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Immersive Video (360/AR/VR)

Tue, Oct 16, 2018 | 11:00 am

360 video allows you to capture 360 degrees of still or moving images, taking what in a sense is a “frameless” photo. In this series of workshops, you will learn how to operate the DSC’s 360 cameras, and learn about special considerations for filming, editing, and viewing in 360. We will also explore the different options for viewing 360 photos and video on your phone or with a virtual reality headset. We will devote the remainder of our time to exploring new developments in augmented reality (AR), and experimenting with VR gaming consoles located at the DSC, including the VIVE and Oculus.

Tuesdays 11AM October 2, 9, 16. Sign up here: https://paleystudy.temple.edu/event/4499519

Paley Library

Digital Scholarship Center