Manufacturers' Association of Montgomery County (Pa.) Records

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In 1908 a group of businessmen, hoping to create a "mutual interest" of employers against proposed state legislation, formed the Manufacturers' Association of Montgomery County. The immediate object of the MAMC was to create a lobbying interest against the state child labor law. By 1912, however, the Association was also aligned against new tax proposals and workmen's compensation legislation. The MAMC's inability to prevent unfavorable legislation inevitably forced it into other activities; the foremost of which was providing liability insurance and factory safety advice.

By the 1920s, the MAMC was in the forefront of promoting new managerial practices. Corporate welfare programs, inclu.ding industrial recreation, plant safety, worker housing, community development and public relations, show the varied responses of MAMC members to new industrial conditions. The Association, led for over four decades by secretary Walter A. Knerr, however, never modified its opposition to state interference in the economy. Throughout the New Deal and the post-World War II era, Knerr spend a great deal of energy lobbying against laws and regulations in which the government intruded into what he felt was the private sector. In its later years, the MAMC moved toward closer cooperation with the Manufacturers' Association of Greater Philadelphia, even.tually merging to form the Manufacturers' Association of the Delaware Valley in 1971.



The records of the MAMC document many of the major activities of the organization. In particular, the minutes of MAMC meetings, as well as the Secretary's minute book, provide insight into the Association's policies and decision-making processes. The correspondence chronicles the MAMC's activities in its first decade, and the subject file covers specific topics such as safety and labor turnover. Financial records included in the papers contain information on dues, expenses, payrolls and taxes, as well as some financial correspondence, ledgers and auditor's reports.



The records have been arranged into four series, as follows:

  • Series I: Administration
  • Series II: Correspondence
  • Series III: Subject Files
  • Series IV: Finances

Series I. Administration: Included in Series I are the administrative documents, such as the Constitution, By-Laws and History as well as informational files, comprised of the minutes of the meetings, the secretary's minute books and reports. These reports provide the best overview of the Association's activities, and are chronologically arrannged.

Series II. Correspondence: The bulk of the correspondence dates from 1908 to 1917 and details much of the early legislative lobbying of the Montgomery County Manufacturers. The coorrespon.dence is arranged chronologically.

Series III. Subject Files: Most of the subject file material concerns the Associa.tion's safety contests and the merger with the Manufac.turers' Association of Greater Philadelphia, which occurred in 1971. Some folders provide information on several other interesting topics, such as labor turnover, the National Metal Trades' Association and the MAMC's sponsorship of an annual science fair. The records in the subject file are alphabetically arranged.

Series IV. Finances: The financial papers contain information on the Association's property, taxes, dues, expenses and payroll. The alphabetically arranged files and ledgers also provide some insight into the MAMC's activities.



Deposited by Bob Hollenbach, Executive Director, Manufacturers' Association of the Delaware Valley, July 7,1981. Accession 463.



Series I: Administration

Box 1

1 Application for Charter, 1944, 1971
2 Constitution, 1944
3 By-Laws, 1945
4-5 History, 1908-1958
6 Incorporation Papers, 1932-1945
7-11 Secretary's Report, 1920, 1923, 1926, 1940 and undated
12-18 MAMC Meetings--Minutes, 1908-1910, 1914-1940
19-28 Secretary's Minute book, 1927-1953

Box 2

29-39 Secretary's Minute book, 1954-1971

Series II: Correspondence

1-5 Correspondence, 1908-1912

Box 3

6-16 Correspondence, 1913-1917
17 Robert Scott Correspondence, 1969-1970

Series III: Subject Files

Box 4

1-9 Accident and Labor Turnover Reports, 1950-1972
10 Foremen's Club, 1941
11 Labor Turnover Reports, 1928-1931
12-14 MAGP/NMTA, 1956-1965
15 Membership, 1957-1970
16 Merger--MAGP, 1971
17 Merger Background, 1969-1970
18 Merger By-Laws Committee, 1970
19 Merger Committee Assignments, 1970

Box 5

20-22 Merger Correspondence, 1969-1971
23-25 Merger Meeting, 1970-1971
26 Merger Organization and Operation, 1970-1971
27-30 Merger Staff, 1970-1971 31 Merger Study, 1970-1971 32 Miscellaneous Banquets and Dinners, 1938-1947

Box 6

33 National Metal Trades' Association, 1925
34-35 Other Area Organizations, 1964-1968
36 Personnel, 1966-1971
37-38 Resolutions and Honorariums, 1925-1971
39-52 Safety Contest Records, 1929-1941

Box 7

53-67 Safety Contest Records, 1942-1956

Box 8

68-81 Safety Dinner, 1931-1951

Box 9

82-89 Safety Dinner, 1952-1972
90-94 Science Fair, 1966-1970

Box 10

95-96 Science Fair, 1971
97 Science Fair--Annual Report, 1968-1971
98-99 Science Fair Disbursements, 1970-1971
100 Standard Salary Survey, undated

Series IV: Finances

1-6 Auditor's Report, 1948-1966
7-11 Banking Matters, 1931-1969
12 Budget, 1964-1971

Box 11

13-14 Building Information, 1967-1969
15 Building Purchase, 1951
16 Continental Bank and Trust, 1968-1970
17 Dues, 1928-1954
18 Expenses, 1966
19 Finances, 1966-1968
20-25 Financial Correspondence, 1942-1962

Box 12

26-31 Financial Correspondence, 1962-1970
32 First Pennsylvania B & T Co., 1971
33 Furniture, 1968-1969
34 General Ledger, 1937-1955

Box 13

35-37 General Ledger, 1960-1971
38-41 Insurance, 1957-1971

Box 14

42 Insurance Reports, 1960-1970
43 IRS Inspection, 1967-1968
44 Loan Resolution, 1969
45 Payroll Record, 1956-1958
46-53 Payroll Sheets, 1959-1968

Box 15

54-58 Payroll Sheets, 1969-1971
59 PENNTAP, 1970-1971
60 Stock, 1948
61-62 Tax Exempt Status, 1940-1971
63 Taxes, 1952-1968
64 Taxes--VFIF Building, 1968-1971
65 Taxes--Occupational Privilege, 1940-1970
66 VFIF Mortgage, 1967-1970

Box 16

67-68 Clippings, 1929-1931