Library Staff Council


General Charge

The Library Staff Council shall serve as an advisory body to the Dean of University Libraries and/or his/her designee, and will foster effective communication between the library staff and library administration and among the library staff as a whole.

As outlined in a memo dated February 8, 1994, the Council provides a way for the Dean to consult with a representative body of staff members other than department heads and librarians on issues for which various unions do not provide the proper forums.  This charge is intended to more fully define the role of the Council.

Representatives from each department should be chosen on an annual cycle, preferably by election but by any method that is mutually acceptable within the department.

Responsibilities of the Council shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. to propose to the Dean such policies, recommendations or comments as are deemed appropriate by a simple majority vote of members present;
  2. to provide, by a simple majority vote of those present, for such rules of its conduct as are necessary for carrying out the members' and the Council's responsibilities.

Responsibilities of the Council members shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. to bring to the attention of the Dean, by means of regularly scheduled Council meetings, the concerns and problems of their constituents;
  2. to receive and comment on policies  directly affecting the library’s staff;
  3. to seek constituent opinion in formulating comments and proposals for new policies or for changes in existing policies. When necessary, this may require the establishment of ad hoc committees to deal with specific issues and concerns;
  4. to communicate to their constituents a record of actions taken by the Council, together with decisions, responses, announcements and reports prepared for the Council by the Dean of Libraries
  5. to propose to the Dean topics of interest for all-staff meetings, and to advise regarding all-staff meeting agendas
  6. to coordinate and implement a variety of social events and staff development initiatives in consultation with the Assistant Director for Library Administration.



Carol Lang, Interim Dean of University Libraries, October 2012