Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Series II: OICA Departments

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OICA is a national network of employment and training centers which serve the hardcore poor and unemployed. The community based organization was founded in 1964 by Reverend Leon Howard Sullivan, pastor of Zion Baptist Church in Philadelphia. OICA provides assistance to local affiliates in areas of program development, proposal development, fiscal management, and management information systems.

The OICA records contain a wealth of information on a variety of programs initiated since help those individuals with special barriers to employment such as ex-offenders, former alcoholics and drug abusers, high school drop-outs, veterans, older workers and women. Files also contain documents pertaining to OICA economic development activities, particularly the Community Investment Cooperatives Program. This Program provided opportunities for minorities and other disadvantaged groups to pool resources and start business ventures in their own communities.


Organized into seven series:
  • Series I: Administration (Boxes 1-7)
  • Series II: OICA Departments (Boxes 8-70)
  • Series III: OIC Programs and Projects (Boxes 71-78)
  • Series IV: OIC Sub-Organizations (Boxes 79-82)
  • Series V: Convocations (Boxes 83-85)
  • Series VI: Audio-Visuals Materials (Boxes 86-88)
  • Series VII: Student Files (Boxes 89-90) CASE ANONYMITY

Scope & Content Note
This series contains the bulk of the collection and documents the various functions of individual administrative departments within OICA. Records have been divided into twelve subseries including:

Division of Special Programs : Formerly known as the Urban Career Education Center, this office was started in 1972 to provide a variety of vocational and educational services to the youth of America. In close consultation with the Philadelphia Board of Education programs such as the Career Internship Program, Career Exploration Program , Career Orientation Program, Vocational Orientation Programs were designed to meet the special needs of school dropouts and potential dropouts. Files contains reports, contracts, correspondence, guidelines, proposals, trip reports and program statistics from 1973-1981.
Other files contain materials on projects such as the Learning Opportunities Centers, that make use of computer hardware and software technology to provide vocational and remedial instruction, and the Juvenile Ex-Residency Program that help youth ex-offenders to reassimilate themselves back into society. Records range from 1975-1982. In addition, this subseries contains a small number of files pertaining to the Youth Employment Technical Assistance Program from 1980-1981. This program was initiated to provide local OICs and community-based organizations with technical assistance to develop and implement their own youth programs.

The Office of Planning and Development (OPD) : This Department keeps national and local organizations informed about legislative and regulative developments that affect OIC locals. It accomplishes its goals through presentations made at Convocations, regional conferences and written communications. A large portion of these documents were removed from the OICA Resource Center started in the mid-seventies by OPD to provide informational services to OIC locals. Records include an extensive newsclipping collection from 1962-1982 on the OIC movement across the country. Various publications are also represented including OICA Key News, OICA Reports, and the Executive Directors Association publication the Adherent for the years 1968-1983.

Management Information Systems (MIS) : This department is the central repository of statistical information pertaining to OIC training services across the country. These records however, represent a small sampling of material including enrolle characteristics, client information and placement statistics for Region III (Pennsylvania and surrounding area) from 1972-1981. Files containing correspondence, memorandums and reports of the MIS Director are also documented from 1974-1981.

Office of Religious Resources : This office was established in April 1974 to coordinate all religious activities of OICA, and to develop a system of communications between local OICs and the religious community. This subseries contains important files that describe the OIC Pilgrimage to Washington in 1973 to protest government cutbacks to various OIC programs across the country. Other records include correspondence, reports, papers, publications and fund drive materials for the years 1972-1980.

Government Relations Office: The government relations office stationed in Washington, D.C. keeps OICA informed of new changes in government laws, and educates elected officials on OICs' accomplishments to insure the continued support of OIC projects nationwide. Records include memorandums, testimonies, correspondence, reports, newsclippings, press releases, paper presentations, OIC bills and U.S. Government publications from 1970-1981. This subseries also contains several folders pertaining to the OIC funding crisis in 1973.

Office of Planning and Special Programs : This office was responsible for research, planning and evaluation for the operational phases of OICA. Duties included the development of proposals for federal funding, the evaluation of OIC subcontractors based on cost/benefit analysis and established performance standards, planned special emphasis programs, and prepared instructional manuals, pamphlets, brochures and federal reports. This office was established in 1971 after reorganization, and phased out after 1973. The responsibilities of the office were transferred to other departments. Records include correspondence, memorandums, reports, evaluations and proposal guidelines dating from 1969-1973.

National Extension Services (NES) : NES was established in 1966 to provide technical assistance to non-federally funded OICs throughout the United States. The service was phased out after the reorganization of OICA between 1970-1971. Records include correspondence, Directors' reports, newsletters, proposals, memorandums and meeting minutes from 1968-1971. Several files document OICA involvement in the National Alliance for Businessmen Jobs 1970s' Project.

Administrative Office : This small subseries contains the files of the Fiscal and Personnel departments of OICA. Records include correspondence, financial documents, memorandums and personnel policy guidelines from 1972-1981.

Office of Field Operations : This department is comprised of nine regional offices which coordinate all activities relating to local OIC operations, the and implementation of national policy as they relate to the field. The bulk of records document activities in Region III. Records include Regional Directors meeting minutes, correspondence, proposals, memorandums, monthly reports, newsletters and program guidelines from 1968-1988

Office of Field Support : This office was established to provide basic support services to the regional teams and the national administration. Office services included assistance to local contractors in areas of contract preparation, proposal review, program review and legal review. Other duties of this office included coordinating activities at national and regional conferences, the dissemination of information on programs and operations and development of program guidelines. This office was phased out by 1973. Office responsibilities were consolidated into what eventually became the Office of Field Operations. Records include a small series of correspondence, memorandums, proposals and reports from 1968-1972

Office of Fund Development and Support : This office is responsible for soliciting financial support for OICA operations from private sources. This subseries consists of budget statements, correspondence, fund drive material, memorandums and papers for the years 1975-1982.

Economic Development Administration Office : This office was created to administer funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce for newly developing OICs'. Records include correspondence, grant information, proposals and reports for the years 1970-1977.

Legal Office : This subseries contains several folders consisting of OICA Articles of Incorporation, affiliate agreements, law suits, guidelines, memorandums and correspondence from 1971-1981.



Box 8
Division of Special Programs (DSP)-Office Files
Agreement for Operation of Urban Career Education Center, September 1, 1973
Analysis of Lumisonic Learning System Utilization in the OIC's, 1982-1983
Annual Plan for the Division of Special Programs for 1978-1979
An Overview of Guidance and Counseling Program
Development Considerations for OIC-UCEC, June 27, 1972
Attitude Measurement Technique Handbook for OIC-UCEC Testing Program, November 22, 1972
Career and Training Placement List, 1973
Carter Administration Youth Bill, April 1980
Case Studies by George W. Davis, School District of Philadelphia, n.d.
Contact Information Reports (CIR's), 1979-1982
Chappell, Anita, Educational Services Coordinator, 1973
Director's Office (DSP)
Amos, Fletcher, Director, 1979-1980 (2 folders)
Newkirk, Jettie, Director, 1972-1973
Peoples, Charles A., Director, 1975
Rucker, Joseph, Director, 1972-1975 (3 folders)
Thompson, Leonora, Director, 1979-1982 (4 folders)
Duffan, Kenneth, Deputy Executive Director,OICA, 1979-1982 (4 folders)
Educational Testing Service (ETS), 1979-1982
Jolly, Elton, Executive Director OICA, 1972-1982 (9 folders)

Box 9
Lattimore, Benjamin, Program Manager DSP, 1973 1980 (29 folders)
Directories, 1972-1981
First Graduation Commencement of Urban Career Education Center, June 28, 1973
Ford Foundation Background Material, 1981
Grants/Contracts, 1972-1976
Historical Intern Profiles and Statistics, 1972-1973
Interns Eligible for Graduation List, 1973
Job Descriptions, 1972-1973
Meeting Minutes and Agendas for DSP, 1975-1982 (11 folders) [continues into Box 10]

Box 10
Memorandum of Agreement between OIC and NIE, August 30, 1973
Monthly Financial Statements for DSP Programs, Advocacy, CEP, CIP, and COP 1979-1981 (4 folders)
National Institute for Education (NIE)
Research Implications of UCEC Proposal, December 12, 1978
OIC Bidders Conference, January 16, 1978
Organizational Charts
Papers, 1972-1979
Program Descriptions
Press Releases, 1976
Proposals, 1977-1982

Box 11
Report Guidelines, n.d.
Reports, 1972-1984 (15 folders)
School Board Resolutions to Enter into Agreement with OIC to Start UCEC, December 7, 1971
Staff Development Workshops, 1980-1982
Statement of Continuation for UCEC Community Career Program and Career Orientation Program Components, December 1, 1973-August 31, 1974
Summary of Involvement with the U.S. Department of Health Education and Welfare National Institute of Education, August 1973
Trip Reports, 1973-1973
United States Department of Health and Welfare (HEW) Publications, 1970-1979
UCEC Advisory Council, 1972
UCEC Budget Summaries, 1972-1980
UCEC Dedication Ceremony Program, October 4, 1972
UCEC Newsletter, Volume I, Number 2, January 5, 1973
UCEC Planning Summery, n.d.
UCEC Proposal Reviews, 1973
UCEC Significant Achievements Report, March 21, 1975
Youth Transition Service Models, June, 1978

Box 12
DSP/Program Files
Career Exploration Program
Analysis of Program Completion Survey and Ninety -day Follow-up, February 4, 1980
Annual Plans/Objectives, 1980
Budget Summaries, 1979, 1981
Conference Information, 1979
Feasibility Study in New Orleans, 1979
General Correspondence, 1979-1980
Grant Contract Information, 1979-1980
Guidelines for Completing CEP Interviews Forms
Interim Implementation Report, December 12, 1979
Memorandums, 1979-1981 (2 folders)
Monthly Reports, 1979-1980 (2 folders)
Newsletters, 1980
Participant Lists, 1979-1980
Philadelphia Career Exploration Program
Counseling Records, 1981 (2 folders)
Employer Ratings, 1981
Employer Site Observations 1981 (2 folders)
Employer Site Observations/Student
Interview/Employer Interviews, Week 3, 1980 (6 folders)

Box 13
Employer Site Observations/Student Interviews/Employer Interviews Week 6, 1980 (5 folders)
Individual Participant Profiles,1980
Participant Master List/Educational Testing Service Numbers (ETS), 1980-1981
Student Interviews, 1981 (4 folders)
Supervisor Interviews, 1981
Work Supervisor's Ratings, 1980 (2 folders)
Pre-Test/Post-Test Analysis, 1980
Program Descriptions, n.d.
Program Participant Follow-up Statistical Data, 1980
Project Information Questionnaires from OIC Locals, 1981

Box 14
Proposal, Fiscal Year 1980-1981
Rankings of CEP Proposals, February 1979
Site Supervisor's Manual, 1979
Staff Meeting Minutes, 1979-1980
Statistical Data, 1980
Status Reports on OIC CEP Local, 1979
Summer Court Involvement, July 1980
Summer Youth Program Proposal, July, 1980-August, 1980
Supervisor Questionnaires, 1979-1980
Trip Reports, 1979
Career Internship Program (CIP)
Activity Calendars, 1974-1976
Agreement of Operation of CIP, October 1, 1979
Addendum to CIP Continuation Proposal, 1980
Budget Summaries, 1980
CIP and Data Gathering Budget Summary, 1973
CIP Counseling Program Manual
Conference on CIP, December 9-14, 1979
Continuation Program Proposals for CIP
September 2, 1974-February 28, 1976
October 1980
Contract Modifications, 1973-1974
Amos, Fletcher, Director, DSP, 1979-1980
Berry, Cheryl, Project Officer, NIE, 1978-1980 (3 folders)
Jackson, Robert M., CIP Manager, Project
Manager, 1978-1982 (2 folders)
Lattimore, Benjamin, CIP Program Manager, 1977-1981 (4 folders)
U.S. Department of Labor, 1977-1981
Field Test and Replication of the Career Intern
Program/Proposal to U.S. Department of Labor, August 20, 1977
Guidelines and Procedures, 1978-1979
Guide to Funding Sources for the OICA's CIP, April, 1980 (Original)
Handbook, 1973
Implementation Manual, June, 1981
Interim Report, A Study of CIP: A Fidelity of Implementation, March, 1979
Model for Local Action: OIC Targeted Job Transition Services for Youth, CIP, May, 1979
North Philadelphia Branch Proposal, n.d.
OICA Response to Department of Labor Request for Corrective Action Plans for the CIP Replication Sites, July 1979

Box 15
Philadelphia Career Internship Program, 1971-1981 (15 folders)
Program Descriptions, 1972
Proposal, June 18, 1976
Proposal Extension of OIC of America's Field Test and Replication of CIP, March 1980
Proposal to Develop the Primary Technical Package for Implementation of CIP, April 28, 1980
Reports, 1973-1981 (10 folders)

Box 16
Research and Development Proposal for CIP, June 7, 1973
Review and Critique for CIP Proposal, 1974
Review and Critique of America's Proposal for the Extension of the Field Test and Replication of the CIP, 1979-1980
SER-JOBS for Progress (Hispanic Career Internship Program), 1979-1982 (6 folders)
Stabilized Mode Description, n.d.
Statement of Operation and Fund Balances, 1977-1980
Statistical Data, 1973, 1980-1981
Status of Cost Comparison of CIP with the Philadelphia School District, 1973-1974
U.S. Department of Health Education and Welfare National Institute for Education Contract
Agreements for CIP Replication Program, 1977-1981
Career Orientation Program (COP)
COP Program Proposals, 1978-1980 (3 folders)
Contracts, 1980-1981 (9 folders)
General Correspondence, 1972-1973, 1980-1981 (3 folders)
McBride, David, Director of COP, 1980-1981 (2 folders)
Parkway Day School, Inc., 1981
Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, 1981
School District of Philadelphia, 1980
Thompson, Leonora, Director DSP, 1980-1981 (4 folders)
Developmental Milestones, January-May 1981
Dynamic Program, Inc., COP Needs Analysis Report, 1981
Enrollee Handbook, N.D.
Independent Review and Analysis of OIC Career Orientation Program, August 1981
Job Readiness Proposal, 1981
List of CETA Subagent Representatives Interested in COP Linkages, 1981

Box 17
Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation (MDRC), 1979-1981 (11 folders)
Monthly Combined Operating Reports, 1981
Meeting Minutes, 1981 (8 folders)
OIC of America Management Information Systems Users Manual, October 1980
Performance Benchmarks, 1980
Placement of COP Enrolles During April and May, 1981
Plan for Recruitment, February 27, 1980
Planning Activities, September, 1979 - February, 1980
Planning Grant Close-Out Package, 1980
Review of Phone Conversation Between Robert Ivy and David McBride on July 8, 1980, Regarding
Budget Section of COP Proposal
Status Report, October 30, 1980
Summary of COP by G. K. Tallmadge (RMC Research Corporation) 1981
Survey of COP, 1979
Community Career Program (CCP)
Correspondence, 1973
Learning Opportunities Centers (LOC's)
Correspondence, 1982-1983 (10 folders)
Ford Foundation Budgets, 1982-1983
Implementation Manuals Prepared by Team Associates, 1982-1983
LOC Concept Papers from Local OIC's, 1982

Box 18
Planning Grant Activities from the Ford Foundation, 1982-1983
Proposals, 1982-1983
Vocational Orientation Program (VOP)
Contract, 1975-1976
Contract and Subcontract, 1977-1978
Final Report, 1977-1979
Juvenile Ex-Resident Advocacy Program
Contract Agreement, April 19, 1977 - April 19, 1978
Contract Agreement, July 1, 1978 - June 30, 1978
Lehigh and Northampton Counties Advocacy Program, June 11, 1976
Program Proposals, 1976-1979 (3 folders)
Quarterly Reports, 1979, 1982 (2 folders)
Youth Employment Technical Assistance Program (YETAP)
Correspondence, 1981-1982
Feasibility Studies, 1981
Final Report, November 1981
Program Evaluation Interim Report, November 1981
Program Proposal, November 1980
Proposal to Evaluate YETAP, December 12, 1980
Quarterly Reports, 1981
Workshops, 1982 (3 folders)

Box 19
Office of Planning and Development (OPD)
Accomplishments/Unit Objectives
Accreditation for OIC Programs Data, 1981
Adherent Forum, 1977-1981
Contact Information Reports (CIR's), 1976-1978
Golden, Carolyn, Program Planning Specialist, 1979-1980
Opportunities Academy of Management Training, 1979-1981
Rubin, Patricia, Project Officer OPD, 1980
Zuckerman, Alan, Director OPD, 1975-1981 (3 folders)
Key News Editorial Committee Draft, March 5, 1979
Memorandums, 1974-1981
Mid-year Evaluations, 1979
Monthly Progress Reports, 1980-1981
Opportunities Guide for OICA, April 1976
Opportunities Industrialization Center Building Construction Plans, 1978-1979
Private Sector Initiative Job Placement Program (PSIJP), 1979-1981 (13 folders)
Program Guidelines and Procedures, n.d.
Proposed Modification of Department of Labor Contract, Number 99-6-142-42-19, 1977
Publication Goals and Distribution Schedules, 1978-1979
Publication Manual for OICA, June 1980

Box 20
Regional Correspondence and Reports, Regions I-IX, 1974-1980 (10 folders)
Resource Center
American Institute for Public Services Awards
Presentation to Reverend Leon Sullivan, July 23, 1975
Biographical Sketches of OIC and Non-OIC Personnel
Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA), 1973-1979 (13 folders)
Conceptual Outline of the OIC Resource Center
Economic Impact of OIC 1,000,000 Jobs Plan, 1964-1980
Mission and Function Statements for Regions, 1974-1978
Motivating the Disadvantaged: OIC Feeder Training, November 14, 1980
National Membership Campaign, 1976
National OIC Telethon, 1974
News Clippings
1963-1975 (13 folders)

Box 21
1976-1984 (16 folders)
News Releases, 1970-1980
OIC Building COnstruction Meeting Memorandum, September 6, 1978
OIC Community Economic Development Inventory, June 1980
OIC Contract Information, 1977-1980
OIC Contributions, 1975-1977
OIC Evening Demonstration Project Taining Proposal, June 1977-May 1978
OIC Fellowship Program Concept Paper, n.d.
OIC Films Documentation, 1975-1980
OIC Management System, June 1976
OIC National Award Recipients, 1972-1977
OIC National Technical Advisory Committee Program Assessment, 1981

Box 22
Papers, N.D.
Philadelphia OIC, 1972-1980
Proposals, 1973-1979 (39 folders)

Box 23
Public Service Employment (PSE) and OIC, 1974-1977
Adherent, 1974-1983 (9 folders)
OIC Communicator, 1971-1972
OICA Key News, 1970-1981 (12 Folders)
OICA Newsgram, 1970-1971
OICA Reports, 1976-1983 (12 folders)

Box 24
Publications,Miscellaneous, 1967-1981
Award Ceremonies and Dedications
Guidelines and Procedures
Magazine and News Articles (2 folders)
OIC Program Descriptions (2 folders)
OIC Related Organizations
Regional/Local OIC newsletters, Annual Reports and Program Descriptions
Report on Initial Intern Training Program, July 22, 1968
Resource Center Development Plan, 1977-1978
Resource Center Filing Guide, September, 1978
Resource Center Summary Reports, 1979-1980
Salient Points in the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973, Affecting OIC, December 20, 1973
Senators and Congressmen who Support OIC Program, November, 1969
Sheet Music, 1971 (2 folders)
Speeches, 1967-1969
Standard OIC Operating Guidelines, October, 1970
Sullivan South African Policy, 1979-1980
Sunshine Club, 1974-1978
Testimonies, 1967-1979
Travel Itineraries for Dr. Leon Sullivan, 1974-1977
U. S. Department of Labor Award Contract, 1975

Box 25
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Applicant Records for Region III
Pennsylvania, 1972-1974
West Virginia, 1972-1973
Conversion Project, 1976-1979
General Correspondence, 1974-1977
Cotton, Thomasenia, MIS Project Director, 1974-1980 (11 folders)
Franers, Janet P., MIS Specialist, 1978, 1980 (2 folders)
Henley, Henry H., MIS Specialist, 1977-1978
Love, Jacquelyn, MIS Specialist, 1977
Pfizer, Inc., 1978
Critique of OICA Management Information System, April 19, 1978
Economic Development Administration (OICA) Project Cities, 1973-1976

Box 26
Final Reports for Fiscal Year, 1979-1980
Final Statistical Audit for Contract Year, 1971-1972
Final System Design Specifications, April 28, 1975
Implementation and Support Guide, 1975
Local Status Critique, 1978
Management Information Systems Labor Proposal Slide Presentation Narrative, July 13, 1978
Memorandums to and from Thomasenia Cotton, MIS Director, 1975-1981 (6 folders)
Mission and Function Statement, 1978
OICA Decentralization Criteria, n.d.
OICA Guide to Using MIS Reports, January 22, 1976
OICA/Pfizer MIS Meeting Minutes, January 11, 1977
Project Log and Schedules, 1975-1976
Proposal Draft for OICA Management Information Systems Project, 1976
Region III Conference MIS Workshop, April 4-6, 1979
Affiliate Agreements by State, 1979-1981
Client Characteristics Summary Reports, 1976-1977
Contact Information Reports (CIR's), 1975, 1977-1978, 1980-1981
Contract Statistical Summary Report, 1977
Delinquent Statistical Reports, 1980-1981
Enrollment, Placement and Termination Summaries, 1978
Federal Funding Summaries, 1971-1981
Final Statistical Summaries, 1973-1974
Interest Group Summaries, 1976-1978, 1980
Job Placement Program Statistics, Region III-IX, 1981 (6 folders)
Local Monthly Reports, Pennsylvania
Dauphin County OIC (Harrisburg), 1971-1973 (3 folders)
Erie OIC
1972-1975 (3 folders)

Box 27
1976, 1978, 1980-1981 (3 folders)
Lehigh Valley OIC, February, May 1972
Montgomery County OIC (Norristown), 1971-1981 (7 folders)
Philadelphia OIC, 1971-1973 (3 folders)
Pittsburgh OIC, 1971-1973
Tri-City OIC (McKeesport), 1971-1973 (2 folders)
Local Monthly Reports, Washington, DC
Washington, DC OIC, 1974-1975 (2 folders)
Local OIC Affiliates by States, 1977, 1979
Local Statistics
Delaware OIC, 1974-1975
Baltimore, 1974-1975
Allegheny OIC, 1977-1978
Dauphin County OIC (Harrisburg), 1971-1973 (2 folders)
Delaware COunty OIC (Chester), 1976-1981 (3 folders)

Box 28
Erie OIC, 1971-1979 (8 folders)
Lehigh Valley OIC, 1972-1973 (2 folders)
Montgomery County OIC (Norristown), 1972-1978 (7 folders)
Philadelphia OIC, 1971-1981 (8 folders)

Box 29
Pittsburgh OIC, 1971-1981 (12 folders)
Tri-City OIC (McKeesport), 1972-1977 (6 folders)
Wilkensburg OIC, 1977
Charlottesville OIC, 1974-1975
Richmond OIC, 1974-1975
Roanoke OIC, 1974-1975
Washington, DC OIC, 1974-1975

Box 30
West Virginia
Charleston OIC, 1974-1975
Tri-State OIC (Huntington), 1977-1978
Management Information System Third Quarter Report, 1968
Monthly Progress Reports, 1976
Monthly Statistical Reports, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1980-1981 (17 folders)
Monthly Summary of Participant Characteristics, 1978
National Statistical Summaries, 1964-1980
National Summary of Enrollee Characteristics, 1974-1978
On-Site Technical Assistance Summary, 1980-1981
Operating Locals by State, 1976, 1979-1980 (2 folders)
OIC Activity by States, 1981
OIC's for Contract Years, 1974-1978
Prime Sponsor Summary, 1979-1980
Project Status Reports, 1975-1976
Regional Enrollee Characteristics, 1971-1973, 1978-1981 (4 folders)
Regional Funding Level Statistical Summaries, 1977-1981 (3 folders)
Regional Monthly Costs Reports
May-June 1972 (2 folders)

Box 31
July 1972-August 1972 (2 folders)
April-May, September 1973 (3 folders)
Regional Statistical Ranking Chart, August 31, 1973
Regional Statistical Summaries for Contract Years 1971-1981 (7 folders)
Regional Training and Placement Summaries, 1980
Special Review Committee Report, February 13, 1978
Statistical Database Procedure for New OIC's, 1976
Summary of Private Sector Contributions, 1977
Susquehanna Manpower Program Status Reports, 1976-1977
System Guidelines, January 7, 1976
System Modifications, February, 1978
Task Force Material, 1975-1978 (3 folders)
Technical Manual to the OIC Information System, June 1969
Training Schedules, 1976
Unit Goals and Objectives, 1979-1980
Working Paper Presented at OICA Executive Council Meeting, August 21, 1975
Workshops, 1975-1976 (2 folders)
U.S. Department of Labor MIS Proposal Slide Presentation Narrative, 1978
Year End National Analysis for Regions I-IX, 1979-1980

Box 32
Office of Religious Resources
Contact Information Reports (CIR's), 1976-1977
Jesuit Alumni Administrators, 1972-1973
Rice, James Donald, Director Religious Resources, 1974-1977, 1980 (5 folders)
Ryan, Sister Regina, Ecumenical Liaison OICA, 1972-1973
First Report of James Donald Rice, Director, Religious Resources, OICA, April-May, 1974
Fund Development Division, Religious Resources, 1973 (2 folders)
Mailing Lists, 1972-1973
Monthly Reports, 1975-1977
National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) Reception and Dinner, November 14, 1972 (2 folders)
National Religious Resources Advisory Council, Executive Committee Meeting, November 21, 1978
OIC Appeal, 1974
OIC Appeal, 1977 (5 folders)
OIC Pilgrimage, March 29, 1973 (8 folders)
Paper Presentations, 1975-1977
Planning Conference, June 1-2, 1972
Proposal for Religious Resources: Plan for Local OIC's, June 6, 1973
Publications, The Bridge, Clergy Support Committee Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 1,2, 1973
Religious Resource Office Components, Goals and Objectives, 1977-1978

Box 33
Government Relations Office
Budgets, 1979-1981
Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Oversight Hearings, 1973-1976
Dawkins, Maurice, Director, Government Relations, 1972-1980 (9 folders)
OIC, U.S. House of Representatives Bill H.R. 8879, 1973
OIC, U.S. Senate Bill S. 16, 1973
Sullivan, Rev. Leon H., 1974-1976, 1979
Financial Report, 1973-1974
Government Relations History, n.d.
Initial Key Elements of the Proposed EDA Legislation, March 15, 1979
Legislative Educational Workshops, 1978-1980
List of Congressmen from OIC Cities, n.d.
Mailgrams, 1974-1976, 1979
Memorandums for Maurice Dawkins, Government Relations Director, 1971-1981 (9 folders)
National Government Relations Information Update, Reports, 1973-1977

Box 34
News Clippings, 1971-1979 (13 folders)
OIC Congressional Bills, 1973-1980
OIC Day Celebrations, 1972-1973 (4 folders)

Box 35
OIC Funding Crisis, June, 1973 (4 folders)
OIC Government Relations Reception, April 1, 1981
OIC Industry Partnership Pioneering in Private Sector Opportunities, 1977
OIC Legislation Process Orientation, September 16, 1970
OIC Legislative Appreciation Luncheon Program, May 1, 1974
OIC State Legislation and Inter-Governmental Relations Planning Conference, 1981
OIC Located in Republican and Democratic Districts
Organizational Chart
Paper Presentations, 1974-1976
Press Releases, n.d.
Program Activities for the 13th Annual Convocation, June 10-14, 1979
Reports, 1973
Senators Sponsorship of OIC Bill S.2939, 1976
Speeches, 1972-1979
Status of OIC Bill H.R. 12060 in House of Representatives, May 15, 1976
Trip Reports, 1974
U.S. Department of Treasury and OIC Planning Committee Meeting Agenda, February 26, 1976
U.S. Government Publications (3 folders)
U.S. Government Testimonies, 1973-1976
Office of Planning and Special Programs (OPSPS)
Aspects of Tri-Funding Approach as Seen by GAO Report, 1969
Allison, Norman, COmmunications Officer, 1971-1972
Cox, Donald, Communication Specialist, 1971
Reilly, Frank, National Associate Director, OICA/OPSPS, 1971-1972
U.S. Department of Labor, n.d.
Cost/Benefit Analysis for OIC Programs, 1971-1972
Establishing OIC Linkage with Neighborhood Youth Corps, 1971-1972
Evaluation Plan Design to the U.S. Department of Health Education and Welfare, 1972
Filmography Material on National OIC Organization, 1971
Funding Criteria for the Regions, 1970-1971
Fund Raising Brochure, October 4, 1973
Guidelines for Proposal Development of Local OIC's, June, 1971
Guidelines for the Submission of Material for OICA Publications, n.d.
In-House Fund Raising Training Programs Meeting Minutes, March 13, 1972
List of Occupational Skills Courses Being Offered Nationally at OIC, n.d.
Long Range Goals for OIC's, 1980
Management Training School Procedures for Program Development, 1971-1972
Manual of Operations for Communications Division of OPSPS, 1973

Box 36
AuClaire, Phillip, Planning and Evaluation Specialist, 1971
Reilly, Frank, National Associate Director OICA/OPSPS, 1971-1972 (3 folders)
Miscellaneous Proposals, 1969-1972
National Planning Workshops for Board Chairman and Executive Directors, March 9-11, 1971
Newsclippings, 1969-1970
Performance Standard Guidelines for OIC National Institute, 1971-1972
Preliminary Assessment of Subcontractors's Progress in Meeting Programmatic Goals of the OIC National Institute, U.S. Department of Labor Prime Contract, October 8, 1971
Proposed Plan and Scope for the Continued Funding of OICA, May, 1972
Questions Concerning OIC's Community Learning Center, n.d.
Regional Reports, 1971
Revised Assessment of Subcontractor's Progress in Meeting the Performance Objectives of the OIC
National Institute/U.S. Department of Labor Price
Contract, October 29, 1971
Secretaries Meeting Minutes, 1971
Some OIC Developmental Experiences, 1971
Southwest Council of LaRaza (SWCLR), 1971-1972
Special Projects
Cost Benefit Analysis Project, January 17, 1972
General Motors/OIC project, 1971-1972
OIC/Fuel Companies Project, 1968-1969
OIC National Progress Association for Economic
Development (NPAED), Economic Development
Training Center Project, 1971-1972
OIC Project Upgrade, 1969
Princeton University Project, 1971-1972
Prison Services Project, 1971-1972
San Jose Rural Migrant Project Statement of Work, Touche and Ross Company Project, 1971-1972
Up with the People Fundraising Project, 1971-1972
Veterans Training Program, 1971-1972 (4 folders)
Work Incentive Program (WIN), Correspondence, 1971
Special Status Report on OICA Organizational Changes, September 1971
Statistical Summaries, 1969-1971
Subcontracting Criteria, 1970-1971
U.S. Department of Labor Major Funding Contract, March 1, l971-February 28, 1972
Weekly Status Reports, 1971-1972
Youth Development Programs Correspondence, 1971

Box 37
National Extension Services (NES)
Childs, Oliver B., NES Assistant Director, 1968-1970
Elseberry, Ethel B., NES Project Officer, 1968-1970
Ibeh, N. Ajilo, NES Regional Coordinator/Project Fiscal Officer, 1970-1971
Jolly, Elton, NES Director, 1968-1971 (9 folders)
Directories, 1969-1971
Earle Vee Cards, OIC Project, 1971
Economic Development Administration of the U.S.
Department of Commerce Grant Project, 1970-1971
Expenditures by OIC, 1964-1968
Feasibility Study Guidelines
Feeder Program, 1969
Federal Executives Visit to Philadelphia, November 22-25, 1970
Instructions for Monthly Status Sheets, 1969
Map of the United States Showing the Expansion of OIC, n.d.
Monthly Reports, 1971
National Alliance for Businessmen (NAB)/OIC, Jobs 70 Project, 1970-1971 (12 folders)

Box 38
NES/General Motors Automotive Training Project, 1971
NES Interim Progress Reports, 1968-1971 (2 folders)
Newsletter, August, 1969
Organizational Chart, Goals and Objectives
Program Progress Reports for Locals, 1968
Progress Reports, 1969
Proposal for a Cooperative Manpower Technical Assistance Program, October, 1968
Research Project, 1970
Scott Paper/OIC Project, 1969
Staff Meeting Minutes, June 7, 1971
Status Reports, 1969-1970 (2 folders)
Technical Assistance Concept, 1969
Technical Assistance Provided Local Programs by Extension Services, January-March, 1969
Technical Training Course Progress Report, April 27 -June, 1970
Technical Training Course Assessment Report, April 2, 1970
Training Evaluation Guidelines, 1969-1970
Weekly Progress Reports, 1968-1969
Administrative Services Office
Ellis, Thomas, Director, Administrative Services OICA, 1977-1981 (5 folders)
Hill, Harold, Personnel Director, 1972 (6 folders)
Fiscal Department, 1971-1980 (9 folders)
Ellis, Thomas, Director, Administrative Services, 1974-1976 (3 folders)
Green, Dennis, Personnel Director, 1974-1977 (2 folders)
OIC of America Affirmative Action Program for Equal Opportunity Policy Guidelines, December 14, 1973
Operational Goals and Objectives for Fiscal Year, 1978 -1979
Personnel Orientation Handbook, 1972-1973

Box 39
Office of Field Operations (OFO)-General Office Files
Active Contracts, October 1, 1979
Affiliate Agreements, 1974-1978
Annual Plan Format Manual, 1979-1980
Annual Plans/National Goals and Objectives
Biographical Sketches
CETA Funding Information Project, 1975
CETA Funding Status of Local OIC's, January 28, 1975
CETA Trends for Regions I, VI, VII, 1975-1976
Comparison of (New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania) Local OIC, 1976
Contact Information Reports, 1976-1977
Contract Agreements, 1972
Childs, Oliver B., Director OFO, 1983-1984
Fitzgerald, Webster M., Director OFO, 1971-1974 (4 folders)
Maffett, Zandra L., Program Planning Specialist OFO, 1972-1975
Oates, Milton, Director OFO, 1974-1977 (15 folders)
Office of Communications, 1972-1973
Office of Field Support, 1972-1973
Office of Special Projects, 1972-1973
Regional Executive Directors, 1977-1981 (5 folders)
U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. Department of Health, Education, Welfare, 1969-1972, 1977-1981

Box 40
Course Descriptions, n.d.
Directories, n.d.
Dues Assessment Summaries, 1972-1973
Economic Development Briefing Conference, November 3-4, 1976
Employee Policies and Procedures, n.d.
Excerpts from Audit Reports of OIC Issued by the U.S.
Department of Education and Welfare Audit Agency, 1972-1973
Final Report on OIC to the U.S. Department of Labor, April 1970
General Motors Funding Project, 1973
Joint Regional Conferences, 1971-1978 (6 folders)
Krisheim Retreat, November 22-23, 1971
List of Companies and Industries That Have Supported OIC, n.d.
List of Interest Groups for Fiscal Year, 1979
List of Local OICs, n.d.
Childs, Oliver B., Director OFO, 1982-1983
Fitzgerald, Webster, Director OFO, 1972-1973 (13 folders)
Maffett, Zandra L., Program Planning Specialist, 1972-1973
Oates, Milton, Director OFO
September 1974-July 1975 (11 folders

Box 41
August 1975-October 1979 (30 folders)
Message of Congratulations to OIC from President Ford, October 17, 1975
Monthly Program Activities Summaries from Regions, 1970
Narrative Summary of OIC Locals for Contract Year, 1971-1972
National Board Reports, 1974
National Goals and Objectives For Fiscal Year 1978
National Overview of OIC, November 1971
National Ranking of Local OICs n.d.
Objectives of Internal Evaluations, April 6, 1972
Opportunities Academy for Management Training (OAMT)/OFO Consultant Committee, 1975-1976
OIC Annual Calendar, 1975-1976
OIC Information System Manual, July 1969
OIC Senate Hearing Correspondence, 1970
OIC State Councils, 1974-1978 (13 folders)

Box 42
Operating OIC Programs, n.d.
Planning Analysis for September 23-November 3, 1975
Position Summary: OIC Skills Training and National Community Based Organizations, Job Employment and Creation Act of 1976 (S2939)
Program Audit Reviews for Local OIC's
A-L, 1972-1974

Box 43
L-Z, 1972-1974
Program Guidelines, 1968-1978 (CONTINUES INTO BOX 44)

Box 44
Program Evaluations and Assessments, 1979-1981
Project Adapt, 1971-1974 (9 folders)
Proposed Budgets for OICA, 1972-1973
Proposed Plan and Scope of Work for the Continued Funding of OIC, May 1972
Regional Budgets, Regions I-IX, July-September 1981
Regional Conference Schedules, 1976-1980
Regional Governor's Reports, 1979
Regional Director's Meeting Agendas, 1972-1979
Regional Director's Meeting Minutes, 1972-1981 (25 folders)
Regional Director's Retreat Agenda, n.d.
Regional Funding Summary, Fiscal Year, 1977
Regional Overview, June 5, 1973
Regional Vice-Chairman Reports, November, 1973
Regional Work Plan, Fiscal Year, 1974-1975

Box 45
Monthly Program Activities Summaries, 1970-1971
Monthly Reports, 1972-1973 (25 folders)
Regional Monthly Reports
September-October 1977 (2 folders)

Box 46
November 1977-May 1979 (19 folders)

Box 47
June 1979-December 1980

Box 48
Regional Summary Reports, 1979-1980 (51 folders)
Status Report for OICA, June 28, 1973
U.S. Department of Labor, Monthly Summary Reports June 1971-December 1975 (15 folders)

Box 49
January 1976-February 1979 (4 folders)
U.S. Department of Labor Quarterly Report, September 1971
Weekly Regional Summaries, 1978-1979
Speeches and Papers of Milton Oates, Office of Field Operations Director, 1975
Staff Meeting Minutes, December 18-19, 1974
State Civil Service Information, 1975
Status of OIC Locals as of April 30, 1973
Summary of Affiliation Fees, July 2, 1975
Synthesis and Analysis of Fifteen OIC Final Reports, June, 1969
Technical Assistance Concept Papers for Region I, IV, VI, April 6, 1973
U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Cooperative Education Program Workshop, October, 1980
U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare Management Development and Training (MDT) Project Progress and Status Report for February 1-28, 1971
U.S. Department of Labor Contract Proposal and Modifications, 1969-1973 (2 folders)
U.S. Department of Labor Technical Assistance Proposal, July 27, 1977
Regional Offices - Region I
Affiliate Rating and Program Status, November, 1975
Annual Plans, 1976, 1978-1980 (4 folders)
Board Members Directories for OIC Locals, n.d.
Communications and Fund Raising Workshop, March 3, 1971
Correspondence, Regional Directors
Brewer, James A., 1969
Fitzgerald, Webster, 1971
Hill, Harold W., 1970-1971
Jenkins, Camilla
Van Hoy, Maria
General Correspondence, 1975-1981 (7 folders)

Box 50
Corporations, 1975-1981 (8 folders)
Directories, 1974, 1977
Local Programs
Connecticut, 1974-1980 (6 folders)
Massachusetts, 1971-1977 (6 folders)
Rhode Island, 1971-1977 (7 folders)
Vermont, 1976-1977 (2 folders)
Brewer, James A., 1969
Hill, Harold W., 1970-1971
Jenkins, Camilla, 1972
Mini-Conference, June 19-22, 1977
OIC Self-Assessment Program, 1981
Operational Status Review, 1981
Press Mailing Lists, 1976
Rationale for Terminating or Cutting Back Programs in Region I, 1972-1973
Region I Conferences
1969-1970, 1975-1976 (18 folders)

Box 51
1977, 1979 (10 folders)
Region I Council Meeting Minutes, 1974-1980 (25 folders)
Region I Planning Meeting Minutes, November 5-6, 1969
Regional Funding Levels for OIC Prime Contract, 1972-1973
Regional Reports, 1969-1978
Regional Offices - Region II
Affiliate Rating and Program Funding Status, November, 1973
Alternate Funding Sources Report, n.d.
Board Training Seminar, n.d.
Brown, William, Regional Vice CHairman, 1977-1979 (3 folders)
Hawkins, John, Field Contract Specialist, 1971
Regional Directors, 1973-1979 (6 folders)

Box 52
Funding Criteria, 1971-1973
Interest Groups Trip Report, 1974
Local Programs
New Jersey, 1969-1979 (36 folders)

Box 53
New York, 1969-1977 (16 folders)
Virgin Islands, 1975-1977 (3 folders)
Memorandums, Regional Directors, 1971-1981 (5 Folders)
Miscellaneous Reports, 1977-1979
Mission Statement, 1981
Proposed Plan for the Development of 115 OIC's, 1973-1974
Quarterly Plan, 1974-1975
Ranking of Effect Marginal OIC Locals, June 1973
Region II Conferences, 1969, 1970-1971, 1975, 1977, 1980 (17 folders)
Region II Staff Meeting Minutes, April 7, 1972
Region II Status as of September 7, 1973
Regional Vice Chairman's Report, 1977-1978
Summary of Guidelines Workshop, May 4, 1974
Technical Assistance Report, September 15-September 16, 1977
Year End Evaluation, September 17, 1979

Box 54
Regional Offices - Region III
Affiliate Rating and Program Funding Status, November 1975
Contracts, 1971-1972
Regional Directors, 1969-1970, 1975-1977, 1979
Robinson, Deborah R., Public Information Coordinator, OICA, 1978-1979
Directories, n.d.
Editorial Advisory Board Meeting of Region III Review, June 10, 1980
List of OIC's in Pennsylvania, n.d.
Local Programs
Delaware, 1966-1973 (16 folders)
Maryland, 9171-1973 (4 folders)
Allegheny OIC, 1976
Carlisle OIC, 1975-1976
Dauphin County OIC (Harrisburg), 1968-1972 (24 folders)

Box 55
Delaware County OIC (Chester), 1973-1976, 1980 (6 folders)
Erie OIC, 1969-1976 (27 folders)

Box 56
Lehigh Valley OIC (Allentown), 1971-1973 (5 folders)
Montgomery OIC (Norristown), 1967-1973 (14 folders)
Philadelphia OIC, 1969-1980, 1988 (20 folders)

Box 57
Philadelphia OIC, 1969-1980, 1988 (28 folders)(FILE CONTINUES INTO BOX 58)

Box 58
Pittsburgh OIC, 1968-1973, 1981 (14 folders)
Tri-City OIC (McKeesport), 1970-1974, 1977 (8 folders)
Tri-County OIC (Harrisburg), 1969, 1975, 1977 (4 folders)

Box 59
Virginia, 1965-1967, 1970-1974, 1976 (22 folders)
Washington, DC 1968-1972,1975 (10 folders)
West Virginia, 1972-1973 (2 folders)
Program Status Reports, 1969-1970
Program Summaries, 1971-1972
Publications: Region II Review, 1980-1981
Region III Conferences, 1970-1981 (26 folders)
Region III Council Meeting Minutes, 1979-1980
Region III Planning Meeting Agenda, November 12-13, 1969
Regional Joint OIC Funding Committee Correspondence, 1969-1970
Small Business Training and Development Project Proposal, 1978-1979

Box 60
Staff Minutes and Agendas, 1976-1979
Staff Retreat, June 27, 1979
Supportive Services for Minorities, Women and Others Proposal, 1979-1980
Year End Assessments, 1979-1980 (2 folders)
Regional Offices - Region IV
Comprehensive Employment Training Act Title III
Regulations, 1975
Contact Information Reports, 1976-1979
Macon, Phyl R., Field Specialist, OICA, 1977
Parks, Bernard, Regional Vice-Chairman, 1977-1981 (5 folders)
Pinkston, Ida, Fiscal Field Specialist OICA, 1980-1981
Regional Directors
Aikens, Clarence, 1974-1976
Griswold, Raymond, 1973
Johnson, Hickman, M., 1977
Wynn, Willam E., 1977-1981 (5 folders)
Ringgold, Lloyd, DFT Specialist OICA, 1979-1980
Wesley, Davie B., Field Specialist OICA, 1979-1980
Zackery, Jacqueline P., Project Officer OICA, 1979
Evaluation Report, 1975-1976
Executive Director's Board Chairperson's Meeting, October 13-14, 1977
Interest Group Orientation and Training Presentation Outline
Interest Groups in Region IV, n.d.
Interest Group Status Reports, 1975, 1977-1978
Interest Group Update, May 25, 1976
Local Programs
Alabama OIC, 1972, 1975-1976 (3 folders)
Florida OIC, 1974-1975 (7 folders)
Georgia OIC, 1974-1979 (8 folders)
North Carolina OIC, 1975-1980 (12 folders) (CONTINUES INTO BOX 61)

Box 61
South Carolina OIC, 1975-1977
Tennessee OIC, 1975 (2 folders)
Memorandums for William Wynn, Region IV Director, 1977-1981 (5 folders)
Mid-Year Assessment, October 1, 1978-March 31, 1979
Miscellaneous Reports, 1974-1978
Monthly Reports, 1977-1978
Newsletters, 1979 (2 folders)
OIC of America Network Expansion, February 1978
Operational Goals and Objectives,1978-1980
Operational Review, August 3-7, 1972
Region IV Conferences, 1975-1979 (8 folders)
Region IV Quarterly Meetings, 1979-1980
Regional Directors Report, March 20-August 25, 1980
Regional Report: OIC Youth Strategies Program Development and Implementation Workshop, 1980
Regional Vice-Chairman Reports, 1977-1981
Staff Retreat, September 26-27, 1977
Summary and Analysis of Contract Year, September 15, 1972
Regional Offices - Region V
Affiliate Rating and Program Status, November 1975
Annual Plan, 1978
Board Chairperson's and Executive Director's Workshop, August 22, 1977
Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) Registration Workshop, April 25-27, 1979
Contact Information Reports (CIR's) 1977-1979
Allen, Roy A., Regional Vice-Chairman, 1975-1976
Region V Directors, 1973-1981 (9 folders)
Evaluation Report, 1976
Executive Director's Meeting Minutes, March 22, 1978
Executive Director's Workshop, July 13-14, 1976
Fund Raising Workshop Agenda, July 20-22, 1977
Guideline Measures of Determining Program Impact, n.d.
Guidelines for Assessing, Monitoring and Auditing OIC Fiscal Operations, n.d.
HUB Conferences, 1976-1979
HUB Fiscal Workshop Agenda, August 2-3, 1979
HUB Planning Workshop, August 30, 1978

Box 62
Indiana State Council OIC Annual Conferences, 1978-1980 (3 folders)
Information and Materials for Implementation Memos, Parts I and II, 1979
Interest Group Status Report, January, 1976
Local Programs
Illinois OIC, 1971-1981 (15 folders)
Indiana OIC, 1971-1973, 1975-1981 (9 folders)
Michigan OIC, 1972-1981 (22 folders)
Minnesota OIC, 1969-1981 (24 folders) (CONTINUES INTO BOX 63)

Box 63
Ohio OIC, 1967-1981 (48 folders) (CONTINUES INTO BOX 64)

Box 64
Memorandums of Region V Directors, 1975-1980 (11 folders)
Mini-Conference on "New Federalism and Management Development and Training Programs, July 28, 1970
Miscellaneous Meeting Minutes, 1975-1977
Miscellaneous Reports, 1971, 1977
Newsletters, 1977-1978
OICA Directory of Region V Affiliates, December 1, 1978
Proposal for Comprehensive Employment Training Act Title I Transitional Work Experience, July 1, 1976-June 30, 1977
Proposal for International OIC Church Manpower and Economic Development, July 18, 1975

Box 65
Region V Conferences, 1972-1980 (30 folders)
Region V Council Meeting Minutes, 1978-1981 (14 folders)

Box 66
Region V Proposal to OIC of America, July, 1977
Region V Training Session, April 2-4, 1975
Regional Plan of Operation, 1971-1972
Regional Vice-Chairman Meeting Minutes and Reports from Rev. Roy Allen, 1975-1979
Regional Vice-Chairman Reports, 1975-1979
Special Projects and Technical Assistance Calendars, 1979
Student Services Think Tank Workshop: November 30-December 2, 1977
Youth Cadet Intern Proposal Implementation Survey, October 15, l977
Regional Offices- Region VI
Affiliate Rating and Program Funding Status, October, 1975
Correspondence for Region VI Directors, 1973-1977
Department of Labor Audit, April 27-29, 1976
Evaluation Report, 1976
Indiana Plan, 1975-1978
Local Programs
Arkansas OIC, 1974-1975
Colorado OIC, 1972-1973 (5 folders)
Louisiana OIC, 1970-1979 (3 folders)
New Mexico OIC, 1972-1973, 1976 (3 folders)
Oklahoma OIC, 1971-1973 (3 folders)
Texas OIC, 1972-1977 (13 folders)
Mid-Year Evaluation, October 1, 1976-March 31, 1977
Miscellaneous Reports, 1975-76, 1978
Proposal for Regional Administrative Training, January 24, 1972
Region VI Conferences, 1975-1977 (3 folders)
Texas Plan Proposal, 1974

Box 67
Regional Offices- Region VII
Affiliate Rating Program Funding Status, November, 1975
Correspondence of Region VII Director Samuel Marshall, 1974-1979 (6 folders)
Executive Council HUB Workshop, March 16-18, 1977
Local Programs
Kansas OIC, 1972-1975 (4 folders)
Missouri OIC, 1971-1977 (9 folders)
Nebraska OIC, 1974-1980 (7 folders)
Miscellaneous Reports, 1975
OICA CETA Funding Trends, 1975
Region VII Conference, 1975 (3 folders)
Region VII Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 1, 1978
Region VII Workshop Series, June 24-27, 1975
Regional Offices - Region VIII
Affiliate Rating and Program Funding Status, October, 1976
Boykin, Cynthia, Field Representative, OICA, 1976
Dennis, Emmett, Special Assistant to National Executive Director, 1976
Region VIII Directors, 1975-1976, 1979 (2 folders)
West, James, Field Representative, 1976
Funding Statistics for Region VIII (3 folders)
Local Programs
Arizona OIC, 1974-1979 (6 folders)
California OIC, 1973-1979 (38 folders) (CONTINUES INTO BOX 68)

Box 68
Utah OIC, 1974-1979 (9 folders)
Memorandums for Region VIII Directors, 1975-1978 (2 folders)
Monthly Reports, April-May 1975, June-July 1978
Newsletters, 1975-1976
OIC Affiliate Service Fund Subscription Invoices, 1977
Program Descriptions
Progress Reports, 1974
Region VIII Conferences, 1973-1979 (3 folders)
Region VIII Council Meeting Minutes, January 27, 1978
Region VIII Executive Director's Meeting Minutes and Agendas, November 20-21, 1979
Regional Evaluations, 1975-1976
Weekly Reports, September-December, 1977
Regional Offices- Region IX
Affiliate Rating Program Funding Status, November, 1976
Annual Plan of Technical Assistance to Affiliates, 1978-1979
Correspondence for Region IX Director William Wynn, 1975-1979
Directories, n.d.
Estimated Expenditures for Fiscal Year, From September 16, 1978-September 15, 1979
Local Programs, 1972-1977
Alaska, 1972-1976 (2 Folders)
Washington State, 1972-1977 (9 Folders)
Miscellaneous Reports, 1976-1977
Region IX Conferences, 1975, 1979 (4 Folders)

Box 69
Office of Field Support (OFS)
Correspondence, 1968-1970
Memorandums of Ashley Cooke, Training Officer and Director of OFS, 1969-1971
Monthly Reports, November-December 1972
Proposed Plan and Scope of Work for Continued Funding of the OIC's of America, May 1972
Proposed Schedule for Technical Assistance Programs (TAPS), 1970-1971
Staff Meeting Agenda, June 26, 1970
Touche and Ross Company Project, 1971-1972
Unit Goals and Objectives, 1972
Office of Fund Development and Support (OFDS)
Budget Statements, 1976, 1977, 1980
Childs, Oliver, Director OFDS, 1975-1982 (8 Folders)
General Motors Corporation, 1975-1980
Maffet, Zandra, Project Coordinator OFDS, 1974-1975
Sullivan, Rev. Leon H., Founder of OICA, 1974-1975, 1982
Fund Drive, 1982
JOB-O-RAMA, 1982
Memorandums of Oliver Childs, Director of OFDS, 1975-1982 (6 Folders)
OIC Aluminum Can Recycling Proposal, 1981
Paper: Why the Need for Private Funds, by Oliver B. Childs, n.d.
Economic Development Administration Office (EDA)
Correspondence, 1970-1977
EDA Annual Plans, 1975-1976
EDA Cities Timetable, August 31, 1973
EDA Fund Analysis, 1970-1977
EDA Grants Made to OIC, 1971
EDA Meeting Minutes, 1972
EDA Southeastern Region Economic Development Conference, May 22-24, 1972
EDA Statistical Reports, 1973
EDA Work Plans, 1971-1973
Financial Statements, 1972-1977
List of EDA Cities, n.d.
Organizational and Operational Synopsis of the OICA EDA Component, n.d.
Proposal to the U.S. Department of Commerce to Establish Eight Selected Programs in the Southern Eastern Regions, April, 1972
Proposed Extension of EDA Contracts, June 15, 1977, September 1, 1977
Region VII EDA Developmental Action Plan, May 9, 1977 Reports
EDA Technical Assistance Grant Project
Final Reports, 1970-1979 (7 Folders)

Box 70
Monthly Reports, 1972-1976 ( 5 Folders)
Quarterly Reports, 1973, 1976-1978 (4 Folders)
Status Reports, 1970-1973, 1975-1976 (8 Folders)
Management Assistance Plan Reports, 1973
Summary of Community Profiles, 1978
Synopsis of EDa Project Report, 1971-1972
Trip Reports, 1974
Weekly Program Planning and Production Reports, 1974-1975
Legal Office
Affiliate Agreements and Board Resolutions Received from Locals, 1974-1975
Articles of Incorporation for OICA, March 20, 1970
Correspondence of Ronald Harper, OIC Legal Council, 1974-1981 ( 8 Folders)
Guideline Presentation to the Opportunities Academy for Management Training By Ronald J. Harper, 1973-1976
Law Suits, 1979
Memorandums of Ronald Harper, OIC Legal Counsel, 1973-1981
Summary of Affiliation Fees, 1974