Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Series I: Administration

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OICA is a national network of employment and training centers which serve the hardcore poor and unemployed. The community based organization was founded in 1964 by Reverend Leon Howard Sullivan, pastor of Zion Baptist Church in Philadelphia. OICA provides assistance to local affiliates in areas of program development, proposal development, fiscal management, and management information systems.

The OICA records contain a wealth of information on a variety of programs initiated since help those individuals with special barriers to employment such as ex-offenders, former alcoholics and drug abusers, high school drop-outs, veterans, older workers and women. Files also contain documents pertaining to OICA economic development activities, particularly the Community Investment Cooperatives Program. This Program provided opportunities for minorities and other disadvantaged groups to pool resources and start business ventures in their own communities.


Organized into seven series:
  • Series I: Administration (Boxes 1-7)
  • Series II: OICA Departments (Boxes 8-70)
  • Series III: OIC Programs and Projects (Boxes 71-78)
  • Series IV: OIC Sub-Organizations (Boxes 79-82)
  • Series V: Convocations (Boxes 83-85)
  • Series VI: Audio-Visuals Materials (Boxes 86-88)
  • Series VII: Student Files (Boxes 89-90) CASE ANONYMITY

Scope & Content Note

This series documents the activities of the OICA National Board of Directors. This governing body serves to strengthen all OICs by setting goals, disseminating information, solving problems and maintaining the cohesiveness of the OIC network. Records include meeting minutes, correspondence, memorandums and reports of the Board and its various components including, the National Executive Board, Executive Council, Executive Assembly and National Auxiliary Board between 1969-1981.
Several folders also document the activities of the National Industrial Advisory Council(NIAC) and its National Technical Advisory Committee(NTAC). NIAC is comprised of a group of executive officers from leading corporations that advise the OICA Board of Directors on matters concerning OIC, and who use their influence and resources to assure OICAs' continued success. NTAC is the action arm of NIAC, consisting of service level executives of NIAC member companies who work with the OICA staff to see that Council projects are effectively accomplished. Records include correspondence, memorandums and reports for the years 1973-1983.

In addition, this series contains the records of the Executive Office of OICA. The prime responsibility of this Office is the overall management of OICA and the implementation of Board policy throughout the entire organization. The bulk of records in this series consists of Executive and Deputy Directors correspondence detailing office involvement with U.S. Government agencies such as U.S. Department of Health Education and Welfare, U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Commerce for the years 1968-1982. Other documents include administrative staff meeting minutes, executive reports, annual reports, travel itineraries, retreats and speeches from 1971-1983.



Box 1
National Board of Directors
Board Meeting Agendas, 1980
Board Meeting Minutes 1969-1980 (11 Folders)
Correspondence, 1967-1981
Membership Lists
Proposal for a National Membership Campaign, 3/10/76
Reports, 1969-1980
National Executive Board
Board Meeting Agendas, 1973-1981
Board Meeting Minutes, 1972-1980 (9 Folders)
Board Reports, 1972-1980
Bylaws and Organizational Charts

Box 2
Calendar, 1971-1972
Committees, 1971-1981
Accreditation Committee 1980-1981
Affiliate Agreement/Standards Committee, 1975-1976, 1981
Allocations and Review Committee, 1971-1972
Budget and Operations Committee, 1973-1978, 1980
Membership Lists, 1973-1980
National Goals and Objectives for Program Year, 1978
National Executive Council
Committees, 1974-1979
Accountability and Coordination Committee, 1975
Affiliate Affairs Committee, 1979
Executive Committee, 1974-1977
Issues and Analysis Committee, 1977
Special Issues Committee, 1977
Correspondence, 1974-1977
Council Meeting Agendas, 1974-1980
Council Meeting Minutes, 1973-1981 (31 Folders)
Evaluation of Executive Council, 1973
List of Committees of the Executive Council
Memorandums, 1974-1980
Mid-Year Evaluations, 1977-1979
Office of Religious Resources and Clergy Support, 1975
Reports, 1973-1981 (7 Folders)
Statement of Purpose
Executive Assembly
Attendance List, 1980
Meeting Agendas, 1976-1980
Meeting Minutes, 1978-1979 (2 Folders)
Theme Question Sheet
National Auxiliary Board
Board Meeting Minutes, 1976-1981
Contributions Campaign, n.d.
Correspondence, 1975-1981
List of Auxiliary Representatives, December 1979
National Industrial Advisory Council/Government Relations Volunteer Briefing, 1978
Objectives and Goals
Organizing Effective Volunteer Briefing, 1978
Regional Assessments, 1977
Regional Auxiliary Status Reports, 1977
Volunteer Support Advisory Council Meeting Minutes, 1977-1981

Box 3
National Industrial Advisory Council (NIAC)
Industrial Technical Advisory Contacts (ITAC's), 1976-1977
List of Private Sector Contributions and Membership
Lists from NIAC and Other Major Companies, 1977-1978
Membership Lists, 1976-1983
Memorandums, 1974
NIAC Meeting Agendas, 1970-1981
NIAC Meeting Minutes, 1974-1979
NIAC Reports, 1974-1983
Purpose, Composition and Operation of NIAC
National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC)
Committee Guidelines
Committees, 1973-1975
Correspondence, 1975-1979
Memorandums, 1975-1979
Membership Lists, 1974-1979
NTAC Meeting Agendas, 1974-1977
NTAC Meeting Minutes, 1974-1980
NTAC Reports, 1974-1980
Papers, n.d.
Publications, Brochures and Pamphlets, 1977-1980
Purpose, Composition and Operations of NTAC
Support of OIC Regional Conference, n.d.
Speeches and Presentations, 1979-1980
Executive Director's Office
Cooley, Arletta, Administrative Assistant, OICA Jolly, Elton, Executive Director, OICA 1973-1978 (14 folders)

Box 4
1979-1981 (10 folders)
Miller, Frederick, Executive Director, OICA, 1968-1973 (6 folders)
Whitney, Grace, Senior Program Analyst, 1976-1978
Executive Monthly Report, March 1982
Executive Staff Meeting Agendas, 1975-1976
Travel Itineraries for Elton Jolly, 1979-1981
Deputy Director's Office
Administrative Staff Meeting Agendas, 1971-1981
Administrative Staff Meeting Minutes, 1971-1983
Annual Plan Format, 1979-1980
Annual Reports, 1976-1981
Burnett, Ozella, Project Officer, 1979-1981
Duffan, Kenneth, Deputy Director, OICA 1974-1977 (3 folders)

Box 5
1978-1982 (7 folders)
Jolly, Elton, Deputy Director, OICA
November 1971-August 1972 (9 folders)

Box 6
September 1972-March 1973
Monthly Reports, 1975-1978 (15 folders)

Box 7
Presidential Briefing, October 24, 1980
Retreats, 1974-1980
Speeches by Kenneth Duffan, 1979