Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Records, Series II: Departments

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The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance (GPCA) was founded in 1972 by nine leading Philadelphia cultural institutions: The Academy of Music, Academy of Natural Sciences, The Franklin Institute, The Free Library of Philadelphia, Library Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Orchestra Association and The Philadelphia Zoological Garden.

The leaders of these organizations originally came together in early 1972 to coordinate historical and cultural events for the Bicentennial Celebration of 1976. From these interactions an idea evolved to band together permanently to share mutual concerns and solve common problems among Philadelphia area cultural institutions. Through its sponsorship of numerous programs and activities, the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance also sought to arouse public awarness, participation and financial support for the humanities, arts and sciences in the Delaware Valley region.


Organized into seven series:
  • Series I: Administration (Box 1-8)
  • Series II: Departments (Box 8-13)
  • Series III: Membership Services (Box 14-34)
  • Series IV: Organizations (Box 35-40)
  • Series V: Audio-Visual Material (Box 41-42)
  • Series VI: Miscellaneous (Box 43)
  • Series VII: Closed Files

Scope& Content Note.
This series is divided into two subseries: The Financial Office , which includes financial statements, budget proposals, grant applications, tax and insurance information for GPCA. This subseries also contains files detailing GPCA fund-raising projects such as The Corporate Sponsor Program; and the Personnel Office whose records include employee manuals, resumes, correspondence and staff meeting minutes and reports.

Deposit made by Mr. Monny Schlotzhauer on February 16, 1989.


Box 8
Financial Office
Account Expenditures, 1972-1974
Accounting System, 1977, 1983, 1986
July 1, 1975-June 30, 1976
1980, Fiscal Year
1981, Fiscal Year
1982, Fiscal Year
Balance Sheets
1975, 1979-1981, 1981-1982
Bank Savings Account Information
1977, 1979
Budget Development
1985, Fiscal Year
Budget Proposals
1981, Fiscal Year
Budget Worksheets, 1982-1983
Corporate Solicitation and Membership Dues
Ledger for Fiscal Year 1980 Delinquent Membership Dues, 1975-1976
Employees Earning Record, 1983

Box 9
Financial Close-out Report, June 30, 1987
Financial Ledgers for Fiscal Year 1981-1983
Financial Worksheets, 1983
Financial Statements, 1973-1984
Fiscal Accounting for "Agents in Schools and Communities" Grant from PCA, 1982-1983
Fiscal Accounting for Arts Information Systems Project, 1982-1983
Fiscal Accounting for Arts Management Seminar Project, 1980
Fiscal Accounting for CABLE TV Technical Assistance Project Grant from Philadelphia College of Art (PCA), 1983
Fiscal Accounting for Cultural Management Training Program and Needs Assessment Study Grant from the William Penn Foundation, 1982
Fiscal Accounting for Fellowship Program from PCA, 1981-1982
Fiscal Accounting for Management Training Program Grant from William Penn Foundation, 1982-1983
Fiscal Accounting for Minority Arts Resource Directory Grant from PCA, 1981-1984
Fiscal Accounting for NALAA Conference, 1983, 1984 (2 folders)
Fiscal Accounting for the National Working Committee on the Concerns of Minority Arts Meeting Grant from PCA, 1984
Fiscal Accounting for "Research in the Arts" Symposium Grant from the Barra Foundation, 1983
Fiscal Accounting for Three Audience Development Seminars Grant from PCA, 1984
Fiscal Accounting for Ticket Booth Feasibility Study Grant from the William Penn Foundation, 1982-1983
Fund Raising
Administrative Services and Program Support
Charitable Organization Solicitation
Applications and Certificates, 1973, 1976, 1979-1983, 1986
Class 500 Cultural Organizations, City Funding Changes, 1987

Box 10
Corporate Sponsor Program, Corporate Contacts
Acme Markets, 1974-1981
Air Products and Chemicals, 1980
ARA Services, Inc., 1979-1984
Arthur Young and Co., 1980-1982
Bell Savings and Loan, 1980
Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank, 1980
Budd Company, 1980-1981
Burroughs Corporation, 1980-1982
Caldwell, J.E., 1980-1982
Catalytic, Inc., 1981
Central Pennsylvania National Bank, 1982
Chittan Co., 1980-1982
Clarkie's Inc., 1980-1982
Colonial Beef Co., 1979-1982
Convenience and Safety Corporation, 1981
Cushman and Wakefield, 1979
First Pennsylvania, 1974-1980
FMC Corporation, 1980-1981
Franklin Mint Corporation, 1975-1982
General Accident, Fire and Life
Assurance Corporation, 1979-1982
Inco Electro Energy Corporation, 1979-1982
Industrial Valley Bank and Trust Co., 1981-1982
John B. Kelly, Inc., 1981-1982
Korman Corp., 1980-1982
Lincoln Bank, 1980-1982
Lukens Steel Co., 1980-1982
Merit Oil Foundation, 1981
Merrill-Lynch Pierre Fenner and Smith, 1980-1981
M.F. Underwriters Management, Inc., 1980-1981
Music Fair Enterprises, 1980
Nan Duskin, 1980-1982
Oscar Mayer, 1980
Pennwalt Foundation, 1974-1982
Philadelphia Coke Company, 1980
Philadelphia Suburban Corp., 1980
Price Waterhouse and Co., 1979-1981
RCA Corporation, 1980-1981
Reliance Insurance, 1980-1981
Safeguard Business Systems, 1981-1982
SKF Industries, Inc., 1981-1982
Sperry Univac, 1980
Spiro and Associates, Inc., 1980-1981
SPS Foundation, 1980
Strawbridge and Clothier, 1979-1981
Tasty Baking Co., 1980-1981
United Engineers and Constructors, Inc., 1980
John Wanamakers, 1980
Warner Company, 1980
Westmoreland Coal Company, 1979
Corporate Sponsor Program, Corporate
Solicitation Responses, 1977-1982 (6 folders)
Dolfinger-McMahn Foundation, 1979-1981
Independence, 1974
Knight Foundation, 1975-1977
Pew Charitable Trust, 1977
Philadelphia Foundation, 1973-1981
Princess Grace Foundation, 1984-1985 (2 folders)
Samuel Fels Fund, 1973-1982
William Penn Foundation, 1973-1983
Fund Raising Proposals and Correspondence
Submitted to Abraham and Strauss Department Store, 1981-1982
Grant Application for:
Brooke Lappin for Work Experience Internship Program (#R50-20A-24CN), 1975
Composers Project, 1975
Economic Impact Study, 1976-1978
Germantown County Dancers, 1975-1976
"GPCA Services to the Field Program" to PCA, 1976-1977
Inter-Arts Program, 1981-1982
Joseph Farrell of the National Research
Center of the Arts (NRCA), Economic Impact Study, 1976
Miscellaneous Applications, 1974-1977, 1981-1983
Neighborhood Arts Project; 1978-1980

Box 11
Philadelphia Festival, 1973 -1976 (7 folders)
Pieces Dances Company Project, 1975-1976
Rochberg Recording Grant, 1975
"Strengthening Community Services", 1974-1976
Support Grant Application Material to PCA, 1982-1984
Support of Greater Philadelphia Council of the Arts Administrative (GPCA) and Operation Costs, 1975, 1976-1977 (2 folders)
Historical Cash Position Analysis for Fiscal Year 1981-1982
Group Insurance Benefits for GPCA, February 15, 1980
Insurance Correspondence, 1973-1976 (2 folders)
Insurance Documents, 1973-1976
Pennsylvania Manufacturers Indemnity Insurance Company (PMA Group) Workman's Compensation Insurance; Policy and Report, 1985-1986
Internal Employee Benefits Status Sheets, 1980-1981
Investment Accounts, 1982
Lease Agreement for 110 South 20th Street, 1974
Loan Requests, 1975-1976

Box 12
Membership Account Sheets, 1979 -1983
Miscellaneous Financial Data, Fiscal Year
Monthly and Accumulated
Receipts/Disbursements/Variance for Fiscal Year, 1980-1982 (2 folders)
Payroll Record, 1980-1981
Statement of Expenses for Period Ending June 30, 1985
Statement of Financial Position, 1984
Summary Sheets on Foundations, 1982-1984
FICA Withholding Taxes, 1974-1982
Form 941 (Employers Quarterly Federal Tax Form), 1983
Form 1096, 1984-1985
IRS, Audit of GPCA, August 5, 1981
IRS Tax Exemption letters, 1972-1974, 1980
Miscellaneous Federal Tax Information, 1985
Pennsylvania Income Exemption Certificate, n.d.
Pennsylvania Income Tax Forms, 1983
Pennsylvania Income Tax Records, 1973-1982
Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation, 1973-1983
Philadelphia City Wage Tax, 1973-1984 (2 folders)
Tax Returns, 1975-1982, 1984
Unemployment Compensation, 1983-1984

Box 13
Personnel Office
City Hall Personnel Directory, n.d.
Payroll and Deductions, 1979-1982
Staffing, 1982-1987
Employee Payroll Records, 1982
Job Descriptions, 1980-1987
Office Space Needs for GPCA and Other Cultural Institutions, 1984
Personnel Manual, July 9, 1985, 1987 (2 folders)
Proposal for a Study of Salary and Benefit Practices of GPCA, March 1977
1985 (2 folders)
Assistant Director Position, 1985
Consultant Positions, 1983-1985
Coordinator of Information Services, Job Position, July 1986
Executive Secretary Position, July 3, 1986
GPCA Coordinator of Information Services Position, 1985
Ticket Booth Staff, 1985, 1986 (2 folders)
Miscellaneous, n.d.
Staff Meeting Minutes, 1985-1986
Staff Reports, 1984-1987 ( 4 folders)
Staff Retreats, 1984-1985
Telephone Call Log, December 20, 1983- March 26, 1984