Modern Constitution for Pennsylvania, Inc. Records

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Box 1

Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention 1967-1968
Journal List of Staff - Convention 12/19/67
Masters and Labels - Council for a more effective constitutional convention
"Convention reporter"
Speech Data for future Use
Speeches made in early days of constitutional convention
Duplications of Delegate Proposals and proposal history
Recommended Budget - Convention 12/11/67
Original Democratic Platform Meeting
Scranton Leader Comm.
Correspondence D, E, F
Correspondence G, H, I
Correspondence K, L, M
Correspondence N, O, P
Correspondence Q, R, S


Speech 1/26/68 by Robert Sidman to Pennsylvania Bar Association Convention
Lansdowne Speech 3/7/68
Gettysburg 3/4/68
Williamsport Chambers of Commerce Speech April 4, 1968
L.W.V. Eastern Pennsylvania Tuesday, March 26, 1968, 8 P.M.
DuBois High School Tuesday, March 26, 1968, 8:30 P.M.
Speeches April 1967 C.W.V
Speech November 30th Correspondence - T-Z
T.V. Documentary Film
Craig Traux Chairman, Republican State Committee Walker, William
Walker, William 1967 Correspondence
Wilcox, William H.
Merit Selection Statewide Judges
Associated Press Listing of Elected Candidates and our official list
Election Returns on Amendments and Referendum for Cond. Convention
Mr. Amsterdam
AMCP Articles of Incorporation
Biographies and Photographs
Bibliography on Constitution Revision - Parts I & II
Richard C. Bond January to June 1967
Richard C. Bond 1966 Correspondence
Richard C. Bond 1965 Correspondence
Judge W.W. Braham
Mr. Broderick
Project Constitution Action Committee 1967
Convention 1787
Newspaper Ads April 22nd


Correspondence, B-C
Statement Local Government 7/20/67 - R. Sidman
Statement Taxation and State Finance, R. Sidman
Statement Legislative Appointment, R. Sidman
Statement Judiciary 7/27/67, R. Sidman
Contributions January to 1967
Contrib. October, November, December, 1966
Contrib. July, August, September 1966
Contrib. April, May, June, 1966 Contrib. January, February, March, 1966
Contrib. 1965, Correspondence
AMPC Board Meeting 5/7/65
Board Meeting 7/29/65
Board and Annual Meeting 11/9/65
Minutes - Board Meeting 5/11/66
Board Meeting 11/21/66
Board Meeting 5/18/67
Board Meeting 11/9/67
Board Meeting 3/6/68
Para-One Corp
Pennsylvania Copy of Article entitled "The Constitutional Convention of '67." by Mr. Sidman
The Pennsylvania Magazine
Info. memos Re: Business Trips, Transactions
Dick Haratine
Pennsylvania Association of Lawyers' Wives
Hood, Light and Geise, Inc.
Hotel Harrisburger
Robert Sidman
Board Meeting 5/18/67
Board Meeting 3/6/68
Yauerbaum and Company 1967
Monthly Finance Report