John T. McIntyre Papers, Series II: Correspondence

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A.    Relating to Prose Work (2 Boxes)

Adventure. April 1949.  Concerning publication of "American Revolution
story," "Eagles of Empire."  2 letters.

Agenzia Litteraria Internazionale. 1938-1947.  Concerning Italian translation,
publication rights.  Also in folder is correspondence with Pinker and Morrison,
agents, dealing with Italian rights.

Alfred A. Knopf (publisher). January 13, 1948.

Altshuler, Harry (agent). September 1947-January 1948.  Concerning Fist Fighters," etc.

Ann Watkins Inc. (agent). August 1945.

Annie Laurie Williams, Inc. January 1948.

Arco Publishing Co. to William H. Kofoed. January 30, 1945. Concerning "Pooch."

Argosy. January-June 1945.  Concerning various short stories.

A.S. Barnes and Co, Publishers. March 1947.  Concerning "Fist Fighters." 2 letters.

The Atlantic Monthly.  November 1939-March 1947.  Concerning "Front," "Some Days in the World."  2 letters.

The Authors' League of America, The Authors Guild.  September 1931-May 1940.

Baer, Frank L.  September 1942-June 1950.  Ca. 50 letters.

Blue Book Magazine. (McCall Corporation). March 1941-June 1950.  Ca. 50 letters concerning short story publication.

The Bobbs-Merrill Company (publisher) November 1940-December 1944.  Concerning "Ninth Floor-Middle City Tower."

Boy's Life. March 18, 1948.  Concerning "Motor Truck Boys."

Madeleine Boyd (agent). July 1949-October 1950.

Brandt and Brandt (agent). September 1939-May 1946.

Bruce Publishing Co. August 14, 1946.  Concerning: "St. Raphael, the Angel."

Carrick and Evans (publisher). April 1940.  Concerning "Front."

Chambrun, Jacques (agent). August 1939-June 1941.

Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate. April 1942.  Concerning "At the Twenty Ninth Floor" and Appointment at Nine."

Collier's Weekly. October 1938-March 1950.

Country Gentleman. May-June 1950.  Concerning "The Chandler Horses," etc.

Coward McCann (publisher). June 29, 1942.  Concerning "Ninth Floor: Middle City Tower."

Creative Age Press. September 1945-March 1946.

The Crime Club (publishers). July 1942-August 1946.

Curtis Brown Ltd. (publisher). January 1934-December 1947.

D. van Nostrand, Inc. (publisher). March 23, 1948.  Concerning "Fist Fighters."

Doubleday, Doran and Co.  June 1928-April 1950.

Duell, Sloan and Pearce (publishers). September 1941-December 1944.

E.P. Dutton and Co., Publisher. November 1950.  Concerning" Jimmy Davis Returns."  (Postcard).

Exposition Press. February 1950.

Farrar and Rinehart; Farrar, Straus and Co.; Rinehart (publishers). March 1936-May 1949.

Frederick A. Stokes Co. (publisher). October 1940-October 1944.

Gerard, Mary (agent). August 2, 1949.  Concerning "Johnny Spargo and Company."

Grosset and Dunlap (publisher). July 1942-July 1948.

Harcourt, Brace and Co. (publisher). February-March 1949.  Concerning "Young Sea Hawks of the Revolution," "Jimmy Davis Returns."

Harper and Brothers (publisher). June 1945-June 1949.

Hearst's International (Cosmopolitan). October 1936-December 1938.

Hearthstone Publishing. May-July 1948.  Concerning publication of "Young Patriots."

Hillman Periodicals. January-June 1945.  Concerning "Death at Dakar."

Housing Publications. May-July 1937.  Concerning "Fermant."

Howell, Soskin and Co. (publishers). February 1940.  Concerning "The Aryan Comes Striding."

The John C. Winston Co. March 1949-February 1951.

Kearney, George F. March 4, 1949.

Kennicott, Donald. May 1944.  Concerning "Trouble at Beauchamp."

Kofoed, William H. (agent). January 1945-May 1950.  Concerning "Pooch," "Blowing Weather," etc.

Ladies' Home Journal. February 1949-May 1950.

Leslie Gordon Phillips (agent). January 1944-May 1946.

Liberty. December 1938-November 1939.  Concerning "Fashionable Frocks," etc.

Liebling-Wood (agent). May 1939-February 1947.

J.B. Lippincott Co. (publishers). June 1944-October 1952.

Littauer and Wilkinson (agent). June 1950-April 1951.  Concerning "That Chandler Girl," etc.

The MacMillan Co. (publisher). March 1943-April 1950.

Macrae Smith Co. (publisher). March-October 1948.  Concerning "Pooch," etc.

Robert M. McBride (publisher). November 1930-February 1940.  Concerning "The Aryan Comes Striding," etc.

Modern Age Books (publisher). March 1939.  Concerning "Slag," postcard.

The New American Library (publisher). January 1951.  Concerning "Fist Fighters."

Pellegrini and Cudahy, Inc. April 7, 1948.

The Penn Publishing Company. August 30, 1948.  Concerning "He Couldn't Forget Her."

The Philadelphia Inquirer. November 1940-March 1942.

Pictorial Review. November 1936.  Concerning "He Couldn't Forget Her."

Eric S. Pinker and Adrienne Morrison (agent). November 1936-April 1937.

Pocket Books, Inc. October 1940-July 1947.

Prentice-Hall (publisher). December 1946-July 1947.  Concerning "O Land of Milk and Honey," "Fist Fighters."

Random House, Inc. August 1939-April 1951.

Redbook Magazine (McCall Corporation). July 1937-March 1948.

The Register and Tribune Syndicate. September 1940-February 1951.

Reynal and Hitchcock. May 1939-June 1945.

Paul R. Reynolds and Son (agent). July 1947.  Concerning "Fist Fighters."

The Saalfield Publishing Co. February-March 1948.  Concerning "Joe, Jack and Jim."

Sanders and Conroy (agent). February-November 1940.  Concerning "Mooney's in a Jam," etc.

The Saturday Evening Post. June 1949.  Concerning: My Soul is Among Lions."

Charles Scribner's Sons. March 1939-June 1945.

Seventeen March 1949.  Concerning "Three Christmas Eves," "That Chandler Girl."

Sheridan House. July 10, 1946.  Concerning "Who Killed that Man," "There Were Three in All."

Short Stories. October 1937-August 1948.

Sight Giver (Catholic Institute for the Blind). October 1936-November 1937.  Concerning '… your lovely Christmas "Prayer"…'

Simon and Schuster. December 1947.  Concerning "Murder in "Ten-Two-Six."

Sport. April 1946.  Concerning "Fist Fighters."

St. Nicholas. May 1940.

Standard Magazines. June 21, 1944.

Street and Smith. May 1943.  Concerning "That Hour May Strike."

Thomas Y. Crowell Co. (publisher). July 1941-March 1949.  Concerning "Front," etc.

Tomorrow. January 1946.

The Toronto Star Weekly. December, 1939.  Concerning "Clouds over Alsek," etc.

The Viking Press. February-April 1949.  Concerning "Young Sea Hawks of the Revolution."

Watkins Syndicate.

The Westminster Press. March 1948.  Concerning "Joe, Jack and Jim."

Whittlesey House. January 1944-June 1949.  Concerning "Pooch," "Johnnie Spargo and Company," etc.

William Funk, Inc. (publisher). October 1940.  Concerning "The World Betrayed."

William Morrow and Co. (publisher). July-September 1950.  Concerning "That Chandler Girl."

William Sloane Associates (publisher). June 1946.  Concerning "O Land of Milk and Honey."

William H. Wise (publisher). June-August 1945.  Concerning "Death Came Swiftly."

The World Publishing Co. June 1948-February 1949.  Concerning "Young Sea Hawks of the Revolution."

Roland Y… July 1936.  Concerning "Front."

Ziff-Davis Publishing Co. March 1943.

Unidentified and partial letters (4).  One is signed Isabella Taylor, one "Larry"

Correspondence (1917-1919) concerning Ashton-Kirk serialization in various newspapers nationally.  About 50 letters.

B.    Relating to Drama/Plays (1 Box)

Abbey Theatre, Dublin.  Concerning "That Night at Dolan's.

A C A. July 19, 1944.  Concerning "Front."

Alvin Theatre. May 1940-October 1945.  Concerning "St. Raphael, the Angel," etc.

Armitage, Buford. August 1936-October 1945.

Barry, William Giffard. January 31, 1936.  Concerning "A Young Man's Fancy."

Bucks County Playhouse. June 20, 1947.  Concerning "6 Pentagon Terrace."

Catholic University Theatre. March 25, 1946.  Concerning "St. Raphael, the Angel."

Claire Leonard and Carl Cowl (agent). November 10, 1947.  Concerning "St. Raphael, the Angel."

Clurman, Harold. April-May 1946.  Concerning "She Told the World," etc.

Dallas Theatre Inc. January-March 1948.  Concerning "Slag," etc.

The Dramatist's Guild, The Dramatist's Play Service. April 1937-May 1940.

Dublin Gate Theatre. February 9, 1945.  Concerning "That Night at Dolan's."

Elliot. John T.  March 15, 1948.  Concerning "Front."

Eric S. Pinker and Adrienne Morrison (agents). May 1936-April 1937.

Federal Theatre Project (Works Progress Administration). March-November 1937.

Fontanne, Lynn. March 1937-June 1946.

French, Samuel (agent). January-August 1943.  Concerning "Stork over Gramercy."

Fuller, Edmund. October-December 1935.  Concerning "Satyr."

Le Gallienne, Eva. October 1942-January 1946.  Letter of May 15, 1943 typed, signed by Madeleine L'Engle.

Garfield, John. April-May 1940.  Concerning "They Were Going Away."

Gielgud, John. June 23, 1939.

Haines, Robert T.  December 5, 1937.

Hardwicke, Sir Cedric. September 15, 1938.  Concerning "Sub-Selves."

Hayward, Leland (agent). July 26, 1945.

Higgins, Joy M.  November 5, 1933.  Concerning "Slag," "Front," "That Night at Dolan's."

The Johns Hopkins Playshop. March 1945-October 1949.

Kaufman, George S. June 17, 1943.

The Lambs. June 6, 1939.  Concerning "Front."

Lee, Canada. September 5, 1942.  Concerning "Slag."

Lindsay, Howard. January 1943-September 1950.

McClintic, Guthrie. April 1943-November 1945.

The Mercury Theatre. September-December 1937.  Concerning "Big Fallah."

The New York Times. September 6, 1949.

Norman Bel Geddes and Co. December 1, 1939.

Pasadena Playhouse. November 1946-December 1947.

The Play House. December 1947-March 1948.  Concerning "She Told the World."

Plymouth Theatre. February-March 1946.

Pritchett, Mary Leonard (agent). July 6, 1938.  Concerning "Signing Off."

Ponder, G.H. (Vagabond Players). December 20, 1944.  Concerning "They Were Going Away."

Richard J. Madden Play Co. September 1937-November 1947.

Rollitts, Sarah (The Salkow Agency). January 27, 1947.

The Sandpiper. July 6, 1936.

Sam Jaffe Agency. January-April 1945.

Shumlin, Herman. October-November 1944.  Concerning "Stork over Gramercy."

Susman, Bernard. June-July 1937.  Concerning "Sub-Selves."

Tamarack Enterprises, Inc. (Playhouse). June 1939.

Theatre Inc. July-September 1946.  Concerning "St. Raphael, the Angel."

Tyler, George C.  January-July 1937.  Concerning "A Young Man's Fancy."

United Plays. March 1924.  Concerning McIntyre's legal rights to "The Thief in the House," his adaptation of the Hungarian play "Der Oberst."

Wilson, John C.  June 1946.  Concerning "St. Raphael, the Angel."

C.   Relating to Film, TV, Radio

Alice Kauser and R.L. Griffin (agency). June 1941-June 1944.  Concerning film contracts.

American Broadcasting Company (to J.E. Molly). February 8, 1950.  Concerning "Christmas Story."

A.   and S. Lyons (agency). November-December 1946.

Columbia Pictures. December 1946-April 1947.  Concerning "St. Raphael, the Angel," etc.

Eric S. Pinker and Adrienne Morrison (agency). September 1936-May 1938.

Leland Hayward-John McCormick (agency). June 1938-July 1939.

Concerning film interest for "Fashionable Frocks, " etc. 

Lichtig and Englander. April 1940.

Lindsay, Howard.  Concerning "That Night at Dolan's," etc.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. February 1941-December 1946.

Muni, Paul. June 15, 1939.

Paul Kohner, Inc. (agent). May 1940.

RKO Radio Pictures. June 1947-September 1950.  Concerning "That Chandler Girl," etc.

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp. April 15, 1942.  Concerning "A Young Man's Fancy," "The Man Who Forgot Three Years."

Universal Pictures Co.  May 1937.  Concerning legal rights to "A Young Man's Fancy."

Warner Bros. Pictures. August 1942-April 1947.  Concerning "Hauling West,"  "6 Pentagon Terrace." 

Wilck, Laura D.  August 1937-October 1949.

William Morris Agency. July 1936-November 1946.  Concerning "Steps Going Down," etc.

A.   H. Woods. December 1939.

D.   Relating to Dime Novel Collecting.  (2 Boxes)

Adimari, Ralph. November 5, 1934.

Austin, Charles H.  December 6, 1939.

Barton, George S.  1937-1942.  Ca. 20 letters.

Beck, George Norman. 1939-1941.

Bert, Frisco. July 1937-August 1946.

Bragin, Charles. October 1931-March 1944.  Ca. 150 letters.

Burns, W.M.  February 5, 1936.

Caldwell, Raymond. January 1931-June 1950.

Craufurd, Ross. July 1932-November 1946.  Ca. 25 letters.

Cummings, Ralph F.  January 1936-May 1950.  Ca. 100 letters.

Dahlstedt, Arvid. January 1938.

Daniel, C.W.  June 16, 1942.

Douglas, C.E.  August-September 1946.

Erbe, Wm.  January-February 1938.

Flaum, George T.  November 1946-July 1947.

Frank (from John T. McIntyre).  Tuesday.  Concerning books.

French, George. February 1933-March 1944.  Ca. 25 letters.

Fries, Frank T.  July 30, 1934.

Frye, Bob. January-February 1940.

Gander, Wm. H.  December 13, 1941.

Gibson, Walter B.  November 1939-June 1945.

Gerard, Frank to Fred. Dec. 31.

Grantham, Joe. January-March 1941.

Harris, Frank M.  June 14, 1938.

Horsey, Alfred. June 14, 1945.

Irwin, Lacey D.  February 2, 1936.

Johannsen, Albert. May 1934-August 1950.  Ca. 100 letters.  Included is photograph of correspondent.

Jonas, Charles. January 1931-October 1943.  Ca. 25 letters.

Kreling, Wm. M.  January 1932.

Krumbein, W.C.  July 31, 1934.

Lee, Fred. June-July 1937.

Madison, James. January 1932-December 1942.  Ca. 50 letters.

Maroske, Paul C.  February 1932-October 1938.  Ca. 20 letters.

Martin, James Wm.  November 17, 1951.

Medcraft, J.  October 1938-May 1942.

Meredith, G.  January 1931-January 1933.  Ca. 20 letters.

Miller, WC. February 1936.

Moran, P.J.  July 1936-June 1942.  Ca. 20 letters.

Morris, Roy E.  July 1944-May 1951.

Nathan, S.  January 28, 1914-January 1933.

Old Authors Farm (bookseller). 1945.

Ono, Barry. December 1933-June 1940.  Ca. 50 letters.

Pitzer, F.P.  August 14, 1941.

Roberts, Lester. July 27, 1945.

Saln, George. January-February 1937.

Schlicter, H. Walter. August 2, 1941.

Singleton, Fred T.  August 1935-November 1946.

Smeltzer, Robert H.  July 7, 1937.

Smith, Ralph P.  May 18, 1937.

Spraker, F.W.  February-September 1941.  Ca. 20 letters.

Taylor, Charles M.  November 1939-May 1941.

Urban, Al Jr.  December 1944-March 1945.

Van D…, Harry. May 18, 1938.

Wearing, F.N.  November-December 1938.

Yust, Walter. January 1943-June 1950.

Miscellaneous. (Listings of dime novels, unidentified correspondence (1 note, 1 postcard).


E.    Miscellaneous

Correspondence about book typing, copyright, printing. 1937-1946.

Correspondence with literary associations.  (The Writeabout Club, Philadelphia Art Alliance, The Christophers, The Olga Shepiro Award). 1939-1949.

Correspondence about miscellaneous business. (shoe dealer, doctor, etc.) 1936-1942.


F.    Personal Correspondence (1 Box)

A.C. (Afflerbach?). June 1944, etc.  Concerning typing manuscripts.

Anderson, Peggy and William. October 1949, etc.

Aronson, Jules E.  Photograph of correspondent.

Astley, Edna L.

Beamish, R.J. (Mrs.)

Benefield, Barry. June-August 1939.  Ca. 10 letters.

Brandt, William E.  April 1945-May 1950.

Brown, Walter C.  September 1941-May 1944.

Burgum, Edwin G.  April 1, 1939.

Buri, Heran Eric. March 1940.

Burke, Eddie.

Caldwell, Raymond L. March-August 1947.

Carter, Bertha S.  December 23, 1948.

Cowen, Jack P.  February 21, 1936.

Craufurd, Ross. January 17, 1945.

Cunningham, Joe. January 1937-May 1942.

Doris.  5 sheets of letters written by McIntyre.  (Holograph).

Drovin, George Albert. April 3, 1944.  Concerning The Writeabout Club.

Dudley, E. Laurence. July 1944-April 1946.

Dunn, Clara. April 1951, etc.

Emerick, Robert H.  March 15, 1947.

Fontanne, Lynn. February 20, 1937.

Giffen, R.L. (Larry). August 1943-June 1945.

Grosset, Nell. March 22, 1938.

Halliday, Brett.

Hast, Henry (or Hart?). February 1946.

Hazel Mae.  1 sheet, written by McIntyre.  (Holograph).

Helton, Virginia. January 1951, etc.

Hilder, Wendy.

Hughes, Eric M.  January 1944.  A fan of "Pooch and Sundry Other People."

Ing, Diana.

Jones, J.M.  April 10, 1942.  A fan of "A Young Man's Fancy."

Kearney, George F.  1946-1950.

Keen, Myra and Jeff.

Kemp, H.S.M.  January 1938.

Kerrigan, Jim.

Lunt, Alfred. January 16, 1937.

MacIver, Don. February 1950, etc.

Massachusetts Historical Society. January 31, 1938.

McDevitt, Harry S.  July 1937.

McGirr, Newman F.  September 1937-June 1939.

Mearns, Hughes (Bill). December 1948.

Molloy, Brenda. July 1950

Moriyama, R.P.  January-May 1951.

Mueller, Joseph C.  June 18, 1936.

Noel, Mary. June 7, 1949.

O'Brien, C.J.  (To Ted).

Ono, Barry. May 1936-September 1937.

Price, Phil.

Ralph. November 1943-May 1950.

Rambean, L.D.  March 1947.

Ray, Betsy. June 1937-May 1951.

Ray, Helen.  January 1947-May 1951, etc.

Rehe. March 1950.

Roesgen, Jack H.  February-July 1937.  Concerning Roesgen's novel "Foothold."

Scott, Robert Wilson. January 1950-March 1951.

Shapiro, Frederic E.  September 1936.

Skinner, Marion E.

Smith, Chas. B.  September 1936-April 1939.

Smith, Edgar W.  May 1940.

Streeper, Wells, T.  April 3, 1944.

Sugrne, Thomas.  March 1950-April 1951.

Tewson, W. Orton. October 20, 1936.

Yust, Walter. July 1936-May 1940.

Greeting cards from various people.

Unidentified (from McIntyre). February 21, 1936.  Regards publishing the work of T. von Ziekursch posthumously.

Brilioth, Börje.  Stockholm, September 5.  To: Von (Ziekirsch, Ziekursch, or Steinach).  Letter found with receipt from furniture store, (also in envelope).