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Humanities Commons Workshop

Tue, Mar 28, 2017 | 3:30 pm

Please join us in Paley Library's Digital Scholarship Center on Tuesday, March 28th @ 3:30 PM to learn more about the recently-launched Humanities Commons from Nicky Agate, Head of Digital Initiatives at the Modern Language Association, and Sara Curnow, Temple English PhD candidate.

Humanities Commons is a nonprofit network where humanities scholars can share their work in a social, open-access repository, create a professional profile, discuss common interests, and develop new publications. The network is open to anyone working in or adjacent to the humanities.

Humanities Commons was designed by scholarly societies in the humanities to serve the needs of humanists as they engage in teaching and research that benefit the larger community. Unlike other social and academic communities, Humanities Commons is open-access, open-source, and nonprofit. It is focused on providing a space to discuss, share, and store cutting-edge research and innovative pedagogy—not on generating profits from users' intellectual and personal data.

Questions? Contact Annie Johnson (annie.johnson@temple.edu).

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