Code of Conduct for Library Users

The University Libraries are committed to providing quality services and resources within an environment conducive to intellectual pursuits. Such an environment is characterized by respect for the rights of others and respect for the Libraries' resources and facilities.

All library users are entitled to have:

  • A library free of disruptive activity
  • Clean and pleasant surroundings
  • Access to library materials or an ability to obtain them as allowed
  • Journals, books, and other library materials that are complete, unmarked, and well-organized
  • Access to equipment and services, including computing, for the purpose of performing research
  • Privacy and confidentiality in their use of library services and collections

Each user of the Libraries must comply with the following set of rules and behaviors:

  • Observe all appropriate Federal and state laws, local ordinances, the University's Student Code of Conduct and Smoke-Free Policy, and other University policies that guide behavior on the campuses. Presented here are particular provisions for behavior within the Libraries.
  • Treat all library users and staff with respect and courtesy. Comply with staff requests and directives.
  • Soliciting or proselytizing activity of any type is strictly prohibited in all Library facilities.
  • Preserve a quiet and peaceful environment suitable for study and refrain from creating excessive noise.
    • Avoid personal phone use in any area of the Libraries where others are working, and set personal phones to silent so as to disturb no others in the area.
    • When using any computer or personal electronic device for music or video, headphones must be used.
  • Be properly clothed (shirts and shoes required) and free of any offensive body odor or strong fragrances or perfumes. Those with poor personal hygiene or other odors found to be disruptive to the Library environment will be asked to leave.
  • Sexual activity of any kind is prohibited in the Libraries.
  • Use of of being under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances is prohibited.  
  • Use of tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited.
  • Only registered service animals are permitted in the Libraries.
  • The use of the Libraries electronic communication and messaging services (e.g., e-mail, chat, sms, knowledgebase, forms) is intended only for research support and questions about library resources and services. We reserve the right to terminate any misuse of these services that is deemed inappropriate.
  • Refrain from the consumption of messy or strongly aromatic foods (e.g., pizza, take-out meals, etc) in any area other than the cafe space on the Paley Library First Floor West. The consumption of any type of messy or food or beverage is not allowed while using Library technologies. Light snack foods (e.g, chips, pretzels, etc) and covered beverages are permissable. Please check at Temple Libraries other than Paley for food and beverage consumption policies as they may differ.
  • Check out library materials before removing them from the library, and return materials in complete and good condition by the due date or when recalled by the Libraries.
  • Refrain from concealing library materials in the Libraries for the exclusive use of an individual or group.
  • Do no damage to Library materials or property, and adhere to the Libraries' guidelines for access to and use of special, valuable, or fragile materials such as archival holdings or photographs.
  • Use Library technology resources in accordance with the University's Technology Usage Policy, and respect the privacy and sensitivities of others when using Internet resources.
  • Understand that our electronic resources are licensed for current Temple students, faculty and staff only.
  • Refrain from sharing a Temple University ID, or an Alumni, Friends, Computer Guest Card or Courtesy card to allow unauthorized use of library materials or electronic resources.
  • Minors under age 18 must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times. Parents and guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children and may be asked to leave if children are disruptive to the library environment.
  • Congregating around security desks or engaging in casual conversation with security personnel is prohibited. 
  • Observe copyright restrictions and principles of fair use. (See for example, the Association of Research Libraries' Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries (2012)
  • Adhere to Federal and state laws, local ordinances, the University's Student Code of Conduct and Smoke-Free Policy, and other University policies that guide behavior on the campuses.
  • Post flyers and other print announcements on the designated bulletin board. Those posted elsewhere are removed.
  • Report violations of this code of conduct to Library staff or Campus Security in order that appropriate corrective actions may be taken.

Violations of this Code of Conduct may be referred for disciplinary action under applicable University disciplinary processes. Other library users who violate the Code of Conduct may be subject to loss of library privileges. Where appropriate, instances of misconduct may be referred to local, state or federal law enforcement officials.


[Associate University Librarian]


Policy History:
Approved by University Libraries Administrative Council 07/15/04; Updated 6/5/2015
Revised by University Libraries Administrative Council 03/29/13