Disability Services at Temple University Libraries

The Temple University Libraries provides support for students, faculty, alumni and guest visitors with disabilities. This page identifies the services and assistance available to library patrons with a disability.

David Dillard, Reference Librarian, is the Disability Services Liaison for the Paley and Science & Engineering Libraries. You can discuss special services and needs with Mr. Dillard by calling 215-204-4584 or email to jwne@temple.edu. For additional information and resources on disability services and resources please consult Mr. Dillard's Disabilities Guide. For additional information on services for students with a disability contact the university office for Disability Resources and Services.

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Library Access

The Paley Library building is accessible from the Bell Tower entrance or the Tuttleman Learning Center entrance. Accessible elevators provide access to all levels of the building. Owing to the building's age and the placement of book stacks, some areas of the stacks are not accessible to wheelchairs. In such instances, assistance is available as outlined below.

Assistance with Materials in the Bookstacks

The staff of the Paley Library Access Services Department are available to obtain needed books, bound journals and other materials from the bookstacks. When in the Library help can be obtained by proceeding to the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Tuttleman Learning Center or, if in the stacks, using the service (red) phones located on both the east and west sides of the upper levels to request assistance from the Circulation Desk. Requests to have items retrieved from the stacks may also be made 24 hours in advance by phone or email. Please call the Access Services Department at 215-204-0744.

Assistance with Materials on Reserve

All items on hardcopy Reserve must be requested at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Tuttleman Learning Center

Assistance with Media and Microforms

Staff at the Media Services Desk on the lower level of Paley Library are available to provide assistance in obtaining and using resources from our media collection (DVDs, CDs, etc) or microforms collection. If desired, please e-mail or call at least 24 hours in advance at 215-204-8204 to make arrangements for assistance.

Assistance with Photocopying

Library staff can assist with 50 pages or less of photocopying and 24 hours advance notice for photocopy requests is appreciated. We cannot guarantee the ability to provide photocopying on demand. For questions about assistance with photocopying please contact David Dillard, the Libraries' Disability Services Liaison by calling 215-204-4584 or email to jwne@temple.edu.

Arranging Research Assistance

Librarians are available, by appointment, to provide research assistance. Assistance can take different forms including assistance with keyboarding a computer search, a consultation to help do research for papers and other assignments, or any type of activities to assist patrons with a disability to complete their research assignments and projects. To discuss research needs and/or set up an appointment with a Librarian please contact David Dillard, the Libraries' Disability Services Liaison by calling 215-204-4584 or email to jwne@temple.edu.

Assistive Technology

The Paley Library is currently in the process of updating its assistive technology for disabled students. As new assistive technology is made available it will be added to this page. Until then the assistive technology most frequently required is made available through Disability Resources & Services. The library website follows ADA recommendations for accessibilities. You can learn more about assistive technology at Temple University at the DRS web site.

SEL and Ambler Campus Libraries

Patrons with disabilities who need to user the Science & Engineering Library or the Ambler Library are advised to call in advance to obtain information about services and assistance for individuals with disabilities.