National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Philadelphia Branch Records

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Approx. 46.5 cubic feet
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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Philadelphia Branch Records



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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Philadelphia Branch


Approx. 46.5 cubic feet


Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries


Materials in English.

Detailed Collection Information

Historical Note

The Philadelphia Branch of the NAACP is affiliated with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. It institutes and supports legal and other actions in the fields of civil rights, discrimination, education, housing, employment and law enforcement. In 1967 the Philadelphia Branch was divided into ten area offices by order of the National Board of Directors. In 1990, the five active NAACP Philadelphia branches merged to form a unified branch.  

Description of Collection

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Philadelphia Branch Records, consist of two accessions: URB 6 (1943-1963, 28.5 cubic feet), and accession 836 (1968-1991, 17 boxes). Separate inventories for both accessions can be found below, followed by a list of photographs (1 box).

URB 6 contains correspondence, minutes, case records, reports, membership files, clippings, and other records from the files of the executive secretary and field secretary. Includes material on African-Americans, race relations, discrimination, housing, legal matters, employment, education, juvenile delinquency, public health, police, unions and legislation concerning these and other matters.

Accession 836 contains partial records of two NAACP branches that merged with the larger Philadelphia organization in 1990: the North Philadelphia Action Branch, which accounts for most of the records, and the West Philadelphia Branch, which accounts for less than 10 folders of material.  The other three Philadelphia branches that merged at the same time, South Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia, and Northwest Philadelphia (Germantown) are not represented in this collection. Included in this accession are administrative records for both the North Philadelphia Action Branch and the West Philadelphia branch, comprising executive committee meeting minutes and general membership meeting minutes, as well as correspondence and activities files.  The more voluminous files of the North Philadelphia Action branch include newspaper clippings as well as files on individuals such as the former branch presidents and community leaders, Cecil B. Moore and Alphonzo Deal.  The bulk of the accession (more than 8 boxes) consists of plaques and awards that were either given or received by the NAACP Philadelphia branches.  Also included are audio tapes and oversized dry-mounted photographs.

Photographs consist mostly of unidentified and undated images, and include photography by Charles Mosley, Jack T. Franklin, and Peace Photo.


Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged into three series:

Series 1: URB 6, 1943-1963

        Subseries 1.1: Executive Secretary's Files, 1943-1963

        Subseries 1.2: Executive Secretary's Files, 1950-1959

        Subseries 1.3: Field Secretary's Files, 1951-1962

        Subseries 1.4: Financial Records, 1944-1962

        Subseries 1.5: Cases, undated

        Subseries 1.6: Membership Campaigns, 1946-1959

        Subseries 1.7: Ballots, 1962

        Subseries 1.8: Newspaper Clippings, 1943-1952

        Subseries 1.9: Printed Material, 1950-1959


Series 2: Accession 836, 1944-1991

        Subseries 2.1: NAACP North Philadelphia Action Branch, 1944-1990

        Subseries 2.2: NAACP West Philadelphia Branch, 1972-1991

        Subseries 2.3: NAACP Pennsylvania, 1974-1986

        Subseries 2.4: NAACP Northeastern Region (Region 2), 1980-1990

        Subseries 2.5: NAACP National Organization, 1962-1991

        Subseries 2.6: Miscellaneous Events and Publications, 1957-1987

        Subseries 2.7: Awards and Plaques, 1962-1987

        Subseries 2.8: Audio Tapes, 1972

        Subseries 2.9: Oversized Photographs, 1976-1978


Series 3: Photographs, 1944

Patron Information

Alternate Form Available

A selection of photographs from this collection has been digitized and is available online on the Temple University Digital Collections website.

Catalog Record

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Research Access

Collection is open for research. Case records in URB 6, Series V, are restricted until 75 years after the date of their creation.

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This collection may be housed off-site at the Library Depository, and require up to 48 hours to retrieve. Please review the finding aid and be prepared to identify specific materials to be retrieved. Contact the Special Collections Research Center in advance of your visit, so that materials may be relocated to the reading room for research.

Technical Access

Original audiovisual materials, as well as preservation and duplicating masters, may not be played. Researchers must consult use copies, or if none exist must pay for a use copy. Certain digital files may also be inaccessible. Please contact the Special Collections Research Center for more information.

Publication and Copyright Information The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Philadelphia Branch Records are in custody of the Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries. Temple University holds literary rights only for material created by university employees and to material given to the university with such rights specifically assigned. For all other material, literary rights, including copyright, belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Researchers are responsible for determining the identity of rights holders and obtaining their permission for publication and for other purposes where stated.

Preferred Citation

[Description and date of item], [Box/folder number], National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Philadelphia Branch Records, SCRC 15, Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

URB 6 was deposited by the organization through Mr. Phillip H. Savage, Tri-State Director, 1969. Accession 836 was received on July 24, 1996 from Jean P. Rodwell.  

Processing Information

Accession 836 was processed and a finding aid prepared by Matthew S. Hopper, April, 1998. All photographs from URB 6, and two photographs from accession 836, were removed at one time to a separate photograph collection. Finding aids combined and revised according to contemporary archival standards in 2013 by Katy Rawdon, Coordinator of Technical Services.         

Index Terms

The following headings have been used to index the description of this collection in Temple University’s electronic catalog:

Personal/Family Names:

Alexander, Raymond Pace, 1898-1974

Deal, Alphonzo 

Moore, Cecil B. (Cecil Bassett), 1915-1979

Corporate Names:

Fellowship Commission (Philadelphia, Pa.)

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Philadelphia (Pa.). Commission on Human Relations


African Americans--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia 



Juvenile Delinquency




Philadelphia (Pa.)

Material Types:

Annual reports

Case files







Press releases


Sound recordings



Series 1: URB 6, 1943-1963

Subseries 1.1: Executive Secretary's Files, 1943-1963


Box 1


URB 6/I/l Action Committee on FEPC 1943, 1945

URB 6/I/2 Anti-Poll Tax Committee 1944

URB 6/I/3 Board Minutes 1943-44

URB 6/1/4 Board Minutes 1945

URB 6/I/5 Board Minutes 1946

URB 6/I/6 Board Chairman's Reports 1944-45

URB 6/I/7 Education Committee 1944-45

URB 6/I/8 Entertainment Committee 1944-45

URB 6/I/9 Finance Committee 1944-46

URB 6/1/10 Health Committee 1946

URB 6/I/11 Health Education Meeting 1945

URB 6/I/12 Housing Committee 1945-46

URB 6/I/13 Labor Committee 1944-46

URB 6/I/14 Legal Advisory Committee 1945-46

URB 6/I/15 Membership Committee 1944-45

URB 6/I/16 Membership Meeting Minutes 1943-44

URB 6/I/17 Membership Meeting Minutes 1945

UPB 6/I/18 Membership Meeting Minutes 1946

URB 6/I/l9 Pennsylvania State Convention of NAACP 1946

URB 6/I/20 Policy and Planning Committee 1944

URB 6/I/21 President's Advisory Cornmittee 1944

URB 6/I/22 Press and Publicity 1944-45

URB 6/I/23 Sectional Development Department 1944-45

URB 6/I/24 Speakers' Bureau 1945

URB 6/I/25 Special Committees 1944

UXB 6/I/26 Veterans Advisory Committee 1945

URB 6/I/27 Youth Committee 1945

URB 6/I/27A Action Material 1949-51

URB 6/I/28 Adult Education 1950

URB 6/I/29 AGEX Correspondence and Minutes 1953

URB 6/I/30 AGEX Correspondence and Minutes January-March 1954

URB 6/I/31 AGEX Correspondence and Minutes April-December 1954

URB 6/I/32 AGEX Correspondence and Minutes 1955


Box 2


URB 6/I/33 AGEX Correspondence and Minutes 1956-57

URB 6/I/34 Alexander, Raymond Pace 1954

URB 6/I/35 Alexander, Sadie T.M. 1952-55

URB 6/I/36 Allen, Dennis V., San Diego Race Relations Society 1953

URB 6/1/37 The Alliance Bulletin 1953

URB 6/I/38 America, Richard F. 1952, 1955

URB 6/I/39 American Affairs Council 1954

URB 6/I/40 American Civil Liberties Union 1951

URB 6/I/41 American Civil Liberties Union 1952-59

URB 6/I/42 American Committee on Africa 1955

URB 6/I/43 American Friends Service Committee 1953-55

URB 6/I/44 American Heritage Foundation 1954

URB 6/I/45 American Jewish Congress 1954-55

URB 6/I/46 American Stores, Edward S. Grater 1953

URB 6/I/47 American Women in Radio and Television--Convention 1953

URB 6/I/48 Angel Pink Beauty Aids--Fund Raising Proposal 1957

URB 6/I/49 Annual Report 1953, 1954

URB 6/I/50 Anonymous Letters 1954-60

URB 6/I/51 Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith 1954

URB 6/I/52 Apprentice Labor Union Correspondence 1954

URB 6/I/53 Armstrong Association 1954-55

URB 6/I/54 Arnold, Philip N. 1952

URB 6/I/55 Atkinson, Frances V. 1952

URB 6/I/56 Baldwin, Joseph B. 1952

URB 6/I/57 Baltimore Branch, NAACP, n.d.

URB 6/1/58 Barrett, William A. 1953

URB 6/I/59 Baruch, Bernard M. 1953

URB 6/I/60 BAton--RCA 1955

URB 6/I/61 Beacon Neighborhood Association 1955

URB 6/I/62 Beauford, D.W. 1952

URB 6/I/63 Benjamin Franklin Bridge--Toll Collection 1955

URB 6/I/64 Bill of Rights Day 1955

URB 6/I/65 Bilt-Well Trailer Company 1957

URB 6/I/66 Blumberg, Arnold M. 1953

URB 6/I/67 Boulevard Swimming Pool Case 1954-55




URB 6/I/68 Brotherhood--National Conference of Christians and Jews n.d.

URB 6/I/69 Breyers Ice Cream Company 1953-55

URB 6/I/70 Budgets 1950-57

URB 6/I/71 Bureau for Colored Children n.d.

URB 6/I/7Z Camden Branch--NAACP 1952

URB 6/I/73 Car-Give- Away 1953-55

URB 6/I/74 Car-Give-Away 1956-57

URB 6/I/75 Car-Give-Away--Expenses 1951

URB 6/I/76 Car-Give-Away--Projects Completed 1951

URB 6/I/77 Car-Give-Away--Advisory Committee

URB 6/I/78 Car-Give-Away--Pending Projects

URB 6/I/79 Catholic Interracial Council 1954

URB 6/I/80 Christian Street YMCA l953

URB 6/I/81 Christmas Greetings 1953-58

URB 6/I/82 Chudoff, Earl 1952

URB 6/I/83 Church Committee 1954

URB 6/I/84 Citizens' Charter Committee 1951-56

URB 6/I/85 Citizens' Commission for Review of UN Charter n.d.

URB 6/I/86 Citizens' Council on City Planning 1953-56

URB 6/I/87 Citizens' Councils of Mississippi 1955

URB 6/I/88 Civil Rights 1953-57

URB 6/I/89 Civil Rights--Planks 1952

URB 6/I/90 Clark, Joseph S. 1952-54


Box 4


URB 6/I/91 Clothier, James J. 1953

URB 6/I/92 Clubs and Fraternal Organizations 1951

URB 6/I/93 Cohen, David 1952-56

URB 6/I/94 Commission on Human Relations 1953-May 1955

URB 6/I/95 Commission on Human Relations June-December 1955

URB 6/I/96 Commission on Human Relations 1956

URB 6/I/97 Commission on Human Relations 1957

URB 6/I/98 Commission on Human Relations--George Schermer 1952-56

URB 6/I/99 Committee Chairmen Meetings n.d.

URB 6/I/100 Committee for National Trade Policy 1954-55

URB 6/1/101 Committee of 100, 1954

URB 6/I/102 Committee on Community Tensions--Correspondence 1953-57

URB 6/I/l03 Committee on Community Tensions--Minutes and Miscellany 1953-54

URB 6/I/104 Committee on Community Tensions--Minutes and Miscellany 1955


Box 5


URB 6/I/105 Committee on Community Tensions--Minutes and Miscellany 1956

URB 6/I/106 Committee on Community Tensions--Minutes and Miscellany 1957

URB 6/I/107 Committee on Higher Education Opportunities 1955-57

URB 6/I/108 Committee on Racial Equality n.d.

URB 6/I/109 Committee to Study and Combat Crime 1953

URB 6/I/110 Communist Propaganda 1952-53

URB 6/I/111 Commmunity Coordination 1954

URB 6/I/112 Community Coordination 1955-56

URB 6/I/113 Community Association against Discrimination 1955-56

URB 6/I/114 Community Chest of Philadelphia 1952

URB 6/I/115 Concord Park Homes, Incorporated

URB 6/I/116 Conference on Juvenile Delinquency 1953

URB 6/I/117 Council for Equal Job Opportunity 1946-55

URB 6/I/118 Council for International Visitors 1954-56


Box 6


URB 6/I/119 Courier(Pittsburgh) Jazz Concert 1953

URB 6/I/120 Crisis 1946-54

URB 6/1/121 Chronic Illness 1953

URB 6/1/122 Current, Gloster B. 1952-55

URB 6/I/123 Daily, John F. 1953

URB 6/I/124 Daroff, Samuel H.

URB 6/I/125 Davidson, Joseph 1952-53

URB 6/I/126 Delinquency and Crime n.d.

URB 6/I/127 Desegregation 1954

URB 6/I/128 Discrimination--Hospital 1952

URB 6/I/129 District Attorney 1955

URB 6/I/130 Dra Mu Opera 1952

URB 6/I/131 Duckrey, Dr. Tanner Grant

URB 6/I/132 Dunson, Jesse T. 1953

URB 6/I/133 Eastern Regional Training Conference 1953

URB 6/I/134 Ebony 1955

URB 6/I/135 Education 1951-54

URB 6/I/136 Education 1955-57

URB 6/I/137 Education--Miscellany I

URB 6/I/138 Education--Miscellany II

URB 6/I/139 Educational Equality Fund 1951-55

URB 6/I/140 Eisenhower, Dwight D. 1952

URB 6/I/141 Emergency Fund Contact Lists 1951




URB 6/I/142 Entertainment Committee 1951

URB 6/I/143 Entertainment Committee 1953-55

URB 6/I/144 Entertainment Committee 1957-60

URB 6/I/145 Executive Committee Lists 1951-55

URB 6/I/146 Executive Committee Meetings 1951

URB 6/I/147 Executive Committee Meetings 1952-57

URB 6/I/148 Executive Committee Meetings 1958-59

URB 6/I/149 Executive Secretary Reports 1944-53; 6 page history of NAACP

URB 6/I/150 Executive Secretary Reports 1954-55

URB 6/I/151 Executive Secretary Reports 1956-57

URB 6/I/152 Executive Secretary Reports 1958

URB 6/I/153 Expense Accounts--Staff 1951




URB 6/I/154 Fair Elections Practice Committee--Fellowship Commission 1952-54

URB 6/I/155 Fair Employment Practices Commission 1952-53

URB 6/I/156 Fair Employment Practices Commission 1954-55

URB 6/I/157 Fair Employment Practices Commission--Miscellaneous

URB 6/I/158 Fellowship House 1953-55

URB 6/I/159 Finance Committee 1954-55

URB 6/I/160 Financial Contribution 1955

URB 6/I/161 Fine, Governor John S. 1952-53

URB 6/I/162 Finnegan, J. Francis 1952

URB 6/I/163 Flamer, John 1951-56

URB 6/I/164 Florida State Convention 1955

URB 6/I/165 Folwell, Robert III 1952

URB 6/I/166 Ford Foundation--Fellowship Commission Proposal 1953

URB 6/I/167 Frankford Arsenal 1954

URB 6/I/168 Franklin Institute Squadron 1956

URB 6/I/169 Fraternities 1950




URB 6/I/170 Freedom Fund Campaign 1957

URB 6/I/171 Freedom News 1954

URB 6/I/172 The Frontiers of America, Incorporated 1954

URB 6/I/173 The Frontiersman December 1952

URB 6/I/174 Fund Raising 1955-58

URB 6/I/175 Garrison, Noah Jr. 1952

URB 6/I/176 Gay, Eustace 1952-54

URB 6/I/177 Gay, Walter 1953-57

URB 6/I/178 Germantown Emergency Committee for Aid to the South 1956

URB 6/I/179 Gibbons, Thomas J. 1952-54

URB 6/I/180 Gimbel, Benedict Jr.--WIP 1952

URB 6/I/181 Girard College 1953-56

URB 6/I/182 Grady, Elsie M. 1954

URB 6/I/183 Gray, William H. Jr. 1955

URB 6/I/184 Green, William J. Jr. 1956

URB 6/I/185 Greenbell Knoll, Incorporated 1956

URB 6/I/186 Harmon, Sherman 1952

URB 6/I/187 Harris, Cubia D. 1955

URB 6/I/188 Health Committee 1957

URB 6/I/189 Heritage House 1957

URB 6/I/190 Hill, Herbert 1952-57

URB 6/I/191 Hopkins, Wayne 1952

URB 6/I/192 Hospitality Council 1954-55

URB 6/I/193 Housing Clippings

URB 6/I/194 Housing Committee 1954

URB 6/I/195 Housing Correspondence 1951-53

URB 6/I/196 Housing Correspondence 1955-57

URB 6/I/197 Housing Correspondence 1958

URB 6/I/198 Housing Correspondence 1959


Box 10


URB 6/I/199 Housing Correspondence 1960-61

URB 6/I/200 Housing Miscellany 1955-57

URB 6/I/201 Housing Miscellany 1958

URB 6/I/202 Housing Miscellany 1959

URB 6/I/203 Housing Miscellany 1960

URB 6/I/204 Housing Miscellany 1961


BOX 11


URB 6/I/205 Hurley, Ruby 1952

URB 6/I/206 Industrial Race Relations Commission 1953-55

URB 6/I/207 Information Requests 1956-58

URB 6/I/208 Insurance 1955

URB 6/I/209 Insurance Policies 1947-54

URB 6/I/210 "Integrated Occupancy Program" 1953

URB 6/I/211 "Internees in Industry" 1954

URB 6/I/212 Interstate Railway Coach n.d.

URB 6/I/213 Invitations and Acknowledgements 1953-57--I

URB 6/I/214 Invitations and Acknowledgements 1953-57--II

URB 6/I/215 Jackson, Hobart C. 1952-53

URB 6/I/216 Jackson, Lillie M. 1954

URB 6/I/217 Jewish Community Relations Council 1952-53

URB 6/I/218 Johnson, Theodore 1953

URB 6/I/219 Jones, William E. 1952

URB 6/1/220 Journalists Associates 1952

URB 6/1/221 Jullian, Percy L. 1954

URB 6/I/222 Junior Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia 1953-54

URB 6/I/223 Junior Order of American Mechanics 1953

URB 6/I/224 Juvenile Delinquency 1955

URB 6/I/225 The Keystone Defender 1952-55

URB 6/I/226 Kit Distribution 1952

URB 6/I/227 Labor Action--Independent Socialist League 1953


Box 12


URB 6/I/228 Labor and Industry 1954-57

URB 6/I/229 Labor Manual for Branches n.d.

URB 6/I/230 Labor Market Information 1953

URB 6/I/231 Leach, Herman 1953

URB 6/I/232 Legal Defense and Educational Fund 1952-54

URB 6/I/233 Legal Department Monthly Report 1951-53

URB 6/I/234 Legal Department Monthly Report 1954-57

URB 6/I/235 Legal Redress Committee 1952-56

URB 6/I/236 Legislative Committee 1954-57

URB 6/I/237 Levittown Housing Project 1952-55

URB 6/1/238 Levittown Housing Project--Miscellany


BOX 13


URB 6/I/239 Lindsay, Lionel 1954

URB 6/I/240 Liquor License 1956

URB 6/I/241 Local 585--UAW 1956

URB 6/I/242 McClane, Charles P. 1952

URB 6/I/243 McCuen, Harold 1952

URB 6/I/244 McDougald, Annie L. 1951

URB 6/I/245 McGurk Article 1956

URB 6/I/246 McNeill, Mary 1953

URB 6/I/247 Marshall, Thurgood 1951

URB 6/I/248 Martin, Jeane 1952-53

URB 6/I/249 Masti, Carl n.d.

URB 6/I/250 Media Branch--NAACP 1955

URB 6/I/251 Medical Committee 1953-55

URB 6/I/252 Meetings--Miscellaneous 1952

URB 6/I/253 Migrant Labor 1952-53

URB 6/I/254 Milgram, Morris 1952-54

URB 6/I/255 Mitchell, Clarence 1951-56

URB 6/I/256 Moon, Henry Lee 1953-57

URB 6/I/257 Moore, Harry T. 1951-52

URB 6/I/258 "The Mulatto Children in Germany" 1954

URB 6/I/259 Mummers' Parade 1954-55

URB 6/I/260 NAACP--Annual Conference 1953

URB 6/I/261 NAACP--Annual Convention 1957

URB 6/I/262 NAACP--Annual Convention 1958

URB 6/I/263 NAACP--Delegates' Credentials Committee 1951-55

URB 6/I/264 NAACP--Eastern Regional Training Conference 1954


BOX 14


URB 6/I/265 NAACP--National Office, Director of Branches 1951-58

URB 6/I/266 NAACP--National Office, Correspondence 1952-54

URB 6/I/267 NAACF--National Policies 1954

URB 6/I/268 NAACP--State Conference Presidents 1954

URB 6/I/269 National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials 1954-58

URB 6/I/270 National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials- Annual Conference 1956

URB 6/I/271 National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials- The NAIRO Reporter 1951 -58

URB 6/I/272 National Committee against Discrimination in Housing 1954

URB 6/I/273 National Conference of Christians and Jews 1954

URB 6/I/274 National Council of Negro Women 1953

URB 6/I/275 National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis 1952-54

URB 6/I/276 National Negro Labor Council 1954-55

URB 6/I/277 National Resources Conference of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces 1955

URB 6/I/278 Navy Yard 1952

URB 6/1/279 Negro History Week 1953-55

URB 6/I/280 Negro Salesmen--Liquor n.d.

URB 6/I/281 Neighbors Association 1955

URB 6/I/282 New Brunswick Branch NAACP 1953

URB 6/I/283 News Releases 1946

URB 6/I/284 New York Branch--NAACP 1955

URB 6/I/285 Newspapers' Correspondence 1952-57

URB 6/I/286 Nichols, Edward K., Jr. 1954

URB 6/I/287 Nominating Committee 1953

URB 6/I/288 Nominating Committee 1957-60

URB 6/I/289 North Philadelphia NAACP Committee 1954

URB 6/I/290 Norwood, H. Vashti 1951


BOX 15


URB 6/I/291 Office and Personnel 1950-56

URB 6/I/292 Overbrook High School 1955

URB 6/I/293 Participating Organizations n.d.

URB 6/I/294 Pascarell, Joseph 1953-54

URB 6/I/295 Penal Institutions 1956

URB 6/I/296 Pennsylvania Boxing Commission 1954

URB 6/I/297 Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry n.d.

URB 6/I/298 Pennsylvania Laws, n.d.

URB 6/I/299 Pennsylvania Legislature 1953

URB 6/I/300 Pennsylvania Miscellany 1953-55

URB 6/I/301 Pennsylvania Military District 1951-56

URB 6/I/302 Pennsylvania National Guard 1953

URB 6/I/303 Pennsylvania Parole Board 1953

URB 6/I/304 Pennsylvania State Conference of NAACP Branches 1952-58

URB 6/I/305 Pennsylvania State Police 1954

URB 6/1/306 Personal and Confidential 1951

URB 6/I/307 Philadelphia Afro-American 1953

URB 6/I/308 Philadelphia B'nai Brith Council 1954-55

URB 6/I/309 Philadelphia Chapter of the Girl Friends Incorporated 1953

URB 6/I/31O Philadelphia City Planning Commission 1951

URB 6/I/311 Philadelphia Civil Defense Council 1952-53

URB 6/I/312 Philadelphia Committee for Roosevelt Day n.d.

URB 6/I/313 Philadelphia Cotillion Society 1955

URB 6/I/314 Philadelphia Fellowship Commission, Board of Commissioners 1952-55

URB 6/I/315 Philadelphia Fellowship Commission, Board of Commissioners 1956-58


BOX 16 


URB 6/I/316 Philadelphia Fellowship Commission, Correspondence 1951

URB 6/I/317 Philadelphia Fellowship Commission, Correspondence 1952-53

URB 6/I/318 Philadelphia Fellowship Commission, Correspondence 1954-55

URB 6/I/319 Philadelphia Fellowship Commission, Correspondence 1956-57

URB 6/1/320 Philadelphia Fellowship Commission, Library n.d.

URB 6/I/321 Philadelphia General Hospital n.d.

URB 6/I/322 Philadelphia Housing Association 1954-57

URB 6/I/323 Philadelphia, Mayor 1956

URB 6/I/324 Philadelphia Museum of Art 1954

URB 6/I/325 Fhiladelphia National League Baseball Club 1954-56

URB 6/I/326 Philadelphia Third Camp 1956

URB 6/I/327 Philadelphia Transportation Company 1954-55

URB 6/I/328 Philadelphia Tribune Charities, Incorporated 1955, 1958

URB 6/I/329 Philadelphia Urban League 1961

URB 6/I/330 Philadelphia Youth Hostels 1953-54

URB 6/I/331 Phillip Morris Company 1954

UBB 6/I/332 Pickett, Clarence E. 1952

URB 6/I/333 Pittsburgh Branch, NAACP 1954

URB 6/I/334 Plater, Sylvester E. 1952

URB 6/I/335 Police Practices, Special Committee on 1951

URB 6/I/336 Police and Planning Committee 1951-57

URB 6/I/337 Postal Employees 1955

URB 6/I/338 Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom 1957

URB 6/I/339 Press Releases 1951

URB 6/I/340 Press Releases 1952-53

URB 6/I/341 Press Releases 1954


Box 17


URB 6/I/342 Press Releases 1955

URB 6/I/343 Press Releases 1956

URR 6/I/344 Press Releases 1957

URB 6/I/345 Press Releases 1958

URB 6/I/345A Press Releases 1959

URB 6/I/346 Press Releases n.d.

URB 6/I/346A Press Releases n.d.

URB 6/I/347 Primus, Pearl 1955

URB 6/I/348 Prince, Daniel 1953

URB 6/I/349 Prison Letters 1955-59


Box 18


URB 6/I/350 Prison Report n.d.

URB 6/I/351 Prize Committee 1951

URB 6/I/352 Professional Athletics 1952-53

URB 6/I/353 Program Committee 1956

URB 6/I/354 Progressive Party of Philadelphia 1953

URB 6/I/355 Public Health Views 1953-54

URB 6/I/356 Publicity 1950's

URB 6/I/357 Publicity 1950's

URB 6/I/358 Publicity 1950's

URB 6/I/359 Publicker Industries, Incorporated 1954


BOX 19


URB 6/I/360 Race Relations Commission 1954

URB 6/I/361 Radio Correspondence 1952-56

URB 6/I/362 Radio Transcripts n.d.

URB 6/I/363 Rafters Club 1950-51

URB 6/I/364 Railroad Steamship Clerks 1956

URB 6/1/365 Red Cars and Negro Policemen 1956

URB 6/I/366 Requests for Information 1952-53

URB 6/I/367 Report of the Philadelphia branch of NAACP 1950

URB 6/I/368 Research Reports B'nai B'rith 1954-1956

URB 6/1/369 Rich, Robert F. 1953-54

URB 6/I/370 Richards, Kay 1953

URB 6/I/371 Richie, David S.

URB 6/I/372 Robinson, Wallace 1953

URB 6/I/373 Rosenberg Case 1953

URB 6/I/374 Scholarships 1953-60

URB 6/I/375 Schools of Pennsylvania 1952-53

URB 6/I/376 School Recreation Property in Frankford 1953

URB 6/I/377 School Segregation Cases 1951-55

URB 6/I/378 School Segregation Cases--Milford 1954

URB 6/I/378A School Segregation Cases--Milford 1954


Box 20 


URB 6/I/379 Sharnay Hosiery Company,n.d.

URB 6/I/380 Shorter, Charles A. 1952-55

URB 6/I/381 Shut-In's Day Association 1954

URB 6/I/382 Sinclair and Atlantic Refining Companies 1956-57

URB 6/I/383 Skating Rinks 1952-55

URB 6/I/384 Sloan, David Edward 1951

URB 6/I/385 Social Legislation Information, Inc., n.d.

URB 6/I/386 Socialist Labor Party 1952

URB 6/I/387 South Philadelphia Citizens' Committee 1953

URB 6/I/388 South Philadelphia Clean Block Committee 1956

URB 6/I/389 Spaulding, Theodore 1952

URB 6/I/390 Speaking Engagements 1952-53

URB 6/I/391 Speaking Engagements 1954-58

URB 6/I/392 Spencer, E. Le Grant 1954

URB 6/I/393 Stanley-Warner Corporation 1955

URB 6/I/394 Still, Toussaint 1952

URB 6/I/395 Summer Camp, n.d.

URB 6/I/396 Supreme Court--School Cases 1954

UPB 6/I/397 Tax Returns 1951

URd 6/I/398 Teachers Union of Philadelphia 1953

URB 6/I/399 Telephone Messages

URB 6/I/400 Temple University Chapter--NAACP 1953

URB 6/I/40l Temple University Proposal 1954

URB 6/I/402 Thalheimer Award Winners 1953

URB 6/I/403 Thomas, Raymond 1952

URB 6/I/404 Till, Emmet I955


Box 21


URB 6/I/405 Tioga-Nicetown Civic League 1953

URB 6/I/406 Tonsel, Emma Jane 1952

URB 6/I/407 Tucker, Herbert 1955

URB 6/I/408 Unions 1954

URB 6/I/409 U.S. President's Cabinet 1952

URB 6/I/410 U.S. President's Committee on Government Contracts 1956

URB 6/1/411 United States Steel 1954-55

URB 6/I/412 University of Pennsylvania 1953

URB 6/I/413 Veterans' Committee 1950-51

URB 6/I/414 Veterans' Committee 1954-56

URB 6/I/415 Veterans' Committee 1957

URB 6/I/416 Veterans of Foreign Wars 1954

URB 6/I/417 Volunteers 1951-53

URB 6/I/418 Vote Drive 1952

URB 6/I/419 Washington Bureau NAACP Monthly Report 1955-58

UR3 6/I/420 Washington Urban League 1953

UR3 6/I/421 WCAM--NAACP Reports 1952-May 1954

URB 6/I/422 WCAM--NAACP Reports July 1954-June 1955

URB 6/I/423 WCAM--NAACP Reports July 1955-1956


Box 22


URB 6/I/424 Webb, Dora 1952-54

URB 6/I/425 West Chester YMCA 1955

URB 6/I/426 West Phi1ade1phia 1954

URB 6/I/427 West Philadelphia Citizens Improvement Council 1954

URB 6/I/428 WHAT--Correspondence 1952-54

URB 6/I/428A WHAT--NAACP Reports 1952-53

URB 6/I/429 WHAT--NAACP Reports 1954

URB 6/I/430 WHAT--NAACP Reports 1955-56

URB 6/I/431 "Where does your Charity Money Go?" 1952

URB 6/I/432 White, Alvin C. 1952

URB 6/I/433 White, Walter 1952-55

URB 6/I/434 White Citizens Council 1956

URB 6/I/435 Wiggins, Ulysses S. 1952-55

URB 6/I/436 Wilberforce National Alumni Association 1955

URB 6/1/437 Wilder, John Brantley n.d.

URB 6/I/438 Wilkins, Roy 1954-55

URB 6/I/439 William Penn Business Institute 1953-55

URB 6/I/440 Williams, Arthur D. 1951


BOX 23


URB 6/I/441 Wilmore, Jack. Testimonial Luncheon 1955

URB 6/l/442 Wilson, William J. 1953

URB 6/I/443 Wilson Line 1952

URB 6/I/444 Wilson Mills, Incorporated 1956

URB 6/I/445 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom 1954

URB 6/I/446 Woodard, E.H. n.d.

URB 6/I/447 Woods, Alphonso A. 1952

URB 6/I/448 Work Campers 1956

URB 6/I/449 World Affairs Council of Philadelphia 1953-54

URB 6/I/451 Young Women's Christian Association 1954-55

URB 6/1/452 Youth Council 1953-55

URB 6/I/453 Youth Council--John Parker 1951-53

URB 6/I/454 Youth Group 1956-59

URB 6/I/455 Youth Work Committee 1951


Subseries 1.2: Executive Secretary's Files, 1950-1959


URB 6/II/l Correspondence April-December 1950

URB 6/1I/2 Correspondence January-June 1951

URB 6/II/3 Correspondence July-December 1951

URB 6/II/4 Correspondence January-June 1952

URB 6/II/5 Correspondence July-December 1952

URB 6/II/6 Correspondence January-June 1953


BOX 24


URB 6/II/7 Correspondence July-December 1953

URB 6/II/8 Correspondence January-June 1954

URB 6/II/9 Correspondence July-December 1954

URB 6/II/10 Correspondence January-June 1955

URB 6/II/11 Correspondence July-December 1955

URB 6/II/12 Correspondence January-June 1956


BOX 25


URB 6/II/13 Correspondence July-December 1956

URB 6/II/14 Correspondence January-June 1957

URB 6/1I/15 Correspondence July-December 1957

URB 6/II/16 Correspondence January-December 1958

URB 6/II/17 Correspondence January-June 1959

URB 6/II/18 Correspondence July-December 1959


Subseries 1.3: Field Secretary's Files, 1951-1962


URB 6/III/1 Annual Reports 1960

URB 6/III/2 Bates, Daisy 1958

URB 6/III/3 Branch Directory 1956


Box 26


URB 6/III/4 Branch Officers 1961

URB 6/III/5 Chester, Pennsylvania 1946-62

URB 6/III/6 Civil Rights Mass Meeting--Philadelphia 1957

URB 6/III/7 Community Organizations 1958

URB 6/III/8 Removed to Urban League

URB 6/1II/9 Correspondence 1957

URB 6/III/10 Correspondence 1958-59

URB 6/III/11 Correspondence 1960-62

URB 6/III/12 Correspondence n.d.


Box 27


URB 6/III/13 Current, Gloster B. 1951-57

URB 6/III/14 Current, Gloster B. 1958-61

URB 6/III/15 Delaware State Conference 1954-56

URB 6/IlI/16 Health and Welfare Council, Incorporated 1961

URB 6/III/17 Housing Conference 1957-59

URB 6/III/18 Housing Department 1958-60

URB 6/III/19 Housing Legislation--H.B. 322 1959


Box 28


URB 6/III/20 Let Freedom Ring 1958

URB 6/III/21 Life Memberships 1959-60

URB 6/III/22 Membership Drive 1960

URB 6/III/23 Membership Secretary 1957-61

URB 6/III/24 Migrant Labor Conference 1952-58

URB 6/III/25 Miscellany 1955-60

URB 6/III126 Mobilization Meetings--Membership 1958-59

URB 6/III/27 Mobilization Meetings--Miscellany

URB 6/III/28 Mobilization Meetings--Miscellany


Box 29


URB 6/III/29 Monthly Reports--Field Secretary 1957-60

URB 6/III/30 NAACP--National Convention 1957

URB 6/III/31 NAACP--National Convention 1959

URB 6/III/32 NAACP--National Convention 1959

URB 6/I1I/33 NAACP--National Convention 1960

URB 6/lII/34 NAACP--Staff Conference 1960

URB 6/III/35 Newark Branch--NAACP 1951-60


Box 30


URB 6/III/36 Newspapers--Correspondence 1958

URB 6/III/37 Philadelphia Branch--NAACP 1957-60

URB 6/III/38 Philadelphia Citizens' Committee 1957

URB 6/III/39 Pittsburgh Branch--NAACP 1952-60

URB 6/III/40 Professional Organizations 1957-60

URB 6/III/41 Protest Demonstration 1960

URB 6/III/42 Public Relations 1960

URB 6/III/43 School Districts Delaware 1954-55

URB 6/1II/44 School Situation Delaware 1954-55

URB 6/III/45 September Tour 1959

URB 6/III/46 Solicitation Act 1961


Box 31 


URB 6/III/47 Speeches 1957-59

URB 6/III/48 State Conference 1951-52

URB 6/III/49 State Conference 1954 URB 6/II1/50 State Conference--Correspondence 1955-56

URB 6/III/51 State Conference--Miscellany 1955-56

URB 6/III/52 State Conference--Correspondence 1957-58

URB 6/III153 State Conference--Miscellany 1957-58


Box 32


URB 6/III/54 State Conference 1959

URB 6/III/55 State Conference 1960

URB 6/III/56 State Conference 1961

URB 6/III/57 Washington Bureau 1957-59

URB 6/III/58 Wilkins, Roy 1957

URB 6/III/59 Wilmington Branch--NAACP 1951-56

URB 6/III/60 Youth Department 1957-61


Subseries 1.4: Financial Records, 1944-1962


Box 33


URB 6/IV/l Budgets 1946-54

URB 6/IV/2 Correspondence I950-55

URB 6/IV/3 Finance Comittee 1951,1955

URB 6/IV/4 Financial Reports 1950-55

URB 6/IV/5 Miscellany 1946-55

URB 6/IV/6 Statements 1944-49

URB 6/IV/7 Audit Reports 1947-54

URB 6/IV/8 Audit Reports 1956-59

URB 6/IV/9 Payroll Registers I945

URB 6/IV/10 Payroll Registers 1951-55

URB 6/IV/ll Payroll Registers 1956-60

URB 6/IV/12 Record Book 1945

URB 6/IV/13 Daily Record Book of Cashed Checks 1949


Box 34


URB 6/IV Account Sheets 1947-59

URB 6/IV Special Journal Sheets(mainly small expenditures) 1947-50


Box 35


URB 6/IV Receipts 1951-57


Box 36


URB 6/IV Receipts 1958-62


Subseries 1.5: Cases, undated


Case records in URB 6, Series V, are restricted until 75 years after the date of their creation.


Box 37


URB 6/V A-Br


Box 38


URB 6/V Bu-El


BOX 39


URB 6/V En-Hog


Box 40


URB 6/V Hol-Mak


Box 41


URB 6/V Mal-Rob


Box 42


URB 6/V Rol-Ti


Box 43


URB 6/V Tr-Y

URB 6/V Miscellaneous Cases A-D


Box 44


URB 6/V Miscellaneous Cases E-Z and Unidentified


Subseries 1.6: Membership Campaigns, 1946-1959


Box 45


URB 6/VI/l Membership Lists 1950

URB 6/VI/2 Membership Reports 1949-50

URB 6/VI/3 Membership Reports--Correspondence 1950

URB 6/VI/4 Membership Secretary's File 1946-47

URB 6/VI/5 Membership Secretary's File 1948

URB 6/VI/6 Membership Secretary's File 1949

URB 6/VI/7 Membership Secretary's File 1950

URB 6/VI/8 NAACP, National Office Correspondence on Membership 1949-50

URB 6/VI/9 Membership Files 1951--Acknowledgements

URB 6/VI/10 Membership Files 1951--Byrd, Daniel E.

URB 6/VI/11 Membership Files 1951--Campaign

URB 6/VI/12 Membership Files 1951--Campaign-North Philadelphia

URB 6/VI/13 Membership Files 1951--Campaign-South Philadelphia


Box 46


URB 6/VI/14 Membership Files 1951..Campaign.Suburban Philadelphia

URB 6/VI/15 Membership Files 1951--Campaign-West Philadelphia

URB 6/VI/16 Membership Files 1951--Correspondence

URB 6/VI/17 Membership Flles 1951--Meetings

URB 6/VI/18 Membership Files 1951--Reports

URB 6/VI/19 Membership Files 1951--Volunteer Workers

URB 6/VI/20 Membership Files l952--Campaign

URB 6/VI/21 Membership Files 1952--Complaints

URB 6/V1/22 Membership Files 1952--Reports

URB 6/VI/23 Membership Files 1953--Correspondence

URB 6/VI/24 Membership Files I953--Correspondence, Area Leaders

URB 6/VI/25 Membership Files 1953--Reports


Box 47


URB 6/VI/26 Membership Files 1954--Campaign

URB 6/VI/27 Membership Files 1954--Club Activities

URB 6/VI/28 Membership Files 1954--Correspondence, Area Leaders

URB 6/VI/28A Membership Files 1954--Education Committee

URB 6/VI/29 Membership Files 1954--Finances

URB 6/VI/30 Membership Files 1954--Kick-Off Meeting

URB 6/VI/31 Membership Files 1954--Meetings

URB 6/VI/32 Membership Files 1954--Reports

URB 6/VI/33 Membership Files 1955--AFL-CIO

URB 6/VI/34 Membership Files 1955--Beauticians' Committee

URB 6/VI/35 Membership Files 1955--Business Committee

URB 6/VI/36 Membership Files 1955--Campaign I

URB 6/VI/37 Membership Files 1955--Campaign II

URB 6/VI/38 Membership Files 1955--Church

URB 6/VI/39 Membership Files 1955--Clubs


Box 48


URB 6/VI/40 Membership Files 1955--Correspondence

URB 6/VI/41 Membership Files 1955--Dentists' Committee

URB 6/VI/42 Membership Files 1955--Lawyers' Committee

URB 6/VI/43 Membership Files 1955--Membership Attendance Lists

URB 6/VI/44 Membership File 1955--Morris, George B., Chairman

URB 6/VI/45 Membership Files 1955--Physcians' Committee

URB 6/VI/46 Membership Files 1955--Prize Committee

URB 6/VI/47 Membership Files 1955--Requests for Membership

URB 6/VI/48 Membership Files 1955--Special Gifts Committee

URB 6/VI/49 Membership Files 1955--Volunteer Workers

URB 6/VI/50 Membership Files 1956--Campaign

URB 6/VI/51 Membership Files 1956--Correspondence

URB 6/VI/52 Membership Files 1956--Reports

URB 6/VI/53 Membership Files 1956--Volunteer Workers

URB 6/VI/54 Membership Files 1957--Campaign

URB 6/VI/55 Membership Files 1957--Campaign-Area Leaders

URB 6/VI/56 Membership Files 1957--Campaign-Frankford District

URB 6/VI/57 Membership Files 1957--Campaign-Germantown District

URB 6/VI/58 Membership Files 1957--Campaign North Philadelphia District

URB 6/VI/59 Membership Files 1957--Campaign-South Philadelphia District

URB 6/VI/60 Membership Files 1957--Campaign--West Philadelphia District

URB 6/VI/61 Membership Files 1957--Correspondence

URB 6/VI/62 Membership Files 1957--Membership Committee Minutes

URB 6/VI/63 Membership Files 1958--Beauticians' Committee

URB 6/VI/64 Membership Files 1958--Campaign

URB 6/VI/65 Membership Files 1958--Elmwood District

URB 6/VI/66 Membership Files 1958--Germantown District

URB 6/VI/67 Membership Files 1958--North Philadelphia District Campaign

URB 6/VI/68 Membership Files 1958--Northeast Philadelphia District Campaign

URB 6/VI/69 Membership Files 1958--South Philadelphia District Campaign

URB 6/VI/70 Membership Files 1958--Southwest Philadelphia District Campaign

URB 6/VI/71 Membership Files 1958--Tioga District Campaign

URB 6/VI/72 Membership Files 1958--West Philadelphia District

URB 6/VI/73 Membership Files 1958--Church Committee

URB 6/VI/74 Membership Files 1958--0rganizational Membership Solicitation

URB 6/VI/75 Membership Files 1958--Physicians' Committee


Box 49


URB 6/VI/76 Membership Files 1958--Volunteer Workers

URB 6/VI/77 Membership Files 1959--Campaign-Germantown District

URB 6/VI/78 Membership Files 1959--Campaign-North Philadelphia District

URB 6/VI/79 Membership Files 1959--Campaign-South Philadelphia District

URB 6/VI/80 Membership Files 1959--Campaign-Southwest Philadelphia District

URB 6/VI/81 Membership Files 1959--Campaign-West Philadelphia District

URB 6/VI/82 Membership Files Miscellany--Campaign Literature

URB 6/VI/83 Membership Files Miscellany--Life Memberships

URB 6/VI/84 Membership Files Miscellany--Membership Account Book I

URB 6/VI/85 Membership Files Miscellany--Membership Account Book II

URB 6/VI/86 Membership Files Miscellany--Pre-Campaign Mailing

URB 6/VI/87 Membership Files Miscellany--Volunteer Workers


Subseries 1.7: Ballots, 1962


Box 50


URB 6/VII Official Ballots NAACP-Philadelphia Branch, December 11, 1962

President, 1st Vice President, 2ndVicePresident, 3rd Vice

President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, National Board of Directors, Members of the Executive Committee.


Subseries 1.8: Newspaper Clippings, 1943-1952


URB 6/VIII Newspaper Clippings 1943-52


Box 51


URB 6/VIII/1 Clippings and Miscellany 1949-50

URB 6/VIII/2 Clippings 1952

URB 6/VIII/3 Clippings 1954

URB 6/VIlI/4 Clippings 1955


Box 52


URB 6/VIII Scrapbook of clippings 1943-45


Box 53


URB 6/VIII Scrapbook of clippings 1944-52

URB 6/VIII Oversize sheets of clippings 1950-51


Subseries 1.9: Printed Material, 1950-1959


Box 54


URB 6/IX Printed material from National Office 1950s



Series 2: Accession 836, 1944-1991

Subseries 2.1: NAACP North Philadelphia Action Branch, 1944-1990


Box 1


A. Administration


01 General Meeting Minutes 1970-89

02 Executive Meeting Minutes 1979-89

03 Officers 1970-90

04 Election Results (Official Tallies)

05 Correspondence -- Outgoing 1976-86

06 Correspondence -- Incoming 1969-85

07 Contributions and Donations Letters 1987

08 Miscellaneous Legal Documents 1973-83


B. Activities


09 "College Guide for Parents and Students"

10 Education 1961-82

11 Education/Desegregation (Folder 1) 1968-82

12 Education/Desegregation (Folder 2) 1968-82

13 Election Procedures 1992

Files on Individuals

14 Alphonzo Deal (Folder 1) 1970-87

15 Alphonzo Deal (Folder 2) 1970-87

16 Alphonzo Deal (Folder 3) 1970-87

17A Alphonzo Deal -- State Rep. 1984

17B Alphonzo Deal -- Condolence Letters 1987

18 Dr. Benjamin Hooks, Speeches 1978-80

19 Hon. A. Leon Higginbotham, Judge 1971-88

20 Clarence Mitchell, Speech 1977

21 Cecil B. Moore 1979-87

22 Flyers 1975-84

23 Freedom Fund 1980-90

24 Freedom Fund Banquet 1975

25 Freedom Fund Banquet 1976

26 Freedom Fund Banquet 1977


Box 2


01 Freedom Fund Banquet 1978

02 Freedom Fund Banquet 1979

03 Freedom Fund Banquet 1980

04 Freedom Fund Banquet 1981

05 Freedom Fund Banquet 1982

06 Freedom Fund Banquet 1983

07 Freedom Fund Banquet 1984

08 Freedom Fund Banquet 1985

09 Freedom Fund Banquet Ads. 1986

10 Freedom Fund Banquet 1986

11 Freedom Fund Banquet 1987

12 Freedom Fund Banquet 1989

13 Freedom Fund Luncheon 1984

14 Housing

15 Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship 1984

16 Labor and Industry

17 Life Membership Awards 1979-82

18 MOVE Data

19 Policies and Procedures

20 Political Action 1985

21 77th Anniversary of the NAACP 1986

22 Thalheimer Awards 1976-91

23 Women in NAACP

24 Youth 1944-86

25 Youth Black History Program 1987


C. News Clippings


26 News Clippings File #1

27 News Clippings File #2

28 News Clippings File #3

29 News Clippings File #4


Subseries 2.2: NAACP West Philadelphia Branch, 1972-1991


Box 3


01 By-Laws

02 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 1980-90

03 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 1987-88

04A Executive Committee Meeting and General Membership Meeting Sign-In Book 1987-90

04B General Membership Meeting Minutes 1987-88

05 Treasurer's Report 1989

06 Education Committee

07 New Registrations 1989-91

08 Executive Report 1972-73

09 Freedom Fund Banquet 1989


Subseries 2.3: NAACP Pennsylvania, 1974-1986


10 State Conferences of Branches 1980-86

11 Democratic Report to the People 1982

12 State Conference Executive Board Meeting Minutes  1974-75


Subseries 2.4: NAACP Northeastern Region (Region 2), 1980-1990


13 Northeastern Regional Leadership Conference 1980-87

14 Northeastern Regional Leadership Conference 1988-90

15 Branch Committee Reports

16 Northeastern Region Annual Report 1981


Subseries 2.5: NAACP National Organization, 1962-1991


17 Annual Reports  1982

18 National Convention 1976-82

19 National Convention 1983-87

20 National Convention 1988-91

21 Spingarn Medal 1987-90

22 Voter Drive 1982

23 Annual Legislative Workshops 1982

24 Membership Luncheon 1982

25 Awards Dinner Forum (19th Annual) 1991


Box 4A


01 The Crisis 1962

02 The Crisis 1963

03 The Crisis 1964

04 The Crisis 1965

05 The Crisis 1966

06 The Crisis 1967

07 The Crisis 1968

08 The Crisis 1970

09 The Crisis 1971

10 The Crisis 1972

11 The Crisis 1973

12 The Crisis 1974

13 The Crisis 1975

14 The Crisis 1976

15 The Crisis 1977

16 The Crisis 1978

17   The Crisis (February - July) 1979

18 The Crisis (August - December) 1979

19 The Crisis 1980

20 The Crisis (March - June) 1981

21 The Crisis (July - December) 1981

22 The Crisis (January - April) 1982

23 The Crisis (May - July) 1982

24 The Crisis  1983

25 The Crisis (January - April) 1984

26 The Crisis (May - November) 1984

27 The Crisis (February - May) 1985

28 The Crisis (June - September) 1985


Box 4B


01 The Crisis  1989

02 The Crisis  1990

03 The Crisis 1991

04 The Delegate 1976

05 The Delegate 1983

06 Guide for Observing the 65th Anniversary 1974

07 History File

08 Hooks, Benjamin L. -- Meet the Press Interview 1976

09 "How the NAACP Began" by Mary White Ovington 1914

10 Nationwide Membership Radiothon [Poster] 1988

11 Policy Statement on the Economic Well-Being of Blacks 1980

12 Redistricting Project 1990

13 Songbook 1972

14 Sustainer "Campaign Strategies"

15 Report on Quality Education for Black Americans: An Imperative  1977

16 (Action Guide) "Title VII - Equal Employment Section Civil Rights Act of 1964: The War Against Poverty" 1965

17 "What NAACP Leaders Should Know About Membership and Fundraising Campaigns   undated




18 Cuffe, Paul

19 DuSable, Jean Baptiste Pointe

20 369th Infantry Regiment "Hell Fighters"

21 Tubman, Harriet

22 Williams, Daniel Hale


Subseries 2.6: Miscellaneous Events and Publications, 1957-1987


Miscellaneous Events


23 Guardian Civic League - Achievement Awards Banquet 1968-77

24 Negro Trade Union Leadership Council Awards Banquet 1979

25 Rev. Marshall Lorenzo Shepherd, Jr. 25th Anniversary Celebration (Mt. Olivet Tabernacle Baptist) 1981


Miscellaneous Publications


26 Black Americans in Science and Engineering (General Electric) 1978

27 Information on Senate Bills 743 & 745 (PA)  (National Organization of Women)

28 Police and the Community Handbook  (Urban League of Louisville)

29 Report on Allegations of Police Brutality (Suffolk Co., NY Bar Assoc.) 1980

30 Tony Brown's Journal 1984-87

31 Miscellaneous Magazines (Cecil B. Moore-subscriber) 1984

32 American Baptist Adult Class 1979-80

33 Book: Champion, Jackson R.  Blacks In The Republican Party? 1976

34 Book: Milgram, Morris.  Good Neighborhood: The Challenge of Open Housing 1979

35 Book: Plaut, Richard L.  Blueprint for Talent Searching 1957

36 "Effective Teaching In The Desegregated School" (Phi Delta Kappa) 1966

37 Miscellaneous Commercial Information


Government Publications


38 Miscellaneous Federal Government  Publications on Civil Rights

39 Affirmative Action and Equal Employment (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Committee) 1974

40 Miscellaneous State Government Publications 1973-79

Pennsylvania Election Guide 1977

Penn-State Graduate Bulletin 1977-78


Subseries 2.7: Awards and Plaques, 1962-1987


Box 5


A. Alphonzo Deal


01 NAACP Philadelphia Branch Freedom Fund-Distinguished Service  1962 

02 NAACP Award for Service above and beyond the call of duty 1963-64

03 NAACP Certificate of Life Membership 1968

04 NAACP Philadelphia North Central Action Branch- Award for Outstanding Achievements for Mankind 1970

05 NAACP Golden Heritage Life Membership 1975

06 Brothers In Blue- Outstanding Service 1977

07 NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference-President's Award 1978

08 Pennsylvania Masons- Man of the Year 1979

09 Man of the Year Award  [See Oversize Box 10] 1979

10 Community Voyage High School- Honorary Diploma 1980

11 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity- Humanitarian Award 1980

12 NAACP Erie, PA Branch- Award for Excellent Guidance and Courageous Leadership 1980

13 NAACP Jacksonville, FL Branch- Distinguished Service Award 1981

14 NAACP Clairton Branch- Martin Luther King, Jr. Award 1983


Box 6


01 NAACP Allentown, PA Branch- Award for Providing Wisdom and Encouragement 1983

02 NAACP Media, PA Branch- Statesman of the Year Award 1983

03 NAACP Club 100- Top Membership Solicitor's Award 1984

04 N.B.P.A. (National Black Police Assoc.)-Century Club Award   1986

05 NAACP Pennsylvania Conference- Tribute for Dedicated Service 1987

06 NAACP Western Pennsylvania Branches-Appreciation for Years of Dedication "Your mother would be proud"   1987

07 Philadelphia Tribune, 95 Anniversary Appreciation Award undated


B. NAACP North Philadelphia Action Branch


Thalheimer Publication Awards


08 Class I-A - Third Prize 1975

09 Class II  - Honorable Mention 1975

10 Class I   - Honorable Mention 1976

11 Class I   - Second Prize 1977

12 Class I   - Third Prize 1978

13 Class I-A - Third Prize 1978

14 Class I-A - Third Prize 1981

15 Class I   - Honorable Mention 1981

16 Class I-A - First Prize [see oversize box 10] 1982

17 Class I   - Third Prize 1982


Box 7


01 Class I-B - Third Prize 1982

02 Class I - Second Prize 1983

03 Class I-A - First Prize [see oversize box 10] 1984

04 Class I-A - Honorable Mention 1984

05 Class I - Second Prize 1985


John A. Morsell Awards (NAACP Northeastern Region)


06 Morsell Award 1976

07 Morsell Award 1978

08 Morsell Award 1981

09 Morsell Award 1982-83

10 Morsell Award 1985

11 Morsell Award 1986

12 Morsell Award 1987

13 Morsell Award 1990


Sammy Davis Junior Award


14 [see oversize box 10] 1981

15 [see oversize box 11] 1982

16 [see oversize box 11] 1983

17 [see oversize box 11] 1984

18 [see oversize box 11] 1985

19 [see oversize box 11] 1986

20 [see oversize box 12] 1988

21 [see oversize box 12] 1989

22 [see oversize box 12] 1990




23 NAACP Most Outstanding Regional Branch Effort During 1976 Mississippi Crisis [see box 12] 1977

24 NAACP Pennsylvania - Political Action Award 1977

25 NAACP Golden Heritage Life Membership [see oversize box 13] 1978

26 NAACP Northeast Region - Membership Award, Class D 1984

27 Benjamin Hooks Life Membership Award [see oversize box 13] 1987


C. NAACP West Philadelphia Branch


Box 8


01 Community Coordinating Council-Distinguished Service to the Youth of West Philadelphia    1978

02 NAACP Northeastern Region Membership Award- Class C [see oversize box 13] 1978

03 Edward Muse Life Membership Award 1987

04 NAACP Membership Quota Buster Award 1987

05 Benjamin Hooks Lifetime Membership Award [see oversize box 13] 1988

06 Benjamin Hooks Lifetime Membership Award [see oversize box 13] 1989

07 NAACP Membership Quota Buster Award 1989

08 NAACP Lucille Black Membership Award 1990

09 Bill Cosby Lifetime Membership Award 1991


D. Miscellaneous Awards to Unknown Recipients


10 NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference-Political Action Award 1979

11 Lucille Black Membership Award 1981


E. Miscellaneous Certificates of Life Membership


12 Ronald B. Abrams, Esq. 1987

13 John C. Best 1987

14 Junious L. Blackwell, Jr. 1986

15 Walter Boles, Jr. 1973

16 Susie M. Bright 1991

17 Canaan Baptist Church 1986

18 Rosette Carter 1991

19 Eunice Miller Connor 1986

20 John E. Connor 1988

21 Sanders J. Connor 1986

22 David R. Darden 1981


Box 9


01 Crystal Fitts 1991

02 Marguerrite M. Grey 1986

03 Jennie Grover 1985

04 Ella Hankerson 1986

05 John H. Hills, Sr. 1985

06 Vanlee James 1986

07 Keystone Grand Lodge 1976

08 Reginald S. Lee, DDS 1986

09 Josephine Matthews 1991

10 Meadian Bancrop, Inc. 1988

11 Margaret Mills 1985

12 Barbara L. Mitchell 1987

13 Robert C. Moore 1989

14 Sandra Upshur 1985

15 Arthur R. West 1979

16 Naomi G. Winchester 1989

17 Warner M. Wright 1981


Box 10


F. Citations and Proclamations from Government Officials


01 NAACP Pennsylvania- Anne Hines Allen Distinguished Branch Award 1979

02 City Council of Philadelphia-Resolution 1981

03 City Council of Philadelphia-Citation 1982

04 Pennsylvania Governor Thornburg Proclamation of NAACP Day 1984

05 City Council of Philadelphia-Citation 1984

06 City Council of Philadelphia-Citation 1985

07 Pennsylvania House of Representatives Citation 1985

08 Pennsylvania Governor Thornburg Congratulations 1986

09 Pennsylvania House of Representatives Citation 1986

10 City Council of Philadelphia Citation 1986

11 Pennsylvania House of Representatives Citation  1989

12 City Council of Philadelphia- Citation 1989

13 Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations - Acknowledgement Certificate undated


Box 11 - 14   Oversize Awards and Plaques  [as described above]


Subseries 2.8: Audio Tapes, 1972


Box 15


63rd Annual NAACP National Convention (July 3, 1972)


01-03 Bishop Stephen G. Spottswood Keynote Address  (3 tapes) 1972

04-05 Spingarn Award Night: Congressman Charles C. Diggs, Dr. Clifton R. Wharton and Gordon Alexander Parks  (2 tapes)   1972

06 Sammy Davis Junior- Public Service Announcement PSA #7  (:60 second spot) undated


Subseries 2.9: Oversized Photographs, 1976-1978


Nine black and white photographs, each 36" by 48" dry-mounted on foam board.  Depict scenes of violence related to the Black People's Convention (B.P.C.) in South Africa (probably around 1976-78).


Series 3: Photographs, 1944


Box 1


1 Meeting at Franklin Institute with Exemplar Awards to Wilson Goode, James Bodine, and William Gray III

2 PTC Strike, 1944

3 Membership Drive, 1944

4 Miscellaneous Meetings, Groups, and Activities

5 Dean Ronald Davenport

6 Alphonso Deal

7 ____ Denny

8 Alese Hall

9 Charles H. Houston speaking at Meeting, April 24, 1944

10 Milton Montgomery

11 Rev. ____ Moore

12 Roy Wilkins

13 Unidentified individuals

14 Color prints