Entrance to the University Libraries

The University Libraries are primarily for the use of faculty, students, and other members of the Temple community. However, individuals not affiliated with the University may enter the Libraries prior to 10:00 pm on any night the library is open past that hour, as long as they provide photo identification upon request, sign an entrance log if requested to do so, and observe the Code of Conduct for Library Users. In addition, as a Federal Depository Library, we make Government publications received through the depository program available for the free use of the general public.

This policy governs access to the University Libraries during hours the individual locations are open.

Implementation of this policy is the shared responsibility of the Libraries and Campus Safety Services staff. In Paley Library and Tuttleman Learning Center, security personnel perform the initial screening of entering persons. At Library locations other than Paley or Tuttleman, library staff members may screen persons on the library premises. Whenever it is unclear whether a person should be admitted to one of the University Libraries, a library staff member who is familiar with the policy should be consulted for a final decision.


Access Rules

Temple Faculty, Students and Staff with University ID card

Anyone with a current valid Temple University ID may enter the University Libraries without restriction during normal operating hours.


Adults without University ID card

Persons without a current valid Temple University ID are required to provide an alternative form of photo ID (such as a valid driver's license) upon request and must sign an entrance log if requested to do so. There is no admittance after 10 pm on any evening the library is open past that time. Persons with no photo ID may be refused admittance.


Adults with Temple Alumni cards or Temple Library Courtesy Cards

Persons with alumni or courtesy cards are required to provide a photo ID (such as a valid driver's license) upon request, and must sign an entrance log if requested to do so.


Invited Guests for Special Events

When the Library sponsors an event for invited guests (such as an exhibit opening or reception), the appropriate library department will notify security personnel ahead of time to make the necessary arrangements to allow guests to enter.


Participants in Summer Programs

Persons enrolled in certain summer programs, such as Upward Bound and Temple Minority Access to Research Careers (TMARC), will be able to enter the Libraries with their Temple IDs while the summer programs are in session.



Persons under the age of 18 (and who are not otherwise authorized to enter the Libraries by one of the group descriptions above) must be accompanied by an adult caregiver. The caregiver must remain in the Library at all times while the minor is present and shall be responsible for the minor’s compliance with the Code of Conduct for Library Users.


[Associate University Librarian]

Effective 10/1/92; revised: Reviewed and Revised 7/5/2013.
New version approved by Administrative Council August 2004. [new approval date]