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In 1969, Sam and Sims Amico founded Middle Earth Books (MEB), which was originally located at 1701 Spruce St., Philadelphia before it moved to 1134 Pine St.  Once settled on Pine, the bookstore began hosting poetry readings, putting out publications (Lip, Contact, et.al.) and really delving into the poetry scene.  Describing its purpose, Sam Amico states,

In a blind act of love, hoping to reconcile private and public life Middle Earth Books
was born in a basement bookshop in 1969.  Ideas surfaced; concepts equidistant from
‘Tolkien’ and ‘The Whole Earth Catalog.’ From an underground philosophical position,
‘guerrilla warfare’ could be waged on the dominant media culture. Somewhere behind
the scenes was the motivation to bring visual and conceptual information together. Eclecticism/Juxtaposition/Pataphysics.

This is a collection of the stores’ print material relating to poetry readings and advertising of many well known poets.  It includes correspondence, posters, paste-ups and broadsides of many famous poets during the seventies.  Several big name artists, who went on to make names for themselves, did readings or contributed to publications at Middle Earth.  Patti Smith, one of the poets who participated in the bookstores’ ongoing poetry readings, was just beginning her career as a punk rock musician and went on to become a very influential singer/songwriter especially in the punk scene. Smith’s Kodak, published by MEB, along with a few photographs of Smith performing a poetry reading at the bookstore is included. Victor Bockris, who published Brain with Middle Earth Books in 1972, was a guest editor for the first issue of “Lip”, and did interviews and wrote poetry for Red Room Books’ publication “Contact,” was already a well known author and has since written many biographies, including Andy Warhol, Keith Richards, and William S. Burroughs.  Bockris often collaborated with Andrew Wylie, now an internationally known literary agent, on “Contact.” The filmmaker/poet, Tom Pickard, published Dancing Under Fire with MEB in 1973 and also contributed to “Contact.”  MEB published Choices by Ernest Robson, an established poet and author, in 1973.  The collection also includes additional Robson publications.  Poets Marty Watt and William Talen also have published material with MEB.  Additionally, a pirated edition of an unpublished collection of short stories by J.D. Salinger is included.  Salinger was quite unhappy with this unauthorized publication and Middle Earth Books was one of the few bookstores in Philadelphia to carry it.  A copy of Tarantula by Robert Zimmerman (later known as Bob Dylan), is also included in the collection.



The collection: a gift/purchase via Samuel Amico in January 2009.  The material is housed in 4 Hollinger document cases, 1 very small box, one small flat box and one large flat box (3 linear feet).  Processing and inventorying of the collection was done by Holly Beth Wilson.

This collection has 9 series.  Authors, housed in Box 1, include mostly correspondence between Amico and the poets, notably Patti Smith and Charles Bukowski.  It also includes Kodak, by Patti Smith and a few photographs of her in Middle Earth Books preparing for a reading. Publications are broken into several subseries.  The first, Publications, Box 2 consists of published poetry by several poets/authors such as Victor Bockris, Aaron Poller, Patti Smith, Tom Pickard, and William Talen.   Publications: Broadsides, Paste-ups and History and Documentation are found in Box 3, with any oversized materials located in Large Box 7.  Publications: Magazines, Publications: Books and Publications: Non MEB (publications that were not published by Middle Earth Books, but the authors are somehow related to MEB) are found in Box 4. The unauthorized copy of J.D. Salinger’s Featuring the Complete Uncollected Short Stories: Vol. 1 March 1940, is found in Folder 15 Box 4. All Recordings are located in Boxes 5 and 6. Large Box 7 houses all oversize materials.

Samuel Amico also wrote a book “Six Tales Being of The Book of Lies & Wisdom” under the pen name Sarant Pansamurs.  It was published for Middle Earth Books by Cowell Press in University of California, Santa Cruz and Moving Parts Press in 1982 and is located in the Contemporary Culture Collection.



I.                   Authors
II.                Publications
III.             Publications: Broadsides
IV.             Paste-ups
V.                History and Documentation
VI.             Publications: Magazines
VII.          Publications: Books
VIII.       Publications: Non MEB Books
IX.             Recordings


 Series I: Authors

            This is a collection of all the authors that were in some way related to the bookstore.  It is primarily their correspondence with Sam and the bookstore along with some of their work.  A copy of Patti Smith’s Kodak is found in this series.

1.      Authors: Bluford, Ken: Fugitive Pieces. Typescript, 1972. Dedication poem: “To Sam.” 38 pages. Stapled.
2.      Authors: Bluford, Ken: Stream. 5 typed pages from the author with note on the order of poems.
3.      Authors: Bockris, Victor: Correspondence

                               a.       To Middle Earth, Sam Amico, from 110 E. 17th St., Apt. 2R NYC, NY, 10003
                                                              i.      3 typed letters [undated]
                                                            ii.      1 typed letter [11/14/74]
                                                          iii.      1 holograph greeting card [undated]
                              b.      To Middle Earth, Sam Amico, from N.Y.C.?
                                                              i.      2 holograph multi-page letters [undated] one of
                                                                   which with photo of Bockris-Wylie attached
                                                            ii.      1 typed letter [undated] in reference to Dali book
                                                          iii.      1 holograph letter [undated] on Museum of Modern Art note card
                              c.       To Sam and Sims from Co. Durham, Northumberland, U.K.
                                                              i.      1 typed letter
                                                            ii.      1 holograph letter

4.      Authors: Bockris, Victor/Wylie, Andrew: Assorted newspaper clippings, 1972-76. “The Drummer”, Philadelphia. Interviews, reviews, etc. from the chroniclers of The Electric Generation.
5.      Authors: Brown, Otis (?): Gab Galloway: Typed ‘memoir’ probably by Otis Brown about the NYC Bockris-Wylie experience. 28 pages in manila folder. Unsigned.
6.      Authors: Brown, Otis: Clippings/Posters: Newspaper clippings from “The Drummer” by and about Otis Brown, 1973-76. With 2 copies of Brown poster.
7.      Authors: Bukowski, Charles: Correspondence

                              a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 typed letter dated 12/11/73 with original drawing;
                                                                       with envelope from S. Oxford Ave., LA, CA 90004
                                                            ii.      1 typed letter dated 4/26/74

8.      Authors: Codrescu, Andrei: Correspondence

                                 a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 typed letter dated 12/1/73 in relation to a
                                                                     possible reading: with envelope, from Monte Rio CA 95462

9.      Authors: Creeley, Robert: Correspondence

                                   a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1  holograph letter dated 2/5/73 from 226 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, NY 14209
                                                            ii.      1 typed letter dated 2/12/73 with typed copy of “The Plan is the Body” – poem
                                                                      for broadside published by Middle Earth Book, with
                                                                     note initialed by Creeley

10.  Authors: Darrah, Dennis: Correspondence

                                     a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 holograph letter dated August 22 in reference to manuscript

11.  Authors: Darrah, Dennis: Eyes Only. 1970-71. Manuscript in paste-up form lent to Middle Earth Books for pamphlet project [unpublished] with accompanying letter dated May 1, 1975.
12.  Authors: Elmslie, Kenward: Correspondence

                                       a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 typed letter [undated] in relation to Lip #1

13.  Authors: Giorno, John: Correspondence

                                       a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 typed letter dated 4/6/74 in relation to a projected reading

14.  Authors: Graves, Jesse: Correspondence

                                      a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      2 holograph letters dated 7/29/77 and 11/2/77 with poem
                                                            ii.      4 holograph poems/documents

15.  Authors: Grossinger, Richard: Correspondence

                                       a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 typed letter [undated] in relation to projected pamphlet for excerpt from “The Book of Being Born Again Into the World”

16.  Authors: Grossinger, Richard: “The Windy Passage from Nostalgia” (unpublished mss. For Lip #2 (never published))
17.  Authors: Jackson, Robert: Correspondence

                                        a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 typed letter [undated]
                                                            ii.      1 typed poem, signed

18.  Authors: Malanga, Gerald: Correspondence

                                       a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 typed letter dated 7/8/73 from Box 564 Gt. Barrington, Mass. 01230
                                                            ii.      1 typed letter dated 6/1/74 from 301 Cambridge St. Apt. 3 Boston, Mass. 02114

19.  Authors: Martin, John: Correspondence

                                        a.       From Black Sparrows Press to Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 typed letter dated 2/7/73 in regard to general book business

20.  Authors: McClure, Michael: Correspondence

                                         a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 typed letter dated 11/30/73 related to potential readings and to Patti Smith
                                                            ii.      1 holograph postcard dated 3/21/75

21.  Authors: Pickard, Tom: Correspondence

                                           a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      2 holograph letters postmarked 5/13/73 and 7/17/73 from McKenna’s Bookshop, UK
                                                            ii.      1 typed letter dated 9/25/73 from McKenna’s
                                                          iii.      1 typed letter dated 10/24/73 from McKenna’s
                                            b.      Associated letters
                                                              i.      1 typed letter from Eric Mottram in relation to Lip #1 and “Dancing Under Fire”
                                                            ii.      1 typed letter from Dick McBride in relation to Lip #1

22.  Authors: Pickard, Tom & Connie: Photographs
23.  Authors: Robson, Ernest: Correspondence

                                           a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 holograph letter [undated] with had accompanied with additional Robson papers, poems, articles

24.  Authors: Robson, Ernest & Marion: Mss.: I Only Work Here. Typewritten compositions rendered into orthographic print with introduction, research, tables, and appendix bound into black folio. A lifework spanning five decades with typewritten Introduction by Bliem Kern, dated 2/1/74.
25.  Authors: Robson, Ernest: Mss.: Notes on Poetry as a Two Way Performance Art. 9 page paper with illustrative poems, contained in binder.
26.  Authors: Robson, Ernest: Text: “An Orthographic Way of Writing English Prosody.” Typed paper with footnotes and bibliography. 25 pages. Unsigned.
27.  Authors: Robson, Ernest: Texts and Ephemera

                                            a.       “Poetic Potential in Information of Astronomy” (photocopy from International
                                                     Union of Amateur Astronomers. Proceedings of the First General Assembly,
                                                      Bologna 1969, April 19-22.)
                                            b.      “An Orthographic Way of Writing English Prosody” offprint from:
                                                     Visible Language IX, 4, Autumn, MIT Press, 1975. pp. 357-372.

28.  Authors: Smith, Patti: Correspondence

                                             a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      2 typed letters [undated] in relation to Kodak [chapbook] and reading at Middle Earth
                                                            ii.      1  holograph letter [undated] sometime after reading at Middle Earth
                                                          iii.      1 typed letter [undated] with original drawing for “Skunk Dog” sometime
                                                                    after the release of Lip #1 (Middle Earth publication)

29.  Authors: Smith, Patti: Mss.: Kodak. 1972. As designed by Patti Smith. 10 typed pages, each page signed by Patti Smith
30.  Authors: Smith, Patti: Kodak: Paste-ups. (#3 of the 1st series of pamphlets).
31.  Authors: Smith, Patti: Kodak: unbound from overrun sheets (incomplete and unfinished copy) Unsigned and unsewn
32.  Authors: Smith, Patti: Photographs (6”x9” and 8”x10”) of Patti Smith reading at MEB, photographer unknown.

Series II: Publications
Series I: Authors continues in this box and Series II: Publications begins.  This includes Middle Earth’s Pam Series publications.

1.      Authors: Talen, William (a.k.a. Rev. Billy): Correspondence

                                                a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      8-9 assorted holograph letters [undated] some with poems
                                                            ii.      2 typed letters [undated] one of which contains 9 typed poems
                                                          iii.      4 assorted post cards
                                               b.      Associated letters
                                                              i.      1 post card for S.F. Performance of Apple Pie with George and Jane
                                                            ii.      3 letters of Sam Amico to Tale, to Andrew and Gary

2.      Authors: Tate, Henry: Mss.: Typescripts/copies: Assorted typescripts and copies of poems. 17 pages, 1967-68. Holograph signature: Dublin, 1967-1968.
3.      Authors: Tate, Henry: Photographs. 2 photographs of Tate at table.
4.      Authors: Voelcker, Hunce: Ephemera (Birth announcement for his nephew, untitled, signed, issued as “An Empty Elevator Shaft Broadside”
5.      Authors: Watt, Marty: Mss.: Notebook. Holograph jottings, poems, autobiographical notes, and contacts bound in a composition journal.  Red ink stain on lower
corner of first 20 pages.
6.      Authors: Watt, Marty: Mss.: “The Kids Have Gone to Bed” photocopied holograph mss. With new additional pencil markings
7.      Authors: Watt, Marty: Secondary: Miscellaneous: “The Drummer” articles on Watt, Bill Talen, and et.al.
8.      Authors: Weatherly, Tom: Mss.: Climate. 5 typed pages from the author with cover sheet; holograph citations on coversheet and verso of last page.
9.      Authors: Wieners, John: Correspondence

                                               a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 holograph note [undated] in relation to his reading in Philadelphia
                                                                   with holograph poem, signed, for broadside use in celebration of Lip #1
                                                b.      Associated letter
                                                              i.      1 typed letter from Alan Davies (from Box 1076, So. Lancaster, Mass. 01561)
                                                                    in relation to John Weiner’s reading in Philadelphia

10.  Authors: Williams, Jonathon: Correspondence

                                                a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 typed letter dated 11/19/74 in relation to projected reading by Jim Broughton

11.  Authors: Wright, Franz: Correspondence

                                                  a.       To Middle Earth Books
                                                              i.      1 typed letter dated 4/28/76 from Oberlin, Ohio. The initial contact letter
                                                                      for MEB’s pamphlet “Life of Mary”
                                                            ii.      1 typed letter dated 5/14/76 continued discussion on “Life of Mary”
                                                                      with enclosed original text: “Das Marien-Lieben”
                                                           iii.      1 holographs postcard dated 5/26/76 contact address in Oakland, CA
                                                           iv.      1 typed letter dated 6/5/76 minor corrections to “Life of Mary”
                                                             v.      1 envelope postmarked 8/16/76 from Oberlin, letter missing
                                                           vi.      1 typed postcard dated 12/6/76, progress inquiry on “Life of Mary”
                                                          vii.      1 typed note dated 4/23/77, dedication request
                                                         viii.      1 typed postcard dated 6/18/77, contact update
                                                          ix.      1 typed letter dated 3/20/79, response to MEB letter
                                                 b.      Associated letters
                                                              i.      1 holograph letter from Stuart Friebert, editor of Field Journal to verify initial contact for “Life of Mary”

12.  Publications: Bockris, Victor: Brain. 1972. (Pam Series #1) No.1 (Copy 1 of 100 – signed by author).
13.  Publications: Poller, Aaron & David Federman. Seeing Double. 1972 (Pam Series #1) No. 2 (Copy 1 of 100 – signed by both authors)
14.  Publications: Smith, Patti. Kodak (Pam Series #1) No. 3 (No copy in this collection– but see “Author” section for Mss., trial sheets, etc. Temple has a separate
copy of Kodak.) Additional note: though all of MEB’s other publications were published under the name Middle Earth Books, Kodak is published under Middle Earth
15.  Publications: Weatherly, Tom & Ken Bluford: Climate/Stream. 1972. (Pam Series #1) No. 4 (Copy 1 of 100 – signed by both authors)
16.  Publications: Pickard, Tom. Dancing Under Fire. 1973. (Pam Series #1) No. 5 (Copy 67 of 150 – signed by author.) A series of four portrait photos by Bockris
Wylie dispersed throughout the text. Design by Bockris-Wylie.
17.  Publications: Pickard, Tom. Dancing Under Fire. 1973. (Pam Series #1) No. 5 (Trial copy wrapper: 1/5 copies – rejected.) Unused demo 1st trial edition, produced
to make a timeline deadline for the Creeley/Pickard poetry reading “High Noon” sponsored by MEB. Cover design rejected and later reprinted. This is 1 of 5 copies in
18.  Publications: Talen, William & Robert Jackson. Roots & Cuttings. 1974. (Pam Series #2) No. 1 (Copy 1 of 100 – signed by both authors) Photographs of authors
tipped in.
19.  Publications: Rilke, Rainer Maria: Life of Mary. (Das Marien-Leben). 1977. (Pam Series #2) No. 2 Translation by Frank Wright. Bilingual with German and English
translation on facing pages. Edition of 300, marbled paper cover, hand sewn. Illustration by Giacomo Munzu frontispiece tipped in.  Unnumbered trade copy.

Series III: Publications: Broadsides and Series IV: Paste-ups and Series V: History and Documentation
            Middle Earth’s broadsides, or advertisements meant for mass distribution, and paste-ups, or as Amico defined them “artworks prepared for camera ready copy that were reproduced by Middle Earth Books, Philadelphia” are found in these series. News releases, newspaper clippings, ephemera and photographs are found in Series V: History and Documentation.

1.      Publications: Broadsides #1: Wieners, John: From a Reading in Celebration of Lip. 1973. (Edition of 300 copies – “Broadside #1). Unsigned. Mostly complete
with typographic element missing.
2.      Publications: Broadsides: Creeley, Robert: The Plan is the Body. 1973.  (Edition of 300) signed copy/inscribed. Framed in glass.
3.      Publications: Broadsides: Creeley, Robert: The Plan is the Body. 1973. (Edition of 300) 2 copies – 1 signed “To Sam, with All Best, Bob”.
4.      Publications: Broadsides: Snyder, Gary: Four Changes. 1970. Specific title “Changes Changes 4 Changes Change.” Oversize framed broadside has been
physically removed from this collection and placed in framed broadside storage.  This folder contains the letter from Sam Amico regarding the broadside. The
broadside is signed by Snyder (or “Chofu”, his Zen name) in Chinese characters in the kitchen behind Middle Earth Bookshop.  It is one of a number of variant
broadside printings.  5,000 copies printed by Noel Young in Santa Barbara for the Plowshare Bookstore and Whole Earth Truck Store, January 1970.
5.      Paste-ups: Bockris, Victor: Brain. 1972. (#1 in 1st series of pamphlets.) Accompanied by the author’s own typed manuscript for general design purposes.
6.      Paste-ups: Middle Earth Books Presents…: 1973. Paste-up for ticket for “High Noon” 2/25/1973. Reading at the Manning Street Theater.
7.      Paste-ups: Pickard, Tom: Dancing Under Fire. 1973. (#5 in the 1st series of pamphlets). Accompanied by unscreened photos of Tom Pickard.
8.      Paste-ups: Poller, Aaron: Seeing Double. 1972. (#2 in the 1st series of pamphlets).
9.      Paste-ups: Lip#1. 1972. Original paste-ups for camera ready copy.*
10.  Paste-ups: Rilke, Raines Maria: Life of Mary. 1977. (#2 in the 2nd series of pamphlets).
11.  Paste-ups: Robson, Ernest. Includes partial paste-up of a poster for a reading at MEB entitled “The Role of Information in Poetry.”
12.  Paste-ups: Talen, William: Roots & Cuttings. 1974. (#1 in the 2nd series of pamphlets).
13.  Paste-ups: Vita d’Fumatica. Paste-ups for pipe tobacco labels for insert into blended pipe tobacco packages sold exclusively at Middle Earth Books.
14.  Paste-ups: Weatherly, Tom & Ken Bluford: Climate/Stream. 1972. (#4 in the 1st series of pamphlets).
15.  Paste-ups: From a reading in Celebration of Lip. 1973.
16.  History and Documentation: 1: Photography and Clippings.
17.  History and Documentation: 2: Ephemera, news releases. Includes: 1 poster for “A Reading In Celebration of Lip” Tom Weatherly and Ken Bluford, Sunday Nov.
19, 1972. 2 posters for “High Noon. A Reading with Robert Creeley and Tom Pickard” Sunday February 25, 1973.

Series VI: Publications: Magazines and Series VII: Publications: Books and Series VIII: Non MEB Publications: Books
            Series VI includes “Contact,” a publication of Red Room Books and is missing Issue 5.  Series VII includes a book that Sam Amico wrote under the name Sarant Pansamurs Di Amico.  Series VIII includes a few books that are in the collection that were not published by Middle Earth Books, but are by authors who have other publications by MEB.  The pirated work of J.D. Salinger is in Folder 15 and Robert Zimmerman’s (a.k.a. Bob Dylan) Tarantula is in Folder 17.

1.      Publications: Magazines: “Contact”: Issue 1. Philadelphia, Red Room Books. Edited by Jeff Goldberg. Cover photo of Marty Watt. Contents include Victor Bockris,
Andrew Wylie, Marty Watt, Jeff Goldberg and Ken Bluford. 300 copies. Stapled.
2.      Publications: Magazines: “Contact”: Issue 2. Philadelphia, Red Room Books, 12/12/72. Bockris-Wylie cover photo. Interview with Ken Bluford. Other contributors as in Contact #1.
3.      Publications: Magazines: “Contact”: Issue 3. Philadelphia, Red Room Books, 12/14/72. Edited by Jeff Goldberg. Interview with Jeff Goldberg by Victor Bockris;
other contributors include Marty Watt, Andrew Wylie.  300 copies in edition.
4.      Publications: Magazines: “Contact”: Issue 4. Philadelphia, Red Room Books, 1/8/73. Edited by Jeff Goldberg. Larry Fagin Special Issue. Contributions by Michael Brownstein, Ted Berrigan, Ron Pagett, John Wieners, Ann Waldman, Tom Pickard and others; interview of Larry Fagin by Bockris-Wylie. 300 copies published.
5.      Publications: Magazines: “Contact”: Issue 6. Philadelphia, Red Room Books, 2/24/73. Edited by Jeff Goldberg. Tom Pickard Special Issue. Contributions by Robert Bly, Ronald Faux, Pete Mortimer, Otis Brown, John Wieners, Ann Waldman, Robert Creeley, Gerard Malanga and others. Interview of Tom Pickard by Bockris-Wylie. 300 copies published.
6.      Publications: Magazines: “Contact”: Issue 7. Philadelphia, Red Room Books, 4/18/73. Edited by Jeff Goldberg. John Wieners Special Issue. Contributions by Eric
Mottram, Gerard Malanga, Tom Weatherly, Aram Saroyan, Tom Pickard, Otis Brown, and others. Interview of John Wieners by Bockris-Wylie. 300 copies published.
7.      Publications: Books: Lip #1. Guest edited by Victor Bockris. c.1972. Publisher’s personal copy, signed on illustration page 84, contributors include Gerard Malanga, Patti Smith, Tom Pickard, Aram Saroyan, Tom Clark, Andrew Wylie, Tom Raworth and others. Designed by Samuel Amico, perfect bound with foil cover.
8.      Publications: Books: Di Amico, Sarant Pansamurs[1] (a.k.a. Samuel Amico). Epoch-Elipse. 1979. (Copy “S”). Edition of 300 copies, 25 signed and lettered, encased in a see-through coverlet with contributing photos by G.M. Cloud; fold-out collage tipped on back endpaper.
9.      Publications: Books: Talen, William. Here it is the One and Only Evening Sky. 1974. (Dwarf Descending Series) (Copy 1 of 1000 – signed by author). 50
numbered and signed by author, perfect bound, color cover, painting by Frederick Hodler.
10.  Publications: Books: Watt, Marty. Slices. 1976. “A Book of Stickers” (an edition of 200 unsigned).
11.  Non MEB Publications: Books: Famulary, John: Making It Alive/Poems. Cambridge, Mass. Connections Press, 1979. First edition, signed with inscription: “To
Sam – remember the future.”
12.  Non MEB Publications: Books: Poller, Aaron: Ghost Notes. 1972. Published at 3705 Powelton St. Philadelphia. 9/18/72 in an edition of 25 copies. Staple bound with 1 cent stamp on cover.
13.  Non MEB Publications: Books: Poller, Aaron: Tamborine (sic) & Other Poems. (Tambourine & Other Poems). 8 pages stapled, with red construction paper cover. [No imprint/colophon information.]
14.  Non MEB Publications: Books: Robson, Ernest: Poetry as a Performance Art On and Off the Page. 1976. With comments by N.Y. and Philadelphia poets, including
Sam Amico, Bliem Kern, Richard Kostelanetz and others. Primary Press, disturbed by Dufour Editions, 1976. With a Christmas card enclosed from Ernie and Marion Robson.
15.  Non MEB Publications (Books): Salinger, J.D.: Featuring the Complete Uncollected Short Stories: March 1940 Vol. 1. c.1974. Pirated Edition.  Photocopy of Philadelphia Evening Bulletin 11/7/74 enclosed, which tells the story of the book in relation to MEB.
16.  Non MEB Publications (Books): Watt, Marty: Four You. Private Edition (Copy 8 of 10 – signed by the author). Stapled with Photos.
17.  Non MEB Publications (Books): Zimmerman, Robert (a.k.a. Bob Dylan): Tarantula. Including an interview with Bob Dylan by Jan Wenner from publication in Rolling Stone, 1969.) Stapled, publisher unknown (probably bootleg), cover, rubber stamped.
18.  Miscellaneous: Sam Amico’s miscellaneous notes and a very detailed description of the collection.

Series IX: Recordings
            This series includes cassette tapes of MEB poetry readings and performances. In the flat box is a 16mm film.

1.      Recordings: Cassette Tapes: Side 1: Aaron Poller reading at MEB, May 1972. Side 2: Hatten: “Voice Print.” 60 minutes.
2.      Recordings: Cassette Tapes: Robert Jackson at Drexel: Me – “ME/Remember” - Fall 1975.
3.      Recordings: Cassette Tapes: Marty Watt reading “Take Time” series of poems [date unknown] probably at MEB sponsored event. Low volume.
4.      Recordings: Cassette Tapes: Side 1: Ken Bluford: Reading at Middle Earth Books. Nov. 1972. Side 2: Tom Weatherly: Reading at Middle Earth Books. Nov. 1972.
60 minutes.
5.      Recordings: Cassette Tapes: Side A: Robert Jackson/Robert Younger: Reading “The List” WXPN 10/23/1976. Side B: Dexter Yagor Rally Cont. 7/24/1971.
6.      Recordings: Cassette Tapes: Robson, Ernest: Composition Performance. Spoken by Ernest and Marion Robson.

1.      Recordings: Into Another Ones Skull. 16mm silent film by Sam Amico and Hatten. 1974.

1.      Publications: Broadsides: Bockris, Victor: Lychee Nuts. 1972. An edition of 25 sets signed and sealed August 2, 1972. Manila envelope cover probably made by
Victor Bockris. This is set #3, each broadside signed and numbered.
2.      Publications: Broadsides: Darrah, Dennis: Meet the Press & Face the Nation. 1975.  An edition of 300, 25 of which are signed (2 copies, both signed by the
3.      Publications: Broadsides: Robson, Ernest: Choices. 1973. (a promotional item for an edition of 200 sets of 9 broadsides, 100 sets numbered, signed and cased in a portfolio) This copy is not numbered, signed or cased.
4.      Publications: Broadsides: Robson, Ernest: Collection of 8 of the 9 broadsides in Choices. 1973. Unsigned.
5.      Paste-ups: Darrah, Dennis: Meet the Press. 1975.
6.      Paste-ups: Robson, Ernest: Choices. 1973. Informational planning sheet with mock up drawing by publisher; paste up labels of Choices portfolio, masked out negatives and offset metal plate for cover graphics of portfolio.
7.      Paste-ups: Watt, Marty: Slices. Paste-up boards for book of stickers of poems.
8.      Paste-ups: Miscellaneous
9.      Posters/Programs/PR: Into Another One’s Skull. Includes:

a.       2 copies of film poster [diptych] for Into Another One’s Skull
b.      2 copies of program for film event, one copy of statement by Hatten, Amico & X
c.       2 announcements for: Audio Into Art by Hatten & X, aired on WUHY 90.9 FM
d.      1 signed manuscript of Voice Print [text]; #1 of 3 copies, Middle Earth Books, 1974
e.       Paste-up & Plates for poster for Into Another One’s Skull
f.       Announcement of Release of “Voice Print”

10.  Posters/Programs/PR: Watt, Marty. Middle Earth Books Presents “Marty Watt and Otis Brown at the Mask & Wig” Sunday Feb. 9 poster – 2 copies. Also various
posters and handbills that promote related readings in the local Philadelphia area, 1970’s.
11.  Recordings: LP: Hatten, T.: “Voice Print.” 1974. LP recording with cover photographs by X in an edition of 300 copies. This copy still in shrink wrapping.
12.  Publications (Broadsides): Robson, Ernest: Choices. A portfolio of 9 broadsides rendered into Prosodynic print by Ernest & Marion Robson; original poem/music by Ernest Robson; calligraphy by Marion Robson; printed on various colored papers with colored inks. Middle Earth Books, 1973, in an edition of 200 sets, 100 sets signed and numbered on each of the 9 different broadsides, all encased in boards with marbled paper wrappers.

*two additional past-up sheets for Lip#1 were added to the collection in May 2011 (via SA).

**the following page includes a list of Middle Earth Books and Non MEB books found in the collection that are owned by Temple University Libraries Special collections Department and their call number and location.

Processed by Holly Beth Wilson
August 2010

Middle Earth Books and Non MEB books located at Temple University Libraries/Special Collections Department
Bockris, Victor. Brain. Philadelphia: Middle Earth Books, 1972.
             Contemp. Culture Coll.          PS3552.O256F5x 1972

“Contact.” Vol. 1-7. Philadelphia: Red Room Books, 1972.
            Contemp. Culture Coll            PS501.C65x

Orbeliani, Sulkan-Saba & Sarant Pansamurs. Six Tales Being of The Book of Lies & Wisdom. Santa Cruz, CA: Cowell Press, Univ. of CA. & Moving Parts Press, 1982.
            Rare Books & Manuscripts Collection          

Pickard, Tom. Dancing Under Fire. Philadelphia: Middle Earth Books, 1973.
             Contemp. Culture Coll.          PR6066.I25D36x 1973

Poller, Aaron & David Federman. Seeing Double. Philadelphia: Middle Earth Books, 1972.
             Contemp. Culture Coll.          PS3566.O485S4x 1972

Robson, Ernest. Poetry as a Performance Art On and Off the Page. Parker Ford, PA: Primary
            Press, Chester Springs, PA: Dufour Editions, 1976.
            Contemp. Culture Coll.           PN1584.R63x 1976

Smith, Patti. Kodak. Philadelphia: Middle Earth Bookshop, 1972.
             Contemp. Culture Coll.          PS3569.M53787K63x 1972

Talen, William. Here It Is The One and Only Evening Sky. Philadelphia: Middle Earth Books,
             Contemp. Culture Coll.          PS3570.A3964H47x 1974

Weatherly, Tom. Climate. Philadelphia: Middle Earth Books, 1972.
             Contemp. Culture Coll.          PS3573.E14C55x 1972

Zimmerman, Robert (Bob Dylan). Tarantula. Hibbing, Minn: Wimp Press, 1971.
            Contemp. Culture Coll.           PS3554.Y56T3 1971b

[1] Sam Amico also wrote another book (which can be found in the Rare Books & Mss. Collection, Press Books):
Orbellianio, Sulkan- Saba & Sarant Pansamurs. (Samuel Amico.) Six Tales Being of the Book of Lies and Wisdom. University of California, Santa Cruz, CA: Cowell
Press and Moving Parts Press, 1982.