Miscellaneous Photographs Collection

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Record Group PC-49, 037
1.25 Linear feet
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The "Miscellanous Photographic Collections" includes photographs received from various sources which are too small to receive extensive inventorying.


Box 1

United Fund, 1969-1972
1-1 Woodrock Project; Abington Township Job Corps Program; [YMCA-YWCA Development Program Luncheon], 1962

Young Mens's Christian Association, Christian Street Branch
1-2 Children's/Youth Activities
1-3 Foreign YMCAs
1-4 Meetings, Luncheons and Parties
1-5 Portraits

Manufacturers Association of Montgomery County, 1952-1966
1-6 Building, Offices and Staff
1-7 Meetings
1-8 Portraits

Arch Street Business Men's Association, 1953-1960
1-9 Miscellaneous; Linton's Restaurant

Greater Philadelphia Federation of Settlements
1-10 Miscellaneous Activities Involving Mostly African Americans

Box 2

Chestnut Street Association, ca. 1933-1969

2-1 Awards
2-2 Christmas Lighting Program
2-3 Exteriors [South Sixteenth Street, 1933]
2-4 Meetings
2-5 Miscellaneous

Germantown Business Men's Association
2-6 Groups
2-7 Miscellaneous
2-8 Portraits

Box 3

3-1 Easter Lambs at Italian Market, 1939

Views Along the Wissahickon, ca. 1920
3-2 Folder Number 1
3-3 Folder Number 2

Sheltering Arms
3-4 Nurse and child (from Annual Report, 1914)

Centennial Exhibition, 1876
3-5 Nine Mounted Photographs by the Centennial Photographic Company

Erie and Western Transportation Company Building, 26 South Fifteenth Street
3-6 Copy Print and Negatives of Pages 258 (Building Exterior) and 259 (Company Advertisement) from Office Building Directory

State Industrial Home for Women, Muncy, PA
3-7 Building Exteriors, Rooms and Women at Work

Market Street East from City Hall, ca. 1900
3-8 One Copy Print

Urban Studies Department, Temple University
3-9 Wharton School Exterior, 1913; Central High School Alumni Souvenir, 1909; University Swim Club Exterior; 44th and Osage; University Mews

Prisoners' Rights Council
3-10 Staff Photographs

Jewish Labor Committee
3-11 Miscellaneous; Lansdowne Swin Club Demonstration by Ethnic Labor Coalition of Philadelphia

Box 4

Whitemarsh Hall/Stotesbury Mansion

4-1 Color Photographs of Vandalized Exterior

Teachers Union of Philadelphia
4-2 Luncheon/Conference, 1947, 1949

Philadelphia Association of Day Nurseries
4-3 Miscellaneous photographs of children engaged in various activities at the Jane D. Kent and Lincoln (African American) day nurseries.

Toon, Franklin Walter
4-4 Miscellaneous photos of Germantown policemen and member of local baseball teams

Wexler, Benjamin J., 1958-1962
4-5 Meetings, ceremonies, etc.
4-6 P.G.H. Pharmacy, interiors

Community Legal Services
4-7 Whitman Park Homes, groundbreaking and community protests, 1970-1972

Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR)
4-8 Mostly Mayoral proclamation photos.

Wynnefield Residents Association
4-9 Miscellaneous snapshots of activities

Floyd Logan
4-10 Portraits, meeting, and other events.

4-11 Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association

Box 5

Garment Workers, ca. 1900
5-1 Miscellaneous photographs of men and women at work.

Kensington Action Now/Kensington Area Revitalization Project
5-2 Mostly photographs of poor housing

5-3 City of Chester (Ferryboat) Passing Schooner on Delaware River

5-4 Ridge Avenue Passenger Railway Station Exterior, ca. 1890

5-5 Delancey School, 314 S. Seventeenth Street, Exterior, ca. 1890

5-6 Twelfth Annual Banquet, Philadelphia Real Estate Board, 1/30/20

Box 6

Umberto LaPaglia
6-1 LaPaglia donated photographs of Philadelphia Federation of Teachers demonstrations and other activities; Ben Stahl; Harold Ash; Myron Lieberman.

Progressive Clothing Shop
6-2 Group portraits with descriptive text on verso in Italian.

Chakah Fattah
6-3 Undated miscellaneous images of campaign activities,and portraits of Chaka Fattah,

Fredric Miller
6-4 Frederick Miller at podium.

Fellowship Commission
6-5 Photographs of opening membership meeting 2/1/72

South Philadelphia Hebrew Association (SPHAs)
6-6 Images from Philadelphia Record depicting basketball activities, 1937, 1938, 1947

6-7 Philadelphia Evening Bulletin
Photographs of the former site of the Bulletin Archives at the Atlantic Building,1981, 1983-1985.

Philadelphia Special Investivation Commission.
6-8 Photographs of membership activities. Donated by State Archives of Pennsylvania.

Prisoner's Rights Council.
6-9 One group photograph.

Jewish Labor Committee
6-10 Meeting and group photographs, ca. 1980s.

Eromin Center
6-11 Black and white and color images of children and program activities, ca 1970s.


Fellowship House/Farm
7-1 Images of individuals and branch offices.

Spruce Hill
7-2 Photographs of individuals, buildings, and program activities, ca. 1950s-1980s.

Spencer Coxe
7-3 Two images of Chungmou House somewhere near the old Yellow River location, ca. 1946

West Mount Airy Neighbors Association
7-4 Dedication Ceremonies, 1977
7-5 Logo Contest, 1977
7-6 Mount Airy Day, 1979
7-7 Annual Membership and Election Meetings, 1976
7-8 Miscellaneous, 1961, 1981


Delaware Valley Engineers Week Council

Photographs primarily of events during National Engineers' Week, 1962


International Employee Union (IEU)
9-1 Group shots from various meetings and other events.

West Mount Airy Neighbors Association.
9-2 Annual Membership Election Meeting, 1976.
9-3 Dinah Oberoff Logo Contest Winner, 1977.
9-4 Miscellaneous, 1961, 1981.
9-5 Mount Airy Day, 1979. 9-6 Ned Wolf Park Dedication, 1979.
Walnut Street Association
9-7 Materials include slides and photographs of individuals abd events.

Umberto Paglia
9-8 Materials include photographs and negatives of the Philadelphia Teacher's strike,ca. 1970 at Philadelphia Girl's High School.

William Rafsky.
9-9 Portraits of William Rafsky.

9-10 Fair Housing Council of Delaware Valley

9-11 David Kane

BOX 10

Barbara Feist Stienstra

10-1 Photographs of Carson Valley School and Activities.
10-2 Photographs of Carson Valley School and Activities.

BOX 11

Ben Feldman

11-1 Personal, River Park Co-op Apartments, 1963-1972.
11-2 Personal/Pennsylvania Department of Public Assistance, 1938-1947.

11-3 Photographs of Patti Labelle and June Osborn, Chair of the U.S. National Commission on AIDS

Association of Daycare Centers
11-4 2 unidentified photographs.

BOX 12

National Engineers' Week

12-1-12-5 Photographs of Engineer of the Year Award ceremonies,education days at Philadephia area high schools, and committee members for 1960, 1961, 1967, 1968.

BOX 13

National Engineers' Week

Photographs of Engineer of the Year Award ceremonies,education days at Philadephia area high schools, and committee members from 1963-1965.

BOX 14

Helen Oakes, Acc.707

14-1 Geography Bowl.

Ben Stahl, Acc.756
14-2 3 group shots, 1986, n.d.

James Felton, Acc.926
14-3 Two head shots of Leopold Stokowski, 1963

Starr Centre
14-4 Two reprints from the 1907 Annual Report and stamp saving program.