Housing Association of Delaware Valley Records, Series 7

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Approximately 360.38 linear feet (Approximately 527 boxes + 23 microfilm reels)
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Collection Overview
Series 1: URB 3, 1870-1970
Series 2: URB 29, 1909-1985
Series 3: Accession 63, circa 1968 (Unavailable)
Series 4: Accession 74, Undated (Unavailable)
Series 5: Accession 185, Undated (Unavailable)
Series 6: Accession 192, 1964-1974
Series 7: Accessions 107, 124, 141, 161, 162, 192, 239
Series 8: Accession 375, 1950-1977
Series 9: Accession 425, 1960-1979
Series 10: Accession 439, 1958-1979
Series 11: Accession 477, 1964-1982  
Series 12: Accession 561, 1954-1982  
Series 13: Accession 580, 1959-1982
Series 14: Accession 584, 1968-1984  
Series 15: Accession 618, 1976-1985
Series 16: HADV Neighborhoods and Urban Renewal Areas (Accessions 781 and 980), 1947-1972
Series 17: Accession 981, 1953-1979
Series 18: Newspaper Clippings, 1911-1960
Series 19: Negro Migrant Study Records, 1923-1924 (URB 31)
Series 20: Photographs: Numbered, circa 1897-1972 (PC-1, PC-2)
Series 21: Photographs: Unnumbered, circa 1918-1967 (PC-4)
Series 22: PHA Lantern Slides, circa 1904-1929 (PC-7, PC-8, PC-9)



Series 7: Accessions 107, 124, 141, 161, 162, 192, 239, 1942-1975


Series 7 contains multiple accessions that have been combined into one series, and contains 63 boxes of records from 1942-1975.

Box 1

HADV Internal Materials 

PHA and HADV By-Laws, 1942 -1971
Executive Committee Minutes, 1961-1974
Publications Request
PHA Monthly Reports, 1969 -1972
Dolbeare Congratulations
Dolbeare Speeches Pending, 1949-1971
Dolbeare and Speech, 1970 
Dolbeare, Louis P.
Address Lists – Miscellaneous
Law Department
Slide Talks
Speakers Bureau and Recommendations
United Fund – Public Relations – Radio and TV
Training Program – Mailing List
Law Enforcement
CRP Committee
Board and Executive, 1964-1967 
Legal Committee
Committees, 1966 - 1970
Public Housing
Public Officials
Civic and Social
West Philadelphia Committee
Staff Members - Former
Blue Cross Forms
Membership Correspondence
Possible Committee Members (HADV)
HADV Executive Material – General, 1969-1970
Philadelphia Housing Association – Membership
Bacon, Edmund N.

Box 2

Financial Materials

Harrison Foundation – Proposals/Progress Reports
Harrison Foundation Expenditures
Harrison Foundation, 1966-1967 
Harrison Foundation Correspondence
Agency Financial Report for Community Chest, 1945-1954, 1955 - 1968
Community Chest Budgets, 1956-1963 
Bank Ledger
Bank Statements
Employee Copies of W-2 and W-4 Forms, 1966-1967 
Income Tax Withholding Statements 
Quarterly Withholding and Social Security Reports
PHA Income Tax Returns
City Wage Tax Information, 1967
Budget Information, 1967
Balances, 1964-1966
Financial Statement, 1964-1965

Box 3


History of Housing Association of Delaware Valley – Index Cards of Association’s History, 1909-1972

Box 4

HADV Internal Materials 

Contents of Mimeo Books, 1957-1970
Correspondence describing HADV
HADV Program and Progress, etc.
HADV – Inactive Applications for Managing Director
Search Committee Minutes/Correspondence/Memos, 1971
HADV Office Space
Receipts on Office Equipment
Maintenance Agreements
Job Descriptions
Office Procedure and Staff Memos
Retirement Plan
Attendance Records 1968
Employee Applications/Resignations, 1956-1960
Personnel File/Attendance Records, 1969-1971
Associated Hospital Service (Blue Cross)
Salaries and Wages
Information for Staff, 1971-1973
In-Service Training
Weekly Staff Activities
Inactive Applications
Minutes Staff Meeting
Personnel Actions
Personnel Committee
Staff Members – Past
Memo to Members
New Membership Correspondence, 1970
Market Survey of HADV Membership, 1973
Public Relations and Community Education Committee
Metropolitan Conference
Association of Associations
National Health and Welfare Association
Philadelphia Foundation
Harrison Foundation 
HADV Foundation Application 
Hoeber, Elfriede – Research Director
HADV Library
Acquistion Lists
HADV Publications Subscriptions, 1968-1971

Box 5

HADV Internal Materials 

PHA/FCDV Merger, 1967-1968
HADV Audit, 1961-1966
HADV Accounts
Board Minutes for Audit
Annual Reports, 1967-1968, 1970
HADV Annual Meetings
Nominating Committee, 1969-1971
Board Mailed Material, 1969-1970
Board Material (Correspondence, Member Lists), 1970
Board Mailed Material, 1971
Board Minutes, 1970, 1971-1973
Wagner, Donald C. –  Board Member, 1963
Martin L. McNair, Board Member
Lipscomb, Alice, Board Member
Board Members, 1960's
Shumate – Reports and Memos
Campbell, Charles W.
Lefevre, Thomas V.
Cameron, Lawrence – Miscellaneous Memos
Schermer, George, Human Relations Consultant
Cushing, Dolbeare
Ad Hoc Program Committee Minutes, 1970
Ad Hoc Program Committee Materials, 1970
Report of Ad Hoc Program Committee, 1970
On Viewing Our Priorities
Weekly Reports Mail/Newspaper Clippings, 1972
News Summaries, 1972
HADV Releases, HADV New Releases
Permissions to Reprint HADV Material
Publications Referred to 1970-1971
Exchange Program on Publications
Request for Public Housing Paper
Request for Speakers

Material – HADV Board – Correspondence / List of Members, 1970

Board of Directors – Minutes, 1973

Box 6

Housing Association of Southern New Jersey/United Fund 

HASNJ Materials, 1969-1971
HASNJ – Funding-Mailing List – 6 Month Report – By-laws
HASNJ – Executive Committee
HASNJ – Miscellaneous 
HASNJ – Committees – Reports – Agendas
HASNJ – Correspondence
HASNJ – Seminar in Subsidized Housing
HASNJ – Project Free
New Jersey – Miscellaneous
Housing in New Jersey – R.O.A.C.H.
Black People's Unity Movement, Camden, 6/5/1959
New Jersey – Discrimination in Housing
New Jersey – Housing Population Data
New Jersey – Newsletter
Wallace – Eljabar Fund, Inc.
United Fund – Agency Review Report, 10/19/1967 and 1974-1975
United Fund – Torch Drive
United Fund – Solicitations Reports
United Fund – Pension Plan
United Fund – Professional Advisory Committee
United Fund – Correspondence, 1966-1969
United Fund – Basic Policies
United Fund
United Fund – Agency Relations
United Fund – Budget Committee, 1966-1971
HADV – Financial Reports

Box 7

Internal Activities-Printed Material 

Printed Material, October 1943-1964
Mimeograph Material, 1953

Box 8

Mimeo Books

Various Memoranda, 1948-1954

Box 9

Mimeo Books, 1955-1956

Box 10

Mimeo Books, 1957-1959

Box 11

Mimeo Books, 1959-1960

Box 12

Mimeo Books, 1961-1962

Box 13

Mimeo Books, 1962-1964

Box 14

Mimeo Books, 1964-January 1966

Box 15

Mimeo Books, 1966 

Box 16

Mimeo Books, January 1967-October 1967

Box 17

Mimeo Books, November 1967-October 1968

Box 18

Mimeo Books, November-December 1968
Request for Publications
Blue Copies of Correspondence, 1966-1969

Box 19

Blue Copy Books, 1970-1971

Box 20

Blue Copies, 1972-1973
Incoming/Outgoing Mail, 1971-1973

Box 21

Copies – Incoming, 1973-1974

Box 22

Correspondence to Managing Director, 1972-July 1975

Box 23

Former HADV Staff Time Sheets and Resumes
Board, 1972-1973
Executive Committee, 1972-1973
HADV Mentions, January-December 1973
Newspaper mentions, June 1971-December 1973 
News Releases, 1971-1973 
Memorandum Staff, March 1972-December 1974
Testimonies HADV 1971-1973
HADV Mailings Log, February 4, 1974-December 12, 1974

Box 24


Individual Staff Logs, 1965-1971

Box 25

Legislative Report – Volume 1-Volume 3, 1973-1975
Logs, November 1965-April 1966
Logs, July 1966-November 1966

Box 26

Legislative Information 1972-1974 

Notes on Legislation
County Committees
Procedure for getting Legislative Information 
Standing Committees of Senate and House of Representatives (United States 92nd Congress) Standing Committees of Senate and House of Pennsylvania, 1971-1972
Representatives from Philadelphia
Recent Publications on Governmental Problems
Law Project Bulletin
Community Services of Pennsylvania: Legislative Information
Federal Register – Rules and Regulations, April 30, 1973
Publications for Legislative Information
Pennsylvania Land Development Agency
Draft – Legislative Report – Volume 1
Biography of a Bill – General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Draft Legislative Report
Directory of Housing Agencies in Philadelphia Area
Material for Legislative Reports
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
Procedure for United States Legislation
Community Alerting Service

Box 27

Working Papers

Staff Working Papers, 1964-1965
Papers for a Seminar in Housing, University of Pennsylvania, 1969
Criteria and Comments for Working Papers

Box 28

Code Enforcement

Housing Law Enforcement committee, 1964-1967
Reports from the Committee on Licenses and Inspections
Housing Code Enforcement: Proposals/Legislation
Code Enforcement – Miscellaneous
Code Enforcement Survey, January 1969-February 1970
Leases and Agreements of Sale
Housing Code Enforcement – Vacant Structures Demolition Ordinances
Housing Code Enforcement – Abatement, 1964-1970
Housing Code Enforcement – "Unfit" Structures
Housing Code Enforcement –  Certification of Properties Sold
Housing Code Enforcement –  Lead Paint, Rats
Housing Code Enforcement –  License and Inspection Forms and Procedures
Unfits and Tenant Rights (Rent Withholding)
Landlord/Tenant Legislation
Housing Code Enforcement – Slum Lords
Housing Code Enforcement – Inspection without a Warrant
Housing Code Enforcement – Constables
Housing Code Enforcement, February 1969
Committee on Housing Policy
Housing Code Enforcement – Bill 916 Absentee Landlord
Housing Code Enforcement – Clerical Section Activity Report
Housing Code Enforcement – Process Study
Areas for Reform in Housing Code Enforcement
Cases – Code Enforcement
Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections
Licenses and Inspections – Findings and Opinions, 1970-1971
Licenses and Inspections – Appeals, Continued, Withdrawn
Licenses and Inspections – Hearings
Licenses and Inspections – Unfit Listings
Licenses and Inspections – Unfit Postings

Box 29

Code Enforcement

Housing Code Enforcement – New Cases and Housing and Fire Violations, 1961-1964, 1970 1971 (Department of Licenses and Inspections)

Box 30

Code Enforcement

Housing Code Enforcement – New Cases and Housing and Fire Violations, 1961, 1971-1972 (Department of Licenses and Inspections)

Box 31

Code Enforcement

Housing Code Enforcement – New Cases and Housing and Fire Violations, 1961, 1969-1971 (Department of Licenses and Inspections)

Box 32

Joint Committee on Minority Housing 1965-1969 

Joint Committee on Minority Housing – General
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – Executive Committee
Executive Committee Minutes
Subcommittee on Organization and Structure
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – Nominating Committee
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – Subcommittee on Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations Correspondence –  Subcommittee on Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – Subcommittee on Housing and Urban Development
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – Subcommittee on Philadelphia CHR – Cases
Nation Urban League – Correspondence
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – National Urban League Monthly Reports
National Urban League – Budget and Funding
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – Minutes
Joint Committee on Minority Housing  – Subcommittee on Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – Subcommittee on Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission – Correspondence
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission – Cases 
Working Agreement Between the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and the State Direct Action Proposal
Basic Working Papers and Comments
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – Federal Fair Housing Law
State Fair Housing Legislation
Desegregation In Housing
Law and Public Policy
Entrepreneurial Activity
Non-White Housing Characteristics
Northeast Crisis Forum
Housing and Employment – General
Draft of Issues (On Segregation)
Jones vs. Mayer
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – East Frankford Homeowners Improvement Association
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – Northeast Health and Welfare Council
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – Fort Washington Study
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – Northeast Fair Housing Council
Joint Committee on Minority Housing – Northeast Public Housing

Box 33

Commission on Human Relations 1967-1971 

Commission on Human Relations – Agenda/Minutes
Commission on Human Relations – Current Business
Commission on Human Relations – Press Releases
Commission on Human Relations – Bulletin 
Affirmative Compliance Team (ACT) Background 
February 1970
Affirmative Compliance Team – Correspondence
Affirmative Compliance Team – Minutes
Affirmative Compliance Team – Memos
Affirmative Compliance Team – Materials
Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations
Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations – Regulations and Ordinances
Human Relations Council
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission – Correspondence RE: New Law
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission – Public Records
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission – Press Releases
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission – Spano
Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission

Title VIII of Civil Rights Act of 1968 – Complaints

Box 34

Commission on Human Relations

Commission on Human Relations: Cases Closed, 1968-1971

Box 35

Fair Housing 1965-1971 

Fair Housing Laws – General
Urban League – Operation Equality
Summary of Operation Equality Program, May 1967- January 1969
Fair Housing – Philadelphia Urban League
Project Free – Minutes and Mail
Testing and the Escort System
Fair Housing Cases
Fair Share Plan – Information; Suggestions
Fair Share Plan – Counties by MCDs
Suburbs and Fair Housing
Upper Darby, 1965
Community Profiles
Fair Housing – Philadelphia Gas Works Inset
Pilot Investment, Inc.
Metropolitan Fair Housing Forms
Fair Housing Section of Housing Guide
Desegregation in Housing
National Neighbors – Integrated Neighborhoods
American Friends Service Committee and Fair Housing
Housing Opportunities Center
National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing – Correspondence
Fair Housing – Pennsylvania 
Ohio – Fair Housing
New Jersey – Fair Housing
Oregon, Washington – Fair Housing
New York – Fair Housing
White Plains, Nassau County, New York – Fair Housing
Fair Housing – Southern California
Fair Housing – St. Louis, Kansas City, Washington, D.C., Hartford, CT
Fair Housing – Baltimore
Fair Housing – Cleveland
New York Urban League – Operation Open City
Metro Denver Fair Housing Center
Fair Housing – Chicago
Fair Housing – Philadelphia
Equal Housing Opportunities in Philadelphia Area, 1972
Philadelphia Fair Housing Ordinances
Fair Housing Commission
Military Housing and Discrimination in Housing
Fair Housing and the White House
Housing and Urban Development – Equal Opportunity
Housing and Urban Development – Campaign for Fair Housing
Housing and Urban Development and Enforcement of Fair Housing Laws
Federal Housing Legislation: Title 24, Title 5, Title 6
Federal Legislation, Title 8
Fair Housing, Miscellaneous

Box 36


Housing – General 1965-1967
Chart: Number of Households below poverty line, by various measures – PSMA, 1960
Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 1971 – Expenditures by selected functions (in Millions of Dollars)
Census: Employment Demand and Supply for City Residents, 1962, 1970
Comparison of Total and Publically Assisted Housing, 1959-1972
Fiscal 1971 Budget Outlays for Housing, by Department (in Millions of Dollars)
Comparison of Housing Costs Under Various Programs
Housing Choice – Miscellaneous Studies
General Papers on Housing Problems
Economic Incentives Needed to Begin Reform of Federal Housing Programs, June 1971
Major Re-Vamp of Housing Programs – Proposed
Opportunity for Choice – The Housing Requirement in 701 Planning International Federation for Housing and Planning, 1968-1970
Housing Requirement in 701 Planning – Low Income Housing Bulletin, August 1969
Industrial Housing
National Association of Home Builders
Home Builders
Housing for the Elderly
Homeowners Assistance, Incorporated
National Homeownership Foundation-Special Institutions – Department of Housing and Urban Development
Comparative Analysis of Federally Aided Low and Moderate
Income Housing Programs, October 1969
"The Dispossessed" (Involuntary Mobility Among Philadelphia's Low Income Families)
Smith, Edward R.
Housing Service Committee Minutes, 1968-1969
New Housing Committee Minutes and Memos, 1968-1969
Subsidized Housing Committee, 1970-1971
Text of Administration Bill for Rent Subsidy
Comparison of Housing Association and Johnson Subsidy Proposals
Subsidy – Subcommittee on Existing Housing
Non-Profits – Corporations
Non-Profit – Study
Maple Corporation
Housing Seminar – Outline, 1969
Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation
Chapters for a Citizen's Guide to Housing
Housing Advisory Service Corporation
Foundation for Cooperative Housing
Philadelphia Office of Development Coordinator – Housing Highlights
National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials
National Housing Conference – Correspondence Only
National Housing Conference – Newsletter, 1965-1970
National Housing Conference – Board/Resolutions Committee
National Housing Conference
Summaries of Legislation by National Housing Conference
Housing Legislation Information Service – National Housing Conference
Statements Before the Subcommittee on Housing of The House Banking and Currency Committee
Statements before Senate Subcommittee on Independent Offices and the Department of Housing and Urban Development Appropriations
Rural Housing Alliance
National Rural Housing Coalition

Box 37

Housing Legislation/Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1965-1972

United States Legislation
1967 and 1970 Act
Federal Laws and Policies
Federal Reports
United States Federal Housing Administration, 1967-1970
Correspondence Federal Housing Administration
Federal Housing Administration – Statistics, 1967-1968
Federal Housing Administration – Section 235 and 236 Programs, 1970-1971
236 Program
235 Program
United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1967-1972
Housing and Urban Development – Budget – Budget Estimates
Housing and Urban Development – FHA – Assisted Programs
Housing and Urban Development – Summary
Housing and Urban Development – Circulars
Housing and Urban Development – Newsletters/Newspaper Reprints
Housing and Urban Development – Library and Information
Housing and Urban Development – Correspondence
Housing and Urban Development – Speeches and Statements, 1967-1971
Housing and Urban Development – News
Housing and Urban Development – Monthly Fact Sheet, 1965-1969
Housing and Urban Development – Handbook on Low Rent Housing
Housing and Urban Development – Notification-Newly Eligible Communities
Housing and Urban Development – Regional Office
Lawsuits Against Housing and Urban Development and Federal Housing Administration
Housing and Urban Development – The Brooke Amendment
Housing and Urban Development – Materials
Housing and Urban Development – Act of 1973
Office of Economic Opportunity – Housing Referral Service-Relocation of Regional Offices
Housing and Urban Development – Reorganization, November 1969

Box 38

Abandonment - 1971-1972 

Site Selection and Property Evaluation – Housing and Urban Development Policy, 1971-1972
Federal Housing Administration – Housing Counseling Service
Position Paper on Housing: Congressional Black Caucus
Housing and Home Finance Agency
Housing Coalition
Homes for Americans Days, April 2-4, 1973
A Guide to Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) – Resources for Housing and Community Improvement
Citizen's Guide to Housing In Philadelphia
Neighborhood Stabilization Committee
Abandonment Committee, 1972
Abandonment Task Force
Urban Homesteading, 1969-1974 
Urban Homesteading Advisory Committee 
Housing Committee for West Philadelphia
Spruce Hill Civic Association
East Mount Airy Neighbors
Low Income – General
Morrell Park – Low Incoming Housing
Housing Bills
Western Savings Bank
Rafsky, William L.
Cavanaugh, Gordon
New York – Community Service Society
Crestmont Community Development Corporation – Minutes/Membership, 1972
Crestmont Community Development Corporation
Spanish Coalition, 1972
Housing Convocation
Housing Convocation – Committee (Minutes), 1972-1973
Editorial Committee of the Housing Convocation Committee
Subcommittee Reports of Housing Convocation Committee
"Housing-More than Shelter" prepared by Southeastern Regional Housing Program Unit
Moratorium on Housing Subsidies, 1973
Moratorium on Housing Subsidies – Housing and Urban Development
Housing Moratorium-Letter of Protest from HADV
Marvin Verman, Architect Proposal
A Consumers’ Guide to Urban Homesteading in Philadelphia

Box 39

Operation Breakthrough 

Operation Breakthrough
Correspondence – News Releases
Operation Breakthrough Proposals – Type A
Operation Breakthrough Proposals – Type B

Box 40

Public Housing

Public Housing General, 1968-1971
Governor's Seminar on Public Housing
Pennsylvania Housing Authorities Law
Public Housing Information for the United Fund
Philadelphia Housing Authority By Laws – Description and Evaluation
Mayor Rizzo and Public Housing Authority
Fairmount Park for Public Housing
45,000 Unit Program
Public Housing Project Data
Public Housing Referendum Issue
Leasing Program – General, 1965-1970
Leasing Program – Recommendations for Conduct
Leasing Program – Documents
Leases – Lease Agreements
Leasing Program – Housing Associations Recommendations 
Philadelphia Housing Authority – Lease Final Spring, 1970 
Public Housing – 20th and Brown site
Site Selection Criteria
Domino Lane Site, December 1968
Site and Project selection
Draft Revision of Recommendation for Public Housing Site Selection
Public Housing Rents
Philadelphia Housing Authority – Applications, Leasing and Vacancy Reports, 1959-1970
Tenant Seat for Philadelphia Housing Authority Board
Resident Advisory Board
The Good Neighbor – Public Housing Tenant Publication
Whitman and Public Housing
Correspondence Public Housing
Logs-Public Housing
Public Housing Manual for Tenants
Public Housing Committee of Philadelphia Housing Association
Cases-Public Housing
Welfare and Public Housing
Low Rent Housing Proposals
Philadelphia Housing Authority – Job Descriptions
Public Housing Statistics, 1964-1972
Philadelphia City Controller – Tom Gola
Public Housing National Tenants Organizations – Brooke Amendment, April 1970
"Teasley vs. Philadelphia Housing Authority" Stipulation, May 20, 1968
“Teaslet vs. Philadelphia Housing Authority” – CLS Memo, May 22, 1968
Used House Program: Program Summary and Analysis, 1963-1969
Used House Program: Rehab Standards
Used House Program: Association Reports
Turnkey III Public Housing
Public Housing – Miscellaneous

Site Selection for Low Rent Public Housing – Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964, May 3, 1968

Philadelphia Housing Authority – Dwelling Lease Draft, February 6, 1970

Public Housing: Other Reports and Recommendations

Box 41

Renting/Tenants Rights 

State Action, 1971-1972
Suburban Action – White Plains, New York
Suburban Employment – Housing – Transportation
Newspaper Survey Forms
Training Program, 1966-1969
Suburban Training Program, 1969
General Housing Need in the PSMA and the City, 1960
Tentative Projections of Quantitative Housing Need, 1970 – PSMA (8 Counties)
Distribution of Income for white and non-white persons with income – PSMA, 1950, 1960
Crowding in Philadelphia, 1950,1960 by disadvantaged cohort 
Rent-Income Ratio by Condition and Plumbing Facilities – PSMA, 1960
Rise in Median cost of Rental Housing Compared with Rise in Median Income – PSMA
Number of Persons by number of rooms for renter occupants, Philadelphia, 1950-1960
Number of persons by number of rooms for owner occupants, Philadelphia, 1950-1960
Median Income compared with median rent, by rent-income ratio – PSMA, 1960
Changes in housing rents, housing values, and income distribution – PSMA, 1950-1960
Comparative monthly cost of housing under varying mortgage terms and conditions
Components of change in the housing Inventory, 1950/1960
PSMA (8 Counties)
Median Rent by Number of Rooms, vs. and Regions and Selected SMSA's
General Housing Need in the Philadelphia SMSA area, 1960
Household income compared to cost of housing or it value, if 1970 objective is achieved, 1967
Census – Population of PSMA by County 1900-1960
CRP – Characteristics of Areas by Type of Residential Treatment, 1960
Distribution of Household Income vs., 1960 Compared with "Balanced Distribution of 26 Million Housing Units to be Built or Rehab by 1979”
Source and Disposition of Dilapidated Units – PSMA and City, 1960
Pennsylvania Housing Agency
Regional Housing Development, 1968
Regional Housing Requirements, 1960-1975 Philadelphia Metro Area – Chart by CND, 11/25/68
Urban Coalition – Housing Task Force, 1968-1971
Governor's Housing Task Force – Pennsylvania
Distress Sales
Coalition for Adequate Urban Planning
Coalition Against Slum Housing, 1971
Milgrim, Morris
Apartment Locations – Maps – Chester County
Rent Collection and Control
Rent Supplements, 1965-1969
Rent Supplement Programs
Pennsylvania Rent Withholding Laws
Rent Withholding
Rent Freeze
Philadelphia Association of Escrow Agents
Owner Registration
CND – Proposal for National Tenant Information Service, June 15, 1971
National Tenants Organization 
Northwest Tenants Organization, Incorporated
City Wide Tenants Council, 1968-1972
HADV Assistance to CWTC
North Philadelphia Tenants Union
Penn Tenant Organizing Committee
Report on Tenants Unions, October 23, 1966
Tenants Rights
Landlord/Tenant Task Force Minutes/Correspondence
Materials on Tenant/Landlord Act
Uniform Tenant/Landlord Relationship Act
Drafts Tenant/ Landlord Act, 1972
Philadelphia Board of Realtors
Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission
New Jersey division of Real Estate
Senate Bill Number 251 – An Act to Define Real Estate
Tax Reform Act of 1969 (Changes Affecting Real Estate)
Eastern Region – National Tenant Organization

Box 42

Housing Laws/Housing Information Service

National Urban League Housing Foundation, 1974
Camden Housing Information Service, 1966-1967
Equivalent Housing – Maryland Law
Pittsburgh – Action Housing, Inc.
New Jersey, Colorado – Housing Laws
Virginia, Delaware, Maryland – Housing Laws
North Carolina – Housing Laws
California – Housing Laws
Georgia – Housing Laws
Maine – Housing Laws
District of Columbia – Housing Laws
Michigan – Housing Laws
Baltimore – Citizens Planning and Housing Association, 1969-1972
Boston – Housing, 1966-1970

Box 43


Relocation Committee, 1959-1968
Background Material on Relocation into Public Housing – Relocation Committee, November 10, 1961
Relocation Committee, October 4,1961
Background Material on Relocation Budgets – Relocation Committee
Redevelopment Authority and Relocation, 1966-1967
Relocation Policy for Philadelphia
Relocation – Morton and Germantown Settlement Cases – Relocation
Relocation – from Citizen's Guide 
Relocation – Centralized Relocation Bureau (CRB) 
Used House Program and Crosstown Relocation, 1966-1967
Lansdowne Expressway – Relocation
Delaware County Relocation Plan – Blue Route
Meeting the Needs of Displaced Households
Housing and Urban Development and Relocation
Philadelphia Housing Information Service – Proposals and Recommendations
Philadelphia Housing Information Service Advisory Committee, 1966-1968
Report on Philadelphia Housing Information Service, September 1968
Philadelphia Housing Information Service – Miscellaneous
Relocation Assistance
Urban Renewal – Relocation Testimonies before City Council on Municipal Development and Zoning
Relocation Legislation
Jefferson Manor
Relocation – Miscellaneous

Cases – Relocation

Box 44


Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Philadelphia City Planning Commission – Correspondence, 1967-1970
Planning Bibliographies
Delaware County Planning Commission
Montgomery County Planning Commission
Development Controls Guiding Urban Growth
Testimony –  County Planning Commission Annual Hearing, 1970
Planners for Equal Opportunity
University of Pennsylvania Department of City and Regional Planning
Suburban Zoning Task Force – Correspondence, 1969-1971
Suburban Zoning Task Force – Minutes, 1970-1971
Suburban Zoning Task Force – Minutes of Technical Subcommittee
Suburban Zoning Task Force – Memoranda, 1970-1971
Suburban Zoning Task Force – Legal Opinions-Briefs
Suburban Zoning Task Force – Maps – Parcels
Suburban Zoning Task Force – Fort Washington Study
Suburban Zoning Task Force – Miscellaneous
Pennsylvania Supreme Court kills 4 acre zoning rule
Zoning – Planned Residential Development
Zoning – Data
Zoning – Delaware County
Exclusion of Federally Assisted Draft Zoning Provision
American Public Welfare Association – Washington Report

Box 45

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission 

Research Paper – Jobs – Housing in North Penn Valley, Pennsylvania
Delaware Valley Jaycees Regional Development Council – Suburban Ghettoes 
"New Horizons in Housing" Message By William T. Cahill
Suburban Ghettos
Regional Data
Petition For Low and Moderate Income Housing
By-Laws of Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – Board Minutes and Memoranda, 1966-1969
Board Minutes, July 30, 1969
Board Minutes, December 17, 1969
March 24, 1971
September 22, 1971
July 26, 1972
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – Correspondence
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – Memoranda, 1969
HADV Statement at DVRPC Hearing
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – to Housing as a Keystone
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – Housing Allocation Plan
Public Hearing – Housing Allocation Plan, 3/13/73
Bucks County Housing Plan – Part 111 Housing Needs
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – Miscellaneous
Community Reviews by DVRPC
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – Overall Program Design
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – Relocation
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – Proposed Housing Element
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – Technical Advisory Committee (TAC Materials
Technical Advisory Committee – Housing – Working Papers
Technical Advisory Committee, July 3, 1969
June 5, 1969
October 2, 1969
Technical Advisory Committee, January 7, 1970
June 17, 1970
October 15, 1970
December 17, 1970
January 7, 1970
March 5, 1970
Technical Advisory Committee, January 7, 1971  
July 15, 1971
September 16, 1971
October 21, 1971
Technical Advisory Committee – Minutes, 1971-1973
Subcommittee on Data on Housing, 1969

Box 46

Delaware County/Chester and Bucks County 

Main Line Community Association (MLCA) – Radnor Housing Activities, 1971
Housing Needs in Delaware County, 1960
Delaware County – Health and Welfare
Delaware County – Population, Housing Statistics
Housing Questionnaires – Delaware County Welfare Recipients, 1969 
Delaware County – Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
Delaware County Housing Committee – Local Officials/ Correspondence
Delaware County Housing Committee – Housing Legislation
Housing in Delaware County
Delaware County Housing Committee – Tenant Appointments to Housing Authority Boards
Delaware County Housing Committee – Membership/Mailing Lists, 1970-1971
Delaware County Housing Committee – Membership Correspondence
Delaware County Housing Committee – Minutes-Agendas -Staff Report, 1970-1972
Delaware County Housing Committee – Correspondence, 1969-1972
Delaware County Housing Committee – Housing News (Newsletter)
Delaware County Housing Committee – Background Materials
1% Materials – Delaware County
1% Subcommittee of Delaware County Housing Committee
Delaware County – 1% Response Forms
Delaware County – Miscellaneous
"Housing in Delaware County's Older Suburbs"
Citizen's Council of Delaware County
Delaware County Coalition, 1972
Delaware County Housing Committee – Kinder Park
Kinder Park – Tenant Council
Delaware County Housing Authority, 1968-1973
Delaware County Housing Authority – Tenant Relations
Delaware County Citizens Council
Delaware County Planning Commission, 1965-1970
Delaware County Taxes and Housing, October, 1969
Chester County
Housing, Population Data – Bucks County
Bucks County Suit – Federal Spending in County
Bucks County Civil Action

Urban Renewal – Delaware County

Box 47

Montgomery County

Housing Need in Montgomery County, 1960
Housing Hawk
Montgomery County Housing Coalition (MCHC) Board, 1970-1972
Montgomery County Housing Coalition – Minutes, 1970-1971
Montgomery County Housing Coalition – Minutes, Steering Committee
Montgomery County Housing Coalition – Correspondence - 1970-1972
Montgomery County Housing Coalition – Miscellaneous
Housing Population Data – Montgomery County
Norristown – Correspondence, 1969-1972
Montgomery County – Saw Mill Run Project
Norristown Area Coalition for Action
Norristown Area Coalition – Minutes/Membership
Workable Program – Norristown
Montgomery County Housing Authority, 1970-1973
Montgomery County Housing Authority – Pottstown – Penn Village 
Montgomery County Housing Authority – Notes from Meetings 
Montgomery County Issues Housing, February 1969
Montgomery Housing Authority and Tenants
Montgomery County – Redevelopment Authority, 1970-1972
Montgomery County Housing Coalition – The 1% Program for Low Income Housing
Miscellaneous Correspondence – Montgomery County

Box 48

Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal – Citizen Participation – Chapter 5, Urban Renewal Handbook
Urban Renewal – Policies and Requirements Chapter 1, Urban Renewal Handbook – “Eligible  Costs”
Urban Renewal Seminar: New School for Social Research, 1966
Physical Progress Reports Urban Renewal Areas, 1969
Urban Renewal – Development Progress – Social Planning Diagnostic Surveys, 1968
Urban Renewal – Rehabilitation Grants/Loans, 1967-1969
Education Report – Implementation
Howard W. Hallman
Urban Renewal Drafts on City Goals
Maps – Central Urban Renewal Area – Philadelphia's Gray Areas
Project Area Committees
South central Project Area Community Corporation
Mill Creek Urban Renewal Area
Gray's Ferry Urban Renewal Area
Urban Renewal Washington Square West Pacsuit, 1967-1970
Urban Renewal Schuylkill River Park
Washington Square East Urban Renewal Area
Projected Proposals for West Poplar
Beech Street Urban Renewal Area
Total Needs Project
Redevelopment Authority Correspondence
Urban Renewal – Redevelopment Authority General, 1965-1971
Project 1000/Operation Rehab
City of Philadelphia-Development Coordinator
Urban Renewal – Data System for Report
Neighborhood Renewal/Improvement Proposals
Renewal Study – Staff Progress Reports
Harrison Renewal Grant – Reports and Summary, 1966-1969
Harrison Study – Cameron Materials
Harrison Study – Reiner Materials
Time Sheets – Reiner
Market Street East Studies, 1969-1972
Market East Logs, 1970-1971
HADV Position on Market East
Correspondence – Market East
HADV Committee on Market Street East, 1970
Editorials – Market Street East
Review of Market Street East
Citizens Opposed to Market Street East 
Market Street East – Miscellaneous 
Joint Committee on Urban Renewal
Joint Committee on Urban Renewal – Community Renewal Program in Philadelphia
Renewal Reports – Joint Committee on Urban Renewal
Subcommittee Minutes – Joint Committee on Urban Renewal
Staff and Sponsors Meetings – Joint Committee on Urban Renewal
Funding Requests – Joint Committee on Urban Renewal
Reports to Harrison Foundation – Joint Committee on Urban Renewal
Minutes – Joint Committee on Urban Renewal
Joint Committee on Urban Renewal – Urban Renewal in Philadelphia
Review and Evaluation of Urban Renewal Projects – Joint Committee on Urban Renewal
Miscellaneous – Joint Committee on Urban Renewal
Urban Renewal Panel – Correspondence
Urban Renewal Panel – Minutes, 1971
Urban Renewal Panel – Memo
Rehabilitation Committee – Correspondence
Rehabilitation Committee – Minutes, 1968-1969

Box 49 

Urban Renewal/Model Cities 

Urban Renewal Plan – Amended 1970 Redevelopment Authority
Committee on Housing Law Enforcement – Neighborhood
Neighborhood Renewal Program, 1965-1967
Model Cities – Urban Renewal, 1968-1969
Need for Residential Renewal CRP
HADV Statements – Testimony on Model Cities, 1968
Testimonies/Statements at Public Hearings
Meetings – Community Organizations in Neighborhood Development Program (NDP) Areas
Minutes – Neighborhood Development Program Meetings
Neighborhood Development Program – General, 1968-1969
Neighborhood Development Program – Grants – Model Cities Funding
Neighborhood Development Program – LPA Management Policies, September 1968
Neighborhood Development Program – Areas
Neighborhood Development Program – Handbook
Submission, May 15, 1969
Redevelopment Authority and Neighborhood Development Program, 1969
Neighborhood Development Program – Correspondence, 1967-1973
Neighborhood Development Program – 1st Year to Neighborhood Development Program 4th Year (1969-1972)
Model Cities – Speeches
Model Cities – National
Statements – Testimonies on Model Cities Bills
Philadelphia Model Cities Programs – General, 1968-1970
Philadelphia Model Cities Programs
Model Cities – General
Model Cities – Work Program, 1968-1970
Model Cities –  Pre-Planning 
Model Cities –  Program Application, 1967-1969 
Model Cities –  Structure and Personnel
Model Cities – Acquisition
Model Cities – Housing Element, 1967-1969

Box 50

Model Cities/Demonstration Cities 

Philadelphia Model Cities Program – Amendments to the Comprehensive City Demonstration Program, April 30, 1969
HUB by HUB Analysis: Existing Physical Conditions and Suggestions, January 1969
Model Cities – Physical Environment Task Force (PETF), 1967-1968
Physical Environment Committees – Model Cities
Physical Environment Task Force – Minutes/Agenda, 1967-1968
North Philadelphia
Model Cities – Miscellaneous, 1967-1971
Poverty and Model Cities – Health and Welfare Council
Citizen's Participation – Model Cities
Community Mental Health Centers – Model Cities
Advisory Council of the Community Mental Health Center
Model Cities Tenant Union – Ad Hoc Committee, 1972-1973
Model Cities – North Philadelphia Tenant Union, 1968-1972
North City Congress, 1969-1970
Community Information and Service Centers
Ludlow Community Association
Model Cities – HUBS, 1968-1973
North City Area Wide Council, 1969
Area Wide Council – Structure
Temporary Steering Committee of Area Wide Council, 1966-1967
Executive Board of Area Wide Council, 1967-1969
Area Wide Council – Correspondence, 1967-1968
General Meetings of Area Wide Council
Standing Committee on Education – Area Wide Council
Area Wide Council – Standing Committee on Physical Environment
Area Wide Council – Miscellaneous
Human Resources/Employment – Manpower Committee – Area Wide Council
Neighborhood Facilities – HUD Handbook
Area Wide Council vs. Romney, 1969-1971
Demonstrated Cities – General
Demonstration Cities – Philadelphia, 1966
Explanations of Demonstration Cities Act
Model Neighborhood in Demonstration Cities
Demonstration Cities – Proposals
Neighborhood Councils

Box 51

Redevelopment Action Groups (RAGS) 

Philadelphia Coalition of PACS – Redevelopment Action Groups
Redevelopment Action Groups – Community Groups by Laws 
Redevelopment Action Groups – Regular Meetings, Agendas, Minutes, Attendance, Notices 
Redevelopment Action Groups – Minutes, 1969-1972
Redevelopment Action Groups – New members
Redevelopment Action Groups – Membership
Letter to Richards from Francis Myers
Meetings on Budget and Redevelopment Authority Board Meetings
Redevelopment Action Groups –  Bacon Meetings, 12/69 – 5/70
Redevelopment Action Groups –  Funding – Possible Sources, Ideas, etc.
Redevelopment Action Groups – Funding Proposal for HUD 701 Funds
Redevelopment Action Groups – Special Meetings – Notices, Minutes, etc.
Redevelopment Action Groups – New Business
For Your Information
Redevelopment Action Groups – Letterhead
Redevelopment Action Groups – Ideas
Redevelopment Action Groups – Newsletters, 1969-1972
Logs, 1970-1971
News Releases
Speaker's Bureau
Press Statements
Notices and Memos
Redevelopment Action Groups – Correspondence, 1969-1972
Redevelopment Action Groups – Letters Received, 1969-1972
Redevelopment Action Groups – Letters Sent
Redevelopment Action Groups – Filmmakers
Redevelopment Action Groups – Film – General
Redevelopment Action Groups – Film Funding

Box 52



Redevelopment Authority – Minutes
Redevelopment Action Groups – Miscellaneous
Assorted Community Newsletters
NAHRO Newsletter
Coalition Against Slum Housing
Issues – Health
Housing Fact Sheets
Redevelopment Action Groups – COPPAR
Coalition for Action
AD HOC – Coalition on Urban Funding
Political Action Resource Material
Redevelopment Action Groups – Letter to T. Kummer – Re: Rittenhouse-Belfield Bypass
Redevelopment Action Groups – Crosstown Committee
Philadelphia Community Union
Redevelopment Action Groups – Bicentennial
Workable Program, 1969-1971
Redevelopment Action Groups – Letter to Robb – Re: Workable Program
Redevelopment Action Groups – Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Redevelopment Action Groups – City Planning Commission 
Redevelopment Action Groups – Community Organization Newspapers, 1967-1968 
Haddington Leadership Council Newsletter, 1971-1972
Penns Port
Mill Creek
East Frankford
Grays Ferry
King's Village
Model Cities
North Philadelphia
South Central
Southwest Philadelphia

Washington Square West
Redevelopment Action Groups – Committee on Liquor Control
Liquor Control – Committee Minutes
Liquor Committee – Staff Work
Liquor Legislation
Report to Committee on Liquor Control, March 4, 1971
Liquor Bills drafted by Redevelopment Action Groups
List of Wards in order of concentration of Bars, October 31, 1970; March 3, 1971
Liquor Control – Miscellaneous
Liquor Paper – Press Coverage
Liquor Control Paper – Drafts and Final
Requests for Liquor Paper
Redevelopment Action Groups – Master File On Bars, 1970
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
Liquor Licenses, October 1970

Box 53

Redevelopment Actions Groups (RAGS) 

Redevelopment Action Groups – Workshop for PAC's, 1971-1972
Workshop, 1971
Workshop – Report, 1972
Redevelopment Action Groups – Redevelopment Authority – HUD Meeting
Redevelopment Action Groups – Drexel Expansion
Relocation – Replacement Housing
Urban Renewal – Position Paper
NDP – Code Enforcement
Redevelopment Action Groups – 2nd Year NDP – Summary of Application
2nd Year NDP – Money that has been spent
NDP – General and Budgets, 1969-1970 
NDP – 2nd and 3rd Year extended 
Low Moderate Housing
Loans and Grants Programs
Impoundment of Urban Renewal Funds
Redevelopment Action Groups – Minutes with Ed Mitinger – 2nd year NDP Extension, April 8, 1971
Application for Department of HUD – Urban Development Funds for Innovative Citizen's Participation Program
Citizen Participation
Redevelopment Action Groups – Rehabilitation Standards
DePaula Statement at Annual Public Hearing
Proposal for Community Development for Urban Renewal Paper, February 11, 1971
Redevelopment Authority Board Members, February 17, 1971
Redevelopment Action Groups – Meeting with Redevelopment Authority, January 7, 1971
Meeting with Redevelopment Authority and resulting correspondence, February 19, 1971
Redevelopment Action Groups – Redevelopment Authority and PAC contracts Housing Replacement
Citizen Participation on Redevelopment Authority Board
Redevelopment Authority – Index, 1971
Redevelopment Authority – Agenda; Releases
Redevelopment Areas
Market Street East, 1969-1971
Redevelopment Action Groups, 1964-1972
Gray's Ferry
East Frankford
Mill Creek
Model Cities
Kings's Village
Nicetown – Tioga
South Central
Southwest Philadelphia
Washington Square West

Philadelphia Coalition of Redevelopment Action Groups Supplement to Renewal Position Paper

Box 54 

Crosstown Expressway

Department of Highways
Crosstown Expressway – General, 1969
Crosstown Expressway – All Letters, 1970-1972

Crosstown Expressway, 1970-1972
Crosstown Expressway – Public Forum Society Hill Civic Association
Citizens Council on City Planning
Crosstown Expressway – HADV Statements staff, logs, and editorials, 1966-1969
Old Philadelphia Development Corporation
Mayor Tate, 1964-1968
Proposed Study of the Impact of Expressways Upon Philadelphia
Crosstown – Study Committee
Crosstown – Current, 1967
Crosstown – Tuner Logs and Correspondence, 1969
Voorhees – Crosstown Expressway, 1970
Voorhees – Transportation Study for South Central Philadelphia
Crosstown Expressway Coalition, 1969-1970
1960 Census Tract Conversion to Planning Analysis Section
Technical Arguments Against the Expressway
Who is Against the Expressway
Center City Stop – The Crosstown Committee
South Philadelphia Community Development Corporation for Citizen's Committee (CCPDCC) Involvement, 1967
Crosstown Relocation and Housing
Transcripts of Crosstown Study Committee Meetings, October, 1969-December, 1970
Southbridge Proposal, 1972

Box 56

The Bicentennial

The Bicentennial – In the Beginning, 1965
Philadelphia Bicentennial Committee, 1972-1976
Bicentennial Corporation, 1970-1971
Bicentennial Corporation – Steering Committee, 1970-1971
Bicentennial Corporation – Policy Makers
Bicentennial Corporation – Blurbs
Bicentennial Corporation – Opposition
Bicentennial Corporation – Sites
Bicentennial Corporation – Proposals, 1970-1971
HADV Position and Working Papers, 1970-1971
Bicentennial Corporation – Management Corporation
Bicentennial Corporation – Key Data 
Bicentennial Corporation – Editorials 
Bicentennial Corporation – RSRI Cost Benefits Study
HADV Committee on Bicentennial, 1971
Bicentennial Critiques
Bicentennial – Miscellaneous
Correspondence – Philadelphia-Bicentennial Corporation, 1970-1971
Correspondence – HADV Committees, 1970-1971
Correspondence – Bicentennial Steering Committee
Correspondence – American Friends Service Committee
Correspondence – American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
Correspondence – Bureau of International Expositions
Correspondence – Foreign Embassies
Correspondence – State of Pennsylvania
Correspondence – Washington
Correspondence – Miscellaneous, 1971
Expo – No
Bicentennial – Agenda for Action, 1970
Bicentennial – Reorganization
Bicentennial – Economic Impact
Bicentennial – Northeast
Bicentennial – American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
Bicentennial – Crane Site Study, October 1970
Toward a Human Liberation
Bicentennial – Panel Minutes, 1970-1971
Bicentennial – Panel Memos, 1970-1971

Box 57

Civil Rights

Racism in Lower Merion, 1968
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
American Foundation for Urban Affairs
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 1970-1973
Map Segregation, 1960
Philadelphia Crisis Committee, 1967-1968
City Wide Black Community Council
Theatre of Black Thought
Discrimination in Employment
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
Dolbeare – Civil Rights Commission, 1967-1971
People for Human Rights
Nationalities Service Center
Civil Disorders
New Jersey Division on Civil Rights – Correspondence, 1964-1971
New Jersey Division on Civil Rights
United States Commission on Civil Rights
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia, 1969-1970 
Wilson, 1972
Chester: Governor's Commission, 1964-1965

Box 58


Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Statistics, 1965-1969
New Jersey Bureau of Assistance Statistics, 1964, 1966-1969, 1971
Social Report, 1968
Financial Dependency and Employment Committee of Health and Welfare Council – Minutes
Committee on Financial Dependency and Employment, 1970-1971
Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare
Philadelphia Saving Fund Society
Emergency and Transient Housing Meetings
Welfare Rights Organization, 1967-1969
Income Maintenance
National Social Welfare Assembly Newsletter
Pennsylvania Citizens Council Reporter
Poverty, 1964-1966
Health and Welfare Council
Health and Welfare Council – Delaware County District
Health and Welfare Council – North Central
Public Assistance
Welfare – Statement on Cutback in General Assistance Grants, 1964-1970
HADV Release – Protest Governor's Cutback on General Assistance, May 29, 1970
Open Letter to Members of Penn Legislature, May 1970
Public Assistance and Housing Problems CND Statement
New and Revised: Facts to Consider About Welfare, HWC
Welfare Reform
Campaign for Adequate Welfare Reform Now
Aid To Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)
Welfare – Miscellaneous, 1969
Public Assistance Aid Housing Problems, 1968-1971

Box 59

Social Action Groups/Urban Problems 

Philadelphia Anti-Poverty Commission, 1971-1973
Area "L" Community Action Groups
Citizen Participation in Public And Private Institutions
Labor and The Urban Crisis Conference, 1968
Defeat Carswell Nomination – Supreme Court Justice, 1970
Consumer Services Committee
Consumer Services
Shirley Chisholm for President
Committee for Spanish Solidarity, 1972 
Chinatown Coalition, 1973 
Emergency Planning Services – Civil Disorders
Pennsylvania Urban Affairs Council
Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA)
Diocese of Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Environmental Coordinating Council
Pennsylvania Economy League
Pennsylvania: Constitutional Convention, 1968
Southeastern Pennsylvania Economic Development Corporation
National Land Use Policy, 1971
Labor Market Letter
Washington Center for Metro Studies
Metropolitan Problems, 1966-1968
National Commission on Urban Problems
National Urban Coalition, 1970-1971
International Interfaith Council of Churches
Ad Hoc Coalition for Urban Funding
Federation of Jewish Agencies
American Jewish Congress
American Jewish Committee
Jewish Labor Committee, 1966-1971
Travelers Aide Society, 1970-1972
Catholic Community Relations Council
American Friends Service Committee, 1968
Americans for Democratic Action
Action for New National Priorities
California Rural Legal Assistance Program
Moratorium, 1969
Elderly, 1970-1971
Senior Citizens Committee, Philadelphia Council, AFL-CIO
Lead Poisoning

National League of Cities

National Conference on Christians and Jews

AFSC – Community Relations Division Program, News, Memo

Box 60 

City of Philadelphia

Kalodner, Phil – Office of Development Coordinator
Policy – Population Projections
Census (Philadelphia), 1960-1970
Norris Professional Group
North City Corporation – Watson
Community Legal Services
Operating Budget for City, 1975
Workable Program Citizen's Advisory Committee on Community Improvement (CACCI) 1968 1972
Subcommittee on Minority Group Housing Citizen's Advisory Committee on Community Improvement, 1966-1968
League of Women Voters
Greater Philadelphia Federation of Settlements
Comprehensive Plan for Far Northeast Philadelphia Transportation Chamber of Commerce
Summary of Capital Program, 1967-1972
Mailing List for Capital Program
Recommended – Capital Program, 1974-1979
Water Department
Department of Public Property
Department of Public Welfare
Citizen Participation Committee
Citizen Participation – Weiler, Conrad – Metro Government Reform
Two Tier
Teaford Memo – Draft Outline of HADV Conference, July 14, 1971
Philadelphia City Budget, 1970-1971
Ward Realignment Commission Maps
Wards and Councilmanic Districts, February 1969
Draft Proposal Philadelphia Metro Government, July 30, 1971
Draft July 8, 1971 Metro Government – Dayton
Philadelphia Council for Community Advancement – Annual Reports and Proposals, 1965-1967
Metropolitan Associates of Philadelphia
Logue, Edward
Philadelphia Historical Commission
Philadelphia Council for Community Advancement, 1967
Improvements by Councilmanic District, 1964-1967
Citizens Commission on Public Education, 1967-1971
Chamber of Commerce or Greater Philadelphia
Mayor James H.J. Tate, 1966-1969
Rizzo, 1971-1972
Philadelphia – Federal Executive Board
Junior League of Philadelphia
University of Pennsylvania, 1968-1971
University City Science Center
City of Philadelphia – Miscellaneous


Chamber of Commerce

Box 61


Land Utilization
Plaques for Historic Houses
Property Tax
1968 Athens Ekistics Month
Green, Congressman William
Parking, 1964-1970
Delaware River Basin Commission
Transportation and Transit, 1966-1971
Meltzer, Bernard, 1968-1972
From Congress – Reprints
Press Contacts – Releases 
Outside New Releases – All Media, 1968-1972 
Lawyers Solicitation, 1954
Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations
Kiplinger Washington Letter

Box 62

Loose and Unlabeled Papers
Miscellaneous Information
Baltimore – General Information
Ideas for Programs
“F” – Miscellaneous
Special Projects (Retired)
Staff Reports 1971-1973 (Retired)
Various Retired Material
Special Projects Material (Retired)

Box 63

Abandonment Study (Acc. 285) 

Abandonment Study, 1971-1972
Philadelphia Municipal Service – Two Volumes