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Philly Public Arts Forum: Artist Panels

Mon, Sep 24, 2018 | 6:00 pm

Art As Activism: Using Art in the Public Space to Send A Message
Artist Block: From Public Education to Family, Barriers to Artist Education

An evening of back-to-back artist panels discussion with Marisa Velázquez-Rivas, Carol Zou of Asian Arts Initiative, and Luis Marrero of Voices in Power.

In this series of events, we’ll explore the state of art in Philadelphia’s public spaces. Who’s creating the work we see around the city? How does access to art and arts education shape who’s invited to participate in our city’s creative placemaking? And what role can public art play in sparking conversation, empowerment, empathy, and understanding around important social and political issues?

About the Organizers:

Cindy M. Ngo is currently the promotions manager at Social Impact Studios, the co-founder of Eat Up The Borders, and a lifelong Philadelphian. Her latest project will take her across the country as a creative collaborator to share the stories for the 2018-19 Intercultural Leadership Institute cohort of fellows, an intensive leadership development program that brings together rising artists and culture bearers from marginalized communities across the United States.

Conrad Benner is a photographer, podcaster, curator, and founder of StreetsDept.com, a photo-blog that discovers art on the streets of Philadelphia. Conrad’s blog has been named one of the ‘Best Blogs for Travellers’ by The Guardian, and his photography has been highlighted by Mashable and Instagram, as well as printed in Time Magazine and the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Registration is encouraged.

Public art by Marisa Velázquez-Rivas, photo courtesy Conrad Benner.

Paley Library

Ground Floor Lecture Hall