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About the Collection

The Printing, Publishing and Bookselling Collections are comprised of a variety of materials including graphics, artifacts, proofs, printing examples, and booksellers’ catalogs.  It is a repository of one of the regional union collections - PEW/PACSCL Program. The early history of lithography is represented in depth by examples of European books and reproductive facsimiles in early 19th century lithography. The halftone print collections of William T. Innes, Frederic Eugene Ives, and Lewis and Max Levy record early photographic history in Philadelphia. The Printing Collection also consists of type-specimen books, binding dies, printing and book binding manuals, printing-image carriers. The manufacturing and trade of books are documented in the organization records of Philadelphia companies including Leary & Co., (Leary’s Bookstore), the William J. Campbell Bookstore, the Beck Engraving Co. and nationally/internationally, by Thomas Nelson & Sons, Director's Files of Constable & Co., London (Michael Sadleir and Otto Kyllmann), and Thomas Nelson & Sons (U.S. Office, Masnel).

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