Keystone View Company Stereoptican Views Photograph Collection

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circa 1900
1 Linear foot
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194 Stereopticon Views from the Keystone View Company. Images depict various activities around the world, although few locations are identified. Includes two views of Philadelphia school gardens, cutting ice with a saw in PA, and corn husking on a NJ farm.

Separated Material

Originally received as part of the Fellowship House (Philadelphia, Pa.) Records (acc. 723).

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For images produced after 1906 and undated images, contact the University of California / California Museum of Photograph. The UCR/CPM holds records of Keystone-Mast (formerly Keystone Viewing Co.) including negatives of stereoscopic images.


04 Playing soldier.
05 Seesaw with a barrel and a ladder.
06 Blindman's bluff.
07 Wash day.
08 Playing tea party.
09 Playing with a toy train.
10 Down the hill on sleds.
11 The Christmas tree and toys.
12 Playing indian.
13 Making toys that go.
15 Sailing toy boats.
16 Boy scouts in camp.
19 Jenolan caves, New South Wales, Australia.
20 Minnehaha Falls, MN.
24 Waterfall near Vossevangen, Norway.
25 Mount Hood, looking southwest from Cloud Cap Inn.
26 Bar Harbor from Scott's Hill, Mount Desert, ME.
27 Manhattan Island, NY, as seen from an airplane.
28 The Matterhorn, Switzerland, glimpses of Swiss life in the valleys.
29 The whirlpool rapids from steel bridge.
30 Rock-bound coast of Finistere, France.
31 Bird's-eye view of Naples (East) and Vesuvius, Italy.
32 Emerald Lake, Sierra Nevada.
33 Early spring or late winter, tapping a maple tree.
35 Spring- Jack in the pulpit.
36 Seeds carried by the wind.
37 Getting ready for Halloween.
38 Market day in a snowstorm, Quebec, Canada.
39 Deep snow drifts in New England.
41 Summer- On a children's city playground.
43 Summer- A family picnic party in the woods.
45 Winter- Boys playing fort in the snow.
46 Tomatoes growing in a home garden.
47 Harvesting onions on truck farm near Buffalo, NY.
48 Potato field on a truck farm.
49 Wheat field, Washington.
50 Gathering sweet potatoes, Philippine Islands.
51 Red raspberry field in the lakeshore fruit belt, Hilton, NY.
52 Picking apples.
56 Banana trees, Hawaii.
57 Date palms, Alexandria, Egypt.
59 Preparing cane stocks for planting, West Indies.
60 Gathering cotton on a southern plantation, Dallas TX.
61 Tapping a rubber tree in Brazil.
62 Bamboo jungle, Java.
63 Corn husking by hand on a New Jersey farm.
64 Rice field at plowing time, Japan.
65 Bamboo plantation, Nanking, China.
66 Walnut grove in Southern California.
67 Maple sugar in barrels drawn by oxen to the station for shipment.
68 Great trees in the Oregon forest.
69 Apple orchard in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada.
70 Chipmunk or striped squirrel.
71 The polar bear, Bronx Park, New York City.
72 Buffalo herd, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.
73 Beavers and their home.
74 Reynard the fox.
75 Puma, or mountain lion, captured in Colorado.
76 Royal Bengal Tiger in his cage.
77 Caged lions at close range.
78 Giant hippopotamus from Africa.
81 Crocodiles, Palm Beach, FL.
82 Downy woodpecker and chickadee.
83 Young flickers.
84 Ring-necked pheasants, U.S.A.
85 Red-winged blackbirds.
86 The blue jay.
89 Ostrich hatching eggs, FL.
90 Writing spider and web.
92 Ground hog.
93 Elephants bathing in a tropical stream.
94 Reindeer herd in Norway.
97 Possum hunting.
98 Monkey mother and baby on a tree.
99 Sea gulls in San Francisco Bay.
100 A veery's eggs in the nest.
101 Bears in Yellowstone Park.
102 Song sparrows in their nest.
104 Wild animal pets.
107 Flamingoes, Australia.
108 "Isn't our stock looking fine?"
109 Chicken ranch in California.
110 Turkeys in the barnyard.
111 Feeding pigeons in front of St. Mark's, Venice, Italy.
113 Milking the cow.
114 Teaching a calf to drink milk from a pail.
115 Sheep and lambs, New England.
116 Shepherd and his flock, Judea.
118 The bee man looking at his bees.
120 A cattle round-up in Arizona.
121 An elephant at work.
122 Mother camel and baby in the desert.
123 Shetland pony with week-old foal.
124 Petting the colt.
127 Ducks in the farmyard.
130 Peasants crushing grain by hand, Russia.
131 Grinding wheat, Palestine.
132 Making tortillas, Salvador, Central America.
133 Making native bread, Bulgaria.
134 Making bread, women of Lebanon, Syria.
135 Meal time in a Filipino home.
136 Water carriers, Nile River, Egypt.
137 Delivering milk to city homes.
140 Getting ready for business.
147 The blacksmith's shop.
148 Potter shaping plates, Trenton, NJ.
150 Wooden plow drawn by oxen, Mexico.
151 Riding plows drawn by horses, Washington.
153 Cutting ice with a saw, Pennsylvania.
155 Shearing sheep.
156 A spinning wheel and reel, Norway.
157 Feeding silkworms with mulberry leaves, Japan.
158 Unwinding the cocoons, Japan.
159 At the loom weaving silk, Japan.
162 Milk wagon and dog team, Antwerp, Belgium.
163 Grocery man selling supplies.
164 Furrowing an orchard with a tractor.
170 The grocery store and the delivery truck.
174 Milking cows by machine in a modern stable, pure blood Guernsey cows.
175 Cutting wheat with a cradle.
176 Stocks of wheat in the fields, Regina, Sask, Canada.
178 Grinding the wheat into flour.
179 In an old gristmill.
182 Tanning leather, cleaning hides by the "Beaming" process.
187 American woolen mill-Sorting raw wool into three grades.
188 Doll factory-Molding dolls' heads, Sonnenberg, Germany.
189 same as above
193 Farming-Irrigating newly planted fields, New Jersey.
195 Water wheel and irrigation ditch on a great fruit farm in Washington.
196 Farmer with buffalo team, Bulgaria.
198 The camel-On the Jerusalem road, Palestine.
201 Sioux indians and ponies, Colorado.
202 Train arriving at Ranger, TX.
204 Sailboat in harbor, Piraeus, Greece.
210 Wholesale produce market on a busy day, Chicago, IL.
212 Freight steamer loading lambs, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
215 Freight cars loaded with cotton bales on the levee near cotton growing district, Texas.
217 Canoes at Yakusa, Congo, Africa.
219 Dutch scene-Women with milk cart on a dyke road west of Dordrecht, Netherlands.
222 Loading the truck with vegetables for market.
224 Traffic policeman, Cleveland, OH.
225 A fire department in action.
226 School gardening, Philadelphia, PA.
227 Story hour in the first grade.
228 First grade at work.
230 A home garden.
231 City street cleaning machine.
232 A public city market.
233 Public city market from the outside.
235 In the health office of a school.
236 Boy scouts raising the flag.
237 School gardens of boy scouts and camp fire girls, Philadelphia, PA.
238 The postman.
246 U.S. soldiers in Germany, infantry on review.
248 Iroquois Indian village, Canada.
249 Indian pueblo, New Mexico.
250 Indian woman baking bread, New Mexico.
251 Indian squaw making pottery, Oraibi, AZ.
252 Indian village on a government reservation, Glacier National Park, Montana.
254 Indian warriors in council.
255 Indian fur camp on the plains.
257 Old Navajo Indian woman making rug on a primitive loom.
258 Hopi indian home, Mishongovi, AZ.
260 Mountaineer's cabin, Cumberland Gap, TN.
261 Wash day, Funchal, Madeira Islands.
262 Village home in India.
263 Lapp family at home, Norway.
264 Bedouin tent, Palestine.
256 Father going to work.
266 Bedtime.
267 Shack built on piles, Manila, Philippines.
268 Homes of miners in a Pennsylvania coal center.
269 A farm far away.
271 Farmer's wife churning.
272 A truck garden.
273 An American mother preparing a meal.
274 Summer tents of Eskimos, Greenland.
275 Swedish woman milking a cow in the farmyard, Lerfal, Sweden.
276 American family life.
277 American mother bathing the baby.
286 In the land of wooden shoes, Holland.
287 School children, Marken, Holland.
288 Arabic school in Cairo, Egypt.
289 Japanese children with their kites, Japan.
290 Have you learned to read? Japan.
291 Japanese school children, Japan.
292 Kashmir children playing hop-scotch.
293 A toddler in Manchuria, China.
294 Milking the goat, Australia.
295 Filipino children at play.
297 French boys buying toy boats from a boat builder.
298 English boys on a hill near Ludlow, England.
299 Eskimo mother, babe and pet wolf on deck of S.S. Diana, West Coast, Greenland.
300 Chinese children at play (Blindman's bluff).



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