Tuttleman Library Services Desk

service desk in Tuttleman Center

1809 N. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Phone Numbers

Circulation Desk: 215-204-0744
[Other phone numbers]

The Tuttleman Library Services Desk serves as the primary service point for services related to the circulation of library materials. It is also a source of assistance for faculty who want to put materials on reserve for their courses. It is also the home of our Interlibrary Loan Services Unit. The Tuttleman Library Services Desk is located on the first floor of the Tuttleman Learning Center, just past the main lobby.

During the period during which the Paley Library is closed, from May 10, 2019 until the new Charles Library is open, the Tuttleman Library Services Desk will serve as the primary library location for services and general information. Visit the Desk for the following assistance:

  • Questions about book loans, overdue fines and other circulation issues (e.g., lost or missing books)
  • Assistance for materials on course reserves
  • Assistance with interlibrary loan requests
  • General information about library services 
  • Seeking a referral to a librarian for a research project
  • Support and services during while Paley Library is closed and general collections are not accessible