Francois Joseph Jerome Nickles Papers

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1848 -1868
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     The collection consists of approximately 1,000 letters from French, German and English scientists to François Joseph Jérôme Nicklès, a French chemist. A few letters are addressed to third parties and several of Nicklès' responses are included.


     Nicklès taught in the Faculté des Sciences, Nancy (1854‑1869). His research included electric batteries (the topic of his thesis in physics, published in 1853), polymorphism (the topic of his thesis in chemistry published the same year), crystallography, fluorine, metallurgy, analysis of water and artificial lighting (see Nicklès Bibliography, below).


     His early years and personal life are obscure as there are no biographies of him and only one brief obituary has been located so far. From the addresses on the letters he received and their topics, several salient facts can be discerned. He apparently spent most of his life in the Alsace‑Lorraine area of France; the most notable absences were the time he spent in Justus von Liebig's Laboratory in Giessen (1844‑1845) and his years in Paris (1851‑1854). He married in 1856 and had at least one child (born in 1857). He had at least two brothers, Napoleon and Laurent. In 1862 he was named Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur.


     His earliest training was in pharmacy and medicine; he was apparently apprenticed to a pharmicist named Trautmann in Woerth sur Sauer in 1840. By 1844 he is a student of medicine in Benfeld, receiving his "baccalaureat" that year. After returning from Giessen he was a preparator in the École de Pharmacie, Strasbourg. The following year Nickles is in the Académie de Strasbourg. He taught chemistry in Strasbourg at some point as he received a letter from Emile Reuss, dated February 13, 1845 (while Reuss is a student at Strasbourg), telling Nicklès that the students preferred the chemistry of M. Nicklès to that of M. Haas, his replacement.


     By 1851 he receives a letter addressed to him as a chemist in Paris. In 1854 Nicklès is appointed to the Faculté des Sciences, Nancy. There he remains until his death as a result of his experiments with hydrofluoric acid.


     Many of the letters Nicklès received introduced students who wished to study with him. Two series of letters present insights

into the educational system in France in the middle of the nineteenth century. C. Kosmann was a pharmacist with a doctorate in science forced to return to school after the law regulating the preparation for such professionals was changed in 1854 (1). Where a lengthy apprenticeship had been sufficient since 1803, the new law required three years in an École Superieur after the apprenticeship. Emile Reuss describes his education and the licensing procedure (he passed his exam and received his license, August 9, 1845) in his correspondence during 1845.


     In addition to education, Nicklès was involved with scientific publication. From 1846 to 1851 he was a collaborator with Eugène Millon and Jules de Reiset, editors of Annuaire de chimie. Millon was a military surgeon and pharmacist stationed in Algers after 1850. In his letters to Nicklès, Millon deplores his isolation from the scientific world and requests that his collaborator send him articles.


     Nicklès was also involved with several scientific organizations including the Académie de Stanislas, Nancy (at one point he was president and on the Bonsfil prize committee), the Académie des Sciences, Paris, the Société des Secours des Amis des Sciences (a fund was established for the widow and family of Auguste Laurent), and other regional societies.


     Nicklès also corresponded with several scientists who reviewed his articles for the Comptes Rendus, e.g. Henri V. Regnault. He also corresponded with several chemists involved in controversies in the mid‑nineteenth century. The debate between French and German chemists was often heated by nationalistic fervor; the topics included the causes of fermentation (Pasteur said a living organism, Liebig said a chemical ferment), history of chemistry (H. Kopp, F. Hoeffer and M. Bertholet all wrote histories, the latter claiming superiority over Kopp's earlier work), articles translated without the original author's name (Nicklès had this happen to one of his articles reprinted in Ateneo: see de Mueller, Paris, May 6, 1854) and system of atomic weights. (2)  Although Nicklès did not write about atomic weights, he knew the key figures in this debate (or their associates, e.g. William Odling, Charles Gerhardt and Eugène Millon). Nicklès' circle of acquaintances included many who were in Giessen. Among these was N.J.W. Laskowski who wrote to Nicklès that the conditions of the Russian laboratory in which he was working differed greatly from those he had known in Germany (October 14, 1846).


     In addition to giving insights into Nicklès' own career as a scientist and teacher, this collection illuminates the world of scientific networks and the international communication among nineteenth century scientists.


     The collection is arranged alphabetically by the authors of the letters or documents; all letters are written to Nicklès unless otherwise noted.


     The collection was purchased from Alain Brieux, France, in 1964. There are no restrictions on the Collection.


     A detailed card index has been compiled; this was begun by Mrs. Francois Fisher. Photocopies would be available for each entry.


 1.See Maurice Bouvet, Histoire de la Pharmacie en France (Paris: E.H. Guitard, 1937), p. 336, for brief description of these changes.


 2.See J.D. Bernal, Science in History, v. 2: The Scientific and Industrial Revolutions (Cambridge: M.I.T. Press, 1971), pp. 648‑649, for brief description of the fermentation debate.

Sur une Cause de Variation dans Les Angles des Cristaux, 1848

Recherches cristallographique, 1849

De la Permeabilité des Métaux pour le Mercure, 1852

Les Electro-Aimants Circulaires (these de physique presentée à la Faculté des Sciences de Paris), 1853

Recherches sur le Polymorphisme (these de chimie presentée à la Faculté des Sciences de Paris), 1853

De l'Origine du Magnetisme Terrestre, 1854

Nouveau Système d'electro-Aimants, 1854

Sur la Passivité du Nickel et du Cobalt, 1854

Sur l'isomorphisme des combinaisons homdogues, 1855

Appareil pour servir à la demonstration de la Théorie de la flamme, 1856

Presence de la Vivianite das des ossements humains, 1856

Recherches sur la diffusion du fluor, 1857

Le Moteur des Convois des Grands Tunnels et en Particulier du Tunnel sous-Marin, 1858

Sur un nouvel hydrosilicate d'Alumine, 1859

Sur l'isomorphisme du bismuth avec l'antimoine et l'arsenic, 1860

Combinaisons formées par les Bromures métalliques avec l'éther, 1861

Sur les relations d'isomorphisme que existent entre les métaux du groupe de l'Azote, 1861

Alambic a effets multiples, de la Faculté des Sciences de Nancy, 1862

De la Recherche de l'Argent au point de vue médico‑légal, 1862

Théorie Physique des Odeurs et des Saveurs, 1862

Nouvelle Classe de Combinaissons chimiques (les sels quadruples), 1863

Recherches sur le Thallium, 1865

Annuaire de Chimie, publié en commun avec M.M. Millon et Reiset, 1846‑1851

Revue des Travaux de chimie publié a l'etranger

Les Electro‑Aimants et l'Adherence magnetique, 1860. 1v.

Among the Notes published in Comptes Rendus

"Sur le soufre noir," Feb. 1866, V.62 p.469 refers to his article in Journal de Pharmacie, v.38 (1860), p.ll7

"Sur de nouveaux dissolvants de l'or," March and July 1866 v.62, pp.755‑757; v.63 pp.21‑22

"Fluorure Manganoso‑Manganique," August 1868, v.67, pp.448‑450

Nickles also published in Journal de Chimie et pharmacie and other scientific publications. His account of the Scientific Congress held at Carlsruhe in 1858 was published with the Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution for 1860 (pp.355‑374), translated by C.A. Alexander.

See also J.C. Poggendorff, Biographisch-Literarisches Handworterbuch zur Geschichte der Exacten Wissenschaften (Leipzig: Johann Ambrosius Barth, 1863), v.2, #281

Correspondence to American Journal of Science and the Arts (Silliman's Journal), v.15 (January 1853)‑v.45 (January 1868). Brief death notice appeared in v.47:141 (May 1869) p.434

ABRIA, JEREMIE JOSEPH BENOIT (1811‑1892). Physicist, Dean of the School of Sciences, University of Bordeaux. Founder of the Société des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles.


A.L.S. Bordeaux, March 20, 1861. General correspondence.


Eulogy of August Laurent, former professor at the University of Bordeaux, published in the Séance annuelle de rentrée des facultés... Université de France, 14 November 1853, pages 6‑10.


ALGLAVE, EMILE (1842‑1928). Lawyer. Founder of the Revue des cours scientifiques et littéraires. Director of the Bibliothèque Scientifique Internationale.


     A.L.S. Paris, April 18, 1868. RE: flourine gas lecture.




     Autograph receipts of July 4 and July 11, 1851.


AUBERGER, PIERRE‑HECTOR (1809‑1884). Chemist. Founder and Dean of the Facultés des Lettres et des Sciences.


A.L.S. Clermont, December 16, 1855. Information requested on science courses at the Université de Nancy.


A.L.S. Paris. Social correspondence; visiting card as Commissaire du Gouvernement Persan à l'Exposition universelle de 1867 enclosed.




2 A.L.S. Paris, September 19, 1853; June 20, 1854. Business correspondence.


BALARD, ANTOINE‑JEROME (1802‑1876). Chemist and pharmacist. Discover of bromine, and of hypochlorus acid.


A.L.S. Montpellier, September 16, 1853. Re: A business introduction.


A.L.S. Paris, June 24, 1855. References to chemical matters and experiments.


(See letter of Buquet, Paul: April 11, 1868, and of Decharmes, C.: Amiens, June 24, 1860).

BARRAL, JEAN AUGUSTE (1819‑1884). Chemist, Editor of the Journal d'Agriculture pratique and of the Journal de l'Agriculture. Permanent secretary of the Société Nationale d'Agriculture de France.


A.L.S. Paris, September 2, 1850. Permission granted to Mr. Deutsh for a visit to his factory.


5 A.L.S. Paris, August‑September, 1866. Business matters concerning the Journal de l'Agriculture.


     A.L.S. [n.d.] General social correspondence.


BARRESWIL, CHARLES‑LOUIS (1817‑1870). Chemistry expert for the Customs Service. Researcher with Claude Bernard on chemical processes of digestion.


A.L.S. [n.d.]  Re: brief details of an unidentified experimental procedure.


(See letter of Cap, Paul‑Antoine: Paris, February 4, 1857, and letters of Gélis, Amédée).


BAUDRIMONT, ALEXANDRE‑EDOUARD (1806‑1880). Chemist. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences. First to study the colloids.


2 A.L.S. Bordeaux, February 22, 1861; March 26, 1861. Re: Imperial Academy of Bordeaux; dimorphism of metals research discussed.


A.L.S. Bordeaux, June 19, 1861. Re: Imperial Academy of Bordeaux conference.


A.L.S. Bordeaux, December 31, 1864. General social correspondence.


2 A.L.S. Paris, April 4, 1866; April 6, 1866. Discussion of political unrest.


Note: Five letters of Baut, E. from 1853‑4 were part of the Nickles Papers and are now missing.




     A.L.S. April 1, 1853. Social correspondence.




A.L.S. December 1, 1854. Congratulations on Nicklès' appointment at Nancy.



2 A.L.S. Nancy, June 11, 1968; June 23, 1968. Re: relief maps of the Vosqes.


(See letters of Dollfus, Auguste on relief maps of the Vosges).


BAZAINE, PIERRE‑DOMINIQUE (1809‑1893). Chief engineer for Department of Bridges and Highways. Built the first streetcars in Paris. Directed work on the canal of Corinth.


A.L.S. Paris, August 1, 1850. Permission to visit certain repair shops.


A.L.S. Paris, August 1, 1850. Re: certain experiments performed by Mr. Nicklès and Mr. Amberger.


A.L.S. November 25, 1850. To: Eugène Flachat, Chief (civil) Engineer. Request for railroad material.


A.L.S. September 1, 1852. Request for information on danger of an electrical experiment.


A.L.S. October 27, 1856. Acknowledgement of receipt of biography on H. Braconnot.


     A.L.S. Paris, March 4, 1858. Re: railroad engines.


A.L.S. Paris, November 19, 1860. Acknowledgement of receipt of book on electro‑magnets.


A.L.S. Paris, May 28, 1862. Congratulations on Nicklès' being  named "Chevalier".


     A.L.S. April 13, 1863. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. September 6, 1863. Re: appointment of railroad inspectors.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]  Social correspondence.


BEAUMONT, JEAN‑BAPTISTE‑ARMAND‑LOUIS‑LEONCE‑ELIE DE (1798‑1874). Geologist. Permanent secretary of the Academy of Sciences.


Signed form letters acknowledging the following books and papers written by Nickles:


     January 26, 1854. Recherches sur le polymorphisme.

     October 21, 1856. Braconnot, sa vie et ses travaux.

     April 6, 1859. Recherches sur la diffusion du fluor.

December 8, 1859. "Sur la Fixation des Fantomes   Magnetiques".

January 12, 1861. "Sur les Relations d'Isomorphisme qui   Existent entre le Bismuth et l'Antimoine".

(See letter of Flourens, Marie‑Jean‑Pierre, Paris February   16, 1854).

     July 2, 1866; July 7, 1866. Recherches de Chimie appliquee.

     June 22, 1867. Recherches de physique et de chimie.


BECHAMP, PIERRE‑JACQUES‑ANTOINE (1816‑1908). Physician and surgeon. Dean of the Catholic School of Medicine at Lille.


6 A.L.S. Strasbourg, May 11, 1840‑June 24, 1855. Discusses certain chemicals, and mentions mineral water springs at Soutezmalt and members of Nicklès' family.


(See letter of Blondeau, Charles: Laval, March 14, 1864, and of Chautard, Jules‑Maria‑Augustin: Vendome, October 14, 1856).




A.L.S. Ussel, March 24, 1863. Re: Nicklès' book on electro‑magnets.


BECQUEREL, ALEXANDRE‑EDMOND (1820‑1891). Physicist. President of the Societe d'Encouragement pour l'Industrie Nationale, Extensive research on solar spectrum and electric light; invented the phosphoroscope.


A.L.S. April 19, 1853. Invitation to Nicklès to attend lectures by the writer on electromagnetic apparatus.


A.L.S. January 29, 1856. Re: book published by the writer and his father; memoirs written by Nicklès.


A.L.S. Paris, November 16, 1860. Concerning certain experiments the writer attempted in study of certain substances and their light spectrum.


BECQUEREL, ANTOINE‑CESAR (1788‑1878). Physicist. Formulated laws of electrical disengagement in thermo‑electric reactions; first to demonstrate chemical origin of electricity in the electric pile.


A.L.S. Dieuze, May 31, 1856. Re: manufacturing process of soda; reference to Eugene Bopie.


     2 A.L.S. Dieuze, June 2, 1856; June 15, 1857.



A.L.S. Paris, September 22, 1853. Re: generator installation by Belleville‑Grimblot & Cie., Paris.


BENARD, CHARLES (1807‑1898). French philosopher; played an important role in reorganization of the study of philosophy in the lycées.


A.L.S. [n.d.]  Re: Mme. Laurent; enquiry about availability to tutor.


BENOIT, JEAN‑JOSEPH‑LOUIS‑CHARLES (1815‑18‑). Classical scholar. Professor of French literature and dean of the School of Liberal Arts at Nancy.


6 A.L.S. Nancy, December 9, 1861‑[later than] June 4, 1867. Mentions testing for pollution in a city fountain and Nickles' family.




     A.L.S. May 8, 1868. General correspondence.




A.L.S. Bordeaux, January 29, 1855. Re: availability of position for writer at Nancy. Discusses visit with addressee's brother and Mme. Nicklès.


A.L.S. Clermont, August 26, 1864. Re: experiment carried out with certain liquid supplied by Nicklès.


List of papers, including a dissertation, on scientific subjects, written by Bernard 1852‑1854.




A.L.S. Nancy, July 16, 1868. Acknowledgement of receipt of brochure: "Attantide de Platon".


BERTHELOT, PIERRE‑EUGENE‑MARCELIN (1827‑1907). Chemist and historian of chemistry; interested especially in organic chemistry.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]  Social correspondence.


(See letter of Balard, Antoine‑Jérôme: Montpellier, September 16, 1853, and letters of Cap, Paul‑Antoine: Paris, September 16, 1855‑July 13, 1857, and of Gélis, Amédée: Villeneuve‑la‑Garenne, August 27, 1859).

BERTIN‑MOUROT, PIERRE‑AUGUSTIN (1818‑1884). Chemist, Director of the Ecole Normale. Studied crystallography, optical phenomena and magnetism.


2 A.L.S. Strasbourg, November 8, 1858; July 15, 1860. Letters of recommendation for Mr. Reinbold and Mr. Monoyer.


BERTINI, HENRY‑JEROME (1798‑1876). Musician; piano composer.


A.L.S. Meylan (Isère), October 14, 1863. Acknowledging receipt of three booklets and geological samples sent by addressee.




     (See letter of Boudet, Henri‑Félix: Paris, March 29, 1861).




A.L.S. Lyon, February 11, 1868. Request for advice on scientific material to be used with slow students.




     A.L.S. December 28 [1846]. Concerning a publishing project.


BILLOT, PAUL CONSTANT (1796‑1863). Naturalist. Engineer with the Department of Bridges and Highways.


A.L.S. Haguenau, March 14, 1856. Recommendation for Mr. Jacquot.


BIOT, JEAN‑BAPTISTE (1774‑1862). French scientist. Member of the Academy of Sciences and of the Paris Observatory. Made the first scientific aerostatical trip with Gay‑Lussac.


Pamphlet, 4 pp.; forward to the reader for an edition of the Methode de Chimie of August Laurent.


BLANCHARD, CHARLES‑EMILE (1819‑1900). French naturalist.


     (See letter of Blondeau, Charles: Laval, December 29, 1863).




9 A.L.S. Rodez, April 8, 1855‑October 4, 1857. Re: experiments, work on etherification, and scientific publications.


6 A.L.S. Laval, November 1, 1863‑July 19, 1864. Re: scientific publications.

7 A.L.S. Villefranche (Rhône), August 29, 1866‑December 29, 1868. Re: Blondeau looking for another position.


(See letter of Bussy, Antoine ‑ Alexandre‑Brutus, and of Chevrendis, Eug‑Cirey: December 21, 1858, and of Denis, Prospère‑Sylvain: Toul, July 9, 1855).


BLONDLOT, NICOLAS (1808‑1877). French physician. Practiced in Nancy and was professor of chemistry and toxicology. Corresponding member of the Académie de Medecine.


A.L.S. Nancy, October 4, 1855. Tour of inspection writer and Addressee are to make.


A.L.S. Nancy, July 24, 1858. Announcing the meeting of the Medical Council of the Meurthe, of which Addressee is a member.


A.L.S. Nancy, November 3, 1858. Reference to M. Warneck. Desire of writer to discuss section of dissertation on chemistry with Addressee.


A.L.S. Nancy, May 3, 1859. Meeting of writer M. Simonin, pharmacist, and Addressee to carry out certain tests.


A.L.S. Nancy, July 21, 1861. Meeting of Conseil d'Hygiene Publique et de Salurrité du Department de la Meurthe.


     A.L.S. Nancy, November 7, 1862. General correspondence.


A.L.S. May 11, 1864. Request for postponenment of meeting.


A.L.S. N.D. Announcing writer's visit to Addressee's laboratory.


     2 mss. articles (n.d.)  "Recherches sur le phosphore Noir,"


                            "Purification de L'Acide sufurique,"



     A.L.S. April 30, 18‑‑? General correspondence.




A.L.S. Paris, April 16, 1853. Request for Nicklès' permission to put lab at disposal of Fabre and Kunemann.




A.L.S. Nantes, September 4, 1856. Re: samples of water residue.



3 A.L.S. Zurich, May 18, 1865‑June 15, 1866. Mentions the activities of the Société Helvétique des Sciences Naturelles, and the Institute of Microbiology. Reference to E. Kopp (see letters under same name).


Note: One letter of Bonnet, F., dated December 28, 1868, was part the Nicklès Papers and is now missing.




2 A.L.S. Strasbourg, July 27, 1856; August 1, 1856. Re: Bouchez dissertation in chemistry.




3 A.L.S. Metz, April 11, 1861‑August 1, 1866. Re: Academy of Metz; calories produced annually by one hectare of ground in the form of alcohol.


BOUDET, HENRI‑FELIX (1806‑1878). Pharmacist. Member of the Academy of Medicine in 1856. Interested in health care for children.


     A.L.S. Paris, July 26, 1857. Re: Thénard and Braconnot.


A.L.S. Paris, June 19, 1858. Re: article by Boudet on Woehler's chemistry. Mentions Société de Secours des Amis des Sciences.


     A.L.S. Paris, June 27, 1858. Re: flourine bath.


     A.L.S. Paris, October 14, 1858. Re: the Society's journal.


     A.L.S. Paris, March 1, 1859. Re: the Society.


A.L.S. March 17, 1860. Re: the Society, and Boudet's appointment as secretary.


A.L.S. Paris, May 31, 1860. Re: Codex Information on Boudet's experiments.


     A.L.S. Paris, September 28, 1860. Re: Journal de Pharmacie.


24 A.L.S. Paris, November 18, 1860‑March 6, 1868. On Société de Secours business, composition of pewter plate, congratulations on addressee being named Knight of the Legion of Honor (May 27, 1862), social correspondence.


3 A.L.S. Orne, December 1868 and [n.d.]. Social correspondence.


4 A.L.S. Paris, December 28, 1868‑February 13, 1869, 2 [n.d.].


Reference to Société, Journal de Pharmacie; writer's research on solubility of calcium carbonate done earlier with A.F. Boutron.


A.L.S. Miseray pres Longny, Orne [n.d.]. One group of scientists led by Wurtz and Sarreswell(?) intending to publish a journal to compete with Journal de Chimie.


     A.L.S. N.P., [n.d.]. On publishing a journal.


A.L.S. Brotz près Longny, Orne, [n.d.]. Reference to studies on iodide of antimony.


BOUDET, HENRY. Procureur Impérial. Son of BOUDET, HENRI‑FELIX.


2 A.L.S. Vitry LE FRANCOIS, November 6, 1868; November 11, 1868. Re: M. Forfer.


(See letter of Boudet, Henri‑Félix: [n.d.]  Pontcharden Près Vimoutiers, Orne).


BOUILLET, NICHOLAS (1798‑1865). Scholar. Author and editor of several dictionaries. "Inspecteur Général" for the University of Paris.


A.L.S. September 12, 1856. Re: Dictionaire des Sciences. Announcement of Gerhardt's death.


A.L.S. Paris, May 10, 1857. Re: Dictionaire Universal des Sciences, des Letters et des Arts. Reference to article by addressee on Henry Braconnot.


BOUIS, JULES (1822‑1886). Chemist. Taught at School of Pharmacy in Paris. Elected to the Academy of Medicine.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: Visit soap factory.


BOUQUET, JEAN‑PIERRE (1818‑?). Chemist. Worked at Bureau d'Essais de l'École des Mines. Discovered ethyl‑sculphite with Evelman.


A.L.S. Paris, September 8, 1852. Request by M. Schauffele and writer for information on M. Leers' writings about quinidine.


A.L.S. Paris, June 22, 1853. Re: M. Poggendorf. Bibliographical information about writer.


BOUSSINGAULT, JEAN‑BAPTISTE‑JOSEPH‑DIEUDENNE (1802‑1887). Chemist and agronomist. Member of Academy of Sciences; a founder of the Institute National Agronomique of Paris. Showed plants absorbed nitrogen from nitrates in soil, not from air. Influenced by L.J. Thénard.


A.L.S. Liebfrauenberg, Woerth (Bas‑Rhin). [n.d.]. [1856?]. Requests information on firms in Nancy which manufacture threshing machines. Reference to addressee's marriage [1856].


A.L.S. Paris, December 5, 1857. Comment on addressee's eulogy on H. Braconnot. Reference to paper written by addressee on flour and to one on magnets. Mention of coming election to replace M. Thénard at the Academy of Sciences. List of candidates.


     (See letter of Boudet, Henri‑Félix: July 26, 1857).


A.L.S. Paris, June 25, 1858. Re: Promise made by M. Dumas to writer of reading addressee's report on Fluorine.


A.L.S. Acieriés d'Uniesen, près Firminy (Loire), November 9, 1862. Re: writer's study on fallow land. List of articles by writer on ozone and nitrogen and enrichment of soil.


A.L.S. Libfrauenberg, Woerth (Bas‑Rhin) July 10, 1866. Re: Brochure by addressee presenting ways to determine purity of certain oils.




A.L.S. Paris, August 28, 1868. (To M. l' Inspecteur Général) Re: M. Trémoureux, teacher at the Lycée who is to proctor exam.


BOUTRON, ANTOINE‑FRANCOIS (1796‑1878). Apothecary. Member of Academy of Medicine and of the Public Health Council of the Seene department.


A.L.S. Paris, November 21, 1856. Re: Memoir on Hydrotimétrie published by M. Boudet and writer. Request for addressee's opinion on this new application of the quantitative analysis method made famous by M. Gay‑Lussac. Request for copy of article by addressee on H. Braconnot.


A.L.S. Paris, June 13, 1863. Re: Request for portrait of late M. Péan de Saint Gilleo. Gift offer of portraits of M. Frémy and M. Pelouze for addressee's collection. Suggestion on how to obtain those of M. Bussy, Léon Soubeiran and M. Cap.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Forwarding to addressee of portrait of M. de Saint‑Gilleo.




A.L.S. Nancy, March 22, 1869. Request by writer to use addressee's lab.


BRACONNOT, HENRI (1780‑1855). Chemist Director of the Jardin des Plantes in Nancy and corresponding professor of botany at the Institut.


A.L.S. Paris, June 10, 1868. Request for copies of publications by Henri Braconnot, relative of writer. Also included in the folder:


List of main works published by Henri Braconnot, including 112 items. 12 page biographical manuscript on Henri Braconnet compiled by Dr. Denis based on information found in the civil registers in Commercy and Toul.


(See Denis, Prospère‑Sylvain, and letters of Blondeau, Charles, Rodez: April 8, 1865, and of Braine, C.: Tours, October 6, 1865, and of Cap, Paul‑Antoine: Paris, November 28, 1856, and of Chautard, Jules‑Marie‑Augustin: Vendôme, September 24, 1865, and of Descharmes, C., and of Delesse, Achille: Paris, January 22, 1856).




A.L.S. Tours, October 6, 1856. Re: certain experiments  made with water from Loire River. Mailing of dissertation to addressee and M. Faye. Re: H. Braconnot.




A.L.S. Bruxelles, March 6, 1867. Re: paper on use of burning painted wood in bakery ovens. Reference to M. de Villemessant.




A.L.S. Geneva, February 17, 1863. Request for review of book written by writer on frauds, disease, and chemical analysis of wine.


BUIGNET, HENRI (1815‑1876). Pharmacist. Member of Academy of Medicine. Secretary General of the "Société de Pharmacie."


A.L.S. Paris, February 4, 1858. Acknowledgement for article sent by addressee on "dosage de l'iode par l'hyposulfite de soude."  References to articles by M. Fordos and M. Gélis.


6 A.L.S. Paris, December 20, 1858. ‑ later than December 18, 1861. Re: Journal, review, publications and procedures.


A.L.S. Paris, March 29, 1859. Request for information on M. Willet, pharmacist in Nancy.


A.L.S. Paris, October 2, 1859. Re: M. Margueritte's correction in an experiment and to an original theory presented by him. References to M. Erdmann and M. Spiller.


A.L.S. April 2, 18‑‑. Re: lecture on colors in relationship with artificial lights and publication of it in Journal.


A.L.S. Paris, April 17, 18‑‑. Re: exchange proposal from M. Silliman. Suggestions concerning development of foreign reviews and necessity for being more explicit at times.


A.L.S. June 20, 18‑‑. Re: mailing of three bulletins and some German publications requested by addressee.


A.L.S. Paris, October 28, 18‑‑. Correction by M. Fordos about article by Kolbe. Re: Journal's policies of publication and Article on "ozone et autozone".


A.L.S. November 13, 18‑‑. Assurance of careful proofreading of articles by Addressee. Reference to article by M. Scouttetez, and to M. Pasteur.


A.L.S. Paris, November 20, 18‑‑. Detailed instructions concerning new policies for reviews of foreign publications. Reference to M. Boudet.


A.L.S. Paris, October 27, 1859. Acknowledgement for receipt of chemical substance: liguline. Reference to M. Masson.


A.L.S. Paris, January 13, 1860. Re: publication of reviews by addressee in Journal de Pharmacie et de Chimie.


A.L.S. Paris, January 13, 1862. Re: articles by address on "bromures et iodures définis du bismuth, de l'arsenic et de l'antimoine" and article on the letter of J. Liebig.


A.L.S. Paris, February 3, 1862. Re: article by M. Rammelsberg. Instructions concerning publication of two of the addressee's articles in the Journal.


A.L.S. Paris, February 10, 18‑‑. Re: acknowledgement for article on new alkali metal by M. Bunsen. References to article by addressee included in present issue of Journal on metals of the nitrogen group.


A.L.S. March 28, 18‑‑. Information requested by M. Poggiale about publication of new process called "panification on artificial yeast". Request for copy of article to have it translated.


BUQUET, HENRI‑ALFRED‑LEOPOLD, BARON (1809‑?). Politican; Mayor of Nancy. Representative from the Meurthe area in the assembly.


A.L.S. Nancy, May 10, 1855 (?). Invitation to join planning committee at City Hall to organize acceptance ceremony for statue of General Drovot.


A.L.S. Nancy, May l2, 1855 (?). Re: two samples of bronze taken from statue and its pedestal which writer wishes addressee to examine.


A.L.S. Nancy, December 1, 1858. Invitation to be part of Commission for Exhibit of Arts, Industry, and Agriculture planned for May 1860 in Nancy.


A.L.S. Nancy, November 16, 1861. Request for names of two academic members who, with addressee, would serve on organization committee for regional competition in May 1862.




A.L.S. Dieuze, May 31, 1864. Corrections concerning figures given for report on factory at Dieuze.


A.L.S. Dieuze, February 8, 1865. Re: forthcoming visit of addressee to factory at Dieuze. Request to have M. Kopp accompany addressee. (See letters of M. Kopp).


A.L.S. Dieuze, December 8, 1866. Re: salt mines at Dieuze and improved disposal of their residue.


A.L.S. Dieuze. April 11, 1868. Re: salt mines and residue disposal. Detailed description of these procedures. Re: meeting in Paris between M. Dumas and M. Balard and writer. Re: prizes awarded by Académie de Stanislas. (See letters under: (1) Dumas, Jean‑Baptiste, dated May 17, 1855. (2) Balard, Antoine‑Jérôme, dated June 24, 1855).

A.L.S. Dieuze, October 29, 1868. Request for information on whether processes of residue removal developed by company would qualify for chemistry prize given by Académie Stanislas in Nancy. Request for steps to follow in order to qualify. Re: samples promised by writer to addressee.


(Additional information Buquet, Paul: see report on the factory at Dieuze, dated 1865, under Nicklès, Francois-Joseph-Jérôme).


BURNOF, EMILE‑LOUIS (1821‑1907). Scholar; honorary director at the École d'Athénes.


4 A.L.S. July 3, 1861, August 4, 1862, Ste. Camille, October 18, 1862, Wednesday, June 4, 18‑‑. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. [n.d.]  Re: lecture given by writer at the Academy on transmission of messages.


A.L.S. Ste. Camille, February 18, 18‑‑. Social correspondence, Re: invitation by addressee.


A.L.S. Ste. Camille, Monday night, no date given. Social correspondence. (See letter of Charon, M.).


BUSSY, ANTOINE‑ALEXANDRE‑BRUTUS (1794‑1882). Chemist, pharmacist, and physician. Professor and later director at Ecole de Pharmacie in Paris. Obtained magnesium in coherent form. President of Academy of Medicine and served on editorial staff of the Journal de Pharmacie de Chimie.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: article by Dr. Blondlot on purification of sulfuric acid. Note from M. Nicklès to Dr. Blondlot added at bottom of letter. (See letter of Blondeau, Charles, Ville Fraudre (Rhone), December 29, 1968).




A.L.S. Toul, May 24, 1860. Request for information on how to mix clay used for making tiles.


A.L.S. Tuilerie de Bouvron, près Toul, July 23, 1860. Mailing to addressee samples of clay used to make tiles and which are to be analyzed. Printed notice describing tiles manufactured by M. Cahen.


CAHOURS, AUGUSTE‑ANDRE‑THOMAS (1813‑1891). Chemist; member of Academy of Sciences.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: publication of a book. (See letter of Charles, E., November 23, 1867).



A.L.S. Manchester, Royal Institution July 12, 1861. Request to have article by writer published in Journal de Pharmacie.


A.L.S. Manchester, February 6, 1863. Re: research and use of carbolic acid.


CAP (GRATACAP, dit CAP), PAUL‑ANTOINE (1788‑1877). Pharmacist; scientific researcher.


A.L.S. Paris, September 20, 1853. Announcement of addressee's appointment to replace M. Wurtz in writing for the Journal de Pharmacie.


A.L.S. Paris, May 16, 1854. Re: payment to addressee for his collaboration to the Journal. Recommendations for early delivery of manuscripts.


A.L.S. Paris, September 15, 1854. Re: addressee's appointment to Journal. Reference to note by M. Loth.


A.L.S. Paris, September 16, 1855. Re: articles by M. Glueckiger and by M. Berthelot on essence of Memphis. Clarification requested on name of German chemist: Goeffsmann or Goesman. (See letter of Berthelot, Marcelin).


A.L.S. Paris, November 28, 1856. Acknowledged receipt of addressee's obituary notice on Braconnot. Mention of gift of three copies of "Biographical Studies" published by writer. (See letter of Braconnot, Henri).


A.L.S. Paris, February 4, 1857. Re: article "Varietes by M. Barreswil, reference to M. Boudet, writes desire to be accepted as a member of Académie de Stanislas. List of foreign learned societies to which writer belongs. (See letter of Barreswil, Charles‑Louis, letter Berthelot, Marcelin, and letters of Boudet, Henri‑Félix).


A.L.S. Paris, July 13, 1857. Gratitude for sponsoring and supporting writer's candidacy at the Académie de Stanislas. Reference to article on arsenic by M. Berthelot.


A.L.S. Paris, June 20, 1864. Re: continuation by writer of his "Biographical Studies."  Desire to include names such as Bayen, Servelles, Oersted, Baumé. Request for information on Sertuezner.




     A.L.S. Gerardmer, September 4, 1868. Social correspondence.



     (See letters of Nicklès, Francois‑Joseph‑Jérôme).


CASTELNAU, M.H., DE. Editor, Le Moniteur des Hopitaux.


A.L.S. Paris, November 2, 1857. Re: delay in publishing article by addressee.




A.L.S. Strasbourg, March 17, 1847. Re: visit by addressee's brother, Ernest. Request for work as translator from German or Russian into French.


A.L.S. Strasbourg, March 24, 1847. Re: previous letter. Mention of job offered writer as a tutor in Russia.


A.L.S. Moscow, October 29‑November 10, 1848. Re: friend, M. Teste, writer's three months with addressee in school in Paris, returning to France.


     A.L.S. Strasbourg, June 15, 1850. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Fauquez (near Tubize, Belguim), January 24, 1851. Re: writer's present occupation in his brother's paper mill. Mention of search for chemical substance to precipitate gelatin in order for paper paste to stick to tank. (See letter of Dumas, J.B., January 26, 1857).


A.L.S. Fauquez, May 6, 1851. Re: addressee's involvement with industry and to addressee's experiments with electro-magnetism. Enquiry about using addressee's invention to improve motion provided by steam machine to 6 cylinders.


A.L.S. Braine‑le‑Comte, July 10, 1851. Re: transmission machines to be used in mill.


A.L.S. Braine‑le‑Comte, June 5, 1852. Mention of successful tests made on Lyon Railroad proving value of addressee's research in the field of magnetism.


A.L.S. Braine‑le‑Comte, January 9, 1856. General scientific matters.




     (See letter by de Luca, S., Paris, November 2, 1855).



A.L.S. Berlin, September 24, 1864. Re: memoir on Zenger by addressee, arsenic poisoning and the introduction of free trade for pharmacists in Prussia.




A.L.S. Montpellier, March 1, 1849. Announcement of discovery of new chemical: carbonilethane. Discussion of preparation of nitrobenzanilide. Reference to A. Laurent. Mention of addressee's work on phenol. Addressee called "Gerhardt."




A.L.S. Paris, October 24, 1868. Re: article sent by addressee which has not been published yet. Reference to M. Boudet & M. Faucher.


     (See letter of Boudet, Henri‑Félix, Paris, March 29, 1861).


Note: An undated letter of Chapelle, M. was part of the Nicklès' Papers and is now missing.


CHARLES, EMILE‑AUGUSTE‑EDOUARD (1826‑1897). Philosopher; Professor of Philosophy st the Lycée Louis‑le‑grand in Paris, and rector of Lyon academy.


A.L.S. November 23, 1867. Letter of introduction for M. Cailler.


     2 A.L.S. [n.d.]. Social correspondence.




A.L.S. Paris, October 18, 1861 (?). Re: "agrégation" and article by addressee on the mortality of fish in heated water.


A.L.S. Paris, December 3, 1865 (?). Re: article on fish mortality and the mailing of brochure on iron ore to addressee.




A.L.S. Paris, May 26, 1862. Re: bestowal of a certain decoration on addressee as well as on M. Burnouf and M. Grandjean. (See letters of Burnouf, E.).



A.L.S. St. Germain, April 13, 1862. Re: article by writer, published in the Journal de la Meurthe on experiment to protect agriculture from hail.


CHATIN, GASPARD‑ADOLPHE (1813‑1901). Botanist; member of Academy of Medicine and member of Academy of Sciences in 1874; director of the École de Pharmacie from 1873 to 1886.


A.L.S. Paris, September 7, 1858. Re: position available at the School of Pharmacy.


A.L.S. Paris, January 24, 1862. Re: Contributions to build statue to Parmentier and to promotion of idea in area around Nancy.


A.L.S. Paris, May 15, 1867. Re: forthcoming doctoral experimentation.


CHAUTARD, JULES‑MARIA‑AUGUSTIN (1826‑1901). Pharmacist; Professor of Physics and later Dean of the "Faculté des Sciences" at Nancy. Also, Dean of the Catholic at University of Lille.


A.L.S. Vendôme, September 24, 1856. Reference to Braconnot; analysis of water residue from the Cher and the Loir. (See letter of Braconnot, Henri, Paris, June 10, 1868).


A.L.S. Vendôme, October 14, 1856. Expedition of water residue from the Loir to be analyzed. Reference to writer's meeting with Béchamp. (See letter of Béchamp, Pierre-Jacques-Antoine, Strasbourg, May 11, 1840, and letter of Coutellier, J., Metz, December 12, 1868).


2 A.L.S. Nancy, June 10, 1861. Re: complaint by addressee concerning removal of material from his lab.


5 A.L.S. Vendôme, December 30, 1862‑June 2, 1867. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Paris, April 22, 1865. Re: paper on various phenomena discovered in luminous spectrum through use of Geissler tubes, and observations on current meteorological research.


A.L.S. Nancy, June 12, 1865. Re: charges made by addressee concerning late dismissals of writer's classes. Rebutal of charges.


A.L.S. Nancy, June 16, 1865. Re: insufficient funds alloted to cover cost of materials in the lecture room and the lab.


     A.L.S. August 1, 18‑‑? Re: supervision of examinations.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. examination to be given to three candidates, one of which will be chosen.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Announcement of course to be given by writer.


     4 A.L.S. [n.d.]. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: dissertation on the barometer, its history, its functions, presented by doctoral candidate in physics.


A.L.S. December 17, 18‑‑. Re: Biot's instrument of polarization.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Request for loan of a heater.


A.L.S. Wednesday evening____________. Re: loan of two plates from addressee to writer.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: vacancy in Mathematics department.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Request for journals describing modern discoveries.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: special courses offered at the university.


A.L.S. Nancy, 186_. Re: new regulations brought about by Dean of School of Sciences concerning proctoring of final examins by professors themselves. Writer's opposition to proposal. (See letters of Decharmes, C.).


CHENOT, CLAUDE‑BERNARD‑ADRIEN (1803‑1855). Engineer; discovered and exploited mines in Auvergne.


A.L.S. Paris, July 22, 1854. Re: expenses incurred in building experimental machine (electro‑separator).


A.L.S. Paris, August 27, 1854. Re: construction of electro‑separator.


A.L.S. Paris, October 7, 1854. Expenses in building machine. Request for articles by M. Bensin on aluminum.


     A.L.S. Paris, October 25, 1854. Re: different ores tested.


3 A.L.S. Paris, November 13, 1854‑November 24, 1854. Re: electromagnet.




A.L.S. Clichy, October 31, 1854. Re: battery discussed with addressee at previous meeting.


CHENOT, E. Son of Adrian Chenot.


A.L.S. Clichy la Garenne, October 24, 1854. Re: salary paid to addressee by writer's father as consultant on problems concerning use of electricity.


A.L.S. Clichy, December 2, 1854. Re: expenses to be paid to addressee for research done as consultant.


A.L.S. Clichy, December 2, 1854. Re: salary paid to addressee. Re: electromagnet necessary to perform experiment.


A.L.S. Clichy, December 5, 1854. Re: bill covering special order for copper wiring.


CHEVALLIER, JEAN‑BAPTISTE‑ALPHONSE (1793‑1879). Chemist and pharmacist. Member of Academy of Medicine.


A.L.S. Paris, April 11, 1858. Re: gift from addressee for the Historical Society, Langres.


A.L.S. Paris, July 9, 1858. Request for autographs from Auguste Laurent. (See letters of Laurent, Auguste).


A.L.S. Paris, June 29, 1865. Re: public hygiene and agriculture.




A.L.S. [n.d. June 1861?]. Request for scholarship for writer's son.


4 A.L.S. Saline de Sommerviller, August 9, 1864‑July 27, 1865. Re: Writer's son.




A.L.S. Cirey, December (?) 21, 1858 (?). Re: Collaboration of addressee, M. Blondot, M. Mathis, and writer. (See letter of Blondot, Nicholas, October 4, 1855).


A.L.S. Sartzbach, August 1, 1866. Recommendation of young man (Daiche) who needs encouragement.


     A.L.S. Paris, November (?)3, 1866. Re: M. Daiche.



A.L.S. Metz, January 17, 1869. Request for examination of writer's dissertation. Re: M. Chautard.


A.L.S. Metz, January 20, 1869. Mention of dangers involved in working with certain chemicals. Reference to M. Chautard.


2 A.L.S. Metz, February 11, 1869 and March 5, 1869. Re: dissertation.




A.L.S. Frankfurt am Main, January 23, 1849. Re: friend of writer's, M. Bouquet, who is seeking employment in America.


A.L.S. Mannheim, August 22, 1864. Interest in discovery by one of addressee's students. Reverse: A.L.S. From M. Nicklès, addressee not named. Invitation to come immediately to Nancy. Reference to trip of M. Clemm‑Lennig.


     A.L.S. Mannheim, August 24, 1864. Re: meeting.


A.L.S. Bad Gleisweiller, October 4, 1864. Re: manufacture of carbonic acid and aniline factory.


A.L.S. Heidelberg, November 1, 1864. Re: carbonic acid and aniline colors.




     A.L.S. Paris, August 29, 1863. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Algiers, March 10, 1864. Re: M. Sabine and his experiments.




A.L.S. June 2, 1852. Re: return of German books lent by addressee. Reference to M. Chevallier. (See letters of Chevallier, Jean‑Baptiste Alphonse).




     A.L.S. Nancy, July 1, 1868. Re: Prof. Schoenbein.


A.L.S. Metz, December 12, 1868. Mailing to addressee of brochure on treatment of measles and scarlet fever. Reference to M. Chautard. (See letters of Chautard, Jules‑Marie‑Augustin).




A.L.S. To Dr. Odling, Reading, July 17, 1861. Re: manufacture and characteristics of carbonic acid.




A.L.S. Bordeaux, September 24, 1856. Re: evaporation of water from Jaronne and Dordogne rivers.


DAUBREE, GABRIEL‑AUGUSTE (1814‑1896). Geologist and mineralogist. Inspector general of the Mines in 1867 and director of the École des Mines in 1872.


A.L.S. Strasbourg, July 29, 1859. Re: flourine; discussion of formation of crystallized stones in Roman bricks or mortar.


A.L.S. Paris, October 21, 1865 (1869?). Re: substance sent to M. Bailley for analysis, identified as metalic tin.


A.L.S. Paris, July 5, 1866. Re: reunion of geologist at Varangéville.


A.L.S. Paris, October 29, 1868. Re: article in Annalés des Mines, 1867, on formation of crystalline quartz.


DAUMAS, MELCHOIR‑JOSEPH‑EUGENE (1803‑1871). French general and writer. Director of Algerian Affairs; commander of the army division in Bordeaux.


A.L.S. Paris, October 5, 1854. Re: mailing of report by writer on situation in Algeria in 1853.


DEBETTE, P. (?).


A.L.S. Paris, June 17, 1848. Re: M. Chancel's dismissal from the "École des Mines," committee to appoint new professor.


DECHARMES, C. Professor of Mathematics at the Imperial Lycée in Amiens.


A.L.S. Amiens, June 24, 1856. Request for copy of addressee's dissertation on circular electromagnets; paper by writer on applications of electricity.


7 A.L.S. Amiens, July 10, 1856‑February 2, 1862. Re: dissertations. References to M. Chautard and M. Gordon.


2 A.L.S. Amiens, January 24, 1857‑February 1, 1861. Re: writer's studies on various crystalline forms of morphine. Referral to opium, etc. Reference to works by Biot and Pasteur. Detailed description of crystalline studies.


A.L.S. Amiens, February 9, 1857. Mention of brochure by Braconnot, and deposite of samples requested by addressee.


2 A.L.S. Amiens, February 19, 1857‑April 6, 1857. Work by writer on expedition of mineral deposits; reference to addressee's research on flourine gas.


A.L.S. Amiens, March 31, 1857. Re: samples taken from furnaces. Request for information on a good gonimeter.


A.L.S. Amiens, June 24, 1860. Reference to difficulties of writer in having his dissertation accepted. Reference to M.M. Pasteur, Girardin, and Viollette, all judges of the dissertation. Allusion to writer's consultation with M. Balard. (See letter of Balard, Antoine‑Jérôme, June 24, 1855).


Included with the letter is a detailed plan of the doctoral dissertation in physics on hemiredry and in chemistry on "local opium extracted from the poppy with comparison of its morpheme to exotic opium."


3 A.L.S. Amiens, February, 1861-August 19, 1862. General correspondence. Reference to M. Dumas.


A.L.S. Amiens, August 30, 1861. Re: M. Boucher de Verthes. Problems encountered by writer in obtaining a position. Reference to articles on morphine by M.M. Lefort and Wittstien. (See letters of Lefort, J.).


A.L.S. Amiens, September 12, 1861. Study of pre-historic sites at St. Achen. Reference to M. de Perthes.


     A.L.S. Amiens, October 16, 1861. Re: samples of silex.


A.L.S. Amiens, February 6, 1862. Writer's reluctance to accept post at Nancy.


A.L.S. Amiens, May 29, 1862. Re: electromagnets and magnetic adhesion as applied to locomotives.


2 A.L.S. Amiens, August 25‑29, 1862. Re: interviews with M.M. Pettit, Dumas and Dumesnil.


A.L.S. Amiens, October 18, 1863. Discussion of problems concerning electromagnets. Enclosed with letter-drawings, possibly of or pretaining to discussion of electromagnets.


     A.L.S. Amiens, July 29, 1864. Re: M.M. Faye and Nobbier (?).


A.L.S. Paris, August 15, 1864. Description of favorable meeting with M. Faye. Reference to M.M. Mesnard and Dumesnil.


A.L.S. Paris, September 30, 1864. Announcement of writer's transfer from Amiens to the Lycée of Anger.


2 A.L.S. Angers, January 5, 1865‑August 19, 1866. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Angers, May 3, 1867. Re: final session of conference at the Sorbonne.


A.L.S. Angers, March 1, 1865 or 1866. Acknowledgement of receipt of article on color. Description of writer's work.


A.L.S. Angers, May 27, 1868. Discussion of article by addressee on mineral chemistry and writer's teaching schedule. Reference to M. Faye. (See letter of Braconnot, Henri: Paris, June 10, 1868, letters of Chautard, Jules-Marie-Augustin, and of Faye, Hervé-August-Etiénne-Albans).


DEHERAIN, PIERRE‑PAUL (1830‑1902). Agricultural expert; taught at École de Grignon, member of Academy of Sciences.


A.L.S. Paris, December 2, 1865. Re: articles by addressee on perchloride periodide, manganese, and discovery of special chlorides. Lengthy discourse on importance of research on chlorides.




     (See letters of Nicklès, Francois‑Joseph‑Jérôme).


DELESSE, ACHILLE‑ERNEST‑OSCAR‑JOSEPH (1817‑1881). Engineer; member of Academy of Sciences.


A.L.S. Paris, July 23, 1852. Re: M. Couche and to M. Lechatelier's memoir on addressee's process.


2 A.L.S. Paris, March 20, 1853‑June 15, 1859. Re: Commission des Annales des Mines.


A.L.S. Paris, October 11, 1854. Re: article on homomorphism by M. Dana.


A.L.S. Paris, January 22, 1856. Re: Braconnot. (See letter of Braconnot, Henri: Paris, June 10, 1868).


2 A.L.S. Paris, June 2, 1859‑October 19, 1859. Re: Bulletin de la Société Géologique.


2 A.L.S. Paris, August 29, 1860‑October 19, 1862. Re: papers published in Annales des Mines and American Journal.


     A.L.S. Paris, May 11, 1861. Re: metamorphism of rocks.


A.L.S. February 17, 1863. Refusal by Commission de Annales des Mines to publish addressee's paper. Reference to M. Rivot.


A.L.S. Paris, October 20, 1863. Re: M. Godron's work on botanical geography. Allusion to writer's work in same field. Reference to geological reports by Liebig, H. Kopp, and M. Will.


2 A.L.S. Paris, April 21, 1867‑November 6, 186_. Announcement of fourth volume of Revue de Géologie, published by writer and M. de Lapparent. Mention of M. Godron.


3 A.L.S. Paris, August 3, 1867‑January 19, 1869. Re: Geological and agricultural maps sent by writer.


A.L.S. Paris, [n.d.]. Request to addressee to send to the Silliman Journal two papers presented by Dr. Andrews at the British association in Belfast.


DENIS, PROSPERE‑SYLVAIN. Chief physician at hospital in Toul.


     (See letters of Braconnot, Henri).


A.L.S. Toul, July 9, 1855. Re: writer's friendship with M. Braconnot; reference to Dr. Blondlot. (See letters of Blondlot, Nicolas).


     A.L.S. Toul, May 11, 1858. Re: blood and "plasmine."


A.L.S. Toul, August 2, 1858. Request for treatise on animal physiological chemistry by M. Lehmann.


DESCAMPS, V. Pharmacist, working with M. Frémy at the Museum.


A.L.S. Paris, March 17, 1868. Request for information about German publications on manganese cyanides.




A.L.S. Paris, May 8, 1868. Re: request by addressee for samples of gun powder and salt of carbozolic acid.

DESSAIGNES, VICTOR (1800‑1885). Chemist; research on tartaric acid, succinic fermentation, quercetin, uric acid and on methylamine.


A.L.S. Vendôme, July 21, 1866. Letter of recommendation on behalf of student, Charles Joly. Reference to addressee's work on solvents of gold.




A.L.S. Mulhouse, December 12, 1865. Acknowledgement for two memoirs by addressee to be presented to "Société Industrielle". Information about relief maps of the Vosges.


A.L.S. Mulhouse, May 1, 1866. Re: expedition by writer of three maps.


A.L.S. Mulhouse, May 14, 1868. Acknowledgement for copies of reviews, etc. published abroad.


A.L.S. Mulhouse, June 16, 1868. Re: expedition of maps of the Vosges. (For maps of Vosges: see also letter of Bazaine, Adolphe and Jérôme Nicklès).




A.L.S. October 22, 1868. Forwarding to addressee items requested.


DONNE, ALFRED (1801‑1878). Physician, "Recteur" of the Academy of Strasbourg and later of the Academy of Montpellier.


2 A.L.S. August 13, 1868, August 14, [1868]. Statement describing procedure followed by M. Danjais in taking examination for "agrégation".


DUBRUNFAUT, AUGUSTE‑PIERRE (1797‑1881). Industrialist; first to use sulfuric acid diluted in water to hasten fermentation of beet must.


     A.L.S. Bercy, October 5, 1865. Re: flourine.


A.L.S. Bercy, November 11, 1865. Discussion of financial situation of M. Silbermann's widow.


     A.L.S. Paris‑Bercy, April 3, 1866. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Paris‑Bercy, September 12, 1866. Discussion of writer's experiments with cane sugar.

DUCOMEZ, V. (?).


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Request for permission to bring influential visitors to examine addressee's apparatus.




A.L.S. August 26, 1852. Re: addressee's paper on "amalgated zinc in batteries". Re: Dr. Williamson's experiments on etherification. (See letters of Williamson, Alexander-William).


DUFRENOY, OURS‑PIERRE‑ARMAND PETIT (1792‑1857). Geologist and mineralogist; director of the Mining School, member of the Academy of Sciences.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Request for return of writer's gonimeter.


DUMAS, JEAN‑BAPTISTE‑ANDRE (1800‑1884). Chemist, founder of the "École Centrale des Arts et Manufactures," minister of Agriculture and Commerce, President of the Paris city council. Developed many theories of organic chemistry.


10 A.L.S. and a card  May 17, 1855‑?? Re: Social correspondence. Mention of M. Liebig.


14 A.L.S. February 12, 1857‑After May 11, 1868. General correspondence. Mention of M. Peire (December 4, 1866).


A.L.S. Nancy, April 16, 1859. Re: paper by M.P. (full name not given).


A.L.S. Nancy, April 9, 1860. Re: article by addressee in the Bulletin des Sociétés Savantes.


     A.L.S. July 17, 1860. Re: M. Soyer, Willemet.


     A.L.S. Nancy, September 29, 1860. Re: M. Fée.


A.L.S. October 28, 1860. Social correspondence; discussion of addressee's new work on electro‑magnets.


     A.L.S. Houdemont, July 4, 1861. Social correspondence.


2 A.L.S. Montauban‑Houdemont, July 10, 1861, December 21, 1861. Re: Académie de Stanislas.


A.L.S. Montauban‑Houdemont, July 15, 1863. Re: Sorghum and articles written on it.


A.L.S. Houdemont, September 12, 1867. Re: cultivation of the potato and use of horse meat.


A.L.S. March 1, 1887. Request for note by addressee on sugar contents of different plants.


A.L.S. Houdemont, près Nancy, June 28, 1868. Re: rumor that addressee is leaving the Société regionale.


A.L.S. Houdemont, July 4, 1868. Re: addressee's withdrawing from the association.


A.L.S. February 14, 1869. Ideas on how to create heat physically or chemically.


A.L.S. February 28, 1869. Re: request by University of Nancy to introduce course in Sanskrit.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Notes on M. Guibal praising him as a judge and as a writer.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: cheese staining.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: debates at the Académie de Stanislas.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: paper by M. Boydanow, writer, and addressee's rival in field of acclimatization.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: M. Peire's studies on textiles and papers.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: paper and experiments by M. Peire.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Request for addressee to read paper by Count de Monthureux d'Arraicourt, member Académie de Stanislas.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: letter by M. Leupol.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Letter of recommendation for student, M. Saint-Germain.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Re: article on Strasbourg by M. Delcapo.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Includes visiting card. (See letter of Boudet, Henry‑Félix, Paris, March 29, 1861; letter of Catala, Victor‑Faquez, January 24, 1851; letters of Peire, C.).


DYVRANDE, A.D. (See letters under Nicklès, Francois-Joseph-Jérôme).




     A.L.S. Paris, July 4, 1865. Private correspondence.




A.L.S. Carlsruh, August 26, 1858. Re: scientific conference, Instructions on how to bring apparatus through German customs.


     A.L.S. Carlsruhe, October 8, 1858. Sending to addressee three issues of the Tagblatt and a medal.


     A.L.S. Carlsruhe, November 29, 1858. Re: fluorine.




6 A.L.S. Paris, April 3, 1853‑after July 18, 1857. Discussion of financial situations, general matters. (See letters of Kunemann, Eugène).


FABRE & KUNEMANN. Firm which specialized in instruments for the teaching of chemistry, physics and mathematics.


7 A.L.S. Paris, February 11, 1855‑after May 14, 1856. Small business matters.


     4 vouchers and bills, August 26, 1855‑April 12, 1856.


[n.d.]. List with number of students auditing courses in chemistry, astronomy, botany, and physics.




     A.L.S. Strasbourg, July 17, 1866. Personal request.


FARADAY, MICHAEL. (See letter of Braine, Charles, Tours, October 6, 1856).


FAUCHEZ, L. Engineer.


     3 A.L.S. [n.d.]. General correspondence.


Manuscript. 4pp., on the preparation of soluble sulphur in sulphide of carbon.


FAUVEL, Dr. Secretary of the "Société d'histoire naturelle" in Colmar.


A.L.S. Comar, July 25, 1866. Re: Société d'Histoire Naturelle bulletin.

FAVRE, PIERRE‑ANTOINE (1813‑1880). Chemist. Awarded the Lacaze prize by Academy of Sciences and appointed a corresponding member.


A.L.S. Marseille, November 27, 1886. Re: experiments in thermo-chemistry.


     A.L.S. Marseille, November 30, 1867. General correspondence.


FAYE, C.S. (Mrs. H.A. Faye).


A.L.S. Paris, May 27, 1859. Social correspondence. (See letter of Braine, Charles, Tours, October 6, 1856).


FAYE, HERVE‑AUGUSTE‑ETIENNE‑ALBANS (1814‑1902). Astronomer; discovered a recurring comet. Minister of Public Education.


6 A.L.S. Nancy, Paris, Passey. From July 27, 1855. Concerning examinations and papers at the Lycée St. Louis.


FIQUIER, GUILLAUME‑LOUIS (1819‑1894). Writer and scientist.


A.L.S. Paris, January 5, 1869. Request for Braconnot's photograph to include in writer's book "Merveilles de la Science."




A.L.S. [n.d.]. To the Caretaker of the Conservatoire Impérial des Arts et Metiers to allow M. Nicklès to enter freely.


FLOURENS, MARIE‑JEAN‑PIERRE (1794‑1867). French physiologist. He replaced Cuvier at the Collège de France in 1828. He became permanent secretary of the Academy of Sciences in 1833. He worked in neurology and studied periosteum and bone formation.


6 A.L.S. Paris, August 22, 1850‑November 23, 1860 and an envelope. Académie form letters acknowledging receipt of books and articles and appointing Nicklès correspondent to Silliman's American Journal of Science and Arts.


FORDOS, MATHURIN‑JOSEPH (1816‑1878). Pharmacist.


     A.L.S. October 14, 1852. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. October 27, 1861. On the protest by the writer and M. Gélis against M. Kolbe for plagiarizing their article on "reduction of sulfuric acid by nascent hydrogen" (1841, Journal de Pharmacie).



A.L.S. Paris, February 1, 1853. Unable to accept addressee's invitation. Refers to writer's memoir in Technologiste (1846) and subsequent improvements in air machines.


FRANCK, M. Franck & Cie., Fabrique de Toiles Metalliques.


A.L.C. Schestadt, October 19, 1867. Acknowledges receipt of two letters from addressee; mentions M. Bounette, miller from Pont‑à‑Mousson. Reverse: A.L.S. from Nicklès, [n.d.]. Refers to person who has turned out to be most untrustworthy (no name given) and requests information on the price of a chemical substance.


FREMY, EDMOND (1814‑1894). French Chemist. Discovered ferric acid, osmic acid and researched fluorides, composition of bones and other topics.


A.L.S. September 23, 1849. Requesting the addressee to be at the Conservatoire to receive instructions for examinations.


FREYCINET, CHARLES‑LOUIS DE (1828‑1923). French engineer and politician. He was a member of the French Academy and wrote numerous scientific works. After the 1870 Revolution he was an aide to Gambetta and was elected senator, later to become minister of public works and to hold other posts.


A.L.S.Paris, July 21, 1868. Acknowledges receipt of addressee's paper which arrived after the writer had presented his report to the Minister. Sending to addressee the writer's brochure about a geological study of the Lower Pyrenees.


FRIEDEL, CHARLES (1832‑1899). French chemist and mineralogist. He lived with his grandfather, Duvernoy, professor at the Museum. Friedel worked in the laboratory of Wurtz and became professor of mineralogy and of organic chemistry at the University of Paris.


A.L.S. Paris, March 20, 1867. Refers to article on addressee`s friend (no name given) to be published in the Bulletin de la Société Chimique.


FROMENT, PAUL‑GUSTAVE (1815‑1865). French mechanic and instrument maker. He invented different forms of telegraph.


5 A.L.S. Paris, June 14‑August 11, 1852. On borrowing porous vases used by addressee in electromagnetic experiments and the writer's experiment (with illus., June 26, 1852).


GAILLARD, DR. Physician at the Val de Grâce Hospital in Paris.


A.L.S. Paris, April 17, 1863. Refers to meeting with M. Dulos and settlement of Cosmos affair (no details). Mentions report on new engraving process by M. Dulos.


GARNIER, PAUL. French Clockmaker.


A.L.S. Paris, February 27, 1852. Request for certain elements used in experiments with train traction to conduct experiments with electric clocks.


GAVARRET, LOUIS‑DENIS‑JULES (1809‑1890). French physician and professor at School of Medicine in Paris.


A.L.S. St. German, July 18, 1858. Acknowledges receipt of memoir #2 on electromagnets, sent by addressee, but #1 and #3 were missing. Refers to addressee's dissertation.


A.L.S. Paris, March 7, 1859. Regrets that addressee's collected papers on physics were never published "in extenso" by the Annales de Physique et de Chimie.


GELIS, ALFRED. Son of Amédée Gélis in Lycée Imperial de Nancy.


16 A.L.S. Nancy, January 9, 1856‑December 30, 1856 (one n.d.). Social correspondence mentioning a visit from his mother and money from his parents.


A.L.S. Paris, February 9, 1858. Inquiry about addressee's state of health after an accident.


A.L.S. Toulouse, December 11, 1862. Expression of sympathy for loss suffered by addressee. Writer decided to become an actor, against his father's wish and has worked on the stage as "Jules Bernier."


     A.L.S. November 30, 1864. Tickets for performance of play.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. September 14, 18?? Fear that a visit by writer might be embarrassing to addressee. Gratitude to addressee for kindness he has shown writer.


GELIS, AMEDEE (1815‑1882). French chemist. He discovered tetrathionic acid and with Mathurin Joseph Fordos prepared butyric acid.


     A.L.S. Paris, March 28, 1853. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Paris, March 4, 1856. Taking writer's son out of Lycée de Versailles and placing him in Lycée de Nancy, with addressee's help. Refers to mention by addressee in the Journal de Pharmacie of the writer and M. Fordos and their work on the reduction of sulfuric acid.


A.L.S. Paris, January 22, 1857. Refers to experiment on coloring sulfite solution and process to obtain crystallized glucose.


A.L.S. Paris, February 5, 1857. Social correspondence with reference to M. LePlay and a study on water residues.


A.L.S. Paris, April 4, 1857. Request for small loan to pay for son's trip to Paris. Writer's son Alfred will return with payment and with water residues from the Seine.


A.L.S. Paris, January 3, 1858. Social correspondence. Sending M. Pelouze's report on "brown matters". Refers to erroneus statement about Mohr and the discovery of means of dosing iodine with titrated solution of sodium hyposulfite, a process the writer and M. Fordos discovered.


A.L.S. Paris, January 10, 1858. Work on iodine, M. Mohr's book.


A.L.S. Villeneuve‑la‑Garenne [Paris], August 27, 1859. Social correspondence. Accusation of plagiarism against German scientist G. Städeler who published a paper in Annales de Chimie et Pharmacie taken from Berthelot's earlier article without mentioning his name at all.


A.L.S. Paris, January 17, 1860. The necessity of giving M. Berthe, the writer's friend, moral support.


A.L.S. Villeneuve‑la‑Garenne, April 28, 1861. How urine analysis is performed on diabetics and the problem of plagiarism in research. Request for unspecified article by M. Blondlot which is of great interest to M. Dusart and to M. Pelouze's son. Disappointment about the writer's son and his work.


A.L.S. Paris, August 7, 1861. Description of writer's son's interest in acting. Alfred had a rude lesson when he tried to break a contract with a theater manager in Nancy. Refers to forthcoming article by writer on hyposulfuric acid and M. Hauer's article on the same subject.


A.L.S. Paris, August 22, 1861. Request for additional information on hyposulfates.


A.L.S. Villeneuve‑la‑Garenne, September 6, 1861. Electro-magnetic machine based on Mollet's system and the manufacture of electricity.


A.L.S. August 1, 1862. M. Hesse's article and writer's lack of concern for hyposulfate. Writer's pleasure in hearing that the addressee was named full professor. Critical comments on the London exhibition and about the "Codex" commission. Writer may be forced to take the last examinations in pharmacy.


A.L.S. Paris, October 4, 1862. Chloride of carbon, Hofmann's process to obtain dyes, fertilizer.


A.L.S. Paris, February 24, 1863. Request for information on where to purchase "vermillion d'antimoine". Author of an article on zinc hyposulfite in Journal de Pharmacie did not know of the work done by Gélis and Fordos. Writer's son has achieved some success as an actor in Toulouse.


3 A.L.S. June 5‑August 29, 1863. Refers to addressee's letter to M. Barreswil, writer's work on zinc, German scientist (not named) on cyanogen, sending photographs to addressee.


A.L.S. Paris, October 16, 1863. On problems in manufacturing bread with carbonic acid; need to find inexpensive process to manufacture unadulterated carbonic acid to avoid risk of poisoning. On the manufacture of carbonated water, on the making of bicarbonate of ammonia, and the manufacture of sugar through barytic process. On finding a position for the addressee's brother and submitting the writer's doctoral dissertation.


A.L.S. Villeneuve‑la‑Garenne, March 24, 1864. Social correspondence.


2 A.L.S. Paris, June 2‑25, 1864. Honors conferred on writer and M. Dusart by Académie de Stanislas. On Paris rag pickers. Peligot's theory of the destructive effect of air accepted by J.B. Dumas. On addressee's memoir published.


A.L.S. Paris, July 19, 1864. Deal with M. Menier; sample of product to be shown to M. Menier, M. Rigollot and M. Berthé. Addressee's article on hyposulphites. Reverse: A.L.S. from Nicklès, [n.d.]. News in letter was worthy of a trip to Paris. Package from writer's brother, Laurent, arrived.


     A.L.S. Paris, July 30, 1864. General correspondence.


A.L.S. Villeneuve‑la‑Garenne, August 24, 1864. Writer spoke to M. Rigollot about new process; failure to attract M. Menier because new product would replace similar one with limited market. Contact with Dr. Fèvre.


A.L.S. Paris, September 12, 1864. New process for obtaining pure carbonic acid, apparently developed by addressee's brother. Description of M. Ozouf's patented process to obtain pure carbonic acid.


A.L.S. Villeneuve‑la‑Garenne, November 18, 1864. Research done on comparison between 2 ways of obtaining carbonic acid, that of addressee's brother and that of M. Meschelynck and M. Lionnet.


A.L.S. Villeneuve‑la‑Garenne, January 11, 1865. Reference to letter by M. Rohart and differences between writer's process and that of M. Rohart. Great similarity between Ward's process and Rohart's


A.L.S. Villeneuve‑la‑Garenne, January 25, 1865. Complaint by M. Rohart.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Plagiarism by German scientist M. Kolbe from articles by Gélis and Fordos, Pelouze and Frémy. Refers to writer's letter on electricity.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Price of carbon disulfide, letter by M. Dalpiaz manufacturer of glycerin in Paris.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. New law requesting everyone associated with pharmaceutical work to be a registered pharmacist. Necessity for writer to complete his degree in pharmacology (see Gélis, Amédée letter, August 1, 1862).


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Answers to technical questions asked by addressee. Reference to M. LePlay; photographs of Ducom, Bouquet, LePlay and Powmarede.


3 A.L.S. [n.d.]. Reference to memoir to be sent by writer to president of the Académie Stanislas. Denial by writer to any claim in manufacture of caramelic(?) acid and reference to Peligot's manufacture. Price and manufacture of iron protochloride.




A.L.S. Saverne, January 21, 1867. Concerning M. Kopp's serious illness.



3 A.L.S. Strasbourg, July 10, 1845‑June 25, 1862. Social correspondence including reference to writer's appointment as correspondant of the Académie de Stanislas.




A.L.S. Paris, August 28, 1866. Asks addressee to read and criticize writer's dissertation on the perception of colors.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. On writer's dissertation.




A.L.S. Metz, November 10, 1868. Refers to metal samples from bells sent to addressee for analysis and charges made against the writer's firm, accusing the director of having used impure metal.


GOUTIER, A. Major in the Engineers Corps and professor at the Military Academy. Member of the Council of the Association scientifique.


A.L.S. Metz, April 17, 1867. Invites addressee to speak at meeting of the Association scientifique de France.




A.L.S. Reuémont (?), July 16, 1865. Recommending the writer's two nephews.


GRAD, CHARLES (1842‑1890), Alsatian politician. He studied at the Mining School in Paris.


3 A.L.S. Turckheim, Haut‑Rhin, October 1‑14, 1868. Refers to addressee's brother Jérôme Nicklès. On writer's desire to leave cotton industry to study science and the barrier the "baccalauréat" presents. Refers to writer's book Physical Geography of the Polar Regions.


2 A.L.S. Turckheim, October 25, 1868‑March 15, 1869. On dispensation from "baccalauréat" and writer's published scientific papers.


GRENIER, CHARLES (1808‑1875). French botanist. With Godron he published Flore de France.


A.L.S. Besancon, May 29, 1846. On new regulations governing examinations for degree in physics.




A.L.S. Strasborg, March 27, 1854. On writer's paper dealing with statistics.


2 A.L.S. Benfeld, March 28 [1854]‑April 12, 1854. On writer's paper and its reception by Elie de Beaumont, secretary of the Académie des Sciences.


2 A.L.S. Benfeld, July 10‑20, 1854. On a study of "Agricultural Proverbs and Maxims used in Alsace".


GUIBOURT, NICOLAS JEAN BAPTISTE GASTON (1790‑1867). French pharmacist. Professor at the School of Pharmacy in 1832.


A.L.S. Paris, July 13, 1850. Asking addressee to translate some German passages.




10 A.L.S. Paris, January 27‑December 16, 1853. On addressee's paper on electro‑magnetism and presenting addressee's research project to central committee of railroads and to Commission at the Ministry.




A.L.S. Paris, September 5, 1867. Request for results of examinations.




A.L.S. Charlottenburg, June 14, 1863. Willingness of writer to share his knowledge of the preparation of soluble salts of magnesium oxide with French scientists.




A.L.S. Nantes, December 27, 1866. Appreciation for addressee's kindness and understanding toward students.




2 A.L.S. January 24??‑September 27, 18?? On writer's beginning "Curiosités scientifique de l'année" (1868) and desire to include addressee's research and papers.


HENRY, ETIENNE‑OSSIAN (1798‑1873). French chemist. Director of the laboratory of the Academy of Medecine in Paris and editor of the Journal de Pharmacie.


2 A.L.S. May 21, 1859‑February 1, 1867. Request for information on the preparation of chlorous acid and on lead perchloride compound.


HIRN, GUSTAVE‑ADOLPHE (1815‑1890). French scientist and civil engineer.


A.L.S. Logelback near Colmar, September 10, 1860. Social correspondence. Refers to M. Kampmann and M. Soengen.


A.L.S. Logelback near Colmar, October 5, 1863. On addressee's request for photograph.


A.L.S. Logelback near Colmar, November 20, 1866. Refers to M.M. Libling, Grad, and Bardin and to relief maps of Mont Blanc.


Also A.L.S. Charles Grad, November 20, 1866, on relief maps made by M. Bardin.


HOFMANN, AUGUST WILHELM VON (1818‑1892). German chemist. He became Liebig's assistant in 1843. He was founder of aniline dye industry and the first to prepare nitrobenzene and aniline from benzene.


A.L.S. Giessen, June 6, 1845. On addressee's request for position in chemistry laboratory during summer session.


HUSSON. Pharmacist in Toul.


A.L.S. Toul, November 19, 1861. Detailed account of a wine tampering case being investigated. Requests addressee perform chemical analysis writer cannot do.


A.L.S. Toul, May 27, 1862. Announcement by Dr. Bancel of awarding the Legion of Honor cross to addressee. In the wine tampering case the court found evidence without using chemical analysis.


A.L.S. Toul, April 23, 1863. On request that addressee appear in court and the necessity of taking the oath in person in Toul.


3 A.L.S. Toul, November 26‑December 17, 1864. Request for information on calcium carbonate crystals found in glass sent to addressee by writer and for tests on water samples. Writer's gratitude for kindness addressee has shown writer's son who is a student of addressee.


JAMIN, JULES CELESTIN (1818‑1886). French physicist. Appointed professor at Polytechnique in 1852 and at Sorbonne in 1863. Invented an artificial magnet and an electric candle.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Writer cannot answer questions about the "agrégation" as he gave up his seat as a member of the jury due to ill health.




A.L.S. Nancy, March 8, 1859. On writer's memoir on obtaining electricity.


A.L.S. Abreschwiller, April 4, 1859. Having made the corrections the addressee suggested, writer requests that the addressee present it at the Académie de Stanislas.




A.L.S. Metz, August 10, 18??. Instructions on the use of small lamps.


JOLY, NICOLAS (1812‑1885). French physiologist and anthropologist. Professor of zoology, anatomy and comparative physiology at Toulouse. Member of Académie des Sciences.


2 A.L.S. Toulouse, February 14, 1862‑[June 11, 1862]. On addressee's proposed contacts between writer and Académie Stanislas and the honor given to addressee.


KAMPMANN, F.E. Pharmacist.


A.L.S. Colmar, March 22, 1849. Letter of recommendation for M. Memminger who is to work in a pharmacy in Paris. Refers to Dr. Jaenger and to marriage of addressee's brother.


A.L.S. Colmar, April 5, 1854. Refers to addressee's appointment as corresponding member of the "Cercle de Pharmacie" and to writer's son who has been accepted as an intern.


A.L.S. Colmar, May 23, 1859. Refers to addressee's announced gift of fossils to the planned Museum of Natural Sciences and his appointment as honorary member of the society.


A.L.S. Colmar, October 5, 1865. Accepting addressee's biographical article on M. Silbermann. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Request that addressee recommend writer to judges giving examinations for internship. Names of judges.




A.L.S. Kaysersberg, September 9, 1843. Social correspondence; advice to addressee on how to prepare for examinations.


A.L.S. Kaysersberg, February 29, 1844. Refers to first meeting of addressee and F. Gerhardt and to addressee's interest in chemistry and desire to drop study of medicine. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Kaysersberg, May 12, 1844. Congratulations on addressee's success at the "baccalauréat". Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Kaysersberg, September 14, 1844. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Troyes, December 24, 1848. Writer's position as subsitute German teacher and news from Alsace and Strasbourg.


     A.L.S. August 14, 1850. Social correspondence.


4 A.L.S. Troyes, January 13, 1851‑January 28, 1852. Social correspondence. Refers to writer's medical scribling, mother's death, and teaching. Description of addressee's reputation in Alsace as a kind of Providence to those who are out of luck.


A.L.S. Troyes, April 15, 1852. On the death of the writer's father through suicide. Charge of parricide made by some. Writer's decision to practice medicine somewhere else.


A.L.S. May 26, 1852. Request to addressee to return writer's medical notes. Refers to addressee's brother.


2 A.L.S. Strasbourg, June 30,‑September 5, 1852. On M. Forget's discouraging comments on writer's book. Anger at not having been informed about letter addressee received from writer's father (see Kauffmann, M., December 12, 1851). On writer's decision to apply for position as ship physician.


4 A.L.S. Marseille, October 15, 1852‑February 16, 1854. On writer's trips as ship doctor, meeting with addressee's brother Napoleon and congratulations on addressee's research. Reverse of January 29, 1854 has notes in Nicklès' handwriting about magnets.


A.L.S. [n.d.], (1845‑1851?). Refers to M. Luck, chemist, bearer of letter, who studied at Giessen and to writer's failure at certain examinations.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. On writer's work, title changed to "Considerations sur les bases du diagnostic".  Pathology must concentrate on the study of blood. Refers to time when writer and addressee were assistants to M. Dumas. Writer passed fourth examination.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Discussion of addressee's experiments with railroad traction. Refers to war between Russia and Turkey.


KAUFFMANN, M. Father of F. Kauffmann.


Nicklès's copy (A.L.) of letter from M. Kauffmann, Kaysersberg, December 12, 1851, describing the father's feelings of frustration and resentment toward his son.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Draft of letter from F.J.J. Nicklès to M. Kauffmann pleading in favor of addressee's son.


KESSLER, L. French engineer and chemist.


A.L.S. Metz, December 15, 1855. Recommending student about to take his examinations. Social correspondence referring to writer's recent marriage.


A.L.S. February 22, 1857. Refers to samples requested by addressee. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Metz, March 9, 1857. On shipment to addressee of deposits in furnace using water from a city well and the promise of deposits from Moselle river. Refers to writer's article on the manufacture of alcohol.


A.L.S. Metz, June 9, 1858. Requests addressee's brother to send salt water from salt marsh for writer's analysis of potassium with fluoric acid. Refers to M. Lechatelier and Henri Ste. Claire Deville, associates of writer in these experiments and in the manufacture of aluminum.


A.L.S. Metz, June 27, 1858. On salt water shipments. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Metz, June 26, 1859. On short article to be published in Journal de Pharmacie (details not given). Requests addressee check if solution had been used for the same purpose previously.


     A.L.S. Metz, July 2, 1859. General correspondence.


A.L.S. Rouen, August 18, 1867. On writer's move from Paris to Rouen and willingness to return to Paris to meet with addressee.


Ms [letterpress copy], "Sur l'utilisation due Sulfatede Zinc des piles et sur le traitment de la blende par voie humide" [n.d.] [June 20, 1859 crossed out], [7p.].


Ms, "Procede d'extraction de l'antimoine par le sel marin". draft copy. [n.d.], 7p.




A.L.S. Braunschweig, April 22, 1847. Refers to mailing copies of book (no title given) and plans to publish it in England. Necessity to ask agreement of Imperial Academy of Sciences in Petersburg for use of copies. On the favorable market for French works in several countries.


KIRSCHLEGER, FREDERIC (1804‑1869). French naturalist. Professor at Strasbourg School of Pharmacy.


A.L.S. Strasbourg, August 21, 1858. On writer's intention to attend scientific conference in Carlsruhe with details on its organization and procedures. Following this letters is a page headed "Voici la reponse de Kirsch" and signed "N." This refers to conference procedures outlined in preceding letter.


A.L.S. Strasbourg, March 7, 1861. On delivery of message to M. Jacquemin concerning return of brochure lent by addressee. Reasons for delay were borrower's illness and his involvement in the question of aniline red. Refers to defense of this chemical by J. Persoz in the Frank‑Renard affair and loss of prestige suffered by M. Béchamp in this matter. Greetings to M. Godron.


KOMAROFF, A. Cercle des Chemins de Fer.


A.L.S. Paris, January 12, 1861. On lost issue of American Railway Review containing report on American experiments with adhesion. Suggests addressee write to Colonel Touravsky who witnessed American experiments. Refers to addressee's book and its review in Annales des ponts et chaussees russes.




A.L.S. Saverne, May 27, 1865. On writer's paper "Sur les operations de denaturation de Residues [de Chlore] de Dieuze" and its industrial applications.


Ms, "Traitement de Residue de Chlore et de la Chimie de Soude à Dieuze."




A.L.S. Ribeauvillé, December 31, 1845. Requests addressee perform analyses with digetoleic acid and determine its atomic weight. Refers to writer's stay at Giessen.


3 A.L.S. Thann, February 8‑April 3, 1855. On obligation of writer to take exams for "pharmacien premiere classe" although holding a certificate of pharmacist and Ph.D. from the university of Giessen. On examinations for "baccalauréat ès sciences."


A.L.S. Thann, May 4, 1855. On cholera epidemic in writer's town and writer's observations on how to deal with epidemics, fevers and other diseases.


A.L.S. Thann, May 28, 1855. Requests certificate for "baccalauréat".


A.L.S. Thann, March 12, 1856. Acknowledging articles sent by addressee on various scientific subjects; especially one on iron phosphate (vivianite). On finding vivianite in local rocks.


A.L.S. Thann, January 25, 1857. Congratulations on addressee's marriage. Inquiry on examinations for "licence ès sciences physiques".


A.L.S. Thann, March 11, 1857. On receiving exemption from Minister of Education to qualify for examination for "licence". Requests advice on books to read.


A.L.S. Thann, July 13, 1859. On authorization from Minister of Education to take examinations for doctorate at university at Strasbourg without having to take "licence" examinations. On dissertations in physics and chemistry and changing place of defense to Nancy.


A.L.S. Thann, July 27‑October 19, 1859. On correspondence with M. Godron, dean of the School of Sciences at Nancy and on changing place of examinations to Nancy. Requests addressee give dissertation its definitive title and set date for its defense.


A.L.S. Thann, August 22, 1861. On future publication of writer's article on the nature of aloe. Requests addressee to contact M. Victor Masson, publisher, to make sure article will appear in Journal de Pharmacie et de Chimie. On desire to give up management of pharmacy to teach.


A.L.S. Strasbourg, December 29, 1863. On paper on aloe accepted for publication by the Bulletin de la Societe Chimique but ignored by editor of Journal de Pharmacie. On changes at the university of Strasbourg where professors will now be chosen from holders of doctorate of science degrees and no longer from "agrégés".


KUHLMANN, CHARLES FREDERIC (1803‑1881). French chemist and industrialist. He created in 1823, in Lille, a department of applied chemistry for industry where he remained until 1854.


A.L.S. Lille, December 19, 1861. On shipment of barium sulfate to M. Maréchal and on writer's manufacture of artificial carbonate. Shipping brochures on the use of color with glass to addressee.


A.L.S. Lille, November 12, 1865. Requests information on young man named Laurent who is applying for a position in writer's firm. Refers to M. Lamy who teaches inorganic chemistry at École Centrale. On abnormal crystallization in manufacture of bank notes and securities, with sample gift to addressee.


A.L.S. Lille, December 25, 1866. Social correspondence and request for confidential information about a new company formed for extracting rock salt. Addition on last page: Rejection of project, December 28, 1866. In addressee's handwriting.


Writer's visiting card, December 31, 1866, with social correspondence.


Writer's card, Correspondent of "Institut de France" and President of the Lille Chamber of Commerce, [n.d.] with social correspondence.




2 A.L.S. Niederbronn, September 27, 1856‑February 11, 1857. On sending mineral water from Niederbronn and sediment from the spring for addressee to analyze.




7 A.L.S. Paris, January 11, 1855‑July 14, 1856 (one n.d.). Business correspondence between writer, of Fabre and Kunemann, instrument makers, and addressee, about bills, purchasing equipment, orders from M. Chautard, suggested purchase of goniometer by Adelmann and modified by Silbermann. Reference to M. Vielle, another partner in the firm.




5 A.L.S. Nancy, June (?) 29, 1857(?)‑October 28, 1866 (one n.d.). Social correspondence with reference to Latin book by Mézières and writer's loss of a small knife while in Metz.


LAHACHELE. Maître d'études, Collège de Verdun.


A.L.S. Verdun S. Meuse, December 7, 1865. Requests information on the course of study to follow in preparing for the "licence ès sciences physique et chimiques".




A.L.S. Ferguières, April 21, 1862. Appreciation for apparent endorsement of writer's philosophical system. Writer desires to prove that scientific method can be applied to analysis of psychological reactions.




A.L.S. Stiring Wendel, March 31, 1853. On addressee's research in crystallography and an inquiry about modifications of certain natural agents.


A.L.S. Stiring Wendel, June 7, 1860. Request to addressee to analyze a certain metal found in the dismantling of a blast furnace.


LAMY, CLAUDE‑AUGUSTE (1820‑1878). French scientist. In 1862 he isolated a new metal he called thallium. In 1866 he became professor industrial chemistry at École Centrale in Paris.


A.L.S. Loos près Lille, June 28, 1863. Answer to request for writer's photograph and for one from M. Kuhlmann. Reference to death of writer's brother.


A.L.S. Lille, October 12, 1863. On addressee's research on salts and his request for thallium.


A.L.S. Paris, March 10, 1868. Sending box of thallium to addressee.




A.L.S. February 6, 1862. Appreciation by writer for use of some of his articles which have been either reprinted or mentioned by addressee in Journal de Pharmacie. Reference to writer's collaboration with several foreign journals.




2 A.L.S. Paris, December 18‑25, 1857. On writer's nephew who is taking examinations in Nancy and appreciation for addressee's gift of brochures and for his advice in studying several chemical compounds.


DE LARCY, Mademoiselle.


A.L., N.P., [n.d.]. Returning publications borrowed from addressee but keeping some German publication yet. Refers to letter by M. de Raegecourt announcing shipment of block of salt to addressee.




A.L.S. Giessen, April 4, 1846. Reference to long lasting friendship between writer and addressee and to M. Catala.


A.L.S. Moscow, October 14, 1846. Description of poor working conditions in lab at Moscow School of Medicine. Recollections of life at Giessen and meeting former Giessen students in St. Petersburg. Reference to addressee's plan of going to live in Paris.


LAURENT, AUGUSTE (1807‑1853). French chemist. He became assayer at the Mint in Paris (1848) and with Gerhardt he originated atomic theory. Laurent's most important discoveries deal with action of reagents on organic compounds. His book, Méthode of de chimie, was published posthumously, with Nicklès' editing of it in France and translated into English by W. Odling.


Ms. Memoir "Sur l'acide Chloronaphtalique et sur quelques composés obtenus en traitant divers Chlorures naphtaliques par l'acide nitrique."  June 22, 1840, 16pp. Cover bears seal of Institute Royal de France; number 188 and the names of the commission members who will evaluate it: M. Thénard and M. Chevreul.


Printed Preface to "Méthode de Chimie."  Galley proof, [n.d.], 2p. Four last paragraphs and publisher's note are missing. ["Methode de Chimie" was published posthumously in 1854].


Ms. "Liste des mémoires publies par A. Laurent."  [n.d.], 14p. Memoires are numbered 1‑131, no dates after titles.


     Obituary possibly by deceased's son Hermann. [n.d.], 5p.


Printed notice, in English, referring to establishment of a fund in France for Laurent's widow and children. List of first contributors headed by Benjamin C. Brodies. [n.d.], 2p. See Nicklès file for Eulogies on Auguste Laurent.




3 A.L.S. Paris, April 2, 185?‑(2 n.d.). Request for information on scientific journals which published articles on Auguste Laurent's life and work. Reference to plates which were to be published with book by writer's late husband and to objects of his in the possession of M. Gerhardt.


A.L.S. Luxembourg, July (?) 12, 185‑? Reference to publication of work by Auguste Laurent [Méthode de Chimie, 1854 by Biot] and to enrollment of writer's son, Herman, at the Lycée in Metz.


A.L.S. Paris, August 4, 1860. Reference to writer's son's hope of being admitted to École Polytechnique in Paris.


A.L.S. November 19, 1860 (?). Apology for writer's son's rash behavior.


For A.L.S. Luxembourg, August 21, 1858, see letter added to Mathieu Paul Herman Laurent, August 21, 1858. Containing social correspondence and reference to speech by M. Dumas.


LAURENT, MATHIEU PAUL HERMAN (1841‑1908). Son of Auguste Laurent. Taught at Polytechnique. Published several books on mathematics.


A.L.S. October 13, 1853. Request to addressee to obtain permission from Mme. Laurent and from director of school to study during recesses. Reverse: date with beginning of letter addressed to writer's mother. Incomplete.


A.L.S. Rheims, June 13, 1854. Discussion of lab experiment attempted by writer in school. With illustrations.


3 A.L.S. Reims, October 15, 1856‑July 27, 1858. Writer to enter "seconde" at Lycée in Reims. Request to have university of Nancy purchase his father's collection. Request to have addressee vouch for writer's behavior in Nancy.


A.L.S. Luxembourg, August 21, 1858. Reference to writer's admission at Lycée in Metz. With this is Madame A. Laurent, A.L.S. August 21, 1858. See details under her name.


2 A.L.S. Metz, November 8, 1858‑April 6, 1859. Social correspondence. Compares Lycée in Metz with that in Rheims. Request for birth certificate and "baccalauréat" degree which must be sent to École Polytechnique in Paris.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. (see A.L.S. postmarked January 16, 1860). Reference to writer's enrollment at Collège Rollin and writer's intention of applying to École Normale and École Centrale in case he is not accepted at Polytechnique.


A.L.S. Paris, January 16, 1860. Announcement of writer's transfer to Collège Rollin. Writer doubts he will be accepted at Polytechnique.


     A.L.S. Luxembourg, October 8, 1860. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Social correspondence. Reference to plates that were to be published with writer's father's last work [1854].


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Reply to charges of rudeness brought against writer by addressee. (see Mdme. A. Laurent, Nov. 19, 1860?).


A.L.S. [n.d.], (summer 1862?). Reference to writer's leaving Polytechnique to go to Metz and writer's intention to take examinations for "licence es sciences mathematiques".


A.L.S. Luxembourg, August 18, 1862. Completion of the two years at Polytechnique. Request for information on program to obtain "licence". Mentions writer's commission as an officer in Engineering Corps.


A.L.S. Metz, November 12, 1863. Writer's intention to take doctorate in mathematics and request for information on requirements. Annoyance with present studies at Ecole d'Application de l'artillerie et du genie, Metz. Reference to M. Lies‑Bodart and his experiments with calcium.


3 A.L.S. Paris, January 26, 1866‑September 13, 1868 (one N.P., n.d.). Social correspondence. Reference to dissertation in mathematics to be presented at the university of Nancy by M. Boquet. Reference to writer's "cahier de mecaniques".


A.L.S. Metz, [n.d.]. Social correspondence with reference to writer's being a "licencié."


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Social correspondence with reference to M. Godron.


     A.L.S. [Academie de Nancy], [n.d.]. Social correspondence.


     2 A.L.S. [n.d.]. Social correspondence.


Notebook containing detailed diagrams and notes on cosmography and surveying. [n.d.] [86p.]  With fairly detailed star chart showing certain constellations and their positions.


LEBRUN, C.H. Professor of mathematics at Collège d'Epinal.


A.L.S. Epinal, August 11, 1867. Reference to writer's application for administrative position which would allow him to study the possible placement of township secondary schools under the control of the state. Appointment to be given to married men only. Reference to objections raised by writer's prospective bride. Reverse: Rough copy in what looks like M. Nickles's handwriting of letter of recommendation addressed to Minister of Education.




6 A.L.S. Lunéville, September 12, 1860‑July 21, 1866 (one n.d.). Social correspondence. Reference to paper by writer on the geology of the Meurthe and request to addressee to try and locate this paper which was presumably lost at the Ministry of Education. Reference to membership dues for "Société de Secours des Amis des Sciences".


LECANU, LOUIS RENE (1800‑1871). French chemist. He was director of chemical research at the Collège de France. Most of his work deals with organic chemistry. In 1857 he published a book of recollections about M. Thénard.


6 A.L.S. Paris, January 26, 1854‑July 15, 1858. Social correspondence. Reference to addressee's acquaintance with M. Thénard, to writer's book, Souvenirs de M. Thénard, and addressee's excellent characterization of Thénard's personality in the article appearing in "journal de New York".



A.L.S. Metz, [n.d.], to "Son Excellence le Ministre de l'Instruction Publique at des Cultes."  Request for scholarship for writer's son, Paul Leclerc, whose father, a medical officer in the army, died of typhus near Constantinople, during the war.




A.L.S. [n.d.]. Reference to recent note sent to Société de Pharmacie in Paris on contents of water from Avon region. Mention of the use of privet berries to obtain calcium bicarbonate and previous mention of this substance in Bulletin de la société regionale d'acclimatation de Nancy, 1857. Request for copy of article.




A.L.S. Lyon, May 15, 1865. Reference to M. Carret, manufacturer of noodles who wants a report on his use of the hydraulic press in his factory. Request for information of a similar press reportedly used in Nancy.


A.L.S. Lyon, July 21, 1865. Reference to use of potassium bromide as therapeutic agent, making it as common as potassium used in Nancy.


A.L.S. Lyon, November (?) 24, 1865. Reference to mistake in writer's article on crystallization of salt. M. Seeligman, secretary of Société des Sciences Industrielles de Lyon, was the culprit.


LEPAGE, H. Pharmacist.


A.L.S. Gisors, December 25, 1860. Reference to addressee's article on "decomposition spontanée de la pyroxyline" in Journal de Pharmacie. Writer has observed similar effects with chemicals exposed to sunrays.




A.L.S. Berg, March 16, 1852. Inquiries about certain problems of physics dealing with heat and steam.


A.L.S. Courrières, March 25, 1852. Weariness of writer from many obstacles found in his work.


A.L.S. Douvrin, November 16, 1855. Social correspondence. Reference to criticisms about writer's methods of work. Invitation to addressee to visit factory in Sermaize. Reference to offer of position for addressee's brother.


2 A.L.S. Paris, January 18, 1857‑January 19, [1857]. Reference to conference with M. Ducom and M. Gélis. Reference to several lawsuits against writer concerning patents and mailing papers to addressee to allow him to form an opinion on the points to be argued in court.


2 A.L.S. Douvrin, January 23‑February 2, 1857. Reference to  paper, written by addressee, which is to be mailed to writer. Request to addressee to give his opinion on Villard case. Social correspondence.


2 A.L.S. Marseille, August 23, 1860. Announcement of liquidation of writer's former business and of establishing a new distillery in Avignon. Offer of collaboration, with anyone interested in setting up distillery and refinery of beets.


LEREBOULLET, A. Faculté des Sciences, University of France at Strasbourg.


2 A.L.S. Strasbourg, March 12, 1858‑May 27, 1862. Letter of recommendation on behalf of student and greetings to M. Godron. Congratulations to addressee for receiving Legion of Honor.


A.L.S. Strasbourg, February 26, 1864. Reference to addressee's article which was read at meeting of "Société des Sciences Naturelles".


LEROUX, FRANÇOIS PIERRE (1832‑1907). Professor of physics at Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers, later at École Supérieur de Pharmacie.


A.L.S. Paris, February 16, 1854. Reference to M. Becquerel's forthcoming lecture based on addressee's research in electricity and its use in railroads. Request for loan of certain apparatus.




A.L.S. Nancy, January 31, 1862. Request for addressee's vote on writer's candidacy at Académie de Stanislas.


A.L.S. Nancy, July 3, 1865. Reference to meetings held by Académie and request for explanation of word "hologène."


2 A.L.S. [n.d.]. Note of thanks to addressee for loan of report on work by M. Maréchal and M. Tesfié du Motay. Request for note on Bonfils prize to be awarded to the painters and glass workers of Metz.




A.L.S. Paris, July 12, 1860. Writer's gratitude for recognition of his work by Académie Stanislas. Reference to publication by writer of geological map of the Meurthe department (1855) and to as yet uncompleted book, "Description géologique du département de la Meurthe".


LEVERRIER, URBAIN JEAN JOSEPH (1811‑1877). French astronomer. He discovered a new planet, Neptune, and a chair of astronomy was created for him at University of Paris. In 1854 he was appointed director of the Paris Observatory.


2 A.L.S. Paris, May 12‑20, 1862. On addressee's article "Sur les relations d'isomorphisme entre les métaux du groupe de l'azote". As it was published by Académie de Stanislas it will not be published in shortened form in Revue Scientifique.


A.L.S. August 2, 1867. Reference to brochure by addressee on refining cast iron. Request for permission to publish detailed summary of it.


A.L.S. April 11, 1868. Invitation to addressee to attend general meeting of Association Scientifique de France to be held at Observatoire.




A.L.S. Heidelberg, February 22, 1859. Writer's interest in obtaining articles from French publications for his journal. Writer's hope of having regular correspondents in France Addressee could help because of his position on Journal de Pharmacie. Reverse: Printed notice from editors of Kritische Zeitschrift für Chemie, Physik und Mathematik, announcing a special section on chemistry. Edited by Dr. Erlenmeyer and Dr. Lewinstein. Heidelberg, February 1859.


A.L.S. Heidelberg, March 30, 1859. Mention of Karlsruche conference in review Kritische Zeitschrift. Request to have Kritische Zeitschrift mentioned in Journal de Pharmacie and Silliman's Journal Correspondents would review French publications; a certain amount will be deducted from fee if review has to be translated into German.



A.L.S. Charleville, August 12, 1847. Request to addressee asking him to obtain permission from M. Laurent for writer to witness experiments in organic chemistry.


A.L.S. Charleville, November 3, 1848. Reference to failure of addressee to obtain appointment (no details given). Greetings from writer to M. Laurent and M. Gerhardt.


A.L.S. Strasbourg, November 10, 1864. Recommendation for two assistants to writer who are to take examinations for "licence" in Nancy.


A.L.S. Strasbourg, August 12, 1867. Recommendation for student.




A.L.S. Paris, May 8, 1854. Reference to a complaint that the addressee's article was translated and published in Ateneo but without the author's name. Assurance by writer that this omission will be corrected in the next issue.


A.L.S. Paris, November 2, 1855. Reference to an article by P. Cecchi published in Il nuovo cimento.


Offer to publish addressee's research on electro‑magnetism in the same journal.


Ms, "Sulle elettro‑calamite: del P. Filippo Cecchi". See letter by S. de Luca, Paris, November 2, 1855. Published by Mattencio and Piria in Il nuovo cimento, Giornale di Fisica e chimica, v.1, p433. 11p., [n.d.].




A.L.S. Mérières, March 23, 1847. Reference to death of Georges Reuss.


A.L.S. Blois, March 3, 1852. Reference to M. Mondelet, bridge engineer and friend of addressee, who wishes to see addressee's apparatus for conducting experiements on trains of Lyon.




3 A.L.S. Metz, December (?) 6, 1861‑May 31, 1862. Reference to mutual friend, M. Lessie (? Tessie) of Matay, puchasing chemicals, and general correspondence.


DE MARGERIE, A. Vice president, Académie de Stanislas.


A.L.S. Nancy, May 14, 1865. Announcing a meeting of the Bonfils prize commission the next day.


MARIE‑DAVY, EDME. HIPPOLYTE (1820‑1893). Physicist. Professor at university of Montpellier in 1845 and chief astronomer at Observatoire in Paris, 1862. Organized in France the international meteorological service, 1863.


A.L.S. N.P. [Paris?], [n.d.]. Request for two qualified scientists to fill positions at Observatoire.


MARMISSE, DR. Teaching member of the Société d'Anthropologie. Corresponding member of Society of Medicine (Paris).


A.L.S. Bordeaux, December 26, 1861 (?). Reference to addressee's letter to the editor of Journal de Medécine (Bordeaux) on the danger of using false wood to heat an oven.


MASSON, GEORGES. Victor Masson et Fils, Paris (publishers).


A.L.S. Paris, September 16, 1868. Sending addressee a package of books on teaching. With list of 4 titles.




2 A.L.S. January (?) 6, 1847‑Paris, November 11, 1863. Social correspondence. On leaving professorship at Rheims. Writer's work on sugar.




A.L.S. Nancy, January 13, 1860. Reference to M. Belleville (writer's son‑in‑law) who has rendered M. Grimblot's invention (generator) practical for industry. Reference to M. Meunier, scientific editor.




A.L.S. November 10, 1863. Reference to addressee's work on watium mentioned in writer's paper.


MEGNIN, L. Académie de Grenoble, Faculté des Sciences. Office of the Dean.


2 A.L.S. Grenoble, January 30‑March 3, 1868. General correspondence concerning publications (not specifically named) and inquiries about personnel at Nancy.


MENARD, LOUIS NICOLAS (1822‑1901). Scholar and scientist. Author of Hellenistic studies and a translation of "Hamlet". In 1846 he discovered collodion while doing chemical experiments.


A.L.S. Pont à Mouson, September 23, 1862. Social correspondence.


2 A.L.S. Nancy, December 10, 1862‑May 26, 1863. Reference to writer's course (Faculté des Lettres) on Geometry and writer's intention to send his Note to the printer.


2 A.L.S. [n.d.]. Social correspondence and reference to writer's composition on Time.




A.L.S. December 29, [1858 postmarked]. General correspondence.


MEUNIER, AMEDEE VICTOR. Editor of Cosmos, a political and social review.


6 A.L.S. Paris, July 11, 1866‑March 19, 1869. Social correspondence. Reference to inclusion of addressee's observations in Cosmos and Stanislas' (? Etienne Stanislas Meunier) thanks for package Nicklès sent (January 16, 1869). Reference to idea of Marey (?) and the writer's effort to  render it complete with an epilogue on the peaceful democracy. (See letter of Blondeau, Charles: Laval, February 10, 1864).


MEUNIER, ETIENNE STANISLAS (1843‑1925). Geologist noted for his studies on the comparative geology of the solar bodies. He reproduced several minerals artificially.


A.L.S. École Imperiale Polytechnique, Paris, November 13, 1864. Writer hopes to see addressee during the vacation. He is working on crystallography and wishes to consult with addressee. Writer's father sends his greetings.


3 A.L.S. Paris, July 5‑Seine et Marne, September 1, 1866. Reference to M. Daubrée (geologist). Social correspondence involving vacation plans.


A.L.S. Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle: Géologie, Paris,  December 17, 1866. Writer deposited his thesis on metal oxides with the secretary of the Faculty of Science in Paris but during vacations last August. The grade of doctor would help his situation at the Museum. Thesis should go to M. Balard first. Requests letter of introduction from addressee. Reference from writer's father to the volume Science and the Savants and addressee's biography of Silbermann.


3 A.L.S. Paris, May 9‑19, 1867. Reference to writer's thesis and M. Balard. Reference to addressee's publishing an extract of writer's work in Académie de Stanislas.


A.L.S. Paris, July 7, 1867. Writer calls addressee's work on fluorine a crowning point in his researches.


2 A.L.S. Museum, Paris, January 22‑February 4, 1868. Writer sends an example of a study he made on a meteorite. On the exchanging of photographs.


MEZIERES, ALFRED JEAN FRANCOIS (1829‑1915). Man of letters and member of Parliament. Taught foreign literature at Nancy (1854-1863) and then at the Sorbonne. He was a deputy (1881-1900) and then a Senator.


     A.L.S. [n.d.]. Social correspondence.




2 A.L.S. Paris, November 22, 1866‑Baccarat, September 17, 1867. Writer requests addressee's help in setting a scientific question concerning a new process at Compagnie des Cristalleries du Baccarat. On sending 8 kilog. of product to addressee and company's pleasure in rendering any service it can for the faculty of Nancy.


MILLON, AUGUSTE NICOLAS EUGENE (1812‑1867). Chemist, editor with J. Reiset and with collaboration of J. Nicklès, Annuaire de chimie (7 vol., 1846‑1851). Surgeon (1834) trained at Val de Grâce military teaching hospital, received M.D. (1836) from Faculté de Medicine, Paris. Taught at Val de Grâce (1841-1846), Lille (1847‑1850) before being transferred to Algeria as the top ranking pharmacist in French army.


38 A.L.S. Lille, January 6, 1849‑Paris, August 27, 1867. Separated in to four categories (by an unknown person):


I Personnelle  7 A.L.S. Lille, November 23, 1850‑Paris, August 27, 1867.


II Annuaire   17 A.L.S. Lille, January 6, 1849‑Paris, March 25, 1855.


III Question des Celés (?)  7 A.L.S. Algiers, February 24, 1853‑Algiers, June 4, 1863.


IV Affaire Payen‑Boussingault. Anselme Payen (1795-1871) and Jean Baptist Joseph Dieudonné Boussingault (1802‑1887) collaborated on a paper on manures. 7 A.L.S. Lille, January 2, 1850-Algiers, May 9, 1851 (3 n.d.).


Letters overlap in content and date. Frequent topics include the exchange of articles and collaboration over such a great distant. Millon describes Algers as never having been an ndustrial town (I, n.d. [March 8]) and the agriculture in the surrounding area (I, Algiers, May 25, 1851). His laboratory in Algiers is installed and has a water analyzer (II, Algiers, November 14, 1852). Chemical topics mentioned include crystallization of mineral substances and natural vaporization of a solution of salt water (III, Algiers, September 10, 1855). See letter from Millon to B. Boudet (IV, n.d.) with manuscript, Millon, "Researches on the quantity of ammonia in urine, by M. Boussingault".  (Ann. de chim. et phys., 3s, p.472) for discussion of Millon's memoir published in Journal de Pharmacie (v. 14, p.360).


Letter discusses errors in Boussingault's article noted by M.M. Millon and Nicklès.




A.L.S. Schlestadt, April 18, 1859. Writer wishes to meet addressee whose reporting of the proceedings of the conference at Karlsruhe established his clear and precise manner. [Published in Annual Report, Smithsonian Institution, 1860, and probably elsewhere]. Reference to M. Liebig, nutrition and comparative physiology.


MINARY, M. Metallurgist and engineer.


2 A.L.S. Besancon‑Casamène, November 8‑December 12, 1862. Reference to addressee's article in Comptes Rendus on research on cast iron and steel.




A.L.S. Paris, April 14, 1855. Congratulations on addressee's new position [? faculty of Science, Nancy, 1854]. Reference to zinc crystallization.


A.L.S. Payerne, March 29, 1858. Writer left Paris for the Muller Pharmacy in Payerne.



L.S. Nancy, June 26, 1867. Reference to Académie de Stanislas and a request for information on addressee's memoirs.


MORIDE, ED. Chemist with Laboratory for industrial testing and analysis.


A.L.S. Nantes, October 26, 1851. Acknowledging receipt of addressee's brochure on railroads.


A.L.S. Nantes, February 15, 1854. Reference to addressee's electro-magnetic system of braking.


A.L.S. Nantes, February 15, 1854. Reference to "enormous sacrifices of money" and years inventors need before  applying their new systems for railroads. On tests of M. Nicklès' system.


A.L.S. Nantes, February 27, 1866. Reference to addressee's brochure on hydrobromic acid. There is not a demand to change the way writer makes it.




A.L.S. Ardèche, February 11, 1863. Discussion of writer's work with electro‑magnetic batteries, mentioning his exhibit at the Exposition in London.


DE MUELLER. Staff member L'Ateneo Italiano Revue des Sciences Physiques.


A.L.S. Paris, May 6, 1854. Reference to translation by M. de Luca of addressee's article from Journal des chimie et pharmacie which appeared in Ateneo (Victor Masson, editor) without addressee's name. Correction will appear in the next issue.


T. Engineer Mulot Pere et Fils, Entreprise de Sandages.


A.L.S. Paris, June 25, 1861. Writer requests addressee's advice on boring and excavations. Reference to M. Dufrénoy and the drilling at Hertigny.


NICKLES, FRANÇOIS JOSEPH JEROME (1821‑1869). Chemist, teacher, writer. Studied medicine at Strasbourg and chemistry in Giessen. Chemist in Paris. On Faculty of Science, Nancy, 1854‑1869. Foreign correspondent for several journals.


2 A.L.S. Paris, April 27‑December 30, 1852. Receipts for money Nicklès will hold for M. Sabran.


A.L.S. Nancy, February 2, 1860. A package has been delivered, as ordered by M.M. Olmberger, Nicklès, and Cassal (details not given). Writer no longer knows why package was ordered and requests addressee (J. Cassal) pay part of the bill.


A.L.S. Nancy, November 14, 1860. Reference to plates for the book of addressee's late husband (Auguste Laurent‑Nicklès edited Laurent's Méthode de chimie which was translated and published again in English by William Odling).


Ms., April 15, 1853, Obituary for Auguste Laurent. 15p. Notes on Laurent's life, in unfinished form, 8p.


Ms., [n.d.], text of obituary for Auguste Laurent, 4p., to be published in Silliman's Journal.


Rapport sur la Fabrique de Produits Chimiques de Dieuze, par M.J. Nicklès (Nancy: N. Collin, 1865). 30pp. Extract from the Bulletin des Travaux du Conseil d'Hygiene (Meurthe, 1864).


NICKLES, LAURENT. Brother of F.J.J. Nicklès.


A.L.S. Paris, January 21, 1869. Reference to the work of M. Deville who told the writer that the minister of public instruction) had not heard that the writer had not been paid for teaching at the normal school. Writer soon received payment.


A.L.S. École Normale Supérieure, Laboratoire de Chimie, Paris, January 29, 1869. Reference to letter of January 21, 1869.


A.L.S. Paris, March 21, 1869. Reference to M. Deville and payments writer has received for expenses and services rendered.


NICKLES, NAPOLEON. Brother of F.J.J. Nicklès and author of Notice présenté à la Société des monuments historiques d'Alsace ....Strasbourg, 1864.


A.L.S. January 12, 1854. Reference to qualifications for being appointed to a faculty of medicine. With a printed notice (in German) about Nicklès, professor of chemistry at Nancy.


     A.L.S. Benfeld, January 19, 1865. Social correspondence.

A.L.S. April 2, 1867. Reference to writer's collection of Gallo-Roman objects.


A.L.S. Ville, May 9, 1868. Reference to calcium compounds and to work of M. Bodanur. Reverse: May 10  Writer calculated prizes of M. Bal (no details given).


2 A.L.S. Ville, August 5‑September 16, 1868. Writer received his brevet from Strasbourg in July 1868 and will apply to mineral industries. Family correspondence.


A.L.S. October 7, 1868. Reference to addressee's presence in Comar and to Charles Grad (see entries under that name).


CHEVALIER DE NOBLAT. Member of Académie de Stanislas.


A.L.S. Freiburg in Brisgau, June 12, 1860. Writer reminds addressee they had been in Germany together. Writer wishes to place his son with a preceptor to prepare for his studies in Germany. Requests addressee to recommend someone.


A.L.S. Ligny (Meuse), September 16, 1860. Reference to memoirs of the Académie.


A.L.S. Nancy, July 3, 1864. Reference to Mad. Raybois' notes and addressee's analysis. Reference to Académie. (Ve. Raybois published 6 books by Nicklès, 1857‑1858).


4 A.L.S. [n.d.]. Reference to Académie de Stanislas and "An  agitated affair" (no details given). Reference to candidates for Académie.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Writer compliments addressee, "mon cher President," on handling the matter of 22 March (no details given), other Académie business.


3 A.L.S. [n.d.]. Setting appointment dates. Reference to sending three manuscripts to Mad. Raybois.


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Reference to M. Lefelore, professor at the Lycée. Reference to article on mechanics, cosmography, geology and mathematics (no details given).


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Reference to editorial modifications of addressee's memoir (no details given).

ODLING, WILLIAM (1829‑1921). Chemist. Demonostrator of chemistry at Guy's Hospital (London, 1845‑1862), M.D. from London University (1851), St. Bartholomew's Hospital (London, 1863-1870); professor of chemistry, Oxford, 1886. In Paris with Gerhardt, 1854. Translated Nicklès' edition of A. Laurent's Methode de chimie (1855).


A.L.S. Guy's Hospital, October 31, 18‑‑? Writer will send addressee residue from water from the Thames. Writer asked his friends to give him incrustations from steam boilers which he will then send to addressee.


A.L.S. St. Bartholomew's Hospital, August 22, 1864. Writer, as president of the Chemical Section of British Association for the Advancement of Science, invites addressee and his wife to come to the Association's meeting at Bath. The Mayor of Bath will provide board and lodging during the meeting. Williamson and other of addressee's friends will attend.




     2 A.L.S. March 31, 1865‑[n.d.]. Social correspondence.


PASTEUR, LOUIS (1822‑1895). Pasteur's work on the organic side of fermentation (due to a living organism) differed from von Liebig's view (due to a specific chemical ferment). In 1897 E. Buchner (1860‑1917) isolated such a ferment from ground yeast and inaugurated the study of enzymes. Both Pasteur and von Liebig had been right.


See letter of Buignet, Henri: November 13, 18‑‑? See letter of Decharmes, C.: Amiens, January 24, 1857 See letter of Rigout, A.: Paris, April 24, 1863


PEIRE, C. Chemist.


20 A.L.S. Nancy, February 4, 1860‑May 7, 1867. Includes 2 letters from N. Nicklès to M. Peire (Nancy, May 7, 1867 and [n.d.]) and a letter from Jean Baptiste Dumas (n.d.). Peire invented "utricine" (a cotton‑like fiber), and phosphorous guano (a new fertilizer). Correspondence describes Peire's efforts to get recognition for his inventions and his planned book.




A.L.S. Paris, June 26, 1851. Reference to the commission on railroads.

PELIGOT, EUGENE‑MELCHIOR (1811‑1890). Chemist. Professor of Chemistry, Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers. He determined the atomic weight of chromium and uranium. With Dumas, he described methyl fluoride. He also worked on beet sugar.


2 A.L.S. Paris, April 20, 1854‑December 14, 1868. About Société d'Encouragement Pour I'Industrie Nationale. Reference to article by writer's brother Henri.


PELLET, H. In laboratory of M. Layen, Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers.


A.L.S. Paris, December 11, 1866. Request for addressee's brochure on the preparation of perchloride of manganese and arsenic.


PELOUZE, THEOPHILE‑JULES (1807‑1867). Chemist. Professor at Lille and École Polytechnique of Paris and the Collège de France. He worked extensively at the mint. With E. Frémy he published Traite de chimie géneral (1847‑50).


A.L.S. [n.d.]. Sending addressee the only sample of butyrate writer could find in his laboratory. See letter of Blondeau, Charles: Rodez, January 1, 1856.


PERROT, LOUIS JEROME. Vice President of Société Industrielle de Mulhouse.


A.L.S. Mulhouse, May 1, 1862. Addressee is admitted as a corresponding member of Société Industrielle.


A.L.S. Mulhouse, October 31, 1862. Acknowledges receipt of addressee's note on the history of amorphous phosphorus.




2 A.L.S. Ostende, Belgium, September 24‑October 8, 1857. Writer requests three of addressee's articles: biography of Braconnot, iron phosphate, fire.


A.L.S. Paris, May 7, 1859. Writer used addressee's work as an example in writer's memoir, "Catalytic Force". Reference to addressee's brochure, "Reunion at Carlsruhe" which the Abbé Moigno has (? Francois Napoléon Marie Moigno, 1804-1884, mathematician and author of works on differential and integral calculus, analytical mechanics, and faith and science).

PIERRE, JEROME. On Faculté des Sciences de Caen.


7 A.L.S. Caen, January 28, 1862‑November 30, 1866. On writer's research on wheat, Académie de Stanislas and on sending writer's paper on the development of wheat to M. Godron. One letter (March 23, 1863) is on the reverse of a printed announcement of a competition on "The Role of Leaves in Plant Vegetation" (Members of Académie imperiale des sciences excluded).




A.L.S. Villers Cotterets, April 30, 1866. Writer asks addressee, if, in his work on chlorine and arsenic, he has obtained dichloride.


PIROUX. Of the Institution des Sourds‑Muets et des Enfants Arriérés de Nancy.


2 A.L.S. Nancy, June 13, 1862‑July 2, 1864. On writer's new way to teach deaf‑mutes and a deaf‑mute who received a bronze medal from Société pour l'encouragement d'industrie nationale. Recommending a student in pharmacy.


POGGIALE, ANTOINE‑BAUDOIN. Consel de Santé des Armées, Ministére de la Guerre.


A.L.S. Paris, May 3, 1868. Writer thanks addressee for sending journal. With Note: A competition for the the hiring of pharmacy students for the service, arranged by Minister of War.




2 A.L.S. Paris, July 18, 18‑‑?‑July 28, 1854. Reference to Mme. Laurent and selling models (see letter, Madame Auguste Laurent, [n.d.], on her late husband's objects).




A.L.S. Bordeaux, November 30, 1867. Will send issues of Actes de la Société des sciences physiques et Naturelles, Bordeaux.


QUESNEVILLE, GUSTAVE AUGUSTIN. Editor of Moniteur Scientifique. The first issues of Quesneville's Revue Scientifique et Industrialle (1840) were with the collaboration of Charles Frédéric Gerhardt (1816‑1856), who had trained with J.B. Dumas.


A.L.S. Paris, May 8, 1868. Reference to M. Bulard's departure for Moscow. Father and son Seroz will replace Bulard's articles.


A.L.S. [Paris], May 14, [1868]. Mentions Millon and the memoir by Pasteur on fermentation.


REGNAULT, HENRI‑VICTOR (1810‑1878). Chemist and Physicist. He made precise measurements of specific heats and heats of fusion and vaporization, and of the velocity of sound. Among his students were Cannizzaro, Kekulé, and Mendeléeff. He designed several pieces of measuring apparatus, e.g., Regnault's hygrometer, and received the Rumford (1848) and Copley (1869) medals. He was a reviewer for at least one of Nicklès' articles appearing in Comptes Rendus (August 1853).


A.L.S. December 15, 18‑‑?? Requests addressee speak with him as soon as possible at the College of France.


REISET, JULES DE (1818‑1896). Chemist and agronomist. With E. Millon and J. Nicklès, editor of Annuaire de chimie (1846-1851). He wrote Recherches chimiques sur la respiration animaux (1849). With H.V. Regnault he measured chemical reactions associated with respiratory process.


A.L.S. September 5, 1848. Reference to article in Annuaire (details not given).


A.L.S. St. Germain, October 16, [1848]. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Rouen, January 11, 1850. Reference to two and a half months writer and addressee spent working in Paris on the article for the 1850 Annuaire (title not given).


3 A.L.S. June 17, 1850‑May 7, 18‑‑?? (one n.d.). General correspondence. See also letter of Flourens, Marie Jean Pierre, Paris, August 22, 1850.




A.L.S. Bouxwiller, February 1, 1851. Social correspondence; addressee is like a brother to writer's son Emile.




40 letters, February 13, 1845‑June 23, 1865, covering writer's academic career from a student in mechanics at Strasbourg (and astronomy at Nancy) to the chair of mathematics at Mirecourt, after teaching at Bouxwiller, Strasbourg and Mulhouse. Writer's marriage and the birth of each of their three children is mentioned, as is addressee's wedding (Mulhouse, April 27, 1856).


5 A.L.S. Strasbourg, February 13‑August 9, 1845. Reference to addressee's replacement; students prefer the chemistry of M. Nicklès to that of M. Haas (Feb. 13, 1845). Reference to Kopp and Hoefer affair in scientific review * and to Comptes Rendues Mensuels of M.M. Laurent and Gerhardt.** Discussion of the writing and printing of writer's thesis on mechanics (Apr. 12, May 15, 1845). Description of writer's exams and the procedure for getting license in mathematics (Aug. 9, 1845).


* Herman Kopp (1817‑1892), Chemist, published Geschichte  der Chemie (4 vol., 1843‑1847). Ferdinand Hoefer and Marcellin Berthelot (1827‑1907) produced more complete surveys. See also letter of Gélis, Amédée: Villaneuve-la-Graenne, August 27, 1859. ** Auguste Laurent (1807‑1853) and Charles F. Gerhardt (1816-1856) published this journal for a brief time.


3 A.L.S. Belfort, April 28‑June 29, 1847. Social correspondence with several references to Georges Reuss and questions for an editor in St. Germain (editor and journal not named).


7 A.L.S. Bouxwiller, January 22, 1850‑September 27, 1852. Social correspondence. Discussion of cabinet of physics college officials asked writer to compile (May 2, 1850). Reference to addressee's work on railroads (July 8, 1851). On leaving Bouxwiller to take position of professor of Natural history and mathematics at the Protestant Gymnasium in Strasbourg (Sept. 27, 1852).


3 A.L.S. Mulhouse, December 14, 1854‑April 27, 1856. On taking the position of professor of mathematics and natural history at École professionnelle at Mulhouse (Dec. 14, 1854). Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Soultzern, September 1, 1856. On taking the chair of mathematics at the College of Mirecourt.


21 A.L.S. Mirecourt, October 3, 1856‑June 23, 1865. On the facilities and people at Mirecourt École (Jan. 28, 1857). Writer begins to recommend students who will visit addressee (Apr. 23, 1860, 10 students are mentioned by June 23, 1865).  On the small town of Mirecourt, a new principal, and education for the writer's children (Pfaffenhoffen, Sept. 22, 1862). On writer's taking a doctorate to help his career, receiving authorization to defend it in Nancy, his job searching and the printing of his thesis by Mme. Raybois (June 26, 1864; Ve. Raybois was a printer in Nancy).




A.L.S. June 19, 1848. M. Chancel is leaving École des mines to replace M. Gerhardt who refused to return to Montpellier.


A.L.S. October 6, 1854. If addressee wishes to earn 100 francs, writer can send a young man who wants a rapid review of chemistry.


     A.L.S. October 27, 1854. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. Faculty of Medicine, September 13, 1858. On addressee's work on electric batteries.


A.L.S. November 9, 1859. On addressee's application for chair of Physics in École de Pharmacie.


3 A.L.S. November 17, 1861‑May 30, 1862. General correspondence, with information on purchasing chemicals addressee requested.


A.L.S. October 27, 1862. On writer's exams for license; asks if addressee is the examiner in mineralogy.


A.L.S. December 28, 1862. Information addressee requested on oxygen lights ("briquet oxygéné").


2 A.L.S. January 19, 1863‑Paris, April 24, 1863. Asks if addressee is interested in very large copper autoclaves made by M. Golaz and if addressee would ask secretary of faculty what happened to writer's diploma and license. M. Pasteur has sent addressee's note to Académie des Sciences.


     A.L.S. Paris, April 10, 1868. Social correspondence.


A.L.S. July 12, 18‑‑? [pre 1863?]. Writer asks addressee to recommend him to École des Mines.


A.L.S. July 21, 18‑‑? [1861?]. Writer is in École des Mines and intends to take exam for license in Nancy (see letters, September 17, 1861‑October 27, 1862).


2 A.L.S. July 30, 18‑‑??‑November 29, 18‑‑?? General correspondence.

ROHART, F. Manufacturing Chemist.


2 A.L.S. Paris, January 8, 1865. Reference to Bonfils prize given to M.M. Gélis and Dusart for their paper on "Commercial uses of nitrogenous materials". Protest by writer with information concerning date on which M.M. Rohart and Jaille patented their invention.


2 A.L.S. Paris, January 13‑16, 1865. Denial of intention of filing suit against M.M. Gélis and Dusart and decision to drop the matter with M.M. Gélis. Reference to a trip to Norway to the writer's other factory. See also letters of Gélis, Amédée: Villeneuve‑la‑Garenne, January 11‑25, 1865.


SILLIMAN, BENJAMIN (1779‑1864). American chemist and geologist, editor of Silliman's Journal or American Journal of Arts and Sciences. See letter of Buiguet, Henri: Paris, April 17, 18‑‑??


THENARD, LOUIS JACQUES (1777‑1857), Chemist.


See letters of Boudet, Henri Félix: Paris, July 26, 1857-March 29, 1861.


THUNOT, E. Publisher.


A.L.S. Paris, May 6, 1862. Explanation of costs paid by M. Nicklès to printer. See letter of Boudet, Henri Félix: May 6, 1862. Thunot letter is in the folder with Boudet letters.


TRAUTMANN, C.H. Nicklès apparently trained with a pharmacist in Woerth sur Sauer named Trautmann. See the address on the back of the letters of Bechamp: May 11‑July 25, 1840.


3 A.L.S. Woerth sur Sauer, November 17, 1840‑December 3, 1841. Encouraging addressee to persevere in his studies. Reference to addressee's move to Strasbourg to continue his studies. Social correspondence.


TROOST, LOUIS JOSEPH? (1825‑1911). Chemist. Taught chemistry, Lycée Bonaporte, Paris, then professor of chemistry at Sorbonne, 1874‑1900. Wrote Recherches sur le lithuim et ses composés (1857). See letter of Boudet, Henri Félix: Paris, May 10, 1865.


WILLIAMSON, ALEXANDER WILLIAM (1824‑1904). Organic Chemist. He studied with L. Gmelin and J.v. Liebig and was a friend of A. Laurent, C. Gerhardt, C. Wurtz, J.B. Dumas. He introduced parentheses into formulas to enclose reaction-invariant groups in 1864.


     See letter of Duffy, P.: August 26, 1852


     See letter of Millon, E.: II, Lille, September 1, 1849


See letter of Odling, William: St. Bartholomew's Hospital, August 22, 1864


WURTZ, CHARLES ADOLPHE (1817‑1884). French chemist. Student of Liebig and assistant to J. B. Dumas, Sorbonne, 1845. He taught the unitary concept of organic molecules of Laurent and Gerhardt as professor of chemistry, Faculté de Medecine, Paris.


     See letter of Boudet, Henri Félix: Orne, n.d.


     See letter of Cap, P.A.: Paris, September 20, 1853