Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Records, Series I: Administration

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The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance (GPCA) was founded in 1972 by nine leading Philadelphia cultural institutions: The Academy of Music, Academy of Natural Sciences, The Franklin Institute, The Free Library of Philadelphia, Library Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Orchestra Association and The Philadelphia Zoological Garden.

The leaders of these organizations originally came together in early 1972 to coordinate historical and cultural events for the Bicentennial Celebration of 1976. From these interactions an idea evolved to band together permanently to share mutual concerns and solve common problems among Philadelphia area cultural institutions. Through its sponsorship of numerous programs and activities, the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance also sought to arouse public awarness, participation and financial support for the humanities, arts and sciences in the Delaware Valley region.


Organized into seven series:
  • Series I: Administration (Box 1-8)
  • Series II: Departments (Box 8-13)
  • Series III: Membership Services (Box 14-34)
  • Series IV: Organizations (Box 35-40)
  • Series V: Audio-Visual Material (Box 41-42)
  • Series VI: Miscellaneous (Box 43)
  • Series VII: Closed Files

Scope& Content Note.
This series contains general information on NSC including organizational histories, articles of incorporation, by-laws, and annual reports; materials from GPCA annual meetings; correspondence and meeting minutes for the GPCA Board of Directors and executive committee; correspondence and miscellaneous material related to the Executive Directors Office of GPCA.

Deposit made by Mr. Monny Schlotzhauer on February 16, 1989.


Box 1
Agency History and Programs, 1979
Agency Organizational Chart
Annual Meetings, 1973-1974, 1976-1983, 1985-1986 (12 folders)
Annual Reports
July 1985-June 1986
Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, 1972-1979
Board of Directors
Bicentennial Planning Workshops
December 10, 1972
December 20, 1972
Finance Committee Manufacturing, 1987
Incorporation and Membership Meeting, November 14, 1972
Meeting Agendas, 1977
Meeting Minutes
October 1972-November 1978 (27 folders)

Box 2
December 1978-December 1987 (38 folders)
Membership and Press Reception, January 23, 1973
Membership Lists, 1980-1981
Membership Meetings and Public Relations Seminar, February 26, 1974
Miscellaneous Meeting Minutes, 1972, 1975, 1977
New Member Orientation, 1987
Nominating Committee, 1977-1984
Orientation Meetings for Board and Member Institutions,
January 11-12, 1983
Philadelphia Festival Managers Meeting, August 7, 1975
Schedule of Dates for GPCA Board and Executive Committee Meetings, 1980
Executive Committee
Correspondence and Memos, 1973-1980
Meeting Agendas, 1973-1974
Meeting Minutes
June 10, 1972-May 13, 1975 (15 folders)

Box 3
May 29, 1975-May 18, 1983 (53 folders)

Box 4
June 22, 1983-February 25, 1987, unkn. (5 folders)
Pre-Membership Meeting, October 27, 1972
Special Meeting Minutes, May 25, 1976
Executive Director's Office
May 1972-March 1975 (21 folders)

Box 5
April 1975-June 1979 (16 folders)

Box 6
July 1979-March 1983 (16 folders)

Box 7
April 1983-December 1985 (21 folders)

Box 8
January 1986-1987 (7 folders)
Governor Thornburgh Dinner, May 23, 1979
GPCA Strategic Plans and Objectives, 1976-1988
Legal Documents and Correspondence, 1972-1977, 1984
Testimony to City Council by Ed Garcia, May 2, 1986