968

44 Suburban Maryland Fair Housing, Inc.,1964-1965

45 Unions, 1965

46 United Fund of Philadelphia Area, Application for Affiliation, 1967

47 Urban America, 1966

48 Urban League of Philadelphia, 1963-68

49 Urban League of Philadelphia, Quarterly Reports, 1967-1968

50 Urban Political Action Committee, 1967

51 Young Women’s Christian Association, 1967-68


52 Greater Philadelphia Council of Churches, 1965-1966

53 Church Statements, 1959-1968

54 American Baptist Convention , 1964-1967

55 Episcopal, 1965-1967

56 American Jewish Congress, 1964

57 The American Jewish Committee, 1967

58 Jewish Labor Committee, 1961-1963

59 Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), 1964-1966

60 The National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc. (NCCJ), 1964-1965

61 Roman Catholics. 1963-1965

62 Archbishop’s Commission on Human Relations, 1964-1966

63 Catholic Community Relations Council, 1967-1968

64 Presbyterian, 1962-1967

65 Confronting Churches, 1968

66 Friends, 1961-1963

67 Friends Committee on National Legislation, 1966-1967

68 American Friends Service Committee Fair Housing Administration Program

69 Lutheran: Eastern Pennsylvania Synod of the LCA, 1965-1967

70 Committee for Racial Justice Now (United Church of Christ)

71 Ministeriums (Miscellaneous), 1962-1968



1 Local Fair Housing Councils and Chairmen, 1967

2 Delaware County Board of Assistance, 1968

3 Gloucester County Fair Housing Council, 1965-1971

4 The Gloucester County Human Relations Council, 1964-1967

5 Gloucester County Human Relations Newsletter, 1969-1971

6 Fair Housing Commission of Radnor Township, 1963-1965

7 Lower Merion Fair Housing Council, 1965-1968

8 Citizens’ Council of Montgomery County, 1967-1968

9 North Penn Fair Housing Council, 1965-1968

10 Reading/Berks Human Relations Council

11 Roxborough Fair Housing Council, 1967-1969

12 Springfield Area Fair Housing Council

13 Springfield Area Religious Advisory Council on Race

14 Upper Main Line Fair Housing Council, 1959-1968

15 Upper Merion Fair Housing Council, 1963-1969

16 Upper Merion Fair Housing Council, RESTRICTED

17 Whitemarsh Valley Fair Housing Council, 1963-1969

18 Whitemarsh Valley Fair Housing Council, RESTRICTED

19 Bucks County Conference on Community Relations, 1964-1967

20 Bucks County Housing Council, 1969

21 Burlington County Human Relations Council, 1965-1967

22 Central Bucks Fair Housing Committee, 1964-1968

23 Central Delaware County Fair Housing Council, 1964-1968

24 Eastern Montgomery County Fair Housing Committee

25 Eastern Montgomery County FHC RESTRICTED

26 Easton Area Fair Housing Committee, 1967-1968

27 Fair Housing Council of Northern Delaware, 1963-1967

28 Greater Hatboro Fair Housing Committee, 1965-1967

29 Lansdowne-Upper Darby Fair Housing Council, 1960-1970

30 Lehigh Valley Fair Housing Council, 1966-1969

31 Northeast Fair Housing Council, 1965-1969

32 Philadelphia Fair Housing Council, 1964-1966

33 Fair Housing Councils – Miscellaneous, 1960-1969




34 Baker Family

35 Black Community

36 Churches

37 Civil Disobedience

38 Easton Fair Housing Council

39 Fair Housing Councils

40 Industry and Integrated Housing

41 Lansdowne / Upper Darby

42 Legislation

43 Metropolitan Washington

44 Miscellaneous


46 North Pennsylvania Fair Housing Council

47 Realtors

48 State Rights Party Clippings

49 Upper Merion Fair Housing Council