Scott Wilds Papers

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The Papers of this Philadelphia gay activist includes a wide range of materials such as articles, clippings, correspondence, magazines, newsletters, questionnaires and reports.  The collection is dominated by materials associated with political organizations, candidates, and various Philadelphia elections. Materials related to the campaigns of Lucien Blackwell, Wilson Goode, and Babette Josephs are included, as well as materials disseminated by Americans for Democratic Action, Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay Task Force, Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America, Philadelphia Workers’ Organizing Committee, the Walt Whitman Democratic Club, and the Democratic Party (Philadelphia, County, Pa.)

Mr. Wilds retired in 2011 as Deputy Director of the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Housing and Community Development following 27 years of service to the City and to the citizens of Philadelphia.

Box One:   Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay Political Organizations and Related Materials, 1976-1992.
Philadelphians for Gay Rights  1977

Lesbian and Gay Town Meeting  1978

Gay Rights Symposium  1978

Police Advisory Committee  1980-81

Gay Democrats  1976 (later, WWDC)

Walt Whitman Democratic Club  1977

Walt Whitman Democratic Club  1978

Walt Whitman Democratic Club  1979

Walt Whitman Democratic Club  November 78 Vans

Walt Whitman Democratic Club  1980

Walt Whitman Democratic Club  Complaint against Jeff Britton

Mayoral Election  1979

Lesbians and Gay Men for Bowser  1979

Gay Friends of Lucien Blackwell, 1979  Mayoral Campaign

Carter/Mondale on Gay Issues  1980

Gay Campaign  1980

1980 Primary—Gay Campaign materials

State Committee Campaign  1980

Gay Committeepeople  [1980]

Caucus of Gay Committeepersons—State Representative Questionnaires  1980

City Council Gay Rights Bill—Organizing Meetings  1980-1981

Bill 1358—Philadelphia Gay Rights Bill  1982

Bill 1358

Gay Materials for Senate Candidate Cyril Wecht,  1982

Gay and Lesbian Friends of W. Wilson Goode, Spring 1983

Mondale/Ferraro  1984, Gay issues

City Council Lesbian and Gay Pride Resolution  1984

Domestic Benefits, 1984-87

Gay Affirmative Action Proposal, Walter Lear  1985

Babette Josephs Campaign  1985

Casey for Governor, Gay Briefing Paper  1986

Edgar for Senate, Gay Fundraisers  1986

Pride of Philadelphia Election Committee  1989-1992

Tsongas for President, Gay Issues  1992

Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay socialists  1979

Lavender Left

Gay and Lesbian Activists for Social Justice

Philadelphia Workers Organizing Committee, c 1979

Box 2:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and National Lesbian and Gay Organizations, Issues, and Publications, 1973-.
State Sodomy Law Reform, 1976-77

State Senate Bill 83 (Anti-Gay Bill, 1977)

Pennsylvania Lesbian/Gay network, 1979-80

Pennsylvania Lesbian/Gay Network, 1981-82

Lesbians and Gay Men: The Law in Pennsylvania (1981)

Pennsylvanians for Social Justice

Pennsylvania Council on Sexual Minorities

Gay Media Project  1975

Gay Speak Out  1977

Anita Bryant Roast  1977

Briggs Initiative  1978

Philadelphia Black Gays  1979

Gay Cultural Festival  1978    and    Gay Cultural Festival 1979

Philadelphia Gay Pride Celebration  1978

Philadelphia Gay Pride Celebration  1979 (2 folders)

Gay Anti-Racism Efforts

Gay Academic Union  1975

Gay Rights National Lobby—Human Rights Campaign Fund

Human Rights Campaign Fund

American Library Association Task Force on Gay Liberation

National Gay Archives

Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance

Black and White Men Together, Philadelphia  1981-87 (2 folders)

Dignity Philadelphia

Beth Ahavah

Metropolitan Community Church

Mayor’s Commission on Sexual Minorities  (2 folders)

National Gay Task force

National Association of Lesbian and Gay Democratic Clubs  (2 folders)

Gay Alternative Magazine, 1973-1976

Philadelphia Weekly Gayzette, 1976

New Gay Life magazine, 1977-78

Gay Insurgent journal  1980-81

Miscellaneous materials relating to Philadelphia Gay News

Giovanni’s Room

Au Courant Award, 1985

Gay Peer Counseling, University of Pennsylvania  1976

Gays at Penn, 1975-77  Gays at Penn, 1977   and    Gays at Penn, 1978

Gays at Penn and Penn Gay Alumni

National Gay Convention

National Planning Conference for Gay March on Washington, 1979 (2 folders)

“Crusiing” Demonstration, 1980

Box 3:  Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay Task Force, 1978-1992 Gay (and Lesbian) Community Center of Philadelphia  1976-1985 Penguin Place, 1986-.
Folders generally arranged by date.

Box 4:  Philadelphia and National Gay Clippings, Bars, Miscellany, 1977-1992.
Gay Miscellany, Philadelphia and National – 1977

Gay News Clippings – National – 1977

Gay News Clippings – National – 1978

Gay News Clippings – National – 1979

Gay News Clippings – National – 1980

“Pro-Family” Clippings  1980

Gay Miscellany – Canada – 1978-79

Philadelphia Gay News Clippings, etc.

Other Philadelphia Gay Clippings, etc.  1978-79

Lesbians, 1978-80

New York City, 1978-79

Pennsylvania, 1978-79

Misc. Gay Clippings, etc., 1981-82

Florida  1981

Philadelphia Gay Bars  1979

Philadelphia Gay Bars  1980

Philadelphia Gay Bars  1981-82

City Paper Gay Stories, 1984, 1988

David Fair, various controversies, 1984-1991

AIDS in Philadelphia, various materials

Lavender Health

Blacks Educating Blacks About Sexual Health Issues (BEBASHI)

Box 5:  Papers of Philadelphia Liberal/Left Organizations, 1977-1992.
Philadelphia Affirmative Action Coalition, 1979-1985

Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America, 1979-1992

Central Philadelphia Reform Democrats, 1981-1986

Americans for Democratic Action, Philadelphia. Chapter, 11 folders, 1977-1992:

            State Legislative Ratings, 1977-1993

            National Ratings

            ADA, 1979-1982

            ADA, 1982-1983

            ADA, 1984

            ADA, 1985

            ADA, 1986-1987

            ADA, 1988-1992

            ADA, 1992

            ADA, 1992

            ADA, City Affairs Committee

            ADA Mailing List

Box 6:  Philadelphia Electoral Politics, 1977-1980.
1977 Election Calendar

46th Ward, 25th Division Street Lists, 1977-1986

1978 Primary—State/Local Races

1978 Primary—46th Ward, 25th Division

1978 General Election

West Philadelphia Block Captains List, 1979

Blackwell for Council Re-Election Campaign 1979

1979 Mayoral Primary

1979 General Election

Blackwell for Mayor Campaign  1979

Blackwell for Mayor—Northeast Rally

Blackwell for Mayor—5th and 8th Ward Volunteers

Blackwell for Mayor—Staff Structure

Blackwell for Mayor

Gays for Blackwell, 1979

April 1980 Primary

1980 Spring Primary

April 1980 Primary Ballots

Presidential Delegate Rules  1980

27th Ward Committee, 1980

46th Ward Committee, 1980

Candidate Literature, Primary  1980

Box 7:  Philadelphia Electoral Politics, 1980-1983.
1980 Fall Campaign

City Council Annual Report, 1980-81

Committeeperson List, circa 1980-1982

State Committee Court Endorsements, 1981

1981 Primary

Reapportionment, 1981

July 1981  Special Congressional Election

Fall 1981  Election

Ward/Division Lookup Book, 1981

Street Lists, 1981-1985

1982 Primary

1982 Democratic State Committee Election

1982 James Williams for State Representative

State Rep. James Williams, 1982-85

Jeff Britton for State Representative, 1982

Babette Josephs for State Representative, 1982

Democratic National Committee Midterm Conference  1982

Draft Wilson Goode for Mayor Committee  1982

November 1982 Election (2 folders)

Nuclear Freeze Campaign  1982

May 1983 Primary (2 folders)

Box 8:  Philadelphia Electoral Politics, 1983-1986.
May 1983 Primary

Ed Schwartz for City Council  1983

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Rules  1983

1983 General Election

Flash Returns, May and November 1983

Wilson Goode Transition  1983-84

1984 Primary

Babette Josephs for State Representative  1984

Cranston for President  1984

Hart for President  1984 (2 folders)

Presidential Candidates on Gay Issues  1984

46th Ward  1984

1984 General Election

Election Returns  Fall 1984

1985 Primary

1985 General Election

Fall 1985 Election Returns

1985 Election Analysis by Bruce Caswell

1986 Primary

Box 9:  Philadelphia Electoral Politics 1986-1992.
1986 Primary Returns

1986 General Election

Citywide Democratic Committeeperson List  1987

Schwartz Re-Election Campaign  1987

1987 Primary

May 1987 Election Returns

1987 General Election

1988 Primary

1988 General Election

1989 Primary and General Elections\

1990 Election Returns

Politics  1990-1991

1992 Primary Returns

Boxes 10a and 10b (flat)
Ephemera, publications, flyers, etc. on Philadelphia Gay and political culture (added September 1993)

Philadelphia election day materials, Spring 2007. (added October 12, 2011)

Inventory revised October 17, 2011