Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Records, Series IV: Organizations

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The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance (GPCA) was founded in 1972 by nine leading Philadelphia cultural institutions: The Academy of Music, Academy of Natural Sciences, The Franklin Institute, The Free Library of Philadelphia, Library Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Orchestra Association and The Philadelphia Zoological Garden.

The leaders of these organizations originally came together in early 1972 to coordinate historical and cultural events for the Bicentennial Celebration of 1976. From these interactions an idea evolved to band together permanently to share mutual concerns and solve common problems among Philadelphia area cultural institutions. Through its sponsorship of numerous programs and activities, the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance also sought to arouse public awarness, participation and financial support for the humanities, arts and sciences in the Delaware Valley region.


Organized into seven series:
  • Series I: Administration (Box 1-8)
  • Series II: Departments (Box 8-13)
  • Series III: Membership Services (Box 14-34)
  • Series IV: Organizations (Box 35-40)
  • Series V: Audio-Visual Material (Box 41-42)
  • Series VI: Miscellaneous (Box 43)
  • Series VII: Closed Files

Scope & Content Note.
This series consists of files kept by GPCA on member and non-member arts agencies. Files consist predominantly of correspondence and publications on such organizations as The National Endowment for the Arts, The Philadelphia Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, and The National Association for Local Arts Agencies (NALAA).

Deposit made by Mr. Monny Schlotzhauer on February 16, 1989.


Box 35
Organization Card File Directories, 1974, 1977

Box 36
Actors Lab Theatre Company, 1975-1976
Advancement for Delaware Valley Independent Schools, 1985
African American Museums Association, 1984-1985
Alliance of New York State Art Councils, 1981-1982, 1986
American Arts Alliance, 1985
American Association of Museums Convention, 1982, 1984 (2 folders)
American Ballet Company, 1980-1983
American Council for the Arts, 1980-1981
Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble, 1978, 1983
Arts Boston, Inc., 1980-1984
The Arts, Education and Americans, Inc., 1980
Arts for Everyone, Inc., 1983
Arts Foundation of New Jersey, FY 1985
Arts Mail, 1984
Art Matters, 1983
Associacion de Musicos Latinoamericanos, 1984
Association of College, University and Community Arts Administrators, (ACUCAA)
Correspondence, Surveys and Meeting Minutes, 1984-1986
Publications, 1980-1986 (4 folders)
Association of Hispanic Arts, 1983-1984
Avenue of the Arts Council, 1979-1982
Balch Institute, 1972-1982
Box Office Management International, Inc., 1986
British American Arts Association, 1986
Business Committee for the Arts, 1974-1979
Camerata Opera Theater, 1981
Cantata Singers in Quakertown, Inc. 1974-1977
Care and Emergency Services, 1986
Center City Residents Association, 1982
Center for Arts Information, 1977-1984
Center for Creative Management, 1984
Center for Responsible Funding, 1985-1986
Chester County Arts Association, 1984-1986
The Cheswick Center, 1985
Chicago Council on Fine Arts, June 30, 1981- December 13, 1982, October 1982 Children's Hospital, 1974, 1979-1980
Children's Repertory Company, Inc., 1984
Citizens of Tioga-Nicetown, Inc., 1974-1977 The Coalition of African American Cultural Organizations, Black Family Reunion Day, October 10, 1987
College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1972-1974
Cultural Affairs Council, 1974-1978

Box 37
Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington, 1979-1988
Cultural and Educational Resources, Inc., 1979-1983
Dance Theater U.S. of A., 1976
Delaware Valley Council of Agencies, 1985-1986
The Denver Partnership, Inc., June 1983
DMK Productions, Inc., 1986
Downtowners New Years Brigade, (rejected), 1985-1986
Educational Broadcasting Corporation Meeting Minutes of Advisors Board, January 18, 1984
Federated Art Association of New Jersey, 1979-1986
Friends of Bezalel Academy, (rejected, October 1987), 1986-1987
The Girard Collection, 1975
Greater Boston Arts Fund, 1984
Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Publications, 1984-1987
Greater Philadelphia Economic Development Coalition, 1983
Greater Philadelphia International Network, Inc., 1985
The Hispanic Council, 1983 (disbanded)
Horizon Magazine, Inc., 1980-1983, 1985
Hospitality Philadelphia Style, 1983-1987
Hunterdon Art Center, 1985-1986
Informat Associates, Inc., 1981-1983
John Bartram Association, 1986
Junior League of Philadelphia
Live on Stage, Inc., 1982-1983
Manning Street Actor's Theatre, 1973-1977
Mass Cultural Alliance, 1977-1986
Moss Rehabilitation Hospital Philadelphability Arts Festival, 1982-1983
Museum Council of Philadelphia, 1975-1978, 1980-1985
Museum of Modern Play, 1979
National Art Education Association (NAEA), 1985-1987
National Arts Program, 1983-1985
NALAA Convention (formerly known as National Assembly of Community Arts Agencies)
June 13-16, 1979
June 18-21, 1980
June 15-18, 1982
June 12-15, 1983

Box 38
Convention Coordinator Job Position
Convention Planning
"Jazzerscape" multi-media presentation,
June 13, 1983
Name Lists
Performance Event at the Painted Bride Art Center
Programs and Schedules
Thank-you Letters for Participation at Convention
Welcoming Reception
1984, Registration
June 25-28, 1986
NALAA-Membership Directory, 1984
NALAA Publications, 1984-1986
NALAA Survey of LAA's, 1985-1986
National Committee Arts for the Handicapped, 1979
National Council on the Aging, Inc., Policy Symposium on the Arts, the Humanities and Older Americans, February 1-3, 1981
National Employment Service Bill for the Performing Arts
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
Arts Management Initiative, November 1985
Audience Survey Project, 1984
Publication Project, 1984-1985
Publications, 1987

Box 39
Neighborhood Cultural Organizations Group, 1986
New Jersey Committee for the Humanities, 1984-1985
New Jersey State Council on the Arts, 1983-1985
New York Council on the Arts, 1972-1974
New York State Alliance of Community Arts Agencies, 1974-1976
Non-Profit Council (begin in December 1985), 1985-1988
Non-Profit Theater League, 1982-1983
North Light, Inc., 1986
Notary Public Requests and Endorsements, 1978-1983
One Day Corporation, 1975-1976
Painted Bride Art Center, 1983, 1986
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 1986 Pennsylvania Arts Coalition Newsletter, 1978, 1985, 1987
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, (PCA) Fellowship in Arts Management Enterprise (FAME),
FY 1985-1986, Local Government Advisory Panel, 1984-1985
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 1984-1986
Pennsylvania Local Arts Network (PLAN), 1986
Performing Arts Development Fund of Toronto, 1983
Performing Arts Services, Inc., 1980-1982
Philadelphia Area Council on Tourism (PACT), 1985-1986
Philadelphia Area Cultural Consortium, 1980-1981 (disbanded)
Philadelphia Classical Society, 1987
The Philadelphia Company, 1975-1976
Philadelphia Composes Forum, Inc., 1974
Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau
Correspondence, 1982-1987
Marketing Plan and Membership Directory, 1984-1985
Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1983-1986
Newsclippings, 1982-1986
Program Activities, 1983-1987
Publications, 1982-1986
Philadelphia Daily News, 1985-1986
Philadelphia Dance Academy, 1973-1976
Philadelphia Dance Alliance, 1975, 1983, 1985-1986, 1988
Philadelphia Historic Preservation Corporation, 1985
Philadelphia International Center for the Performing Arts (PICPA) Prospectus, May 1, 1987
Philadelphia International Program, 1987 (rejected, February 1987)
Philadelphia Inquirer, 1983-1984
Philadelphia Magazine, 1982-1984
Philadelphia Partnership, 1974-1975

Box 40
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Marcel Duchamp Exhibit, 1987
Philadelphia Orchestra Youth Concerts, 1980-1981
Philadelphia Theatre Company, 1987
Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, 1984-1987
Philadelphia Watercolor Club, 1986
The Photography Place, 1975-1983
Playhouse in the Park, 1972-1976
Prints in Progress, Inc., 1983
Public Committee for the Humanities in Pennsylvania, 1975, 1977-1980
The Repertory Company, 1977-1982
Schuylkill Valley Nature Center, 1973-1974
St. Paul's Art Council, 1983
The Source, 1984
Synapse, Inc., 1981-1982
Temple University Music Festival and Institute, 1972-1975
Theater Communications Group, Inc., 1983-1985
Theater Development Fund, 1976-1985
Theater League, 1984
The Theme Factory, 1980-1982
Thomas Jefferson University, 1983-1984
Tyler Arboretum, 1986
University City Science Center, 1984-1986
University of Pennsylvania, 1976
The Victorian society in America, 1976
Volunteer Action Council, 1981
Walnut Street Theater Film Committee (2 folders)
Walt Whitman Center for the Arts and Humanities, 1986
Washington International Arts Center, 1977-1983, (Newsletter)
Wayne Art Center, 1976, 1982-1983
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 1974
WHYY, Inc., Community Advisory Board Correspondence, 1982
Wimmer, Wimmer and Dancers, 1982-1983
Winterthur Museum, 1971-1987
Wolfson Memorial Library, 1975
Women for Greater Philadelphia, 1979-1980, 1983-1984
World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, Bicentennial Program, 1974-1976