John T. McIntyre Papers, Series I: Personal Files and Documents

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Miscellaneous: material separated by format (flat box filing), post-processing additions, artifacts, etc.

A.          Artifact: McIntyre's Library Desk/Table

B.        Oversize Material Box (All items also listed in subject lists above and below)   
(Box no.   ):

C.        Framed drawing, of scene from a McIntyre historical novel?, on artists’ board. 
Not signed but note on back reads: “Artist / McIntyre / & Whites”??  Rec. June 2004. 
(45.5 x 72.5 cm within 54.5 x 81 cm.)

D.       Secondary: Dissertation with references to McIntyre: Ebest, Ron.  The Writing of the Irish-Americans, 1900-1935.
Graduate School, Southern Illinois University, 2002. 330p. [and] Ebest’s article:
“Uncanny Realist: John T. McIntyre and Steps Going Down (1936)”  pp. 86-99 of the
New Hibernia Review/Iris Eireannach Nua, 8:3 (Autumn/Fomhar, 2004).


Contents of B (oversize material box):

Fiction (Published)

"The Hand of Glory."  By John T. McIntyre.  Illustrated by Sidney Riesenberg.

In: The Philadelphia Record Sunday Magazine.  May 9, 1915.  First line: "The clerks and porters had already gone…"  (see also under Published Short Stories).

"Mooney's in a Jam."  By Kerry O'Neil.  Illustrated by Robert W. Crowther.  In: The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday, October 15, 1944.  15 pages.  First line: "Mickey always said the music at Philadelphia's The Algerian Moon was just dandy."  (see also under published short stories).

"Peril: Another Kaye Macy Adventure."  By John McIntyre.  In: MacFadden Weekly.  November 3, 1934.  Pages 16, 19.  First line: "There was a quiet ring at the apartment bell."  [See also in Published Short Stories].

"Plunder: A Kaye Macy Adventure Story."  By John McIntyre.  In: MacFadden Weekly.  October 27, 1934.  Pages 14, 16.  First line: "The night was cold and the doorway gave Chubby…"  [See also in Published Short Stories].

"The Romeo and Juliet of McGarrigal's Alley."  By John T. McIntyre.  In: The Chap-Book.  Vol. IX, No. 1, May 15, 1898.  Pages 22-26.  First line: "Oh were frinds to our frinds, an' we're foes to our foes."

“Noir Town: The hard life of John McIntyre, the legendary Philly novelist nobody’s heard of.”  By Kevin Plunkett. 
In: Philadelphia City Paper. #1087. March 16 – March 23, 2006.  Pages 16-18.  Illustrated by Bill Westervelt drawing 
and scans from the Temple archive of McIntyre and of covers.  (2 copies)


Newspaper Clippings

1 scrapbook of newspaper clippings of boxing material.

1 scrapbook of newspaper clippings of science news items.


Additions, manuscript materials

Letter of James A. Vance, Philadelphia, PA, August 29, 1969, to Joe Molloy.

  2pp, holograph.  Discussing Leary’s  sale (Freeman’s), books from the library

  Woodrow Wilson, and Molloy’s relationship with McIntyre in his final days.

  Placed in Section A, folder: Estate Work.  (Gift September 2004)


 I. Biographical / Personal Files (folder list)


Accounts, bills, auction notes after McIntyre's death.

Authors' Guild and Authors' League, Baseball Writers Association of America.

Banking Statements/checks/final estate banking.  In 2 folders.

Book Collecting, Book Buying. 

Clippings and other biographical material on McIntyre.

Correspondence, bills, etc. about McIntyre's funeral.

Dime Novel Club: correspondence to members, etc.

Dime novel collecting information, organizations.

Directories and Address books.

Drovin, George Albert.  "The Writeabout Club."  19 pages.  References McIntyre and Theodore von Ziekursch as members of this Philadelphia writers' club.  First line: "There is not, nor ever has been..."

Estate Work.  Settlement and correspondence (loans and gifts).

Finances, 1927-1950.  Bank deposit book.

League of American Writers.  Correspondence, receipts. 

Lists.  1 folder of newspaper lists, 1 folder of lists of names and addresses.

Pamphlets.  About Babe Ruth, the Union Library Association, etc.

Personal bills, receipts (medical, phone, etc.)

Photographs of McIntyre.  In 5 folders.  (Prints given by Ruth Molloy, copied from T.U. Inquirer collection).

Photographs of Dime Novel Collectors.  (Charles Bragin, George H. Doran).

Photographs of Illustrations used for dime novels. (1894).

Photographs of Headers of Dime Novels and Boys' Magazines.

Publishing Records.  Personal. (2 folders)

Tax documents.

II.            Writing Related Secondary Files
(Boxes …)
Contracts and Negotiations with Publishers.  3 folders.

Contracts and Negotiations for the Dramatic Production of "Prince Ferdy"

(by John T. McIntyre and Francis Hill) with George M. Cohan).

Copyright Documents and Assigns.

Publishers' Royalty Statements.  2 folders.

Railway Express Agency Receipts.  2 folders.

III. Published Reviews of McIntyre Writings

(In legal sized box, box no. …)
Ferment.  Reviewed by N.L. Rothman in The Saturday Review of Literature. July 17, 1937.

Ferment.  Reviewed in Time.

"He Couldn't Forget Her."  Reviewed by "g.m.m."  In:?  No date.

Shot Towers.  Reviewed by Charles Finger in The Deerborn Independent, May 21, 1927.

Signing Off.  Reviewed by N.L. Rothman in The Saturday Review of Literature, July 30, 1938.

Signing Off.  Reviewed by Alfred Kazin in The New York Times Book Review, July 17, 1938.  (2 copies).

Signing Off.  Various reviews, in Time, etc.

With John Paul Jones, Fighting King George.  Advertisement in Jordan Marsh
Co.  Book Catalogue, 1906.

                        [[[Check files, any lines lost here???]]]]


IV. Miscellaneous notes for publishing; research/working notes;
Collected materials on various topics

(In 2 boxes, box nos.  … )

Folders of Notes:

1 folder of publishing information and records.  (Holograph).

2 folders of notes concerning dime novel collecting.  (Holograph and Typescripts).

3 folders of notes, possibly a catalogue of a collection of Dickens' works.

3 folders containing pamphlets:                     

"Buffalo Bill's Wild West." "An Illustrated Treatise of Historical Facts
and Sketches."  40 pages.  Published by Calhoun Printing Co.,
Hartford, Conn., 1888.

"One Hundred Proofs that the Earth is Not a Globe."  By William
Carpenter.  28 pages.  Published by the author, Baltimore, 1885.

"Western." [self-bound in paper, title pasted onto binder].  Collected
stories from several periodicals, such as All Western and Wild West
Stories and Complete Novel Magazine.

1 folder containing newspaper clippings of science materials.

4 folders (1 oversize boxed with oversize material) of newspaper clippings of boxing material.

1 folder of newspaper clippings about old Philadelphia.

1 folder of newspaper lists [?]

1 folder of various lists: addresses, names, etc., possibly relating to dime novels.  Found near his typescripts of "The Old Weekly Story Papers."

1 folder of miscellaneous notes, names.

1 folder of photographs of photographs of individuals.  Each subject identified (in McIntyre's handwriting).

1 scrapbook of newspaper clippings of science news items (in oversize material).