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TUScholarShare (scholarshare.temple.edu) is a service to support the needs of the Temple University community around sharing, promoting, and archiving the wide range of scholarly works created in the course of research and teaching. The repository aims to make Temple scholarship freely available online to a global audience, with the goal of advancing knowledge and learning. 


  • Enhanced discoverability: Get your research out to more readers. TUScholarShare is indexed by leading search engines and metadata aggregators, such as Google Scholar. 

  • Long-term access: Make sure people can read your work. By uploading your work to  TUScholarShare you are ensuring that it is accessible for years to come.

  • Better citation and attribution: Make sure you get credit for your work. All items uploaded to the TUScholarShare receive a Digital Object Identifier, or DOI, a persistent URL that facilitates citation and attribution.

  • Fulfill grant requirements: Depositing your work to TUScholarShare may satisfy grant or funding stipulations requiring you to make your research freely available.

Who May Deposit Content?

Temple University faculty, researchers, staff, and graduate students may contribute content to TUScholarShare. Undergraduate work may be submitted by sponsoring departments, programs, or organizations. 

Works done prior to being affiliated with Temple may be deposited, as long as you have the right to do so. Works with non-Temple-affiliated co-authors may be deposited by an author affiliated with Temple. If you would like to deposit works completed after leaving Temple, please contact the TUScholarShare Administrator (scholarshare@temple.edu)  

Works by non-Temple affiliates that are published by Temple University Press or are part of a Temple sponsored or hosted conference or publication may also be deposited.

Eligible Content

TUScholarShare supports creative and scholarly work in any digital format created in the course of research and teaching, including: 

  • Documents (e.g. articles, preprints, published works, white papers, briefs)

  • Books and book contributions

  • Theses and dissertations

  • Datasets 

  • Multimedia publications

  • Web-based resources (e.g. software, blog posts)

  • Teaching and learning objects (e.g. syllabi, lectures, presentations, assessment tools)

  • Conference proceedings, presentations, and posters

  • Certain student work (e.g. Livingstone Undergraduate Research Award Winners)


Get Help

Ready to deposit your work?

Contributing content to TUScholarShare is quick and easy. You can deposit a single work yourself, place a CV review request, or email scholarshare@temple.edu to schedule a consultation to deposit content on behalf of a Temple department or unit.

Annie Johnson
Assistant Director for Open Publishing Initiatives and Scholarly Communications

Alicia Pucci
Scholarly Communications Assistant