John Ihlder Papers

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This collection consists of xerox copies of part of the John Ihlder Papers at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, NY. The papers include correspondence and printed matter from building societies and planning agencies in the United States, Great Britain and Canada, for the period when Ihlder was executive Secretary of the Philadelphia Housing Association.


The Housing Situation 10/5/20
Tenement House Dept. 3/8/17
Woodruff to Ihlder 9/4/17
Dinwiddie to Ihlder 7/18/18
Notes of Harborne Tenants, Lmtd. n.d.
Financing Garden Communities n.d.
Housing Conditions in 2885 Families
before Dom. Rel. Court, Phila., PA
Harrison to Ihlder 12/4/20
VanVliet to Ihlder 7/11/19
Fairview Realty Co. n.d.
The Garden Cities and Town Planning Assn., London n.d.
Ihlder to Woodward 10/27/20
U.S. Housing Corp., Letter 6/12/19
Sec. of Garden Cities to Ihlder 8/5/19
Allwood Mutual Homes Co. n.d.
Green to Ihlder 7/29/19
Hempstead Tenants 1908
Vivian to Ihlder 9/24/13
Adams to Ihlder 9/18/19