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Main Point, located at 874 Lancaster Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA, was a coffee house that jumpstarted the careers of performers such as Bruce Springsteen, Arlo Guthrie and Joni Mitchell to name a few.  It was started in 1964 by four couples, including William H. Campbell and his wife Jeanette (the other three couples dropped out during the first year). They wanted to create an atmosphere where folk singers could perform in an intimate setting (it only seated 200 people) and they did not serve alcohol which allowed those underage to enjoy performances they normally would not be able to attend. 

Main Point was operational from 1964-1981.  This collection covers the period when William H. Campbell was part of it, 1964-1970.  Included in the collection are financial ledgers, programs, promo kits, posters, newspaper clippings and a few photographs.  There are also files of specific performers (i.e. Emmylou Harris, Joni Mitchell, Doc Watson, etc.) that include newspaper clippings from the last 40 years that are not specific to Main Point, but are performers that played at Main Point.


Main Point files were the gift of William H. Campbell in October 2009.  The collection is housed in 4 Hollinger boxes (2 ½ ln. feet).  Processing and inventorying of the collections was done by Holly Beth Wilson in January 2010.  The papers are open, without restrictions. 

I.                   Administration
II.                Financial/Business
III.             Publications
IV.             Photographs
V.                Publicity
VI.             Notes
VII.          Performer Files
VIII.       Secondary Materials
IX.             Oversize  & Audio Materials



Series I: Administration, Series II: Financial, Series III: Publications, Series IV: Photographs, Series V: Publicity, Series VI: Notes:
These series includes the administrative forms, financial papers, publications, photographs, Main Point publicity, and some miscellaneous notes by William H. Campbell.

Administration: Stationary/Forms
Financial/Business: Ledgers
Financial/Business: Newspaper Clippings
Publications by Main Point: Menus
Publications by Main Point: Misc.
Publicity: Promo Kits – Eric Andersen & Joni Mitchell
Publicity: Radio
Publicity: News Releases
Publicity: Programs/Playbills
Publicity: Newspaper Clippings
Notes by William H. Campbell

Series VII: Performer Files:
This includes information about each performer including, but not limited to: notes, dates of performance, newspaper clippings and correspondence.

Performer Files: Emmylou Harris
Performer Files: Bruce Springsteen
Performer Files: Phil Ochs
Performer Files: Joni Mitchell
Performer Files: Woody Guthrie and son Arlo
Performer Files: Len Chandler, Sun Ra, Bernice Reagan, Odetta
Performer Files: Doc Watson
Performer Files: Don McLean
Performer Files: David RabePerformer Files: Tom Rush
Performer Files: Rick Nelson
Performer Files: Tom Waits
Performer Files: Ed Bacon/Bacon Bros.
Performer Files: Patchett & Tarses
Performer Files: Misc. (Eric Andersen, Jeff Buckley, Bonnie Raitt, etc.)

Series VIII: Secondary Materials:
These materials include some materials from William’s daughter Susan Graham Campbell and some magazines and books.

Secondary Materials: Susan Graham Campbell
Secondary Materials: Folklure
Secondary Materials: Magazines & Books (Books are cataloged separately for Contemporary Culture Collection)
Carawan, Guy & Candie. Ain’t You Got a Right to the Tree of Life?: The People of Johns Island, South Carolina – Their Faces, Their Words and Their Songs.  New
York: Simon and Schuster, 1966. Print.
Okun, Milton. Something to Sing About!: The Personal Choices of America’s Folk Singers. New York: Macmillan Co., 1968. Print.
Saunders, Sally Love. Fresh Bread. Francestown, NH: The Golden Quill Press, 1982. Print.
Saunders, Sally Love. Pauses. Francestown, NH: The Golden Quill Press, 1978. Print.

Series IX: Oversize & Audio Materials

Publicity: Posters
Graphic Materials: Floor Plans
Graphic Materials: Original Art
Audio Recording: Phil Ochs: "I ain't marching anymore". N.Y., Elektra Records [1965]. 33 1/3 rpm disk, vinyl, and album cover, EKS-7287 (stereo). Verso of album
cover inscribed and signed by Ochs to "Bill" [William H. Campbell].

*July 20, 2011 Campbell gifted several more posters and playbills which were added to

Box 1 Folder 10 and Box 4 Folder 1.  He also gifted the Phil Ochs LP located in Box 4.

Processing and inventorying by Holly Beth Wilson.