Subject Specialists

Subject specialists are librarians who select and supervise the collection in the following areas. Feel free to contact a subject specialist with a request or a question. Subject specialists also do user education sessions for Temple classes. Click on Specialists' names for email addresses and office locations.

See also: Health Sciences Reference Services

List of librarians with their area of specialty.
Specialist Subject Areas
David Dillard Health Education
David Dillard Leisure Studies
David Dillard Physical Education
David Dillard Social Work
David Dillard Sports Management
David Dillard Tourism & Hospitality Management
Anne Harlow Dance
Anne Harlow Music
Anne Harlow Theater
Rick Lezenby Political Science
Rick Lezenby Psychology
Gregory McKinney Anthropology
Gregory McKinney Criminal Justice
Gregory McKinney Geography
Gregory McKinney GIS
Gregory McKinney Sociology
Gregory McKinney Urban Studies
Gretchen Sneff Civil and Environmental Engineering
Gretchen Sneff Earth & Environmental Science
Gretchen Sneff Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gretchen Sneff Mathematics
Gretchen Sneff Mechanical Engineering
Gretchen Sneff Science (General)
Sandi Thompson Art (Ambler)
Sandi Thompson Business, Management & Economics (Ambler)
Sandi Thompson Horticulture
Sandi Thompson Landscape Architecture
Jenifer Baldwin Film & Media Arts
Kristina DeVoe Communication Studies
Kristina DeVoe English & American Literature
Kristina DeVoe Journalism
Kristina DeVoe Media & Production Studies
Kristina DeVoe Strategic Communication
Adam Shambaugh Advertising
Adam Shambaugh Business & Management (Paley)
Adam Shambaugh Linguistics
Barbara Kuchan Medical Education
Barbara Kuchan School of Medicine Affiliate Faculty
Karen Burstein Communication Sciences and Disorders
Karen Burstein Nursing
Karen Burstein School of Medicine Clinical Faculty
Karen Burstein School of Medicine Research Faculty
Gerard Mahlman Occupational Therapy
Gerard Mahlman Psychiatry (Episcopal Campus)
Gerard Mahlman Therapeutic Recreation
Carol Ann Vincent Podiatric Medicine
Jill E. Luedke Architecture
Jill E. Luedke Art (Paley)
Jill E. Luedke Art History
Jill E. Luedke German Literature
Fred Rowland Classics
Fred Rowland Economics
Fred Rowland Hebrew Language & Literature
Fred Rowland Islamic Studies
Fred Rowland Jewish Studies
Fred Rowland Philosophy
Fred Rowland Religion
Lauri Fennell Dentistry
Lauri Fennell Pharmacy
Lauri Fennell Public Health
Cynthia Schwarz Health Information Management
Jackie Sipes Education
Latanya Jenkins African American Studies
Latanya Jenkins Government Documents
Rebecca Lloyd History
Rebecca Lloyd Latin American Studies
Rebecca Lloyd Spanish & Portuguese Literatures
Margaret Janz Bioengineering
Margaret Janz Biology
Margaret Janz Chemistry
Margaret Janz Computer & Information Sciences
Margaret Janz Physics
Caitlin Shanley American Studies
Caitlin Shanley Asian Studies
Caitlin Shanley Women's Studies