Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Series IV: OIC Sub-Organizations

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OICA is a national network of employment and training centers which serve the hardcore poor and unemployed. The community based organization was founded in 1964 by Reverend Leon Howard Sullivan, pastor of Zion Baptist Church in Philadelphia. OICA provides assistance to local affiliates in areas of program development, proposal development, fiscal management, and management information systems.

The OICA records contain a wealth of information on a variety of programs initiated since help those individuals with special barriers to employment such as ex-offenders, former alcoholics and drug abusers, high school drop-outs, veterans, older workers and women. Files also contain documents pertaining to OICA economic development activities, particularly the Community Investment Cooperatives Program. This Program provided opportunities for minorities and other disadvantaged groups to pool resources and start business ventures in their own communities.


Organized into seven series:
  • Series I: Administration (Boxes 1-7)
  • Series II: OICA Departments (Boxes 8-70)
  • Series III: OIC Programs and Projects (Boxes 71-78)
  • Series IV: OIC Sub-Organizations (Boxes 79-82)
  • Series V: Convocations (Boxes 83-85)
  • Series VI: Audio-Visuals Materials (Boxes 86-88)
  • Series VII: Student Files (Boxes 89-90) CASE ANONYMITY

Scope & Content Note

This series contains the records of various OIC sub-organizations including:

Executive Directors' Association (EDA) : Established in 1971 EDA is a organization whose membership is comprised of executive directors of local OICs throughout the country. Through participation in OIC network activities at the Executive Council, Regional Council and State Council levels EDA brings its expertise to bear on continued operations improvement and achievement of OIC locals. Records include correspondence, EDA conference meeting minutes, memorandums, national standards for OIC proposals from 1971-1981.

Mini-University : This non-profit neighborhood educational organization offers twelve week courses to adults in a variety of subjects including accounting, management and supervision, secretarial science, public speaking, english. math and Afro-American history. It attempts to combine skills and discipline of the college community with the facilities and dedication of religious and social institutions. The transfer of credits for many Mini-University courses are presently available at colleges in the Philadelphia area. Records date from 1980-1984 and include correspondence, Board of Directors meeting minutes, audit reports and proposals.

National Progress Association for Economic Development:
This organization was established during the 1960's to initiate community economic development ventures in the Philadelphia. Records include correspondence, newsletters, program proposals and conference material dating from 1969-1972.

Opportunities Academy for Management Training (OAMT) : OAMT was created to provide skills development courses to Board leaders top executives, administrative and staff personnel from OIC affiliates, as well as non-OIC business management officials. This subseries contains files pertaining to the Management Training School and Managing Manpower Under CETA components of OAMT from 1968-1982. Other records include correspondence, proposals, meeting minutes, publications, workshop material, annual reports dating from 1975-1982.

Opportunities Industrialization Centers International (OICI) :This small subseries contains correspondence, newsletters and publications documenting OIC activities abroad between 1970-1979.



Box 79
Executive Directors Association (EDA)
By Laws, n.d.
Correspondence, 1971-1980
EDA Conference Alternative Sources Funding Workshop, August 17-20, 1975
EDA Crisis Conference, April 24, 1975
EDA Emergency Meeting, May 6-7, 1973
EDA Meeting Minutes, 1971-1982 (15 Folders)
EDA Membership List, 1974
Financial Statements, 1975-1980
Invitation to EDA Reception Dinner Meeting, June 7, 1977
Memorandums, 1972-1973
National Standards for OIC's, 1979-1981
Proposal for National Association of OIC Executive Directors, n.d.
Student Files (A-Z, Closed), 1981, see box 89
Audit Report, May 31, 1980
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 1980-1981 (2 Folders)
Career Upgrade Program (CUP), 1980-1981 (6 Folders)
Compilation Financial Report, February 28, 1891
Contract Modifications, 1981
Course Listings, 1977, 1980-1981, 1984
Fund-Raising Committee, 1982-1985 (5 Folders)
Graduation Exercises, October 23, 1981
Program Proposal, July 7, 1980
Project COPE (Community Oriented Police Education) Proposal for Funding of Part-time Counselor for Philadelphia Mini-University, 1980-1981

Box 80
National Progress Association for Economic Development (NPAED)
Commencement Exercises, December 19, 1969
Correspondence, 1969-1970
First National Economic Development Conference Tentative Program Agenda, n.d.
NPAED Pilot Consumer Program, 1971-1972
Newsletter, Voice of Progress, 1969-1970
Organizational Charts
Orientation Week Agendas for New Interns, July 21-25, 1969
Program Cities and Intern lists, 1969-1970
Training Seminar, October 13-October 16, 1969
Opportunities Academy of Management Training (OAMT)
Annual Reports, 1981
Board of Directors Meeting Agendas, 1977-1983
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 1976-1984
Conference Report on Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Youth Employment, September 18-19, 1979
Correspondence, 1975-1981 (2 Folders)
Developmental Training School Manpower Leadership and Internship Program Description, 1975-1976
Management Training School (MTS)
Annual Plan, 1980-1981
Class Participants Lists and Program Descriptions, 1968-1971
Goudlock, Robert, MTS Director
January 1972-1977 (6 folders)

Box 81
1978-1980 (3 folders)
Jolly, Elton, MTS Interim Director, 1972
Kittrels, Alonzo, MTS Director, 1971
Reddick, Lawrence, MTS Director, 1968-1970
Course Descriptions and Participant Lists, 1976-1978
Course Resume Summaries, 1976-1978
First Commencement Exercises for OIC MTS Course, April 17, 1969
General Electric-MTS Program, May 1973
MTS Moving in the Direction of Becoming and Approved College or University Progress Report April 26, 1972
Manual of Programs and Operations, December 1970
Goudlock, Robert, MTS Director, 1972-1975 (4 Folders)
Kittrels, Alonzo, MTS Director, 1971-1972
Reddick, Lawrence, MTS Director, 1968-1970
Monthly Report, August 1972
Workshops, 1971-1979 (4 Folders)
Year End Reports,1972-1976
Managing Manpower Under CETA Program (MMUC) 1975-1982
Floyd, Billy, MMUC Manager, 1975-1978, 1981 (6 Folders)
Scriven, Medis, MMUC Coordinator, 1977-1982 (2 folders)

Box 82
MMUC and Economic Development Training Prospectus, October 15, 1979
Progress Charts, 1977-1978
Progress Reports, 1988-1982
Regional Course Listings, 1975-1982
Memorandums for Robert Hutchins, OAMT Executive Director, 1975-1983 (2 Folders)
OIC Legislative Status/RE: Reauthorization, July 1978 OICA Fellowship Program, 1981 (5 Folders)
Proposals, 1976-1979 (4 Folders) Publications, 1971-1981
Report on Examination of Financial Statements by Touche Ross and Company, CPA's, 1977, 1981-1982 (3 Folders)
Role and Function of the Regional Vice Chairperson, n.d.
Training Manuals, 1975
Workshops, 1977-1978 (4 Folders)
Opportunities Industrialization Centers International (OICI)
Correspondence, 1970, 1975-1979 (2 Folders)
Newsletter: International Voice, 1978-1979
Publications, 1971, 1978-1979
Report by F.T. Carey on OIC International, October 29, 1974


BOX 83
5th Annual Convocation, January 23-24, 1969 (6 Folders)
6th Annual Convocation, January 21-23, 1970 (2 Folders)
7th Annual Convocation, February 2-5, 1971 (4 Folders)
8th Annual Convocation, February 13-16, 1972 (3 Folders)
9th Annual Convocation, February 13-21, 1973 (5 Folders)
10th Annual Convocation, February 24-27, 1974 (12 Folders)
11th Annual Convocation, February 2-5, 1975 (14 Folders)
12th Annual Convocation, August 29-September 1, 1976 (7F)
13th Annual Convocation, June 5-8, 1977 (7 Folders) (CONTINUES INTO BOX 84)

BOX 84
14th Annual Convocation, April 23-26, 1978 ( 10 Folders)
15th Annual Convocation, June 10-14, 1979 (27 Folders)
16th Annual Convocation, June 8-11, 1980 (17 Folders) (CONTINUES INTO BOX 85)

BOX 85
17th Annual Convocation, May 31-June 3, 1981 (21 Folders)
18th Annual Convocation, May 30-June 2, 1982 (22 Folders)