Precious Places Community History Project: A Program of Scribe Video Center

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 // 2:00 pm

Sullivan Hall: Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection -- 1330 W. Polett Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19122

church of the advocate

Join us for the screening of four new documentaries produced by community groups in Philadelphia and Coatesville, Pennsylvania in collaboration with Scribe Video Center.

The Bethel Burying Ground Film by Bethel Burying Ground Production Team in Southwark/Queen Village

An abandoned burial space, once owned by the historic Mother Bethel AME church and where more than 5,000 Black people were interred starting in 1810, was discovered. This is both a story of the struggle to reclaim the overlooked history of Black people in colonial Philadelphia, and of the organizing, coalition building, and strategy employed by community members intent on preserving and memorializing what they termed “the ancestors of the African Diaspora.”

St. Peter Claver, Mother Church of Black Catholics: Let Us PrAy! Let Us PrEy! by the Advocates and Descendants of St. Peter Claver Church in Washington Square West/Center City

This film explores the inception, life, challenges, and legacy of Philadelphia’s first Black Catholic Parish and those who were influenced and blessed by the presence of St. Peter Claver, the Mother of the Black Catholics.

Build Your Own Door—Atkinson Memorial Hospital in Coatesville by the Hayti Historical Society

In 1936, despite the ravages of segregation in Coatesville, PA, Dr. Whittier Cinclair Atkinson faced extraordinary challenges to build and successfully operate his own hospital.

Church of the Advocate: The Heart of North Philadelphia by Church of the Advocate in North Philadelphia

The Church of the Advocate is a beacon in North Philadelphia. This documentary takes a historical look into its founding and legacy.

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Charles L. Blockson Collection