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Designing Accessible, Usable, and Inclusive Digital Projects

Tue, Feb 05, 2019 | 11:00 am

This workshop will introduce attendees to the concepts of accessibility, usability, and inclusion, as well as how to integrate these concepts into their own projects. Workshops will cover the legal requirements around accessibility, the difference between accessibility/usability/inclusion, workflow and time allocation for user testing, universal design, multimodal systems, resources offered at Temple, and Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines.

This workshop is part of a series. Register at https://paleystudy.temple.edu/event/4920108

To join via Webex: https://templeuniversity.webex.com/templeuniversity/j.php?MTID=mc9f13f9f56c5d17c9df966c225e6b1c5

This program strives to be as accessible as possible. Please contact jasmine.l.clark@temple.edu or at (215) 204-8274 to request an accommodation, or with questions/concerns.

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