Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Series V: Convocations

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OICA is a national network of employment and training centers which serve the hardcore poor and unemployed. The community based organization was founded in 1964 by Reverend Leon Howard Sullivan, pastor of Zion Baptist Church in Philadelphia. OICA provides assistance to local affiliates in areas of program development, proposal development, fiscal management, and management information systems.

The OICA records contain a wealth of information on a variety of programs initiated since help those individuals with special barriers to employment such as ex-offenders, former alcoholics and drug abusers, high school drop-outs, veterans, older workers and women. Files also contain documents pertaining to OICA economic development activities, particularly the Community Investment Cooperatives Program. This Program provided opportunities for minorities and other disadvantaged groups to pool resources and start business ventures in their own communities.


Organized into seven series:
  • Series I: Administration (Boxes 1-7)
  • Series II: OICA Departments (Boxes 8-70)
  • Series III: OIC Programs and Projects (Boxes 71-78)
  • Series IV: OIC Sub-Organizations (Boxes 79-82)
  • Series V: Convocations (Boxes 83-85)
  • Series VI: Audio-Visuals Materials (Boxes 86-88)
  • Series VII: Student Files (Boxes 89-90) CASE ANONYMITY

Scope & Content Note

This series contains the records documenting OICA activities at the national conferences held once a year in various cities nationwide. Records include program agendas, publications, correspondence and memorandums from 1969-1982.



BOX 83
5th Annual Convocation, January 23-24, 1969 (6 Folders)
6th Annual Convocation, January 21-23, 1970 (2 Folders)
7th Annual Convocation, February 2-5, 1971 (4 Folders)
8th Annual Convocation, February 13-16, 1972 (3 Folders)
9th Annual Convocation, February 13-21, 1973 (5 Folders)
10th Annual Convocation, February 24-27, 1974 (12 Folders)
11th Annual Convocation, February 2-5, 1975 (14 Folders)
12th Annual Convocation, August 29-September 1, 1976 (7F)
13th Annual Convocation, June 5-8, 1977 (7 Folders) (CONTINUES INTO BOX 84)

BOX 84
14th Annual Convocation, April 23-26, 1978 ( 10 Folders)
15th Annual Convocation, June 10-14, 1979 (27 Folders)
16th Annual Convocation, June 8-11, 1980 (17 Folders) (CONTINUES INTO BOX 85)

BOX 85
17th Annual Convocation, May 31-June 3, 1981 (21 Folders)
18th Annual Convocation, May 30-June 2, 1982 (22 Folders)