Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Records, Series III: Membership Services

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The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance (GPCA) was founded in 1972 by nine leading Philadelphia cultural institutions: The Academy of Music, Academy of Natural Sciences, The Franklin Institute, The Free Library of Philadelphia, Library Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Orchestra Association and The Philadelphia Zoological Garden.

The leaders of these organizations originally came together in early 1972 to coordinate historical and cultural events for the Bicentennial Celebration of 1976. From these interactions an idea evolved to band together permanently to share mutual concerns and solve common problems among Philadelphia area cultural institutions. Through its sponsorship of numerous programs and activities, the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance also sought to arouse public awarness, participation and financial support for the humanities, arts and sciences in the Delaware Valley region.



Organized into seven series:
  • Series I: Administration (Box 1-8)
  • Series II: Departments (Box 8-13)
  • Series III: Membership Services (Box 14-34)
  • Series IV: Organizations (Box 35-40)
  • Series V: Audio-Visual Material (Box 41-42)
  • Series VI: Miscellaneous (Box 43)
  • Series VII: Closed Files

Scope & Content Note.
This series documents activities and services provided by and participated in by GPCA and member agencies. Files include information on conferences, publications, seminars, surveys and studies, and a variety of programs including The Management Improvement for Cultural Organizations (MICO) Program and The Ticketbooth Project.

Deposit made by Mr. Monny Schlotzhauer on February 16, 1989.


Box 14
Arthur Anderson and Company Pro Bono Accounting Service to GPCA members Correspondence Questionnaires and Reports, 1980-1981
"Celebration of the Decade", Party Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of GPCA, October 22, 1983
Center City Association of Proprietors (CAP) Gala Celebration, April 21, 1985
Century IV Celebration
Miscellaneous Activities, 1982
Proposal, 1982
"Only in America" Festival, August 7-16, 1987
Philadelphia Cultural Bicentennial, A Report of Progress on Philadelphia Cultural Bicentennial, April 1974
Philadelphia Festival 1972,
Report on Festival Activities, December 1972
Philadelphia Festival, May 11-20, 1973
Arthur Hall, Afro-American Dance Company, "Orpheus" Production at Schubert Theatre
Barge Concerts
Dance Theatre Workshop (Jeff Duncan, Arthur Ballman)
Festival Activities
Festival Art Work
Festival Sunday Event, May 11, 1973
Funding Material
Group Motion Multi-Media Dance Theatre
Performance at Schubert, May 16-18, 1973
Inaugural Reception
Contribution Cards
Corporate Sponsors, Contributions and ticket requests cards
Correspondence, May 11, 1973
Index Cards with the Addresses of Individuals Invited, May 11, 1973
Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)
Sculpture Projects Made in Philadelphia
Mass Prints Program
Newspaper Advertising
Pennsylvania Ballet, "Opus" Performance May 15, 18, 1973
Performance Agreements
Philadelphia Music Academy and Fels Planetarium Presentation, "Cosmic Perceptions"
Philadelphia Orchestra, (Harold Jacobs, Inflatable Sculpture)
Rockne Krebs Laser Event
Schedules and Mailings

Box 15
Schubert Theatre Performances
Souvenir Booklet Preparation Material
Ticket Planning
Walnut Street Theatre Film Series, May 14-17, 1973
WHYY-FM Programs
Philadelphia Festival, 1974
General Correspondence
Magic City Project at JFK Plaza
April 28, 1974 Performances
April 29, 1974 Performances
April 30, 1974 Performances
May 1, 1974 Performances
May 2, 1974 Performances
May 3, 1974 Performances
May 4, 1974 Performances
May 5, 1974 Performances
May 6, 1974 Performances
May 7, 1974 Performances
May 8, 1974 Performances
Program Descriptions and Program
Reception, April 26, 1974
Franklin Institute
Library Company of Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Philadelphia Musical Academy Philadelphia Zoo
Singing City
Young Audiences, Inc.
Women in the Visual Arts Exhibition, Background Material
Philadelphia Festival, 1975
Agreements with Festival Participants
Air Signal International, Inc.
Heritage Festival Contracts
Marching Band Director's of America
Murphy Levy Wurman Architecture and Urban Planning
Philadelphia Troubadours
American Sports Parade Preparations, 1974
Bank Account Listings
Bank Loan Material
Bannerama Contest
Bourse Building Lease and Contracts
Cash Flow Projections
City of Philadelphia
Glenmede Trust Foundation
Philadelphia '76'
Expense Budget (originals)
Festival Center Budgets
Festival Center Performances, Contracts
Fictitious Name Registration, January 1975
Film Expo Preparation Correspondence, 1974
Grant Requests
Key Personnel
Lewis and Gilman (Advertising and Public Relations) Work File for Festival, 1974-1976
Liberty Fair
Contract for the Crafts and Folk Arts in
Liberty Fair
Insurance Claims Correspondence
Ogden Food

Box 16
Program Contracts
Talent Contracts
License for Public Parking Lots and Public Garages
Membership Contracts for Festival
News Kit
Opening Service
Organization Contact Sheets
Paramedical Reports
Pennsylvania Sales Exemption
Personnel Contracts
Philadelphia National Bank Resolution, February 11, 1975
Program Copies
Projects for Corporate Funding or Line of Credit
Purchase Requisitions
Sale Blazers, Inc., Agreement
Truck Lease
Walnut Street Theatre
Weekly Reports (3 folders)
William Penn Foundation
Restricted Funds
Philadelphia Festival, 1976
Report on Festival Activities
Philadelphia Renaissance Celebration, 1975
Philadelphia 300th Anniversary Celebration
GPCA and City of Philadelphia Planning
Material for Philadelphia 300th Anniversary Celebration, 1982 (2 folders)
Proposed International Arts Festival in
Celebration of Philadelphia's 300th Birthday, 1982
Voices of Dissent Festival, April 1987
"We the People 200" Celebration
Award Ceremony, 1987
Public Relations/Promotion Plan, February 5, 1986

Box 17
Conference on "Marketing for Performing Arts
Organizations", Funded by Grant from the Barra Foundation, 1983
Cultural Tourism Conference, January 25, 1985
First Pennsylvania Community Arts Council Conference, November 2-3, 1973
Open Dialogue II Conference, May 9-12, 1985
PCA Community Arts Conference, June 1976
Correspondence Concerning Annuities for GPCA Members, 1976
GPCA Group Insurance Advisory Committee Proposal Presentation, 1980
GPCA Insurance Program, 1976
GPCA Mather and Company Investigation on Possible Insurance Plans for the Directors and Officers of GPCA Membership Organizations, 1979-1980
GPCA Members Support Letters, 1986
GPCA Membership Directories (originals), 1978
GPCA Theatre Council begun, November 9, 1987
Introduction Material of New Insurance Program for the Employees of Cultural Organizations, 1976-1978
Life and Dental Insurance Committee Correspondence and Plan, 1980 Mailing Lists, 1979-1983, 1979-1984 (2 folders)
Membership Applications
Membership Applications, Accepted, 1987
Membership Applications, Rejected

Box 18
Membership Committee Report, 1986-1987
Membership Data on Fiscal Year, 1988, Dues Collection, 1987
Membership Dues, 1979-1980
Membership Dues Correspondence, 1984
Membership Dues Solicitations, Fiscal Year, 1983
Membership Institutions Program Descriptions, n.d.
Membership Publicity Campaign, 1987
Membership Services Manual
Membership Update Memos, 1986-1988
New Member Orientation, January 14, 1987
Peer Exchange Network, 1984
Potential Members File, 1980-1983

Box 19
Amusement Tax Project, 1983, 1985
Art Mobiles Project, 1978-1981
Avis Rent-a-car/GPCA Plan for GPCA Members, 1978-1980
BC/BS (Blue Cross/Blue Shield)
Computer Print Outs on GPCA Member Institutions, 1983-1984
Contracts, 1981-1982
Dental Insurance Plan Proposal, 1980-1981
Dental Program Investigation, 1980-1981
Employee Insurance Census Sheets, 1978-1979
Fiscal Year, 1985 Increase
Group Enrollment Report, April 1986
Insurance Survey, April 1985
Master Contracts, 1981-1982
Medical and Dental Plan, 1982-1983
Members Refunds, May 1, 1981-May 1, 1982
Membership Refunds, 1986
National Cultural ORGS Insurance Program, 1982
Proposal of Benefits, 1976
Rebates to GPCA Members, 1983
Retrospective Rating Statements, 1979-1982
Subscriber List and Costs, 1982, n.d. Subscribers Identification Report as of July 15, 1986
Summary of Costs, 1982, 1985-1986
Box Office Game, 1986
Bus Shelter Poster Project, 1980-1983
Cable Television Project, 1983
Cable Television Project, 1983-1984

Box 20
Christmas Catalog Project, 1982 -83, 1986
Cobbs Creek Cultural Arts Marathon, 1985
Computer Assisted Mailing List Service Project 1978-1979
Consulting Project for GPCA on How to Improve the Management Series Program, 4/19/84
"Cultural Connection", WIOQ Radio Program, 1980-1988
Cultural Matching Gifts and Rebate Program
Culture/Pass Program
Brochure Draft Material, 1980-1981
Card and Catalog File Inventory Material, 1979 and 1980

Catalog Publication and Membership Cards, 1980-1981
Information Solicitation, 1980-1981
Miscellaneous, 1979-1981
Participant Information, 1980-1981
Program Development and Promotion, 1979-1980
Program Evaluations and Resolicitations, 1979-1980
Questionnaires, 1979
Discover America International POW WOW Project sponsored by the Travel Industry Association of America and the U.S. Travel Service, 1980-1981
Entertainment Clearinghouse Project
Correspondence, 1983-1984
Descriptions of Participating Cultural organizations, 1984, 1986
Project Description, n.d.
Project Manual, 1986
Survey Questionnaires
Fellows in Arts Management Enterprise (FAME) Program, FY 1986-1987
GPCA Cross Promotion Project, October 30, 1979 meeting
GPCA Cultural Credit Union Material, 1980
GPCA Employee Benefits Program, Questionnaires, 1980
GPCA Friends Program, 1982
GPCA Technical Assistance Project, n.d.

Box 21
Group Discount Purchasing Plan
GPCA/B. Dalton Group Discount Purchasing Plan Material, 1980
GPCA/Lamb Brothers (Office Products) Group
Discount Purchasing Plan Information., 1977-1981
GPCA/M.S. Ginns Discount purchasing Plan Material, 1981-1982
GPCA/WEAN Associates Group Discount
Purchasing Plan for Computer Word
Processing Supplies, 1980-1982
"Housing for Artists" Project, 1981-1983
Internship Program Information, 1983-1984, 1987
Lippincott Building (25th and Locust) Renovation Project, 1984
"Making of the Nation, 1950-1900", Cultural Heritage Program, n.d.
Management Development and Training in Philadelphia, Social Service Agencies, Final Project Report Submitted to William Penn Foundation, November 26, 1980
Mico I Program (Management Improvement for Cultural Organizations)
Acceptance and Reception Letters, (MICO I), 1983
Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes, 1983-1984 (2 folders)
Applicant Rejection Letters, 1984
Applications, 1983-1985 (3 folders)
Blank Program Certificates, 1984-1985
Brochures, 1984-1985
Cultural Management Need Assessments, 1982 (2 folders)
Cultural Management Study Questionnaire Results, 1982
Final Report Submitted to the William Penn Foundation by the Management and Behavior Service Center, Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania,
February-December, 1983, (2 copies)
Financial Material, 1983-1984 General Correspondence (MICO I), 1983 -1984
Introductory Interviews with T/A Providers and Participants for MICO I, 1982
Issue Group Material, 1983, 1985
Mailing List, 1982-1983
Opening Conference, September 11-12, 1984
Acceptance Letters and Scholarships, 1984

Box 22
Evaluations, 1984
Original Program Proposal, 1983-1984
Paid Invoices, 1983-1984
Participants Questionnaire, 1983
Program Descriptions, 1984-1985
Proposal Submitted to the William Penn Foundation, November 23, 1982
Publications, 1983
Recruiting Material, 1982-1984
Registration Forms for MICO II Program Issues Group, 1984
Speakers Correspondence, 1983, 1984 (2 folders)
Staff Meeting Minutes, 1984
Study: Improving the Management of Non-Profit Cultural Organizations in Philadelphia, September, 1982
Technical Assistance Applications, 1985
Work File, 1983-1984
Workshop Materials, 1983
MICO II Program
Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes, 1985
Closing Conference, 1985
Correspondence on MICO II Program, 1984-1985
Final Evaluation of MICO II Program, 1985
Final Report to the Hunt Manufacturing Company Foundation on Technical Assistance to Participants, 1984-1985
Financial Materials, 1985
Logistic Seminar, 1984-1985
Participant Mailings (originals), 1984-1985
Participant Mailings, 1984-1985
Profile of Participants, 1984-1985
Technical Assistance Reports, 1985
Workbook for the First Residential Session, April 28-30, 1983
MICO III Program, LaSalle Management Center, 1986-1987

Box 23
Minority Outreach Project, 1987-1988
Museum Marketplace II Project, 1983
Mutual Press-Clippings Service, Inc., 1979
Parkway Day Care Project, 1982
PATCO Coupon Project, 1983-1984
Pennsylvania Arts Information System Project, 1983-1985
Philadelphia City Plays Project, 1982
Philadelphia Folklore Project, 1986
Philadelphia Loves Christmas Program, 1982-1986 (4 folders)
Philymoics Project, 1982
Printing Assistance Project Proposal, 1979
Programs and Services for FY, 1983
Project Hometown, 1985-1986
Questionnaires, 1983 (4 folders)

Box 24
Social Service Agency Management Education and Development Program (SAMED), 1983-1984
Strategic Management in Corrections Training Program/Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania Contract, 1981
Tax Deferred Annuity Program for GPCA Members
Investigation Material, 1980-1981
Technical Assistance Center (TAC), 1982
American Digital Systems Corporation
Digital Hardware Descriptions Submitted to GPCA for Possible Lease Agreement, 1984-1985
Purchase Agreement between GPCA and Digital Systems Corporation, 1984
Casino License Required by Atlantic City
Commission for all Agencies That Sell
Tickets to Atlantic City Casino Shows, 1986
City of Philadelphia Paperwork for Booth, 1984-1985
Computer Options (BOCS and Ticketron)
Summer, 1987
Computer Systems Agreements and Correspondence Pertaining to Ticketbooth, 1985-1986
Construction Bid by L.F. Driscoll Company, 1983
Contract and Leases, 1985-1986
Correspondence, 1985-1987
Fiscal Records, 1985-1987
Funding Requests, 1983-1984
Funding Rejections, 1984-1985
Funding Activities, 1983-1986
General Operations Support Sheets, 1987
Graphics, 1983-1985
Ground Breaking Ceremonies, January 26, 1987
Lease Agreements Between GPCA and Security Pacific Business Finance, Inc., 1986
Letters of Agreement, General, 1986-1987
Letter of Agreement and Correspondence between GPCA and Richard Ellis, Inc., 1984-1986
Marketing Correspondence, 1987
Marketing Plan, 1986-1987 (2 folders)
Miscellaneous Meeting Minutes, 1986
Operations Manual Revised, September 22, 1986
Orientation Seminar, October, 1986
Press Coverage, 1986-1987
Press Kit, 1987
Problems with New Computer System and Efforts to Remedy Them, Winter/Spring, 1987

Box 25
Project Descriptions, 1983, 1985-1987
Promotion Committee, 1984-1987 (2 folders)
Sales Accounting Sheets, 1986-1987 (3 folders)
Sales Report Forms Manual and Computer, n.d.
Seminar, October 10, 1986
Solicitor's Office Correspondence, 1985
Space Time Systems, Inc.
Agreement, 1984-1986
Escrow Agreement Between GPCA and Space Time Systems, 1985
New Computer Systems (BOCS) for
Ticketbooth Members, July 1987
Notes on Space Time Systems, Inc. Test Agreements, 1985
Purchase Agreement Between GPCA and Space Time Systems, Inc., 1985
Strategic Plan for a Central Ticket Marketing Outlet for Cultural Organizations in the Philadelphia Area, April 1983
Ticketbooth Advertising for September, 1987
Ticketbooth Closure
Contract Issues, 1987
Press Releases, 1987
Ticketbooth Contest Entries, 1983-1984
Ticketbooth Temporary Trailer, Complete
History of City Permits, Design and
Hook-ups, Includes Various Correspondence, 1986 Ticketseller's Bond (Mather and Co.) to Sell Amusement Tickets Correspondence, 1987
Ticketstock and Envelope Advertisers, 1986
Union Concerns, 1983-1986
Union Negotiations, 1985-1987
Volunteer Recognition Week Project, April 22-26, 1985

Box 26
"The ABC's of Philadelphia", Proofs, 1987,
A Comparative Study of the Vital Statistics of Some of Philadelphia's Major Cultural Organizations, Final Copy, October 1977
"Corporate Close-up" Publication Project, 1981
"Corporate Funding Guide"
Drafts and Correspondence, 1983
Final Publication, 1979-1985
Planning Material
Requests for Submission to GPCA
Fund Guide, 1984 Edition, 1984
"Family Adventures"
Correspondence, 1986
Distribution, 1986
Final Publication, 1986
Flyer Drafts, 1986
Marketing Plans, 1986
July-August 1987
Fels Foundation Marketing Brochure, Draft, 1987
"For Immediate Release"
Contributed Essays, and Public Relations Materials, 1987
Draft Material, 1983
Final Publication Copy, 1982
General Correspondence, 1987
Kick-off Event for New Publication, 1982
Marketing and Distribution, 1982-1983
Planning and Development, 1981-1982
Planning Material for the First Edition of Publication, 1981-1982
Public Relations Manuel, Draft Material, 1982, June 1987 (2 folders)
Public Relations Results, 1982-1983
Resource Supplement, 1987
"Getting Cultural Publicity in Greater
Philadelphia", Final Publication, November 1979
GPCA Annual Report Drafts
GPCA/Center City Association of Proprietors (CAP) Map Project, 1982-1983
GPCA Publication Budgets and Sales Information, 1987-1988
GPCA Publications Revenue, Monthly Summary, 1983-1984

Box 27
"Guide to Cultural Resource and Service Organizations" Draft and Correspondence, 1978-1979
Final Publication, 1979-1980
"Guide to the Lively Arts" Project, 1980
"Index of Philadelphia Cultural Institutions"
Correspondence, 1978
Final Publication, 1978
Index Survey Master Lists, 1977-1978
Planning Committee, 1978
"Inter-Member Directory"
Draft Material
Final Publication, 1976, 1977-1980, 1985
GPCA Membership Information Requests
Planning Material
"An Introduction to the Economics of
Philadelphia's Cultural Organization",
Final Copy, February 1975
Miscellaneous Flyers, Advertisements and Posters, n.d.
Newsclippings, 1978, 1981-1984
Philadelphia Cultural Community Publication Planning Material, 1985
"Plug into Cultural Philadelphia", Brochure Planning Material, 1982
Promotional Brochure Series
Back-up Materials for Brochures
1,2,3,4, 1980
Distribution Material, 1980

Box 28
Miscellaneous Brochures, 1974-1987
Proofs, 1980
Publications Expense Inventory, 1978-1979 (4 folders)
Requests for GPCA Publications, 1984-1986 (8 folders)
"Short Subjects"
Final Publication Copies (incomplete), 1975-1977, 1979, 1982-1987
Mailing Lists, 1978
Publication Drafts
September 1986
October 1986
November 1986
December 1986
January 1987
February-March 1987
April 1987
May 1987
June 1987

Box 29
July-August, 1987
September 1987
Publication Procedures
Submission for Publication,
December 1985-September 1986 (6 folders)
Space Directory
Addendum for 1981 Edition
Back Date Material for 1979
Space Directory
Final Publication, 1976, 1979
Space Directory Questionnaire Material, 1976
"A Strategic Plan for a Central Ticket Marketing Outlet for Cultural
Organizations in the Philadelphia Area", April 1983
Top Spots Draft Material, 1985
Non GPCA Publications
Pennsylvania, Miscellaneous Organizations, 1974-1986 (7 folders)
Other States, Miscellaneous Organizations, 1974-1986 (2 folders)

Box 30
Other States Miscellaneous Organizations, 1974-1986 (6 folders)
"Across the Spectrum," Reaching Minority Audiences
Correspondence, 1984
Evaluation Forms, March 1984
Financial Information, 1984
Program Planning and Activities, March 1984 (2 folders)
Registration Forms, n.d.
Workshop Evaluation Tally Sheets, March 1984
Alternative Funding Seminar, May 9, 1986
Artists in Schools, Fall 1982
The Art of Advocacy, November 17, 1982
Arts Advocacy of the Legislative Process, April 9, 1981
Arts Management Seminars
Activities, April-May 1980
Correspondence, 1978
Final Report and Appendix, 1980
Financial Budgets, 1980

Box 31
Arts Management Seminars Registration, 1978
"Arts Medicine: A Comprehensive Approach", September 11, 1985
Assessing Needs of Minority Cultural Arts Organizations in the Delaware Valley, December 18, 1986
Audience Development Seminar, April 18, 1977
Beyond 504 Seminar Master List (Exploring Handicapped Regulations and their Intent), 1979
Building Maintenance Seminar, February 24, 1978
" The Cable Question", September 15, 1982
"Can the Individual Artist Survive in
Philadelphia?" Seminar, May 4, 1976
Careers in Culture and the Arts, April 26, 1984
Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania (CAP), Reception, Spring for the Arts, March 18, 1982
City Support of Culture, November 1975
Collaborative Planning Workshop, May 11, 1977
"Coming of Age", Computers for Cultural
Non-Profits, May 9-20, 1981
Commonwealth Support of Culture Seminar, December 16, 1975
Community Arts Service Fair, December 1, 1978
Budget and Facility Arrangements
Panel and Advisory Committee
Participating Organizations
Program Brochure/Mailing and Promotion Registration
Community Leadership Seminar, Inc. Program (CLSP), 1984
Consumer Behavior in the Performing Arts Workshop, December 12-13, 1984
Copyright Seminar, September 20, 1977
Corporate Giving Seminar, June 21, 1978
Culture and the Media, November 20, 1980
Danny Newman Seminar, January 8, 1979 "Earned Income", April 1987
Earned Income Opportunity for Cultural Non-Profits, March 24, 1982
Employment in the Cultural Field, February 28, 1979
Energy Efficiency Workshop, June 15, 1982
"Expansion Arts Information" Session, October 5, 1982
Financial Management Seminar, February 8, 1979
Funding the Individual Artist in the 1980's, April 20, 1983
Fund Raising Under New Tax Laws, November 12, 1981
Gift Shop Seminar, January 28, 1977
"Government Funding for Visual Arts", May 30, 1984
Grants Workshop for Presenting Organizations, Dance Companies and Dancers, March 3, 1983
How to Write a Grant Proposal and How Not To Seminar, October 30, 1975
"Increasing Visibility in a Competitive Market Place", March 13, 1986
Law and the Arts: Introduction to Public Commission on the Humanities Seminar, November 1976
Legal Aspects of Running a Non-Profit Cultural Organization, April 14, 1981

Box 32
Management Series
The ABC's of a Subscription Campaign, May 22, 1984
"Calculating Computer Needs", October 25, 1984
Careers in Culture and the Arts, April 26, 1984
"Cost Accounting: A Management Tool", February 24, 1984
Dynamics of a Board of Directors, November 14, 1984
Employee Benefits Workshop, October 26, 1983
Responsibility Charting, December 1983
Selecting and Developing Effective, Board of Directors, March 18, 1987
"Shaking Hands with Uncle Sam", the New Tax Codes and 501 (c) 3, March 31, 1987
Spectacular Special Events, November 1983
"You and You Members", September 28, 1983
Marketing Seminar, May 5, 1983
Meet the Media Seminar, April 6, 1978
Membership Workshop, February 25, 1977
Museum Professional Seminar, April 10, 1979
News Guidelines Workshop, April 5, 1979
Paper Conservation Workshop, June 23, 1977
"Personnel Policies: The Executive Director's Role", February 10, 1983
Planning a Special Event Seminar, June 19, 1979
Planning for GPCA Seminar for FY, 1985-1987 (2 folders)
Postal Seminar, January 19, 1978
Press Seminar, April 8, 1975, June 1975 (2 folders)
Printing and Graphic Arts Center Seminar, 1979
"Research in the Arts", June 11, 1982
Seminar on Board of Directors, March 23, 1976
Seminar on the Arts and their Institutional Setting, 1982
Seminar to Double Membership, February 11, 1976
Smithsonian National Association Program, 1978-1979
Special Events Seminar, June 1979

Box 33
Spring Seminar Series, 1980 (2 folders)
Survival as an Artist, Spring 1983
Time Management Seminar, November 9-10, 1983
Tourism Seminar, December 2, 1977
Update on National Endowment for the Arts, January 20, 1984
"Your Image in Print", January 25, 1984
Surveys, Studies and Reports
Americans and the Arts Survey, Conducted by Phillip Morris under Grant from American Council for the Arts, n.d.
Bartol, Grala and Corbin Study of GPCA Operations, 1981-1982
The Chagall Exhibit Reports, September 1985
A Citizens Study of Public Education in Philadelphia, 1962
Cultural Arts Audit Survey and Analysis, 1983-1984
Cultural Corporate Study (Arthur Young and Co.), Planning Material, 1979-1981
Cultural Management Study, 1982
"Cultural Participation in the Philadelphia Area", by Sue Dowden Project Director, GPCA to
William Penn Foundation Study, 1984-1985 (2 folders)
Evaluation of the Dues Structure of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Using Cost-Benefit Analysis by Sharon Lowenheim, August 1981
GPCA Directional Sign Study, 1984-1985
GPCA Membership Needs Survey, 1977
GPCA Membership Services Survey,1986
GPCA Ticket Volume Survey Results, July 22, 1987

Box 34
Improving the Management of Non-Profit Cultural Organizations in Philadelphia, October 1982
Internship in Arts Survey, 1986
Museum Promotion Study, 1983
A National Study of Non-Profit Management and Management Improvement Field, Executive Summary, 1982
"Philadelphia: Past, Present and Future" Interim Report, Fall 1981
"Philadelphia Region Study", Proposal, 1984
Report and Recommendations on a Public Support Program for GPCA, March 12, 1982
The Result of Interviews with 8 Small Cultural Institutions, by Elizabeth M. Chilton for GPCA, May 13, 1983
Study of the Wagner Free Institute of Science on Building Condition, n.d.
Survey of Collections and Conservation Needs of the Delaware Valley Cultural Institutions, Funded by the William Penn Foundation, n.d.
Survey of Community Assets and Needs project (SCAN), 1984-1985
A Survey of Management Skills Needed by Non-Profit Cultural Groups in Philadelphia Area, August 3, 1981
Theatre Survey for Philadelphia, 1982
University of Pennsylvania Philanthropic Study, 1979-1980
University of Pennsylvania Study of How to Improve the Management Series Program, by Susan Jean Dixon, 1984
Values and Lifestyles Survey (VALS)
Project Activities, 1985-1986 (2 folders)
Summation Done After Project Shutdown, February 1987