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Biographical Note

Nochem S. Winnet was born in Russia in 1898 and came to the United States in 1902. He attended school in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and went to Harvard University where he received his bachelor's degree (1920) and law degree (1923).

Winnet settled in Philadelphia in 1923, worked briefly in a large commercial office and eventually, through Col. Cook, a political writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, met John McDevitt and went to work in his law firm for two years. He later worked for one year with James Welsh, a McDevitt associate, and after that with Bert deYoung in 1927.

Winnet's public career began in 1940 when Mayor Robert Eneas Lamberton appointed Winnet as the Assistant Director of Public Safety in January 1940. Six weeks later, he resigned that position when Governor Arthur H. James appointed Winnet to the Municipal Court of Philadelphia. Winnet resigned from the bench in 1950 to return to a private law practice. He worked as senior counsel member of the Philadelphia law firm of Fox, Rothschild, O'Brien & Frankel.

Winnet was quite active in philanthropic organizations, especially those concerned with crime prevention and social reform. He was a founding member of the Crime Prevention Association of Philadelphia and served as its president from 1940-1960. Afterwards, Winnet served as chairman of its executive committee. Winnet chaired the Fair Rent Committee of the Philadelphia Defense Council (1941-1942); co-chaired the Citizens Charter Committee (1951); was president of the Federation of Jewish Agencies of Greater Philadelphia (1962-1965) and the Samuel S. Fels Fund (1963-present). Winnet was also active in the National Council of the American Joint Distribution Committee, Junior Achievement of Delaware Valley, Juvenile Aid Society, Committee of Seventy, Greater Philadelphia Movement and the Jewish Exponent . Winnet served as a trustee of the United Way; the University of Pennsylvania; and Beaver College, of which he was chair in 1976.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection has been arranged into two series:
  • Series I. Speeches, chronologically arranged.
  • Series II. Typescripts.

Series I. Speeches. This collection is largely composed of speeches Nochem S. Winnet gave during his career in public life. Many of the speeches reflect the organizations of which he was active, most notably the Crime Prevention Association of Philadelphia, the Federation of Jewish Agencies of Greater Philadelphia, and institutions funded by the Samuel S. Fels Fund. The topics are fairly broad, encompassing crime prevention, child welfare, Jewish life and culture, and the Philadelphia legal community. Later in life, Winnet's speeches included eulogies to his colleagues, building dedications, and honorary awards. Although this series is predominantly composed of Winnet's speeches, a few are from his associates (usually about Winnet). Interfiled in the chronological sequence are selected articles and news releases written by Winnet and copies of the annual reports from the Crime Prevention Association of Philadelphia.

Series II. Typescripts. "Children in Trouble" is an unpublished typescript written by Nochem Winnet, no date.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Nochem S. Winnet, 17 December 1987.


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Series II: Typescripts

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