Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Series III: OIC Programs and Projects

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OICA is a national network of employment and training centers which serve the hardcore poor and unemployed. The community based organization was founded in 1964 by Reverend Leon Howard Sullivan, pastor of Zion Baptist Church in Philadelphia. OICA provides assistance to local affiliates in areas of program development, proposal development, fiscal management, and management information systems.

The OICA records contain a wealth of information on a variety of programs initiated since help those individuals with special barriers to employment such as ex-offenders, former alcoholics and drug abusers, high school drop-outs, veterans, older workers and women. Files also contain documents pertaining to OICA economic development activities, particularly the Community Investment Cooperatives Program. This Program provided opportunities for minorities and other disadvantaged groups to pool resources and start business ventures in their own communities.


Organized into seven series:
  • Series I: Administration (Boxes 1-7)
  • Series II: OICA Departments (Boxes 8-70)
  • Series III: OIC Programs and Projects (Boxes 71-78)
  • Series IV: OIC Sub-Organizations (Boxes 79-82)
  • Series V: Convocations (Boxes 83-85)
  • Series VI: Audio-Visuals Materials (Boxes 86-88)
  • Series VII: Student Files (Boxes 89-90) CASE ANONYMITY

Scope & Content Note
This series contains files on various programs undertaken by OICA since 1966. Records are divided into ten subseries including:

Adult Armchair Education Program (AAE) : This innovative program was initially funded by the U.S. of Health Education and Welfare in 1966. Classes were held in the homes of the disadvantaged, and gave participants the opportunity to discuss common problems, receive information about training and to take the first steps in preparing for OICs' vocational training program. Records include annual reports, correspondence, proposals and reports for 1966-1977.

Community Economic Development Program (CED) : This subseries documents various economic development ventures undertaken by OICA in the Philadelphia area, including reports and correspondence on OICA Self-Help Cooperative Societies and the Philadelphia Elderly Housing Project from 1978-1983.

Community Investment Cooperatives (CIC) : The CIC Program (also known as the 10-36 Plan) was originated in 1962 by Reverend Leon Sullivan. The plan called for the establishment of community-based and community owned business and development organizations. Although the program was successful nationally, this subseries documents only activities of the CIC prototype in Philadelphia. Records pertaining to CIC organizations such as Zion Non-Profit Charitable Trust and Progress Investments Associates (Formerly known as Zion Investment Associates) are found here for the years 1969-1980. Other records include correspondence, memorandums, reports and Proposals for the CIC Directors' Office from 1968-1982.

Developmental Task Force (DTF) : This project was initiated by OICA to provide technical assistance to local communities interested in developing OICs. Records include correspondence, monthly reports, project descriptions and meeting minutes that document OICA activities in Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and San Francisco from 1976-1977.

Feeder Program : This program was a crucial component of the OIC comprehensive service model. It provided perspective trainees from disadvantaged backgrounds with basic academic skills, as well as counseling to insure that students were prepared emotionally to undergo intensive vocational and technical course instruction. Records include program guidelines, papers and budgets from 1968-1975.

Job Corps Center Program : Included in this subseries are meeting minutes, correspondence, memorandums and reports detailing OICA involvement in the National Job Corps Programs, particularly the Little Rock, Arkansas center. This residential living center was designed to provide educational and vocational training along with a variety of other support services to prepare eligible youths to become responsible, productive and employable. Records dates from 1979-1981.

Projects A.I.M./J.O.Y and P.R.O.B.E/Y.E.S. : These series of programs operated between 1978-1981 and were designed to help adult and youth ex-offenders to make the transition from prison back to society. Rehabilitation took the form of vocational training, counseling, referral, job placement and follow-up. Records include correspondence, budget summaries, contract agreements, proposals, reports, meeting minutes, program descriptions and program reviews for 1978-1981.

Special Demonstration Evening Program : This small subseries contains budget proposals, contract modifications, correspondence, reports and proposals detailing evening program activities across the country from 1978-1979.

Youth to Job Transition Program : This program was designed to provide training services to disadvantaged youths to prepare them for the work world. Files include annual reports, contracts, correspondence, memorandums, newsclippings, proposals and reports from 1975-1977.


Box 71
Adult Armchair Education Program (AAE)
Annual Reports, 1969-1970
Budget Summaries, 1972
Correspondence, 1968-1977
General Correspondence, 1971-1972
Howard, Ronald, AAE Director, 1968-1972
Jolly, Elton, Deputy Executive Director OICA, 1971-1972
Miller, Frederick, Executive Director OICA, 1971-1972
U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Office of Education (HEW-OE), 1967-1977 (5 Folders)
Fact Sheet on AAE Program, n.d.
Grant Notification, 1972
Inner City Project Utilizing the Community Para Professional Proposal, 1970-1971
OIC-AAE Action Program Work Plan Time Schedule, Stage 1, August 30, 1971-January 31, 1972
OIC Adult Education Program Pre-Application, 1976
Position Papers, n.d.
Program Proposal, August, 1969-September, 1970
Program Proposal and Grant Notification, 1969-1970
Program Proposal Drafts, 1966-1967
Program Proposal Extension Request, December, 1971
Publications and Brochures
Reports, 1969-1972
Community Economic Development Program (CED)
Correspondence, 1978-1981 (4 Folders)
OIC Self-Help Cooperative Society, 1980-1981 (9 Folders)
Philadelphia Elderly Housing Project Congregate Housing Services Plan Proposal, 1980 (4 Folders)
Reports, 1978, 1983-1984 (2 Folders)

Box 72
Community Investment Cooperatives Program (CIC)
Budget Statements, 1978-1979
CIC and National Technical Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Minutes, November 3, 1978
CIC Organizations
Opportunities Investment Associates Casket
Manufacturing Company Proposal, 1977-1978
Progress Investment Associates (PIA), 1969-1982
Annual Reports, 1971-1972, 1975
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1972-1973 ( Folders)
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes and Management Reports
June 21, 1973- June 17, 1980

Box 73
July 23, 1980-September 21, 1982
Board of Directors Membership Lists and Meeting Schedule, 1970
Business Evaluation Summary, September 16, 1980
Contract Agreement Between Zion Investment Associates and the Ford Foundation, 1971
Court Case: Zion Investment Associates vs. J.T. Daniell, January 1973
Financial Report for the 10-36 Plan, 1974
Financial Statements
March 14, 1980
Loan Agreement Between Progress Enterprises and Progress Aerospace, December 31, 1970
Long Range Planning Committee Meeting Minutes, 1972
Management Report to the Chairman and Board of ZIA, 1972-1977
Organizational Charts
Recommendations to Improve the Protection of Assets and Increase Administrative Efficiency, May 24, 1972
Review of Operations and Progress Report, September 17, 1975
Rudolph, Palitz and Company Non-Profit Accounting Workshop, May 1977
Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), 1971-1974, 1977 (7 Folders)

Box 74
Subsidiaries, 1968-1982 (27 Folders)
Progress Venture Capital Corporation (PVCC) 1971, 1977-1980 (9 Folders)
Zion Non-Profit Charitable Trust (ZNPCT) 1970-1981 (16 Folders)
CIC Operations Analysis, May 5, 1977
CIC Presentation the CIC Board of Directors, 1977
CIC Seminar for Local Executives, September 12-September 16, 1977
Contact Information Reports (CIR's), 1979
Contract Agreements, 1977

Box 75
Johnson, Campbell, C. Region III Finance and Management Developer, OICA, 1977
Downes, William V. 10-36 Plan Treasuer/National CIC Coordinator/Financial Analyst EDAC, 1970-1981 (10 Folders)
10-36 Plan General Correspondence, 1958, 1968-1969, 1972, 1977-1980
Well, Ira K. Legal Council/CIC Director, 1971-1982 (10 Folders)
Development Manual for 10-36 Plan, January 9, 1973
Economic Development Advisory Council, 1976-1977 (2 Folders)
Economic Development Assistance Center (EDAC), 1979-1980 (2 Folders)
Economic Development Briefing Conference, November 3-4, 1976
Economic Development Division Seminar, 1977
Miscellaneous Meeting Minutes, 1973
Monthly Activity Reports for 10-36 Plan, 1973
OIC Steering Committee Report, March 28, 1977
Orientation Program for CIC Coordinators, Economic Development Training Center Coordinators and Accountants, 1977 (2 Folders)
Pictorial Review of the 10-36 Plan
Program Descriptions, 1968-1978 (2 folders)
Program Guidelines, 1976-1977
Accounting Principles and Reporting Practices for CIC, 1977
Checklist of Items to be included in a CIC Proposal, November, 1976
CIC Questionnaire, May 5, 1977
General Criteria for CIC City Selection, 1976-1977
Implementation Strategy Manual for CIC Replication, January 4, 1977
A Manual for Development of OICs, January, 1977

Box 76
Plan Procedures/Sales Recording System Guidelines for 10-36 Plan.
Suggested Materials for Promoting CIC Programs
Program Reports, 1976-1977
Proposal Review Committee Meeting Minutes, 1976-1977
Proposals, 1977-1978 (5 Folders)
Shareholder List for the 10-36 Plan, 1968-1969
Special Terms and Conditions of CIC Grant, July 1, 1976
Statement of Work, CIC Development Plan
Symposium: Community Investment Cooperatives, Government and Industry, A Partnership for Progress, June 18, 1977
U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Minority Business Enterprise (OMBE) (14 Folders)
Developmental Task Force Project (DTF)
Correspondence, 1977
DTF Meeting Agenda and Interest Group Summary, February 24-25, 1977
Monthly Reports, 1976
Project Descriptions, 1977
Feeder Program
Course Outlines and Procedures, 1968-1970
Establishing A Feeder Program Guidelines, January 22, 1969
How to Start A Feeder Guidelines, March, 1976
List of Comprehensive OIC Programs, n.d.
List of Selected Schools in Germantown Feeder Pattern, February 1, 1973
OIC of America Feeder Program Research Project, 1972
Orientation Program, 1975
Paper: Occupational Trends Through 1975 and Suggested Feeder Courses to Implement These Trends, 1975
Suggested Feeder Budgets, January 1969

Box 77
Job Corp Center Program
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, June 1, 1981
Business Proposal, 1979
Correspondence for Ashley Cooke, Program Director 1979-1981 (4 Folders)
Fact and Information Sheet on Benton Harbor Job Corp Center, 1981
Interview with Ashley Cooke, Program Director, September 22, 1980
Little Rock, Arkansas Job Corp Center, 1979-1980 (5 Folders)
Memorandums for Ashley Cooke, Program Director, 1979-1981
Modifications and Corrections to OICA Job Corps Technical Proposal, 1979
News Clippings, 1980
Program Proposal, 1980-1981
Special Report, March 20-28, 1981
Project A.I.M./J.O.Y. (Accelerated Improvement Through
Motivation/Job Opportunities for Youth)
Budget Outline Summaries, 1978-1979
Consolidated Budgets for October, 1979 (2 folders)
Contract Agreements between Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and OIC of America to Operate Project AIM/JOY, 1978-1979
Contract Proposals for Project AIM/JOY, 178-1979
Correspondence, 1979-1980
List of OIC Local Affiliates Participating in Project AIM/JOY, 1978-1979
Local Program Proposals for Project AIM/JOY, 1979
Subcontract Agreements of Local Affiliates Participating in Project AIM/JOY, 1978-1979
Project PROBE/YES (Project to Rehabilitate OffendersThrough Behavior and Education/Youth Exploration Services)
Student Files for Project YES (A-Z), 1981, see box 90
Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Monthly and Quarterly Reports, 1980
Correspondence, 1979-1981 (4 Folders)
Enrollment Lists for Projects PROBE/YES, November 1, 1979-January 31, 1980
Information from OIC Locals for Final Document Report on Project PROBE/YES, 1979-1980
Local Programs in Pennsylvania, 1979-1980
Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1980

Box 78
Monthly Reports for Project YES, 1980
Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Subcontract Agreement to Operate Project PROBE/YES, 1979
Program Descriptions, 1979
Program Review, 1980-1981
Subcontract Agreements for Pennsylvania Programs, 1979
Summary of Monitoring Review and OIC of America, Region III Response for Project PROBE/YES, March 26-28, 1980
Summary of the Fiscal Year 1979 Contract
Summary Research and Demonstration Document Narrative
Organization and Staffing for Project PROBE, 1980
Special Demonstration Evening Program
Budget Proposal, September 16, 1976-September 15, 1977
Contract Modification for the Pilot Evening Programs, March 24, 1977
Correspondence, 1978
Final Project Report, November, 1978
Local Affiliates Project Participants, 1977-1978 (7 Folders)
Program Proposals, 1977-1979 (2 Folders)
Reporting Requirements for Evening Programs, 1978-1979
Sub-Contract Agreements for Participating OIC Local Affiliates, 1977
Youth to Job Transition Program (YJTP)
Annual Reports, 1976-1977
Contract for Youth to Job Transition Program for Housing Renovation and Youth Training, 1977
Correspondence, 1975-1976
Duffan, Kenneth, Deputy Executive Director, OICA, 1975-1976
Jolly, Elton, Executive Director OICA, 1975-1976
Sullivan, Rev. Leon H., Founder of OIC, 1975
Memorandums of Robert Byrd, Manager YJTP, 1976-1978
News Clippings, 1975, 1977
Program Descriptions
Program Financial Proposal, 1976-1977
Proposal Draft Materials, 1975-1977
Reports, 1976-1977 (8 Folders)