Fellowship Commission (Philadelphia, Pa.) Photograph Collection

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The photograph collection of the Fellowship Commission contains general organizational materials reflecting meetings and functions related to the Commission. There are a broad variety of local politicians, church leaders, businessmen, and social activists represented within the collection. Noted with each folder heading are the local, national or international personalities who appeared for awards or special events at the Commission. All folder headings contain dates when available - most folders contain undated photographs. Unusual photographs for this collection are those of the Philadelphia Record strike and the photos of two African Americans, Betty Barnes and Walter B. Flagg, at work.

Subjects of photographs in this collection include award banquets, meetings, conferences, seminars, dedications, film discussions, teacher clinics, and visiting groups. Also includes portraits and/or activity shots of Clement R. Attlee, Mollie Berg, Leonard Bernstein, Albert N. Brown, Ralph Bunche, Cardinals Bea and Krol, Shirley Chisholm, Joseph S. Clark, Jr., Milton Clark, Constance Clayton, Bishop Robert L. DeWitt, Helen O. Dickens, Governor Alfred Driscoll, James Edwards, Julius Erving, John Facenda, Maurice Fagan, H. H. Giles, Wilson Goode, William T. Granahan, Harry J. Greene, Alfred M. Greenfield, Ivor Griffith, Vera Gunn, Richard Hatcher, John Hersey, Charlton Heston, James L. Hicks, Selma Hirsch, Paul G. Hoffman, Langston Hughes, Hubert Humphrey, Chet Huntley, Jacob Javits, Danny Kaye, Robert F. Kennedy, Otto Kerner, Coretta Scott King, Arthur Koestler, John Lindsay, Thacher Longstreth, Joe Louis, Malcom X, Burke Marshall, Vincent P. McDevitt, James Michener, Juanita Moore, Willard Motley, Edward R. Murrow, Marjorie Penney, Millie Perkins, Sidney Poitier, Joachim Prinz, A. Philip Randolph, Walter Reuther, E. Washington Rhodes, Frank Rizzo, Jackie Robinson, Carlos P. Romulo, Eleanor Roosevelt, Willard Rouse, Carl Rowan, Carl Sandburg, Malcolm Scott, Governor William Scranton, Eric Severeid, Spyros Skouras, William Gardner Smith, Carl B. Stokes, David Ullman, Rudy Vallee, Alice Walker, Mike Wallace, Walter White, Roy Wilkins, Shelley Winters, Morton Wishengrad, Dr. Wolfgang, and Whitney Young, Jr. Also includes images of African Americans at work including Betty Barnes at Atlantic Refining and Walter B. Flagg at Smith, Kline & French, and the strike at the Philadelphia Record ca. 1947. Photographers include Fabian Bachrach, Blackstone-Shelburne, Bond-McGarry Studios, Leonard Cohen, Thomas Hanks, Allan D. Hewitt, L'Image Studios, Margaret Lewis, James McGary, Metropolitan Photo Service, Sam Miller, Sam Nocella, Frank Orlando, Maurice Orodenker, Phillips Studio, Photo-Arts, Photo-Associates, Jules Schick, and Jack Snyder.



Photographs were originally received as part of accession 473 of the Fellowship Commission (Philadelphia, Pa.) Records.


Box 1

Action Research Seminar, 1959-65
    Tenth, 1951
    Fifteenth, 1956
    Twenty-Fifth, 1966-67 (Thacher Longstreth, Mayor John Lindsay)
Annual Conference
    January 1955
    October 1955
Annual Meetings, 1947-66
Awards for Cooperating Organizations, 1951-60
Betty Barnes of Atlantic Refining
Binder Contents
    No. 1, Miscellaneous Activities, 1989
    No. 2, Miscellaneous Activities, 1980-84 (Malcom X, Frank Rizzo, Wilson Goode, Willard Rouse, Julius Erving, Constance Clayton)
    No. 3, Leonard Bernstein Award, 1985
Bok Award, 1947 (Marjorie Penney and Maurice Fagan)
    Dedication, 1946
    Library, 1946
    Mortgage Burning, 1953
    Other Interiors, 1947
Changing Neighborhoods Conference, 1952
Childhood Relations Seminar/Early Childhood Project, 1949-58
Citizens Committee for a Community College in Philadelphia, 1963 (Governor William Scranton)
City Charter Amendments Hearings, 1950
Civic Services Committee, 1960
Civil Rights Champions Dinner, 1950 (Hubert Humphrey, Dr. Ralph Bunche, Gov. Alfred Driscoll)
Civil Rights Mobilization, 1950
College Editors Conference
Community Leaders Council, 1952-1959
Community Tensions Committee, 1956-65
Crime and Race Statistics Institute, 1959
Debutant/Cotillion Balls, 1950 (Marjorie Penney)
Dedication of Four Chaplain Billboard, 1945
Dedication of Traveling Libraries to Gerber
Dinner for Cooperating Organizations
Distinguished Negroes of American Origin Art Exhibit, June 1946
Drawings for Slides
E. Luther Cunningham Scholarship
Educational Policy and Planning Committee, 1957, 1964
Emancipation Proclamation 100th Anniversary Committee
Equal Housing Opportunities Council
Equal Job Opportunity Council, 1948-73
Executives of Other Organizations or Businesses, 1963-64
Fair Employment Practices Commission, 1950, 1953
Fair Housing Ordinances
Film Discussions and Library Visits, 1949-56
Film Previews
"For Women Only" Membership Tea with Juanita Hall
Freedom Fountain Dedication
Girard College Hearing, 1954
Housing Conferences, 1956-60
Housing Democracy Committee, 1950-54
Human Rights Conference
    1953, May
    1953, October
Immigration Committee and Luncheon, 1955
Interfaith Prayer Service Protesting Racial Injustice in Selma
Interreligious Issues Committee and Seminar, 1960, 1964
Job Opportunities for Youth Committee, 1967 (Joe Frazier)
Joint Meetings with Other Agencies, 1953-56
Juanita Moore Luncheon, 1959
Legislator's Luncheons, 1953-58
Meet the Author
    Dr. H. H. Giles, The Integrated Classroom
    Selma Hirsch, The Fears Men Live By
Membership Enrollment (Committee, Activities, and Dinner)
    1949 (Eleanor Roosevelt, Rudy Vallee)
    1950 (James Edwards of Home of the Brave )
    1951 (Arthur Koestler, Willard Motley, John Hersey, Spyros Skouras, William Gardner Smith)
    1952 (Clement R. Attlee, Carlos P.Romulo)
    1953 (William T. Granahan, Albert M. Greenfield, Walter White, Harry J. Greene, Paul G. Hoffman}
    1954 (James L. Hicks, Edward R. Murrow, Morton Wishengrad, John Facenda, Joe Louis, E. Washington Rhodes)
    1955 (Danny Kaye)
    1957 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Box 2

    1958 (Eric Sevaraid, Chet Huntley)
    1959 (Shelley Winters, Charlton Heston, Sidney Poitier, Jackie Robinson, Millie Perkins)
    1960 (Carl Sandburg)
    1961 (Albert N. Brown, James Michener, Helen O. Dickens, Vincent P. McDevitt)
    1962 (Robert P. Kennedy)
    1964 (A. Philip Randolph, Walter Reuther, Roy Wilkins, Whitney Young Jr.)
    1965 (Burke Marshall, Cardinal Bea, Archbishop Krol)
    1966 (Hubert Humphrey)
    1967 (Jacob Javits, Carl Rowan, Mike Wallace)
    1968 (Carl B. Stokes)
    1969 (Otto Kerner)
Mollie Berg Luncheon, 1950
Mother of the Year Luncheon, 1946
National Award Recipients
    Bishop Robert L. DeWitt
    Richard Hatcher
    Whitney Young
National Womens League, Social Action Conference, 1963
Officers, Board and Committee Chairmen
Open House, 1950-52
Philadelphia Record Strike
Photo History of the Fellowship Commission, 1946-52
Police Community Relations, 1947, 1954, 1956
    Shirley Chisholm
    Joseph S. Clark, Jr.
    Milton Clark
    Maurice Fagan
    Dr. Ivor Griffith
    Vera Gunn
    Langston Hughes
    Coretta King
    Dr. Joachim Prinz
    Malcom Scott
    David Ullman
    Alice Walker
    Dr. Wolfgang
Radio, 1951, 1952, 1960
Seminars, Miscellaneous, 1947-58
Social Action, 1950, 1958
South Philadelphia Area Office, 1965
Staff of the Commission
Teachers Clinics, 1956-57
Television, 1953, 1960, 1961
Temple University Student Teachers, 1960, 1962
Visiting Groups, 1955-60
Walter B. Flagg at Work at Smith, Kline & French, 1962?
West Philadelphia Fellowship Council, 1953
Womens Division, 1950, 1963-67