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This is an artificialcollection initiated by Temple Faculty in 1972 and continued by Wayne Maxson and later by other Temple University Librarians.  Its aim was to collect documentary materials growing out of the increasing interest and action of women as they looked closely at their role in religious groups and in the church hierarchy.  The Collection includes committee reports, working papers, newspaper clippings, periodicals, and resource packets.

Denominations represented include mainstream Protestant churches, African-American churches, Catholic churches, Jewish organizations, the Baha’i faith, several theological seminaries, and other religious organizations such as the World Council of Churches, The Women’s Caucus, and The Philadelphia Task Force on Women in Religion. 

The collection consists of approximately 10 linear feet of files which is arranged alphabetically by organization name.

(The following represents the contents as of 1975.)


Conference of Women Theologians, June 1971.  Notes, 15p.

            Back pocket contains:

            Christ, Carol P.  A Question for Investigation.  4p.

            Leposky, Rita.  Exclusion and Participation: The Role of Women

            In Melanesian and Australian Religions.  13p.

            Pagels, Elaine.  Notes Toward a Humanizing Thology.  2p.

            Ross, Pat.  On Phenomonologizing.  4p.



Blankenship, Lois.  Woman Looks at Herself.  Brochure, 5p.  Reprinted from THE AMERICAN BAPTIST WOMAN 15(1): January, 1971.

Text of three minutes by American Baptist Women, January 12, 1973, on proportionate representation of women, and establishment of a Task Force.  1p.

Report of the President, Olga B. Bell, to the Board of Managers of American Baptist Women, Seattle, Washington, May 13, 1969.

Resolutions adopted by the American Baptist Convention, Seattle, Washington, May 14-18, 1969.  Page one includes resolution of “Increased Opportunities for Women.”

Froyd, Milton C.  Issues in Church Vocations for Women.  2p.

Women in Church-Related Vocations.  Board of Managers.  American Baptist Women, January 12, 1968.  51p.

Fact or Fallacy: Equal Opportunity in the American Baptist Convention.  Prepared by American Baptist Executive Staff Women, 1970.  4p.

Miller, Elizabeth J. Retreat to Tokenism.  A Study of the Status of Women on the Executive Staff of The American Baptist Convention.  October, 1970.  21p.

Arnott, Lynell J.  To be a Woman in the Ministry: A Life Goal.  Reprint from AMERICAN BAPTIST WOMAN 16(2): May, 1972, p.2.

Brown, Ethel D.  The Ordination of Veronica Helen Lanier.  AMERICAN BAPTIST WOMAN 16(1):2  January, 1972.

Newman, Margie.  Women in Church-Related Vocations.  THE AMERICAN BAPTIST WOMAN 13(1):2  January, 1969.


BAPTIST LEADER.  August, 1971.

           Articles:  Gingrich, Gerald I.  Changing Roles of Men and Women

                            What Every Young Girl Should Ask!

                            Hedlund, Sonja.  Women’s Rights—A Youth Issue

                            Sawin, Margaret.  What Is a Boy?  What is a Girl?

                                    (How the Church Helps to Develop Sex Roles).


BAPTIST LEADER.  January, 1972.

            Article:  Campbell, Robert C.  Women’s Lib and the Apostle Paul.



Statement on Research and the Status of Black Women.  n.d.  2p.

                   Attached is a questionnaire.

Letter and Proposal from Committee of Research—Status of Black Woman.

                  n.d.  4p.



WORLD ORDER 6(4), Summer 1972.

            Article:  Conrader, Constance.  Women: Attaining Their Birthright, p.43-59.


WORLD ORDER 6(3), Spring 1972.

            Article:  Mottahedeh, Mildred R.  Educating Women for Their Rights,






B.T.I. NEWSLETTER, September 28, 1972.

NEXUS 19, November, 1963. 56p.

NEXUS 40 – the alumni magazine of Boston University School of Theology,

Fall, 1970. 48p.




THE CHICAGO THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY REGISTER 60(3), March, 1970.  Issue devoted to “Woman.”

A Position Guide, What Are Women’s Roles?  Prepared by Americans for Moral Integrity.  Series 1, No. 5. 4p.



CHRISTIAN CHURCH (Disciples of Christ)

Women’s Participation in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  n.d.  4p.

Report to the General Board of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) from the Division of Homeland Ministries Regarding Implementation of Resolution 28,  Concerning Inadequate Representation of Women in the Life of the Church, Approved by the 1971 Louisville General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  June 1972.  10p.

Moseley, J. Edward.  Women of Central.  June 18, 1973.  11p.



Minutes of meeting September 11-13, 1972.  19p.



Equality for Women.  November 1971/March 1972.  9p.



Packet of materials relative to Executive Staff Conference, Marydale Retreat Center, Erlanger, Kentucky, Nov. 8-10, 1972.

            Miscellaneous Papers

            Russell, Letty M. Changing Roles and Changing Institutions.

Women Exploring Theology at Grailville, Loveland, Ohio, June 18-25, 1972.

            Contents of Packet: Outline of Conference, 1 sheet, both sides

                                                Grailville, Groupings, 4p.

                                                Process and Style at Grailville; Some Evaluations, 8p.          

                                                Goldenberg, Judity Plaskow.  The Coming of Lilith; Toward A Feminist Theology. 8p.

                                                Munro, Winsome.  Pentacost as a Paradygm for Women’s Liberation.  1p.  

                                                Hambrick-Stowe, Elizabeth.  Liberation: The Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit.  8p.

                                                Bible-Theology Group.  4p.                                              

                                                Language and Imagery Group.  2p.

                                                Singleness/Community Group.  4p.

                                                Eve’s Revolutionary Apple.  Singleness/Community as a Model for Theologizing, by Susan Eenigenburg. 4p.

                                                Crabtree, Dee.  Political Theology Group.  4p.                                               

                                                Theology and Sexuality Group.  4p.

                                                Blakely, Barbara.  Theological Reflections on Our Sharing in the Sexuality Group.  4p.


The Woman Packet

            Contents of Packet: THE CHURCH WOMAN. March 1972 issue.                                               

                                                Russell, Letty M.  Women’s Liberation in a Biblical Perspective.  A six-session study guide produced jointly by United Presbyterian Women and the YWCA. 1971.  Special issue of CONCERN May-June, 1971. 32p.

                                                A Guide to Consciousness Raising.  7p. 

                                               Selected Bibliography.  4p.

                                               Morton, Nelle.  An Open Letter to the Women of the Churches About Women.  4p. Reprinted from THE CHURCH WOMEN, January 1971.

                                               Beach, Diana Lee.  Fun with Dick and Jane.  2p. 

                                               Reprinted from SPECTRUM/INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, Sept./Oct. 1971.

                                               Swidler, Leonard.  Jesus was a Feminist.  10p.

                                               Munro, Winsome.  Peter, Paul, and Women, 4p.

                                               Way, Peggy.  You are Not My god, Jehovah.  Sermon by the Reverend Peggy Way. 6p.

                                               Komisar, Lucy.  The New Feminism.  Reprinted from SATURDAY REVIEW, Feb. 21, 1970. 8p.

                                               Orovan, Mary.  Humanizing English. 4p.

                                                Russell, Valerie.  Racism & Sexism: A Collective Struggle; A Minority Women’s Point of View. 2p.

                                                Wright, Doris.  On Black Womanhood.  2p. 

                                                Reprinted from THE SECOND WAVE Vol. 1, No. 4, 1972?

                                                Mainardi, Pat.  The Politics of Housework. 4p.




The Deaconess Movement. 3p.

Women and the Diaconate. 9p.

THE JOURNEY:       Vol. 1 No. 1  May 1970

                                    Vol. 1 No. 2  Summer 1970

                                    Vol. 1 No. 3  Fall 1970

                                    Vol. 2 No. 1  Spring 1971

                                    Vol. 2 No. 2  Summer 1971

                                    Vol. 3 No. 1  Spring 1972

                                    Vol. 3 No. 2  Summer 1972

                                    Vol. 4 No. 1  Winter 1973

                                    Vol. 4 No. 2  Summer 1973

                                    Vol. 4 No. 3  Fall 1973

                                    Issue No. 11 Winter 1974

Women and the Diaconate, 9p.



Presentation by the Committee for Women to the Executive Council, Sept. 25, 1968. 21p.

Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Laity of the Executive Council, May, 1969. 11p.

Report to the Executive Council, May 20, 1969, Ad Hoc Committee on the Laity. 11p.

Lay Ministry; a position paper prepared for the Committee On Lay Ministries, by Charity Waymouth. 2p.

The Role of Women in the Mainstream of Contemporary Church Life; a position paper prepared for the Committee on Lay Ministries, by Mary Nash Flagg. 3p.

Where is Organized Women’s Work Today? A position paper prepared for the Committee on Lay Ministries, by Frances M. Young. 2p.

Lay Ministries.  August 1972. 1p.


Young, Frances M.  Lay Ministry; Findings and Hopes.  A distillation of some ideas gained in six months spent exploring lay ministries and lay movements, Special              
              supplement to The EPISCOPALIAN, January 1972, pp.19-26.

Episcopal Churchwomen’s Organizations and the National Church, 1970-1973.  September 1, 1972. 3p.

Evaluation Guidelines for Diocesan Episcopal Churchwomen Boards, from the Committee on Lay Ministries, April 1972. 5p.

The National Council: General Division of Women’s Work

            Triennial Report 1955-1958: This is Our Heritage. 48p.

            Triennial Report 1959-1961: Changing Patterns. 25p.

            Triennial Report 1961-1964: New Wine. 30p.

            Triennial Report 1964-1967: Responding to Change. 52p.

            Triennial Report 1967-1970: New Directions; New Climate. 46p.

Women speak out – a report on the value of theological education for women.  Emerson, Scarlett S., Moore, Carol L.  August 1973, 13p.  The report also includes a survey  
             and a letter from the Philadelphia Divinity School.

Sherman, Margaret Marston.  True to Their Heritage; a brief history of the Women’s Auxiliary. 1871-1958. 43p.

Harvey, Avis E.  Every Three Years; the Tirennial Meetings, 1874-1967. 38p.

Mott, Johanna K., and Frances M. Sydnor.  A History of Windham House, 1928-1967. 24p.

SHOWDOWN AT SEATTLE.  New York: Seabury Press, 1968. 80p.  “How 499 Episcopal Churchwomen went to the 1967 General Convention to talk about “women’s work’
           and why after five days gave $3 million from the United Thank Offering for the Church’s work in facing the urban crisis…” from the back cover.

Ordination service bulletin for Elsa Phyllis Walberg to the Diaconate. 16p.

ISSUES, Monday October 19, 1970.  (Paper issued daily during General Convention of Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas, Oct. 1970)  Article, The Week That Was, by  
             Suzanne Hiatt. 1p.

Women in the Priesthood; an introduction, questions and answers, a chronology’ of events, by Emily C. Hweitt and Suzanne R. Hiatt. 9p.



REFLECTION Vol. 69, No. 4  May 1972.  Special issue on Women.

Wright, J. Robert.  Address in favor of the Ordination of Women to the Sacred Priesthood, prepared for the New York Diocesan Convention on 9 May, 1972. 4p.

Two Motions on the Ordination of Women.  Dec. 9, 1971.  (1) Action of the Ministry Council of the Episcopal Church, taken September 14, 1971; (2) Action of the House of
            Bishops of the Episcopal Church, taken October 27, 1971. 1p.

CONVERSATIONS  Graymoor Ecumenical Institute.  December 1970.  Women’s Liberation and the Christian Church.  Several articles.  15p.  No. II, Dec. “71. 13p.

Statement on the Proposed Ordination of Women to the 122nd Diocesan Convention by the Rt. Rev. C. Kilmer Myers, Bishop of California.  Oct. 1971. 3p.

Wolf, William J.  A reply to Bishop Myers on the Ordination of Women. 7p.

Resolution Passed at the 101st Convention of the Diocese of Central New York, Nov. 8, 1969. 1p.

Daley, Mary.  Sermon delivered at Harvard Memorial Church, Nov. 14, 1971. 5p.  Appended are letters from the Exodos Community printed in Boston After Dark  4p.

Letter from John M. Krumm, Bishop of Southern Ohio to The Rev. Canon Albert J. duBois in protest. 2p.

Ordination Service for Carol Linda Anderson, and Julia Pearson Sibley, Nov. 13, 1971. 4p.

Brochure, women and the Church conference April 23-24, 1971. 4p.

SOCIAL ACTION  April 1971.  Special issue on Women in Church and Society.

Resolution on the Ordination of Women to be Presented at the Diocesan Convention, May 9, 1972 (and passed). 1p.

Wolf, Rev. William J.  Sermon preached at the Diaconate Ordination, June 19, 1971. 4p.



Materials on the Issue of Ordination of Women Distributed by the Executive of the Ministry Council of the Episcopal Church, Feb. 1972.

            Contents:       A Digest of Actions Concerning the Ordination of Women Taken by the House of Bishops. 1p.

                                    A Note Concerning the Action of the House of Deputies Taken at the General Convention of 1970… 1p.

                                    Statement and Resolution of the Anglican Consultative Council. 2p.

                                    The Bishop’s Charge.  Sybod of Hong Kong & Macao Diocese, Nov. 15-17, 1971. 5p.

                                    A Partial List of Theological Studies Relevant… 2p.

The 99 Percenter – a portfolio of resources for the laity of the church.  No. 2, Fall, 1972.

            Contents:       Mead, Loren B.  – New Hope for congregations (chapter 6).

                                    Pentecostal parish thrives in Houston.

                                    Ewell, H.  Travers – Guests for the weekend.

                                    Crum, Rev. Milton, Jr. – A matter of priorities: clergy vs. laity.

                                    Copeland, Barbara – Full ministry is discussed.

                                    Crockett, Rev. Cannon W. David – Lay ministry – an anthology of biblical references.

                                    Lowery, Rev. James L., Jr. – Godspell – a review.

                                    Darrow, Whitney, Jr. – A drawing from “The New York Magazine.”

                                    Johnson, Dorothy J. – What works in Wyoming?

                                    Webb, Pauline (Audenshaw paper no. 32) – Six good years of experiments.



                                    Wedel, Cynthia Clark (Audenshaw paper no. 31) - Neither autocratic nor unplanned.

                                    Gallagher, Rev. Robert A. – Ministry of the laity as agents of  institutional change.

                                    Fish – International newsletter.

                                    Contact – A proven pattern.

Religious news service-domestic service.  June 15, 1972, p.13 and 14 only.

Communication #1: re: women’s caucus meeting in Houston, Texas, October, 1970. 2p.

Sermon at the ordination of Alison Cheek (St. Albans Church) 1/29/72, 9p.

EPISTOLA 1 – newsletter of the Episcopal women’s caucus.  November 19, 1971, 5p.

1 Source (American Report) – edited by Stell, L.I.  2/19/71, 3p.

Statement to the Board for Theological Education of the Episcopal Church.  Winter, 1970-71, 3p.

Statement by the Faculties of the Episcopal Consortium for Theological Education in the Northeast.  October 17, 1972, 1p.

A group of concerned women gathered together at Graymoor April 24-26, 1970, 2p.

Letter from “Sisters in Christ.”  August, 1970, 5p.

Twenty newspaper clippings on the ordination of women in the Episcopal Church.

The ordering of deacons – from the Cathedral Church of St. John The Divine.  November 13, 1971, 4p.



THE SPOKESWOMEN – an independent national monthly newsletter of feminist news.  n.d. 31/2p.

Report II.  March 1, 1973, 5p.

General resources – women in religion.  n.d. 2p.

About the ecumenical women’s centers.  n.d. 2p.

On going ministries.  n.d. 1p.

Pre-registered conference participants – list.  n.d. 5p.

Brochure of program offerings of ecumenical women’s centers for Spring 1973. 4p.

Calendar of coming events.  n.d. 1p.

Bibliography – women in religion.  n.d. 4p.

Reformation – indulgences of the Myth of Male Superiority.  October 29, 1972, 4p.

Order of worship.  July 22, 1973, 4p.

Order of worship.  May 12, 1973, 5p.

Evaluation sheet – first annual spring conference. n.d. 1p.

Audio & video tapes available – list (spring conference, May 11-12) July 6, 1973, 1p.

Brochure for the first annual spring conference – women in the church: new directions.  To be held on May 11 & 12, 1973, 2p.



THE SISTERLIFE JOURNAL.  Vol. 2, no. 1 (2 copies). 31p. each.

Sticker saying “Adoption/Not Abortion.”

The first international conference.  4p.



PRESBYTERIAN LIFE – article entitled “Women just want to be treated like blacks” Rogers, Jack B.  July, 1972. 4p.

Description of course offered by professor Jack Rogers – T – “Social concerns: Women’s lib.  305e.” n.d. 3p.

Bibliography for faculty discussion on Women in Religion. n.d. 1p.


Berkeley, Calif.

Detailed review of first year of operation

Year-End review and projections, June 1972, 1972-73

Are you Aware… (announcement)

Professor Nelle Morton… (News Release)

Come to rap with women in the seminaries… (announcement)

Meeting of women… (announcement)

Aims and intents of the Office of Women’s Affairs

Course to be offered in the GTU Fall quarter 1971 (announcement)

Open House for Women students… (announcement)

Letter from Patty Campbell, Feb. 29, 1972 (announcement)

Women, Theology and Possibility (lecture announcement)

Courses of special interest to women students… Fall 1971 (announcement)

Women and the Word (announcement)

Women and the Word: Toward a Whole Theology. 90p.

Source Book for Women, n.d. 13p.

We are women seeking wholeness, n.d.


Two letters, October 23, and December 28, 1973. 2p.

Toward a whole theological education – a summary, n.d. 8p. 2 copies

New O.W.A.  By-Laws, January 9, 1974. 3p.

Comprehensive statement on the O.W.A… n.d. 2p.

Women in ministry (announcement)

General letter from O.W.A. January 21, 1974

Ecumenical women’s symposium flyer, 3p.




Song sheet for Black Women’s Institute.  April 27-28-29, 1973, 7p.

Worship.  April 27, 1973. 2p. 2 copies

A celebration on the occasion of the closing of the “Institute for rural and urban black women leaders.”  April 29, 1973.  3p.

The Challenges Facing Rural and Urban Black Women in the 20th Century. n.d.  6p.



GENESIS 2 – newspaper.

                        Vol. 2, no. 8   Thursday, March 25, 1971

                        Vol. 3, no. 7   Thursday, April 20, 1972

                        Vol. 4, no. 2   Thursday, November 16, 1972

                        Vol. 4, no. 5   March 1973


JEWISH WOMEN (continued)

DAVKA – journal.

                        Vol. 1, no. 1   November-December 1970          

                        Vol. 1, no. 2   January-February 1971

                        Vol. 1, no. 3   March-April 1971

                        Vol. 1, no. 4   Summer 1971

                        Vol. 2, no. 1   November-December 1971

                        Vol. 2, no. 2   March-April 1972

                        Vol. 2, no. 3   May-June 1972

                        Vol. 3, no. 1   Autumn 1972

Bibliography on the Jewish woman.  Issued by the Jewish Liberation Project.  Compiled by Zuckeff, Aviva Canter.  November, 1972. 6p. 2 copies.

ADL Bulletin.  Published by the Anti-Defamation League of B’Rith. Article: Israeli women: are they equal?  Vol. 28, no. 4, April, 1971. p.3 & 8.

Friday forum – a supplement to the Jewish Exponent.  no. 13, June 22, 1973.

HADASSAH MAGAZINE.  Article: Jewish women in the middle ages.  By Goitein, Shelomo Dov.  October 1973. P.14, 15, 38, 39.

KEEPING POSTED – journal.  A publication of the USHC.  Vol. 17, no. 7, April, 1972.

WOMEN’S AMERICAN ORT REPORTER – journal.  Vol. 23, no. 1, Sept-Oct. 1972.

A ceremony upon the birth of a girl.  Rabbi Paul Swerdlow. n.d.  7p.

Newspaper article: Woman cantor for synagogue. n.d.



Proposal regarding the status of women in the Roman Catholic Church presented to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.  August 20, 1970.  1p.

Brochure of the Joint Committee of Organizations…



Sex role stereotyping in church school curricula – a study of the Deabury Series and the Covenant Life Curriculum.  By Beach, Diana Lee, M. Div.  Spring 1972. 21p.  2 copies.



JSAC – GRAPEVINE – journal.

                                    Vol. 4, no. 5   November, 1972

                                    Vol. 4, no. 6   January, 1973

                                    Vol. 4, no. 8   March, 1973

                                    Vol. 4, no. 9   April, 1973

                                    Vol. 5, no. 2   July, 1973

                                    Vol. 5, no. 3   September, 1973

                                    Vol. 5, no. 5   November, 1973

                                    Vol. 5, no. 6   January, 1974



ADAM’S RIB – a paper of the Lutheran Women’s Caucus.

                                    Vol. 1, no. 1   July 1971

                                    Vol. 1, no. 2   July 1971

                                    Vol. 1, no. 3   Winter 1971-72


JEWISH WOMEN (continued)

                                    Vol. 1, no. 4   n.d.                                  

                                    Vol. 2, no. 1   Summer 1973

                                    Vol. 2, no. 2   Autumn 1973



American Lutheran Church Women – reports and actions.


            Report on ordination of women. 3p.

            Women: a questioning of the past and present.  Submitted by Commission on Church and Society.  August 1972. 23p.

            Women and men in church and society – statement. n.d. 4p.

            SCOPE – journal. Vol. 12, no. 8.  August, 1972. 40p.

Can women serve in the ordained ministry? – booklet.  By Burgess, Pastor Joseph. 15p.

Invitation to Knutson, Karen Elizabeth’s entry into the Sacred Ministry, September 3, 1972.

Woman to be ordained into the Lutheran Ministry – news release. n.d. 2p.

Lutheran unit asks Synod to accept women clerics. – newspaper article. n.d.

To study the role of women – resolution. n.d. 2p.

Woman suffrage in the Church – report of the Commission on Theology and Church Relations. n.d. 11p.

Women in church and society toward wholeness in the Christian Community – draft of a proposed General Convention statement of policy and practice.  By the Commission on Church and Society. n.d. 7p. 2 copies.




                                    Vol. 9, no. 1     January, 1971

                                    Vol. 10, no. 4   July, 1972

                                    Vol. 10, no. 6   December, 1972

THE NEW DEBORAH – journal.  Published by Schneider, Jean A. and Williams, Carol C.

                                    Vol. 1, no. 1   August, 1972        

                                    Vol. 1, no. 2   November, 1972

                                    Vol. 1, no. 3   February, 1973

                                    Vol. 1, no. 5   June, 1973

                                    Vol. 2, no. 1   November, 1973

                                    Vol. 2, no. 2   December, 1973



Equal rights for men and women – 27th amendment.  A Constitutional Analysis Compiled by Mr. George Reed, Office of General Counsel, United States Catholic Conference. n.d. 5p.

Equal Rights Amendment.  By Burke, Rita, President NCCW.


            Testimony at House Judicial Committee.  By Florian, Lucyle. June 6, 1972.  2.5p.

            Statement of Rebutal.  By Freund, Rosemary, Joliet DCCW President.  June 9, 1972. 2p.

The Moslem Arab Woman and Her Rights – article.  By Malhas, Thurayya A.F. n.d. 3p.



PEOPLE – magazine of the national Council of Catholic Laity. 24p.

                                    Vol. 1, no. 2   February 1972

                                    Vol. 1, no. 6   June/July 1972

WORD – magazine of the national Council of Catholic Women.

                                    Vol. 8, no. 1     January 1971. 20p. 2 copies

                                    Vol. 8, no. 4     April 1971. 20p.

                                    Vol. 8, no. 5     May 1971. 24p.

                                    Vol. 8, no. 6     June/July 1971

                                    Vol. 8, no. 8     October 1971. 24p. 2 copies

                                    Vol. 8, no. 10   December 1971. 24p.

                                    Vol. 7, no. 3     December 1969. 16p.

Statement from Folda, Marie, National President of the Council of Catholic Women to the Presidents of Arch/Diocesan Councils of Catholic Women.  September 24, 1969. 1p. 2 copies.




Women and Religion – packet of educational materials printed by the National Organization for Women Ecumenical Task Force on Women and Religion.  Edited by Champagne, Rev. Emily A.  n.d. 6p. 2 copies.

Women’s Studies – a program for Colleges and Universities.  By Farians, Elizabeth, Ph.D.  n.d. 60p.

Old Testament – revisions recommended by Ecumenical Task Force on women and Religion of the National Organization for Women.  By Hoppin, Ruth.  March 1973.  35p.

New Testament – revisions proposed by the Ecumenical Task Force on Women and Religion of the National Organization for Women.  by Hopin, Ruth.  March 1973. 22p.  With 2 letters from Hoppin, Ruth to Maxson, Wayne C.





            Interfaith Debate: Women in the Church, Boston Pilot, Feb. 18, 1967.

            Women Priests’ advocated by theology at SHU.  By Ed. Hoffman.  Pridgepost Post, Feb. 24, 1967.

            Women’s group asks greater role in Church.  Catholic Standard & Times, May 31, 1968.

            NOW urges churches to end female bias.  Camden Star Herald, June 21, 1968.

            Would women priests be hard to accept? – an in-depth report by Religious News Service.  The Church World, Sept. 6, 1968.

            Can the Church avoid the next revolution?  (Editorial).  Journal of Ecumenical Studies, vol. 5, Nov. 2, 1968.

            Women see segregation in New Liturgy Rules.  Catholic Star Herald, Feb. 7, 1969.

            Women use Easter Sunday to protest Church’s rule on covering head.

            By Gintoft, Milwaukee Catholic Herald Citizen.  April 19, 1969.

            Cry Pax.  National Catholic Reporter.  January 8, 1969.

            No – women diplomat ruling by Vatican brings protests.  New York Monitor.  Feb. 20, 1970.

            Churches feel pressure of women’s rights drive.  New York Times.  May 3, 1970.

            Women’s lib on the march in the Churches.  By First, Edward.  New York Times.  May 17, 1970.

            Feminist see ordained women as positive sign.  Catholic Telegraph.  July 31, 1970.



            Women’s rights leader sees progress in law revisions.  Telegraph.  Aug. 28, 1970.

            Catholic women fight for rights.  St. Louis Review.  Sept. 4, 1970.

            Faith of our feminists.  Newsweek.  Nov. 2, 1970.

            Bishop’s help being sought in vigorous feminist crusade.  Boston Pilot.  Nov. 21, 1970.



            Women seeking bigger role in Churches.  U.S. News and World Report. Jan. 18, 1971.  p.24-25.

            NOW says: be cautious on deacons.  National Catholic Reporter. March 12, 1971. p.20.

            Urge women to divert Church contributions.  N C News Service.  April 20, 1971.

            Female theologian says Bishops should ordain women.  N C News Service.  April 20, 1971.

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ROMAN CATHOLIC (continued)

By a North-African Nun.  September 1971. 12p.

Submission on Injustices in Canada.  Report of the Edmonton Catholic Women’s Group to the Canadian Catholic Conference.  July 1971. 9p.

Dialogue with the Bishops.  Presentation to the Canadian Bishops gathered in semi-annual conference.  April 19, 1071. 13p.   

Brief submitted to the Bishops of Canada requesting the restoration of the Order of Deaconess.  By Butts, Sister Margaret and others.  October 1970. 4p.  Two copies, one
            in English, the other in French.  Accompanied with a letter from Mary Schaefer to the Bishops of Canada.  October 15, 1970. 1p.

Women in Church and Society – statement.  By Brenner, Scott F.  May 25, 1970. 2p.

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             March, 1973. 3p.

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              Coalition of American Nuns and a list of the Executive board. 3p.

The Blood of Christ from the wine of oppression???  News Release. September 30, 1973. 2p.

Diocesan Liturgical Questionnaire and Parish Liturgical Questionnaire. n.d. 2p.

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               October 31, 1973. 1p.

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Three newspaper articles on the ordination of women.



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Picture of Brides of Christ.

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No penis, No priest.  News Release of Temple University.  Oct. 19, 1973. 3p.

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The voices of the women are calling for a change – brochure from UUWF.

A conference on Women in Prisons.  Who are the “Offenders?”  What can Church women do?  Brochure.  October 28, 1972.

SPEAK OUT - news views of UUWF.

                        November 15, 1972. 4p.

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The Core – a packet of resource materials from the Task Force on Women in church and Society.

            Contents of packet:

            Women in the new society.  By Bennett, Anne McGrew.  Reprinted from the Journal of Current Social Issues. Vol. 11, no. 1. Winter 1972-73. 7p.

            Eve the Theologian – article by Trible, Phyllis. n.d. 4p.

            How to start a Task Force on Women.  Paper of the Task Force on Women in Church & Society. n.d. 5p.

            The trial of the Halloween 6.  An ecumenical worship event with a dramatic re-enactment of the witch trials.  Pamphlet.  Oct. 31, 1973. 10p.

            Sistercelebration: to cultivate the garden – brochure. 

            Sponsored by NOW & the Philadelphia Task Force on Women in Religion. n.d. 8p.

            Why all the fuss about language?  Flyer from the Philadelphia Task Force. June 1973. 2p. 2 copies.

            Living Worship – a publication of the Liturgical Conference.  vol. 9, no. 7. September 1973. 4p.  2 copies.

            Crunch went the Apple – an assortment of reading and ideas concerning women in the church, but – Not For women Only!  4p.

            Racism & Sexism: a collective struggle.  A minority woman’s point of view. By Russell, Valerie. n.d. 4p.

            Report from the Task Force on Women in Church & Society to the Ninth General Synod of the United Church of Christ. n.d. 7p.


            Letter from the National Organization for Women in Philadelphia to be distributed among the different churches on the passage of the nineteenth Amendment.  August 1, 1973. 1p.  Attached is another letter to be read to the congregations.  August 26, 1973. 1p.

            Statement of Black Women.  Presented to the United Church of Christ.  Nov. 3, ’72. 1p.

            View of Women through the Ages. n.d. 1p.

            A Litany: you are not my God, Jehovah.  By Way, Peggy, Rev.  n.d. 1p.

            The Facts – flyer from the Task Force on Women. n.d. 1p.

Packet of materials from the Women’s Task Force.


            Letter from the Women’s Task Force to general public.  Oct. 39, 1972. 1p.

            Gathering of the Community – address to the community. n.d. 5p.

            On the Occasion of our Wedding – statement. n.d. 3p.

            Woman which includes a Man, of course – an experience in awareness. By Wells, Theodora.  December 1970. 2p.

            Attaining full Personhood – paper.  By Brown, Ruth Margie. n.d. 5p.

            9.5 Feminist Theses.  To commemorate Luther’s 95 Theses nailed to the church door at Wittenberg.  October 29, 1972. 3p.




Indulgences of the Myth of Male Superiority.  From the women of the Parish of the Holy Covenant to the Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church.  
           Oct. 29, 1972. 5p.

Sex role stereotyping in the United Methodist Nursery Curriculum.  A preliminary report by the New York Conference Task Force on the Status of Women in the Church. n.d.

United Methodist Curriculum study of Sex-Role Stereotyping. n.d. 2p.

Data on the participation of women in the organizational units of the United Methodist Church.  Prepared for the Committee on the Study of the Role of Women.  June 24-26,
            1971. 143p.

The status and role of women in program and policy making channels of the United Methodist Church.  Report of the Study Commission to the 1972 General Conference.
            n.d. 40p.


                                                Vol. 1, no. 1   October 1973. 7p.

                                                Vol. 1, no. 2   February 1974. 7p.

THE YELLOW RIBBON – journal of the United Methodist Women’s Caucus.

                                                Vol. 2, no. 1   September 1973. 9p.



Women in the Church – statement by the worship and Mission Section of the Roman Catholic/Presbyterian.  October 30, 1971. 12p.

Women in leadership – brochure.

CONNECT – newsletter of the United Presbyterian Women.

                        January 1974. 15p.

                        February 1974. 18p.

TRENDS – a journal of resources. Vol. 3, no. 2. October 1970. 33p.

CONCERN – magazine for United Presbyterian Women.

                        Vol. 15, no. 4.  April 1973. 31p.

CONCERN – study guide and a special issue of Concern.  Vol. 13, no. 5.  May-June 1971. 31.  2 copies.

Women and the new creation – study course on identity for women in the 70’s.  By Kepler, Patricia Budd and Schaef, Anne Wilson. n.d. 30p.


Report of the Task Force on Women and the Standing Committee on Women.  Adopted by the 182nd General Assembly (1970). 20p. 2 copies.

Report of the Standing Committee on Women and the Task Force on Women.  Adopted by the 183rd General Assembly (1971). 39p.

Status report from Task Forces on Women and others wording on women issues.  December, 1972. 4p.

Brief review of 1972 Task Force on Women Report to 184th General Assembly. 2p.

Ways to participate at General Assembly around the woman issue.  Paper. n.d. 1p. 

Schedule of General Assembly events important to women. n.d. 1p.

General Assembly fact sheet.  May 15-23, 1973. 1p.

Report of the Interim Task Force on Women to the 185th General Assembly (1973). 23p.

Report of the Assembly Committee on Women.  The 185th General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.  May 22, 1973. 11p.

A proposal for a Task Force on Women for Chicago Presbyterian.  March 21, 1972. 4p.

Church employed women theory paper.  By Oldham, Patsy. n.d. 4p.

Report of the Task Force on women to the 184th General Assembly (1972). 42p.

Report of Standing Committee on Women to the 184th General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.  May 20, 1972. 15p.

Gender stereotyping and Church curriculum – statement. n.d. 1p.

Summary of the report of the Interim Task Force on Women 1973 General Assembly. n.d. 2p.



Newsletters from Mills, Virginia, Coordinator for development of Regional Task Forces to the regional Task Forces on women.

                        #1.       December, 1971. 2p.

                        #2.       January, 1972. 3p.

                        #3.       February, 1972. 2p.

                        #4.       March, 1972. 2p.

                        #5.       April-May, 1972. 2p.

                        #6.       June, 1972. 3p. 2 copies

                        #7.       September, 1972. 4p.

                        #8.       October, 1972. 2p.

                        #9.       November-December, 1972. 2p.

                        #10.    January, 1973. 2p.

                        #11.    February, 1973. 2p.

                        #12.    March-April, 1973. 3p.

                        #13.    May, 1973. 2p.


Resource Material from Mills, Virginia to Task Force on Women.


            Initial bibliography.  January, 1972. 1p.

            A series of possible projects.  January, 1972. 2p.

            Women’s roles in the Church.  January, 1972. 1p.

            Guidelines for forming a Task Force on Women.  February, 1972. 2p.

            Consciousness-raising as a process.  March, 1972. 3p.

            Fair representation of women in the Church.  June, 1972. 1p.



           Overtures C and D – equal employment opportunities.  January, 1973. 1p.

            Bibliography.  April, 1973. 2p.

National Conference for Judicatory Task Forces on Women – announcement.  March 30, 1973. 1p.

… And Women now shall lead them.  Newspaper article from The Sunday Bulletin.  May 9, 1971.



Report on women and their concerns.  Vanderbilt Divity School. 1971. 9p.

Flyer from Owens, Pamela.  April 30, 1971. 1p.



Women – a collection of articles written by women around the world.



                        Interview with Josephine Buanga.  April, 1971. 2p. 2 copies

                        Women in Dahomey.  By Brunger, Ann. n.d. 8p.

                        Mozambique – Revolutionary Women.  By Machel, Josina. 2p.

                                                    Maria Njanje, Student: the woman’s role.  April 1972. 1p.

                        Women’s Liberation: a black South African Woman’s view.  By Dhlamini, Zanele.  September, 1972. 6p.

                        The “New Woman” and traditional norms in Tanzania.  By Mbilinyi, Marjorie J. 7p.

                        Veiled Sisters – North Africa.  By Mernissi, Fatima. 1971. 4p.


WOMEN – DAYTON, OHIO (continued)

                        Arab Woman’s struggle – Sudan.  By Fluehr-Lobban, Carolyn. 1972. 4p.


                        Chairwoman of Ghongsan-ri – North Korea. 1971. 2p.

                        Onna Newsletter – Japan.  Fall 1971. 6p.

                        Poem – Japan.  By Chan, Maureen. 1p.

                        Makibaka; women in the Labor Force – Philippines.  April 1971. 4p.

                        Woman’s Liberation and Women on the March – Philippines. April 28, 1971.  By Feria, Dolores.  4p.

                        Interview with Madame Binh – Vietnam.  March 5, 1972. 4p.

                        A worthy contribution to the Common effort.  By Zuyen, Le Thi. – Vietnam.  1971. 1p.

                        Poem – India.  1972. 2p.

                        Lalithamma – India.  1972. 3p.

                        Women’s liberation in China.  By Ling, Soong Ching.  February 11, 1972. 3p.


                        Women in Britain.  By Hulbert, Fiona.  Oct. 1972. 5p.

                        Newsletter from Red Stockings, Denmark.  1971.

                        Inobat Akhunaova, Daughter of the Uzbek People – USSR.  1972. 3p.

                        Liberating Women: a comparative survey – Germany, Holland.  By Dietrich, Gabriele. n.d. 3p.

                        Turin Manifesto – Italy.  1972. 2p.

                        To be comarades, to make the Revolution, we have to be feminists.  1972. 2p.

WOMEN – DAYTON, OHIO (continued)

                        A few notes about the Italian Women’s Movement today.  1972. 3p

                        From the Window of a Portuguese prison – Portugal.  1971. 3p.

               Latin America:

                        The rural woman in Peru: an alarming contradiction.  By Carpio, Lourdes. n.d. 6p.

                        Mexican Women.  Their struggle in the Workers’ Movement – Mexico. n.d. 2p.

                        Femininity in Mexico – Mexico.  By Dominguez, Ana E.  April 1971. 2p.

                        Interview with Adamaris Oliveira Lucena – Brazil.  1971. 3p.

                        Women and the Cuban Revolution.  March 1972. 8p.

                        La mujer fata – Cuban poem.  By Male, Balkis Cuza. n.d. 1p.

               Middle East:

                        Interview with Leila Khaled.  Feb. 19, 1971. 3p.

                        Women of Israel.  By Gruber, Ruth.  April 1971. 2p.

                        The facts about the Palestine problem.  1970. 4p.

                        DPFLP Women.  By el-Karmy, Nada.  1970. 4p.

               Canada and U.S.:

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