Policy on Staff Recognition Award


This award is for staff of the University Libraries to recognize a member for superior job performance and achievement. Its purpose is to give an award and make the recipients aware of excellence in themselves as well as their colleagues. Staff members are encouraged to look beyond their immediate environment and find excellence in a member in other departments/libraries.



The award is open to all full-time permanent staff of the University Libraries, with the exception of the members of the libraries' Administrative Council.



A Staff Recognition Committee (hereafter The Committee), comprised of library members selected in consultation with the Dean of Libraries or designee, will choose the recipient for the University Libraries Staff Recognition Award. The Committee will review nominations and present the name to the Director of Administration. A new recipient will be chosen annually. The award is to be presented by the Dean of Libraries or designee at a special general library staff gathering. The recipient will become a member of the Committee for the following year. The number of Committee members shall be five, including a member of the Administrative Council who will serve as Chair, a representative from Staff Council, a representative from the Academic Assembly of Librarians, the previous recipient, and a member at large chosen by the Committee Chair. The members of the Committee will serve for one year. The selection of the recipient, the type of award, and the overall process will be reviewed at regular intervals, such as every three years, to reflect current trends and developments.



The Committee will solicit nominations from all staff members along with appropriate documentation, if applicable. The recommendations should be explicit both to the category under which the nomination is being made and the reasons. The Committee will review and discuss the recommendation(s) for each candidate. In the event that a nomination is not made by the pertinent department head, the Committee Chair shall consult that Department Head before a decision is reached. Following review and discussion, the Committee will reach a consensus on who will be recommended to the Dean of Libraries to receive the Staff Recognition Award each year. 

The following criteria are provided as suggestions only when recommending a candidate. A candidate need only fit in one of the categories to be recommended, but may actually fit into more than one. This award is contingent on outstanding position performance.

Suggested Categories to consider for the award (listed in no particular order) are:

  1. Consistently outstanding position performance over a significant period of time, at least three years.
    Examples: Quality customer service, Significant service to the Temple community, Substantive contributions to the University Libraries' objectives, Service above and beyond the call of duty

  2. OR:

  3. Substantive accomplishment on a particular task or project during the 2016 Calendar Year.
(9/15/98; revised and approved by Administrative Council 9/12/02; revised and approved by Administrative Council 02/04/2010)